It’s Christmas Every Day with @DavidArchie around, am I right, guys?



I wasn’t expecting much, tbh… I already LOVE the song, so thought a video would be a nice bonus but didn’t think I’d be wowed by it or anything, but it’s PERFECT!

So glad there’s dancing! I was literally chair dancing, arms in the air, the whole bit, in my home office where people passing close by must’ve thought I was having some kind of medical episode.

BUT I DON’T CARE! Love it!

And can we talk about this move???!!!!


Wut the wut wut???!!!


And how cool that Entertainment Tonight premiered it?? Love that!!

So what do you guys think??

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BYU Spectacular recap from the lovely and amazing Taterzen

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.51.10 PM.pngDavid Archuleta and the Spectacular Spectacular

I am amused by the fact that the online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “spectacular” as being “something that is spectacular.”

The word is also related to “being a spectacle,” but that was totally my personal category over the weekend, of which I will say but a little. Be glad.

Semantics aside, just know that if you witness something spectacular done spectacularly, you are indeed at a spectacular. I saw it, and he did it, and I am beyond grateful I was there in person.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.52.50 PM.png

I would go to all of David’s concerts if I could, and I have gone to many; but I can no longer go without some help. Even then, it takes determination and courage. These days, I tend to buy “just in case” tickets and generally end up selling them. Not this time!

It was very last minute, but everything fell into place for the weekend: a willing husband had free time; our Chicago daughter and two of our granddaughters would be in Provo; fortuitous timing for a business appointment in Salt Lake City; a visit to a beloved aunt who just turned 103; dinner out with four of hubby’s five siblings and their spouses; and more, so much more. See? It was meant to be. A customized blessing. If I could jump, it would be for joy.

On to the show…

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.53.33 PMIn order for me to manage walking, it was imperative for us to park as close as possible to the Marriott Center, so we went quite early to snag a spot. The lot was relatively empty, but we just stayed in the car, feet up, chatting, reading, relaxing… As I think about it now, we must have looked like a couple of confused senior citizens who had lost their way.

When the doors to the venue finally opened, we went in, made a gingerly descent down the stairs, found our seats and sat down. The first thing I noticed was David’s “Numb” video playing on the gigantic scoreboard display over the arena. People were paying attention; and if you have ever wondered if David would look good on the big screen, the answer is somewhere between an inadvertent squeal and a resounding “Yes!”

Any review of the concert would have to include the word “fun.” BYU’s performance groups were having a blast. They were talented, prepared, and BYU smiley. The 90-minute program had the right variety at the right pace.

I enjoyed Colbie Caillat, her down to earth personality, her appreciation for a new experience, and her music. A genuine artist sharing good stuff.

I know many of you watched the concerts by means of various Periscopes (bless those people!) and you continue to watch (repeatedly) any videos that pop up. I can’t add much description to what you have seen and heard.

Being there was definitely an upgraded experience, but it doesn’t take away the stunning effect felt by every fan, wherever they were watching, when David sang “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” And judging by what I saw at the concert, there are new fans who were equally stunned. How could anyone forget it?

My own reaction was utter speechlessness, a rare occurrence. I was not devoid of feeling, but I sure couldn’t describe it, not adequately anyway. How many times has David performed something and we tend to think, “Wow, he may have peaked with that one,” and then he just goes out and does it again?

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.54.56 PM

One of my favorite things to do at a concert like this is to observe the audience, especially if David’s live performances seem to be new to some of them. He is always much more than they expect him to be. This concert was no different.

The man who sat behind us the first night knew about David, knew he was popular in Utah and wondered out loud if David was “always invited to these sorts of things.” When David finished slaying everyone there with the Elton John number, this guy had to be one of the first on his feet for the standing O. He was cheering and whistling and still talking about it during the final number.

A similar something happened the second night to a couple behind us who had come for Colbie Caillat, and only Colbie. I couldn’t tell if they even knew who David was, or if they had ever been near BYU before. I can only assume from their repeated expressions of “Wow! Wow!” after David sang that they know who he is now.

