The reel story behind Kari’s Flipagram (not reely) … see what I did there? :)


The most lovely Kari posted this Flipagram the other day… and, I don’t know about you but it was WAAAAAY too fast for me.

So our crack non-existent team of SAz hackers was able to distill the 2015 fly-by down into some still shots so blurry they look like Monet paintings… but hey, David’s in some of them so here they are.

With captions that reveal the full story behind each one. (as if)

“I am David Archuleta and resistance is futile.”

Kari: “Put up your dukes, Archuleta!”

David: “One duke, that’s it. It’s not my birthday yet, missy.”

“Ow, nice left hook, maybe you could fend off my mom on Dec. 28!”

“Hello, I’m Davie. I like music.”

“Call me Frito Banditooooo….”

Me: I seriously need to take up salsa dancing.

“Because if I stood up my glow would block EVERYTHING.”

“This is more appetizing than it looks.”

No idea if that’s David in the picture but the cap tells me yes.


Can you tell exactly what song he’s singing, where he’s singing it and what part of the song it is? Same.

Officially the biggest nacho chips I’ve ever seen. David is like, “Cheers!” lol

Bromance power… Can someone please write a buddy comedy slash musical for these guys??

Because Nick Jonas.

I think we’ve seen this before and could this be any blurrier?… but, hey, you know.

David? The stance tells me yes, the apparent goatee? hmm

I find the whole leftie thing fascinating… how many of you are lefties??

Shorts alert. But the socks aren’t pulled up to his knees, so progress. Is that Gracie or did Adele just happen to drop by?

Something ’bout soundchecks that breaks you heaaaaaart….

” ‘Dear SnowAngelz, I am writing to tell you I’m coming to Can…’ wait, system’s crashing? wut?!??”

Apparently this church is in Pine Valley, which was the fictional setting of a soap I used to watch *cough*All My Children*cough* which is where I first heard Eva Cassidy (on the soundtrack), who later inspired David… and so it all comes full circle. Still with me?

And if a rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten does not remind you of David, I’m not sure what to say to you at this point.

How about you guys? Any thoughts on these amazingly clear photos?

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Tumblin’ tumbleweeds

So it’s awfully quiet here in David-ville. Not just from the man himself but lots of fans seem to be MIA. Either they’ve all made “scale back on ODD” as a New Year’s resolution (a perfectly fine one, I might add), or they’re saving their energy for new music blitz time, or they are around but just trapped under something heavy.*

I think we know what David’s busy doing but just for the heck of it, let’s take a poll, shall we?

*Gratuitous When Harry Met Sally reference.

Also, last season of American Idol this year. Is anyone going to bother watching?

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Happy New Year, @DavidArchie peeps


My prediction for 2016: Josh Bradley Handstand 2.0


Wow, what a year.

So many David-related things I never thought we’d see.

This. (D’s at 3:23)

Some very swank outfits.

Shot some new photos this week. Here with the crew. I was outnumbered 5 to 1. #photoshoot #Nashville #mymomwasthere

A photo posted by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

A written blog early last year that I understand much more reading it again now. Especially after hearing David talk about many of the same things in the intros to some of his songs on tour.

An original Spanish song I LOVE and was thrilled to hear live. Mas, por favor. (No idea if that means what I want it to mean. :) )

The loss of dear @jenleighbarry. Still in shock over that one. Jen, you will always be missed.


Learning how to surf. I've got a ways to go. #stillinprogress #California #surfinUSA 🏄

A photo posted by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

An actual tour-ish poster with actual tour-ish dates on it. *be still my heart*

Not a blog but we’ll take it.

David connecting with his inner Hobbit.


David sitting on a tractor waiting for fans to find him for free tickets. Not gonna lie. Still a little too not over this one. So many questions… Did he wonder if anyone would show up? Did he pretend-drive it while making tractor engine sounds? If so, can we get video?

A brand new song. Not just that but a KILLER new song. Am I allowed to at least say the title? Numb. *waits for takedown police*

And THE SHOWS!!!! After four loooooong years, SOOOOOO worth the wait. David sounding better than ever, all chatty and sassy and bantery… REALLY want to do over every moment.

This vlogger has some great clips from the St. George show (starting at 4:26), really good audio:

Even the show that shall not be named… Layton. Though it was terrifying to sit there and hear David lose his voice… for how long, we didn’t know… looking back, I feel blessed to have been there to cheer him on and support him when he likely needed it more than at any other show. Ever. I’ll never forget hearing the whole crowd sing Glorious for him, with him, as a gift to him. Beautiful.

therealnewangel’s Spicy Nacho come to life….

Actual radio interviews. What the wHaT??

The Prayer vid, ‘natch, but also acoustic Riu Riu Chiu. LOVE.

