My love for This Christmas revived

Okay, I know David’s been up to all sorts of amazing things lately… shows, TV appearances, interviews, new m.u.s.i.c..v.i.d.e.o.s.!!! … I can hardly keep up, tbh.

But what do I choose to post about? THIS AMAZINGNESS!!!!

Random, I know. But, as you’ve probably noticed, this site is nothing if not completely random, lol.

You may remember my obsession with This Christmas back in the MKOP Christmas Tour days… and it clearly has not ended because I let out an actual squeal when I saw this clip. (Confession: I was SO hoping it would be on the new Christmas album, but I digress.)

Why did I squeal? Three reasons:

1) I love all BTS, soundcheck and VIP videos

2) I love this song and, most importantly

3) I LOVE David’s interpretation of it and how he jams to it here. I swear he could do a whole album of 12 tracks of this song and each one would be unique and special and utterly incredible.

Thanks to Shelley for capturing this from the VIP, and also for this amazing photo from the Colorado show:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.02.58 AM.png


Also, from the same VIP, David teaches Shelley’s granddaughter the Bachata… priceless!


For others on #TeamThisChristmas, check out Taterzen’s (the artist formerly known as Archugeezer) amazing review of the best versions from that tour HERE.


Awesome cover story in Tremblay magazine HERE … fave part:

“David is working on writing… and experimenting with some fresh-sounding pop music.”



How awesome is this?????




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MegaMan @DavidArchie

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 1.28.00 PM.png

Reading my last post before this one makes it look like I was planning to do a “before and after” series… ya, that’s it… I totally was! 😆

When you read this awesome interview, be prepared for a disconnect between some of what David says and these photos. (“There were words in the article,” you ask? 🙂 )

David: “I felt like I was a failure because I couldn’t be cool. I couldn’t be what it takes to be successful. And so, I was like, Okay, I’m just going to be myself and enjoy that for as long as it lasts. But I guess I’m not cool, so I won’t last very long. But I’m still here and I’m grateful for that.”

Dear David, the coolest people are the ones who don’t think they’re cool. Sincerely, A friend.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 1.29.26 PM.png

David: “Being the person who can give back and make someone’s life a little better, then I’ve fulfilled my mission and purpose in life.”

Dear David, this is the ultimate in coolness, imo. And I’m not just saying that because of this:

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 1.33.20 PM.png

Okay, maybe a little bit. 😆


David: “I do get a little scared, because I do care what other people think. Will they think I’m a disappointment if I don’t meet their expectations? If I don’t continue to be as famous as they think I should be?”

Dear David, Wow, this really hit me hard. Because of all those times I railed at the universe for not giving you the fame that I think you deserve… every time I watch the Grammy’s or hear some meh song on the radio, I can’t help but think YOU deserve those accolades… not realizing what kind of pressure those expectations put on you. I’m much better at that now… at realizing fame doesn’t equal success (either professionally or personally)… at letting you be whoever you want to be. I’m not a fan because you’re famous, I’m a fan because you’re YOU.

And btw, this is just icing on a most wonderful cake. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 1.36.23 PM.png



What does music mean to you?

To me, music is language; it’s expression; it’s connection. You can help people understand things through music, especially like me, that you can’t through words. In just a few seconds of a song, you can be deeply connected to the listener. And I love that power. It can be happiness, sadness, anger, laughter…you can express all that in music and people will feel that. [My challenge is] how can I use this to the best way that I can. It’s not about how many people, but instead of doing whatever it takes to get as many people to listen, it’s not worth it to me if I can’t connect.

What for you keeps you centred and focused despite the noise that is part and parcel of the industry?

Something very important to me is personal time. I make sure I have time every day to pray, to meditate. Whether you’re religious or not, spirituality is important. There’s a spiritual nature to us that is more than our bodies, and you have to connect to that. If you try to keep yourself busy all the time, you never hear your spirit, what it is trying to tell you and what you need. Something inside of us knows what we need, and if we ignore it, we start feeling depressed. And it’s very easy to get anxiety by listening to all the other voices and comparing ourselves thinking: ‘I’m never going to be good enough’ or ‘How do I keep up?’ Sometimes you need to take a step back or take a social media fast. I get caught up, too. A few days, a week, or even a month and it was like, ‘There I am. I can hear myself again.’

Even if I have a few minutes, I’ll say a prayer, give thanks and just say, ‘God, what do you need me to see today? What do I need to learn about myself today?’ It’s easy to put yourself down, but through prayer, it can easily helps you look at yourself in a positive way.

Amen to that, David!