I just love it when these things happen. I feel like Mama Bear, knowing everyone is safe and everything is exactly how it should be.

I wanted to give some advice to the group of beautiful and chatty coeds sitting to our right on Friday night: Ladies, you can’t actually make David Archuleta love you. You can only stalk him and hope for the best.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.55.44 PMJust one more personal post-concert goodie here: One of my Las Vegas daughters called me on Saturday to see how I was managing the travel and if I had enjoyed the concert. I promised to send her a link of David singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” when I got home, and I did. She reported later to say that she had seen it (and loved it). She watched with her son, Eli, explaining to him that this was Grandma’s favorite singer. At age 3, Eli is the youngest of our eighteen grandchildren. He watched the video all the way through and then insisted on watching it again.

Eli had to give me his own report via Facetime:

“Grandma, I saw your boy singing and it was really good so I wanted to see it again and Mom let me. He had a big stage and those little stages on the side. I liked those little stages for him.”

This fan journey and the “little stages” of David’s career have been more interesting and rewarding than I ever imagined they would be. David Archuleta and his music simply make me happy. I can’t think of another way to say it. I wish him success in all facets of his life; he has certainly added goodness to mine.


(Photos: Rebekah Baker Photography. More here.)


Relive the magic with these videoooooooooooooos!
(big thanks to Muldur, Shelley, Shirley & Robert!)

Night 1


Night 2

Love this POV!

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Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.49.22 PM.pngDON’T LET THE SUUUUN GO DOWN ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


aaaaaaand from another angle because David….



[EDIT:] Okay, I’ve calmed down and had a chance to watch this again and I’M NOT CALM ANYMORE!!!! Chills literally ran up and down my arms at, like, 3 or 4 points in the song.

I kept hearing Simon saying “Mahsterclahss” in a British accent.

The way he told the story of the song, with just piano at first, paced the stage like a panther, stalking, I don’t know… PERFECTION?!?

The way he built it up level by level to a crescendo, no, a VOLCANO that erupted into a thousand stars. Yes, I know I’m mixing my metaphors but there is no one metaphor than encapsulates what we all witnessed in that performance.

So fierce… he was taking NAMES! That song was ABOUT something and he was going to make sure we understood it… OR ELSE!

To think after all this time, David KILLING it can still surprise me, still give me goosebumps and leave me with my mouth hanging open and my hand clutching my chest.

Oh ya, he’s done it again.



Thank you, Dorothy!!!!

aaaaaaand there’s more!


these tweets about sum things up:

how cute is this?!

View this post on Instagram

Took Baby Z to her first @davidarchie concert

A post shared by Brady Bills (@bradybills) on

snippet of snippets

Up All Night from the opening night:


Cuteness overload!

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Pocketful of sunshine

one pocketOur fashionista team here at SAz* has just informed me that my unrelenting negativity toward David’s recent pouch-resplendent wardrobe choices is way off-base. That pockets are not only all the rage on the Paris menswear runways, but that they are also way practical.

And they’re right!

I’ve been thinking of all the things David could handily stow away in those poches (as we call them up here in the Great White North):

1. Salt shakers & light bulbs

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.05.45 PM

2. Razors

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.02.37 PM.png

3. Sandwiches

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.36.55 PM.png

4. His cell phone and laptop (WITH chargers)

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.55.44 PM.png

5. His halo

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.13.03 PM.png

6. His Calgary Stetson… you know, for emergencies

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.56.36 PM

7. Copies of his LP

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.00.37 PM.png

8. The Archie piano

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.07.48 PM.png

9. His entire Pokemon collection.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 6.20.46 PM.png

And last, but not least

10. Kari

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.58.04 PM.png

So, sure, pocket-away, David, whatever Works for You! 🙂

two pockets.png

(Photo sources: Top pic; bottom pic)

*We have no such team.

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Attitude of gratitude


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, a great time to reflect on all the things I’m thankful for.