And David not just acknowledging fans but thanking us. From the heart. A bunch of times. Even on video!

If you didn't pre-order through Pledge and missed the video, allow me to recap for you. David gave a heartfelt two hour outpouring of thanks to all the Pledgers, especially those of us from Canada, which he said he'd love to tour just as soon as a certain place freezes over… with global warming and all, we might be in for quite a wait. Oh well.

If you didn’t pre-order through Pledge and missed the video, allow me to recap for you. David gave a heartfelt two hour outpouring of thanks to all the Pledgers, especially those of us from Canada, which he said he’d love to tour just as soon as a certain place freezes over… with global warming and all, we might be in for quite a wait. Oh well.

Don’t know about you but this original song we also got this year was a highlight for me. Had it on repeat for quite a while, tbh.

Certainly never thought we’d see a viral video! No not just The Prayer… this one (up to 265,000 views and counting :) ). And I’m glad he cleared up that he’s laughing not crying. ‘Cuz he knew he’d get letters.

Could you, in your wildest dreams, thought any of that would happen? Not I, my friends. Makes you wonder what 2016 will bring, doesn’t it?

How about you guys, what are you hoping for??



Don’t wait till next year to read the lovely @rhiminee’s amazing Top 5 Live Perf. Post HERE! (And I’m not just saying that because it includes *shhhh* Numb audio!!! AND my faraway Trashin’ the Camp vid made the cut and I agree with every single word about that dweeeoppwedooooo gem! MORE, David, MORE!!!!)

Also love this:
“I feel like him singing with Vocal Point started some kind of acapella group battle for him because you notice that Pentatonix didn’t post about meeting David until after David posted about meeting & performing with Vocal Point and wearing their VP hat in random places and suddenly PTX is like WELL WE’LL JUST SEE ABOUT THAT. I think this is the plot for Pitch Perfect 3: Aca-Battle for David Archuleta’s Soul. And I’m ok with that.”

LOVE this! David melding his playful and pondering sides… and looking happy. May your balloons never pop, David.

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Hey, wait a minute….




#love #presh #giggle #blankie #famiglia #mkobday

“buy cat food” *sniff*

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On this special occasion of David Archuleta’s 25th birthday, I think I’ve figured out why I’m such a big fan…

… because he can do this

And this


And this

And this



Not to mention this








Big time, this

tumblr_inline_o002d1BQ2n1qbxbuj_500Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.51.56 PM.png



[insert the soundtrack of Numb that I know you all have playing on a loop in your head from back when it actually existed on youTube… “It hurts to feel. So wide awake. But it’s a chance. I can take. I won’t run, run, run, NOOOOOO”]




And most recently, this

I mean, who. does. that.???

Did I leave anything out, guys?

Video goddess Marcella is at it again!

david archuleta ☆ hey angel [happy 25th bday!] from Marcella Yazhbin on Vimeo.

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When love came down to the earth….

Wishing you all a season of peace, love and goodwill toward all.

Thank you for being such a kind, funny, insightful bunch.

Like David, I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

Be well and have a Cool Yule!

Some music for y’all…. :)







#TeamFluffeh #FTW #AChristmasMiracle

Met David Archuleta today! Great guy! Thanks for taking a picture with me man! #DavidAndRojin

A photo posted by Rojin Mohammed (@rojinm007) on


The spirit of Christmas *sniff*


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Pocatello @DavidArchie recap from the lovely and amazing Taterzen


Photo credit: Shelley, ‘natch.

‘Twas the week before Christmas

Pocatello, Idaho (known as “Poky” in these parts), is in the mountains, at an altitude of 4500 feet. It was plenty wintery there this week, due to a recent snowfall that froze before it could be cleared. It seemed to be an appropriate setting for a Christmas concert, and for a little unintentional slip sliding across the parking lots.

The concert venue is quite beautiful, much like those grand theaters of old, but with acoustics using today’s state-of-the-art technology. On Tuesday night, the house was filled to the brim with people who came to see and hear David Archuleta. My husband and I were seated in the center section, front row. I am not kidding! This arrangement had to be a Christmas miracle or a fortuitous Pocatello-for-Layton ticket trade with super fan @muldur.

The stage was elevated, but only slightly, meaning front row patrons were almost part of the action. I didn’t realize the truth of this until it was David’s turn to perform. When he came out on stage, I was literally taken aback. He stood less than five feet away from me to greet the crowd, and I wondered if I should apologize for encroaching on his personal space. I am reasonably certain this will be the closest I ever get to the dream of having David Archuleta show up to sing for me in my living room.