And what did I learn today? HOW TO DO A SLIDESHOW, THAT’S WHAT! 😆

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Read the whole interview and see all these fashion-forward photos here… and submit David’s name as the next James Bond or Blade Runner here (I kid! Sort of. 🙂 )


In case you missed David’s LA TV interview this morning:

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Matt Clayton appreciation post

If your David fandom goes back, ahem, awhile… you will, no doubt, remember these amazing photos of David taken by the talented photographer, Matt Clayton (who also helped shoot The Other Side of Down cover, and other David assignments).

A couple of weeks ago, before Matt posted about the shoot on his Instagram feed and on his blog, I actually came across my copy of Square magazine (where these b&w pics originally appeared).

I remember how exciting it was when it arrived in the mail, and I appreciated it, not just because of David on the cover and the great interview with him it featured, but because I’m a long-time magazine junkie and the square, perfect-bound format was beautifully done, and the design of the whole magazine was super retro-cool. But I digress, back to David…. 😆

Here’s an excerpt from Matt’s blog about the shoot:

I had picked up the shirt and pants at Target. I thought it would be fun to dress him up but keep it youthful with the Chuck Taylor’s — which were his own. I’ll never forget trying to get my assistant, Lindsay’s, attention, while I tied the tie on David. I was trying to get her to take a behind-the-scenes picture but she wasn’t catching on. After a few failed “read my mind through my eyes” glances at her, David finally turned and said “He want’s you to get a picture of this.”

So much for being discrete.

Read the new blog here, and Matt’s original 2009 post here (which gave me MySpace flashbacks! :lol:)

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.44.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.55.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-25 at 12.55.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.04.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.04.53 PM.png

Matt also shot the No Matter How Far cover (photo above) and posted about that on his blog, too (found here). Here’s an excerpt:

It was a nice surprise to see the finished album, while out shopping. I resisted the urge to tell the sales clerk that that was my work on the cover – I wasn’t in the mood to start signing autographs … plus I didn’t have a Sharpie on me.

And who can forget this shot?? It was turned into a near-life size poster, which was a gift at the MKOCT VIPs. Anyone have one of those? (Or one of the Invisible Children bracelets he’s wearing in the photos up top? 🙂 )

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.08.38 PM.png

Matt’s clearly very talented… he captures something special in his David photos… idk how to describe it, something real and genuine in his eyes… I’ll label it “sensitivity with a twinkle” lol

What would you guys call it???

Full disclosure: Here’s a post I did back in the day called “The real story behind the Matt Clayton @DavidArchie photo shoot (not really)” that features a lot of silliness, along with more Matt photos, like this one. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.19.05 PM.png
tenor (1).gif
In case you missed Christmas Every Day on Entertainment Tonight Weekend edition:


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The day that @DavidArchie (and Natsu) won Instagram!

Still HOWLLLLLLLing over this…. he is the actual best! The fourth picture is my fave! 😆 😆 😆 😆

VERY thankful for David and for all of you, so a big Happy Thanksgiving to all you U.S. lovelies out there!!!

Not David-related but turkey related… so Happy Turkey Day!!

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So what’s your @DavidArchie dream set list?

Here’s mine (*FLAILSSSSSS*):



Sorry, just having a moment…..

Love this one! 😆 😆 😆


So, what’s your dream set list??

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David vs Dahveeeed: A story of two album covers

Yes, of course these two covers depict the same person… or do they?? 🙂

On Winter in the Air, David looks up, dreamy, reflective, thinking back to that 5-star Yelp review he can’t wait to check out.

On Navidad, Dahveeeeed lasers you with those eyes. He already knows what he’s going to order. And it comes with hot sauce.

On Winter in the Air, David offers a hint of a smile. He’s wistful. The dimple at rest.

On Navidad, Dahveed goes for full smile power. Warning labels need to be affixed.

On Winter in the Air, David marvels at the falling snowflakes.

On Navidad, Dahveed melts every single one.

On Winter in the Air, David sits back, musing on his vast array of Christmas sweaters.

On Navidad, Dahveed stands strong, ready for a bachata-off.

On Winter in the Air, David relaxes in festive plaid slacks.

On Navidad, Dahveed wears black, only black… oh, and sometimes grey.

Winter-in-the-Air David Amazon Primes his gift list.

Navidad Dahveed hand carves gifts out of jalapeños.

Winter-in-the-Air David’s lips don’t lie.

Navidad Dahveed’s hips don’t lie.

Are they one in the same? You tell me!

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In the Bleak Midwinter Appreciation Post from the illustrious @taterzen

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.41.33 AMIn the Bleak Midwinter

Judging from the statistics on iTunes, “In the Bleak Midwinter” is one of the less played or purchased singles from David Archuleta’s new Christmas album, “Winter in the Air.”

Admittedly, it is not the song I select first either, but I am here to champion this underdog track because there is still so much to enjoy and appreciate in David’s flawless rendition.