But when I read this post on FB this morning (posted by the lovely and amazing Betsy), it struck me that there’s something incredible that I’ve been taking for granted these past 10 years.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 1.33.16 PMNot David, I never take his amazingness for granted… but the way Ms. Berg describes the way her and her friends used to share their  love of certain songs and artists.

I’m not one of those people whose love for  music was reignited by David because music’s always been a huge part of my life (definitely grateful for that).

But I have taken for granted the way being a fan of David’s has given me back those joyful days of sharing music I love with friends who feel the same way.

I hadn’t done that since my teen years, really. Sure, I might share an appreciation of a certain artist with my husband, or one or two friends. But to be in a real or virtual room of like-minded fans, who all “get” the same artist… who all feel the same excitement when a new album’s announced or a tour launched … that is a whole different ball game.

To be able to share the joy, the excitement and the spiritual connections that music brings … the collective range of emotions, from the giddiness and screaming to the soulful introspection, even tears. Truly beautiful, all of it.

Because shared passions magnify the joy, don’t they? Make us feel truly alive… truly connected.

Help us put every other difference aside to revel in the magic … together.

So I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you taking the time to stop by here, for contributing to the joy of these past 10 years.

And, as always, thankful for dearest David… just for being David.

Merci, gracias, grazie, arigato, danke, thanks… for everything!


Desmond’s expression here tho’ 😍😍 😍 basically all of us, am I right??!

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Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 5.08.06 PM.png

Can anyone play this?? (Not available “in your country” #grrrrr.)

(Discovered by the illustrious @rhiminee… it translates to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”)

I think I am just as excited to hear the Spanish versions of the 4 Christmas songs even though I don’t speak the language, lol… just love how David sounds singing in Spanish, he makes me understand it, if that makes any sense at all.


SOOOOOO glad there’s going to be a video! Makes it easier to share the song, which I have had on repeat. A whole music video already plays out in my mind every time I listen to the song …in my version, an entire town starts to gather (growing in numbers 3 and 5 and 10 at a time) behind David as he struts through the snowy streets “Pied Piper” style. A girl can dream. 🙂

(Sidenote: My 84-year-old dad always asks what David’s up to, like we’re buds, lol, so I told him about the new Christmas album and song and he insisted on hearing it right away, so I hooked him up with my earbuds. The look on his face while he listened was priceless. 100% focus. I thought it was over and I went to take my phone back and he waved me away because it hadn’t finished yet. 😳😳😳 #dayyumm … He did like it but he asked, “aren’t Christmas songs usually religious?” hahahaha … so I told him not to worry, those are coming too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) I wanted to say, “Yo, Dad, do you realize who we’re dealing with here?” lol)

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If David’s beard could talk

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.18.27 PMDear Diary,

I know it’s unusual for facial hair to keep a diary but, hey, we all need to express ourselves from time to time, right?

And my experiences have been so fraught with tension and drama, lately … lots of close shaves, if you will… that I need a way to keep my equilibrium and not turn white overnight.

Not sure if that’s my biggest fear, or the terror that strikes every morning when I wonder if today will be the day I face the blade in the steady left hand of D’Arch.

It gives life a certain vitality, I will say that.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how blessed I am. I get to be part of something amazing. I get a front row seat to that Voice, to every songwriting session, to every far-flung place my man visits, and I even get to sample some great meals if he really goes at ’em with gusto.

I try to be as supportive as I can, to provide some warmth to that Face, protection for The Dimple, some style, a hint of coolness that says, “I’m an artist, y’all.”

But hey, I have big dreams too… to be featured on an album cover someday, a magazine spread, a Manila miniserie… I know, I know, getting ahead of myself (yes, that pun was intended).

As much as I try to live in the moment, I can’t help but look forward to a hairier future… to go from light shadow to scruff to (dare I say it) a massive hipster beard.

“NOOOO!” you say. “WHY COVER THAT GLORIOUS FACE??!” you say.

I hear your screams, I feel your pain, I do… well, not exactly, I am merely stubble after all, but try to see things from my perspective.

Remember how painful it was to say goodbye to David for two whole years? Imagine how I feel when he slices through me and washes me down the drain. Not fun.