His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry

You know the songs, you have heard the voice, you have seen the videos (Bless you, Shelley!). You may have even indulged in seven other David concerts since September (cough cough), but I bet you have never seen David like this! He was the Christmas Scrooge Exterminator. He de-humbugged the entire place with his first song and killed us all dead before the night was over. Peace on earth indeed!

Yes, I know. His live performances are always excellent, so what made this week different? A lot of little things I think, mostly having to do with David’s decision to keep singing, and to go at it in his own way. I would never speak for David, but since fan blogs are not speculation-free zones, here is mine: I suspect that his decision, which had to be monumental for him, finally came with some unexpected freedom, no apologies needed. Add in the positive reception from fans who have been waiting, and there you go. We could philosophize about this for days, but let’s just say that the whole of it certainly translates well to his performing, and he just keeps getting better.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work

David sang for 90 minutes, and gave everything he had to the audience. He was stronger somehow, more confident. He “played” with the notes like they were good friends, and changed things up on a whim. He wasn’t afraid to have a little fun, and it was contagious. He moved and he grooved like no one was watching. He sang in English and Italian and French and Spanish. When he did speak, it was in Utahan, and that was charming too.
I had an advantage being so close. I noticed things I would not have otherwise. Just a few:

  • He was a “conductor” of sorts on stage, using subtle hand signals (usually to Kendra or his guitarist) to increase the tempo, decrease the volume or to signal other changes he seemed to want in the middle of a song.
  • He no longer holds the mic on his upper lip. Not sure why he changed that, but all the better to see you, Mr. Archuleta!
  • David and the band were engaged with each other while the music was going on. Every once in a while, a smile would be exchanged, like there was some inside joke about what they were doing, or didn’t do.
  • David is very handsome. Oh, you knew that already? Well, close up, he is exceptionally striking; maturity is not harming him in any way.
  • His hair is longer on top now, and he brushed through it with his fingers a few times, in rock star fashion. This gesture was extremely appealing to the teenage girls behind us.
  • David is back to interacting with the audience as he sings. If he points your way, you know he means you specifically and your night is made. You could also see it in his eyes when he recognized someone he knew. Sometimes they got a little wave, or a smile.
  • “Numb” – How many times have I heard it live? I count five, and this was the best performance in my opinion. It is absolutely his song now and he is quite comfortable with it, to the point of really selling it with his voice. I think he loves that song personally (he said it again), and he wants to be sure we love it too. Well, OK, David, we’re already there, but whatever you say. LOL. It received loud and sustained applause. Like, noticeably sustained applause. I hope the studio production does it justice and it rockets through the charts.
  • The real magic of the night was how he managed to dive deep into every single song, from the jazzy and delicious holiday confection called “White Christmas,” to the moving and sacred nature of “O Holy Night.” He’s good. He is really, really good.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night


[ADMIN note: I just wanted to point out that the awesome TaterZen (formerly known as Archugeezer or, as I like to call her, Geezmeister) is SUPER busy but kindly agreed to do this recap and share her experience with us poor sods who can only sit here with noses pressed up against computer screens. So if you enjoyed reading this, please let her know in the comments! Merci buckets!]

From @bradybills’ missus, Josephine Bills’ IG — talented photographer! Hire her, David! :) :

Beautiful souls! #davidarchuleta#music#photographer#utahphotographer

A photo posted by Josephine Bills (@jo_aba) on


VIDEOOOOOOOS!!!! (merci bien, Mme. Shelley!)

White Christmas, Pocatello

Medley, Pocatello

The First Noel, Pocatello

Everybody Hurts, Pocatello

Silent Night, Pocatello

Feliz Navidad, Pocatello

The Prayer, Pocatello

Mary’s Boy Child, Pocatello

Melodies of Christmas, Pocatello

What Child is This?, Pocatello

Pat A Pan, Pocatello

Il est Né, Le Divin Enfant, Pocatello

Davidesque Banter, Pocatello

Glorious, Pocatello

O Holy Night, Pocatello

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Hey, Pocatellans

If I ever have a bad day (like possibly tomorrow), I will go back and look at this picture. It’s all kinds of win. I swear there’s a twinkle in both David’s eye AND the gorilla’s. The thought of him hanging out in the cold with a hairy gorilla until someone made their way over to find him and the tickets KEELS me.

Did he try his hat on the gorilla for size? Have a long chat about the deliciousness of bananas? Ask if he was offended by the movie King Kong? Offer to groom fleas out of his fur? Cover a few Adele songs that we’ll never get to hear, but defo made the gorilla’s day? The mind boggles. And then there’s this, also:

I swear the gorilla’s smiling in this one. Because he got his own hashtag, no doubt. That be my dream, let me tell you. Guess I’ll either have to get a tollbooth job or get myself a gorilla suit. Don’t think I won’t do both at the same time, my friends. And such an awesome plug for Jean’s Sew and Vac… I hope he got a deal on a Dyson!

p.s. MUST WATCH!!!!!! O Holy Night from the Saturday night Layton show… THANK YOU, TAWNA FOR POSTING!!!!!!