At the very least, it is yet another testament to his artistry and his unmatched skill in singing a story that reaches both heart and mind. A spiritual sensitivity and pure vocal prowess, that’s what it is.

A little about the song.

The lyrics in this traditional Christmas carol are based on a poem by the English poet Christina Rossetti (1830-1894).

Her poem was first published in 1872, and was titled, “A Christmas Carol.” In 1906, it was set to music by Gustav Holst for The English Hymnal. It has actually been set to music many times and in many ways, but the hymnal melody is the one used most often by vocal soloists.

The song has been recorded by an endless list of artists. Every performing musician must want this carol included in their Christmas repertoire. Among the versions on YouTube, there were expected renditions and a few surprises. A few: Julie Andrews, King’s College Choir, Sissel, Tine Thing Helseth (trumpet), James Taylor, Paul Cardall, Susan Boyle, The Tabernacle Choir, Dan Fogelberg, Sarah McLachlan, YoYo Ma, Annie Lennox, Frida (ABBA), Orla Fallon, Indigo Girls, Moody Blues… See what I mean?

Back to David’s interpretation.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.08.17 AMThe original poem, now called “In the Bleak Midwinter,” is easily found online. It has five stanzas, and I have never heard a vocal version where the poem is used in its entirety. Artists and arrangers seem to pick and choose which lines they want to use, and that is what David has done.

He eliminated two stanzas, moved a couplet to a different place, changed the word order in one line, changed the rhythm of one line (à la Sissel), and replaced a couple of words.

He made it his own with the sequence of the verses and the lines he chose to use. It would be interesting to know his thinking behind the decisions he made.

Here are the lyrics for David’s version, showing where he paused for musical interludes:

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;

 Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him, nor earth sustain;
Heaven and earth shall flee away when He comes to reign.

Snow had fallen, snow, on snow, on snow,
In the bleak midwinter, long ago.

 Angels and archangels may have gathered there,
Cherubim and seraphim thronged the air;

But only His mother in her maiden bliss,
Worshipped her beloved with a kiss.

 In the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed
The Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 4.31.53 PM.pngThe production on this song is unusual and really interesting. It begins with chimes and a Gregorian-like undertone that supports the opening lyrics: bleak, windy, cold, etc. This creates the visual of a physical setting for me, maybe something from the time period of the poet. I could imagine David in an old and beautiful but cavernous cathedral, perhaps pondering what it must have been like on that wintry night when Christ was born.

When David begins to sing, there is a slight echoing of the music, which adds to the image of a large space where even the softest sounds reverberate. (You can almost picture the voluminous stained-glass windows.) David’s beautiful voice is calming and reverent but purposeful, if that is an apt description.

The first interlude has different chimes, more melody and more movement. There is obviously more story to be told. An accurate explanation of the interlude passage is difficult because it is a sound you feel, something between haunting and ethereal. It is not music for a sunny summer day, but it belongs.

Listen to how David’s tone gradually intensifies when he sings about the Savior’s birth, His crucifixion, and the anticipated Second Coming. His voice is accompanied by fewer chimes and more strings—less cold and more warmth. He finishes the stanza (with the couplet he moved) to remind us of the humbling circumstances with the bleak midwinter cold.

Another interlude follows, using the same chimes as the first, but it is longer, building toward the announcement of the birth, and then it stops. David begins a cappella to tell us about the sacred scene at the manger. There is very little accompaniment thereafter and his vocal interpretation is beyond perfect. I hear awe and reverence and love. So good!

David sings the last stanza in the same worshipful manner. His voice lingers on the final mention of Jesus Christ as the song ends. I am completely blessed by this. Amen.




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O Ven, O Ven Emanuel appreciation post from the lovely and amazing Janey

Random notes and a whole lotta perfects

Perfection #1: First of all, David’s Spanish is perfectly suited for O Ven, O Ven Emanuel. The softness of this romantic language allows him even more vocal versatility. When listening to both the English and Spanish versions, I find David singing in a lower tone than the English one, there’s a depth and richness that I’ve never heard anywhere else.

Perfection #2: His pitch is perfect on every note and the key he chooses to sing this in is David at his finest, there is no straining whatsoever and he sounds relaxed and powerful and controlled all at the same time.

Perfection #3: His tone is sublime. Even on the higher notes, he glides effortlessly in and out of them.

Perfection #4: To me, this is his most perfect recording where the production never overshadows the lyrics but helps set the otherworldly mood. And when David sings the lower notes, it is pure heaven. He glides up and down the scale with such ease. Even his rolled r’s show no hesitation, they are smooth as perfect silk.

Perfection #5: I love how the production and the foreign language transcend me to a different time and place. It’s haunting and reassuring at the same time. I have never felt David’s vocals so perfectly matched with an accompaniment as on this song.

Perfection #6: There’s an all over quality in his voice which is, you guessed it, … perfect. Maybe it’s because he’s holding back a little, concentrating on the pronunciation of each word, I honestly don’t know, but imho, when you compare his English version to this Spanish one, you can hear a difference.

I hope he chooses to do this in concert, perhaps singing part in English and part in Spanish.

So librarians, editors, and y’all with big word vocabularies (the rest of you can dust off your thesauruses) find this ol’ gal a word that describes this song, other than perfect, perfectly.

~ Janey



Must-see interview!

Need tickets to the Athens, GA, concert?

Contact @karenkid:

“Hello all! It’s developed that I won’t be able to attend David’s concert in Georgia on December 15. 😥 I’m looking to give away the tickets. They’re Center Orchestra, Row G, Seats 111 and 112. You can contact me at Thanks!! ~ karenkid”

[So sorry you can’t make it, Karen!]


See the two dancers from the Winter in the Air vid with the rest of their team on World of Dance. Wow!

Great to see all the My Hands love in the comments! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

*runs out of p’s and s’s*


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Perfect new @DavidArchie video is perfect


How about you guysssss?

I love everything about this video… David… the song (my fave)… the beautiful dancers, so natural… the aerial shots of the forest… David… his outfit (I covet that cardigan)… his lightly scruffed grown-up outdoorsy look… David… the little touches like his hand brushing the trees… did I mention David? Just ALL OF IT!!!!!


How cool is it that the video was debuted by Variety!!! Full story HERE.




I swear Almond the Squirrel is in the video and his TOSOD boots! Reaching, I know, lol.

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#WinterInTheAir: Title track appreciation post

So. #WinterIntheAir.

Where do I even begin?

Normally, I’d do a post covering my impressions of all the songs on the album.

But I have too many feelings about each song to do that, so I’m just going to talk about one at a time.

Overall though, I will say that not only do I love that David’s included fun, “deck the halls”-ish songs along with reverent, sacred carols, but also that it’s one of the few (if only) Christmas albums I know that conveys the feeling of quiet introspection that sneaks up on us during the holidays.

Those moments when you take a break from all the craziness and sit quietly alone and contemplate what Christmas really means to you…

Whether you feel sadness about regrets or loved ones who are gone, or a longing to make a change in your life. Or maybe, along with all that, you reflect on Christ’s humble beginnings, the hardships that he faced, and the love he channeled into the world. Love that comes shining through in each note of this album.

The holidays can be a tough time for many of us, and I feel an undercurrent of that on this album. Amid the joy and reverence, I also feel a tinge of melancholy… a nod to the pain that can overtake us when we’re told by all the commercials and posts and parties that it’s “The most wonderful time of the year.”

To me, this album helps us take a moment to really think about the true meaning of Christmas… about how much you’re loved and how you can be more compassionate with others… those thoughts can help us feel less alone, maybe more connected to those we’ve lost and to something bigger than ourselves.

Those kinds of feelings are rarely conveyed on Christmas albums, but I feel like David’s done that beautifully here. Definitely in the title track.

When David sung a bit of it from his car on Instagram, I literally burst into tears. Did not see that coming. It was a completely visceral reaction.

I’m hesitant to overanalyze why it happened because I don’t want to break the spell.

Just now, I played the song, and the same thing happened. In fact, I was listening to the album driving home last night and had to skip the title track, for real, because  it was dark and rainy and tons of construction on my route and I needed to see where I was going… tears were not an option!

There’s just something in David’s tone right off the bat, like he’s whispering in your ear.

“Sacred stillness brought to life”… that’s exactly what it is.

The hushed quiet after it snows and the world is peaceful and perfect for a little while. You hold your breath and marvel at the otherworldly beauty of it all.

How he captures all that with his voice, I have no idea. But it pierces my heart and triggers rivers of tears. The sheer beauty of it.

The notes and what’s between the notes. That makes zero sense but I can feel that. Can you?


Foot prints in the snow
The world a shining globe
The scent of evergreen is like home
A deep breath cold and clean

The sound of distant bells
The story they foretell
An almost silent night,
A sacred stillness brought to life

Like music, like magic
Somehow it just happens
I could stay here forever
Nothing can compare
To this moment with you
And winter in the air
Winter in the air

Sparkling on the streets
Red birds, hear them sing
All is calm and bright
Underneath the stars that watch the night

Like music, like magic
Somehow it just happens
I could stay here forever
Nothing can compare
To this moment with you
And winter in the air
Winter in the air

On this snowy night,
The world is pure and right

Like music, like magic
Somehow it just happens
I could stay here forever
Nothing can compare
To this moment with you
And winter in the air
Winter in the air

Some great news and interviews today!

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