So who’s excited about tonight and would kill to be there?!?!?!

White Christmas, Pocatello

Medley, Pocatello

The First Noel, Pocatello

Everybody Hurts, Pocatello

Feliz Navidad, Pocatello

The Prayer, Pocatello

Mary’s Boy Child

Melodies of Christmas

What Child is This?

Pat A Pan


Pledge Music Thank You Videoooooooo (I know you are all Pledgers so I’ll share! :) )

This was so heartfelt, it choked me right up… miss him chatting with us, too, I guess. *sniff* … “MORE TO COME” tho’!!!!!!!!!!


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All I want for Christmas is more @DavidArchie shows like this one

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.19.06 PM.pngHow, how, how are these the same person?!?
You might ask the same question about David’s shows in Layton yesterday, where he nailed styles ranging from jazz (my personal favourite), with a KILLER White Christmas; run-tastic pop (Mariah Carey magic); semi-classical (The Prayer); spiritual (O Holy Night); and free-range organic David (to quote the lovely Beebee) with Numb.

All while remaining 100% true to himself and his own sound. Who else can do that??! Boggles my mind sometimes.

No, I wasn’t there (*bangs head against wall*) but just caught up on Liz-Mag’s Periscopes (THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!) and I am blown away.

Someone needs to give David a 2 hour Christmas special STAT so the whole world can feel this joy.

Anywayyyyys… what did you guys think???

A review and some great pics from Mark Saal at The Stanford Examiner:

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.26.15 PMLAYTON — In much better voice than he was last time he performed in Davis County, singer David Archuleta wowed two sold-out crowds at Layton High School on Saturday.

Archuleta was the featured performer in the Davis Arts Council’s annual “DAC the Halls” concert. He sang an assortment of songs during the two shows that were just hours apart. The Layton High auditorium seats 1,638.

Archuleta’s appearance was a “do-over” of sorts, an attempt to make up for a somewhat ill-fated show at the council’s popular concert series this past summer.

Kirt Bateman, executive director of the Davis Arts Council, says Archuleta performed two shows this past summer at Layton’s Kenley Amphitheater, but one of those shows didn’t go as well.

“He was sick,” Bateman recalled. “Very, very sick. He had a high fever, and he literally had no voice.”

But ever the professional, Archuleta told Bateman the show must go on. This, despite the fact Bateman suspected he had laryngitis.

At one point, Archuleta ran off stage during a break and said, “This is not the show I want to give. Can I come back?”

Bateman was pleased to oblige, and they struck a deal for two Christmas shows. The DAC director has been pleased with the response.

“We’re packed to the gills for both shows,” he said.

Not only that, but when tickets for the two holiday shows went on sale Nov. 17, they sold out within 45 minutes.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Bateman said. “No question, this is the fastest we’ve ever sold out.”

Heather Hendrix, director of communications and marketing for the arts council, adds a couple of other firsts for DAC.

“In 30 years, we’ve never done two shows in one day,” she said, “and we’ve never sold out a Christmas show.”

Rest of the review HERE.

:) :) :)



DAVID’S STYLIST FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! (Elbow patches get me every time! :)))) )


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.05.24 PM.png
Gotta go, I’m behind on my The Prayer iTunes gifting. :) … in fact, even after a few days, it’s still at #23 on the Canadian iTunes holiday songs list!


I’m running out of “p’s” and “s’s” LOL.


Love what this talented photographer had to say about D’Arch.:


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Happy Birthday, Frank Sinatra

0719_senior_palladino_Sinatra_A_court_cap.jpgToday would’ve been Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. I know this is a David Archuleta fan site but I can’t help marking this momentous occasion of Frank’s.

Back when I was 25, I stumbled on one of his albums at a sidewalk sale and bought it as sort of a joke. But when I got it home and played it, I was hooked. His way with a lyric and his gorgeous tone and mesmerizing storytelling style grabbed me. Sound familiar?

Funny thing was, since I was only 25, my friends mocked me mercilessly for being a fan of such an old geezer (the album I bought was from Frank’s early Capitol years but he was WAY over the hill by the time I became a fan).

So fast forward till today when the tables have turned and David’s the one about to turn 25. Time is a funny thing.

Anyway, here’s one of my favourite Frank songs. Do you have any? :)

If any Layton news pops up, please share in the comments,I’m going to be travelling and, sadly, will miss all the excitement. Fingers crossed for Periscope or some videooooooos!

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