Should he collect me in little lockets and sell me on his merch table? Slightly creepy, so, no. But it would definitely be fun for me to do some travelling and meet more people.

I’m not stupid as beards go (don’t even get me started on Grizzly Adams)… I know D’s just toying with me… that I’m a passing fling… a temporary phase of hirsute grooming… a sampler in the ever-exciting style incarnations brought to you by David 2.0 (hello, shorts on stage?? alert the media!) … so I plan on making the most of this phase. Claiming the spotlight that is rightfully mine. Going where no scruff has gone before.

Do NOT count me out, my friends. As I wait for this train, I stand at full attention… especially around that chiselled jaw line.

For I am a lion cub’s mane. Hear me roar!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.18.03 PM.png

(Credits: photo 1; photo 2)



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Awesome @DavidArchie interview … with personal footnotes

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.06.15 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.03.50 AM.png

Annotated excerpts from this amazing interview!!!

KG: You have a new Christmas album coming out November 2nd called Winter In The Air. It is your second Christmas album (the first being Christmas From the Heart released in 2009), how does this Christmas album differ from the first?

**[okay, I asked this question in VIP at the Olympia show and got a much shorter answer, so kudos to you, Kimberley]**

DA: I tried to have a little more fun with it than the last one. I tend to get kind of heavy and serious with Christmas arrangements because I feel like Christmas just gives you the time to just open up with your voice and get sacred with it, but at the same time I really tried to get some fun, more classic sounding songs on this album—which I didn’t really do on my first one—kind of like a Bing Crosby, or Nat King Cole, or like a Bublé kind of a feel; I mean he’s not like old school, but I feel like he already is classic at Christmas.

**[“classic” is totally the word that came to mind when I heard “Christmas Every Day”… it really does have that feel like it’s always been around and yet still fresh and new… does that make any sense at all??]**

KG: Your new album features traditional Christmas songs along with some original songs you co-wrote including “Christmas Every Day,” “Winter In The Air,” and “He Is Born.” How special is it to create new Christmas songs for fans to enjoy for years to come?

DA: That’s exactly what my goal was, that these would be songs you’d enjoy for years to come, and so I wrote one of each kind of original song—I wanted one that was just out of my comfort zone actually, because I’m not used to writing happy, fun, bouncy songs, but that was my goal that I set, to push myself with “Christmas Every Day,” which is the first single that I’ve released and I feel really good about it. I feel like I accomplished what I was hoping to.

Then the second one, “He Is Born,” I wanted to share my testimony of Christmas, like the spirit of it all, kind of talking about Christ and his birth, and how it made me feel to think about that.

And then on the third one, “Winter In The Air,” I just wanted a holiday song where you just look around and it’s quiet because all the snow is falling and all you hear is the snow crunching under your feet, and you just getting to share that peaceful moment with someone. It’s a ballad—kind of a slow kind of thing—so one of each: fun, bouncy, sacred, and kind of, I don’t know if romantic, but kind of romantic.

**[SOOOO excited to hear “Winter In The Air”!!! I love that feeling of the first snow when everything gets real quiet and a blanket of peace covers everything and everyone *sniff*. And: “I don’t know if romantic, but kind of romantic.” 😆 😆 😆 … Puh-lease, David, just spit it out, you can do it, bud… repeat after me: “IT’S ROMANTIC!” 🙂 There, see, that wasn’t that bad.]**

KG: “Christmas Every Day” is your new single off your Christmas album. Like you said, it has a very upbeat, cheerful vibe which I think your fans are really going to like. Tell me about the feeling that you wanted to convey in this song.

DA: I basically wanted a song that captured the same happy feeling of songs like “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” “Underneath The Tree.” When it comes on, you just naturally start feeling happy, **[YES! YES!!! THIS TOTALLY HAPPENS!!! I MISSED TWO BUSES THE OTHER DAY AND WAS IN SUCH A GROUCHY MOOD AND THOUGHT, ‘I KNOW WHAT CAN CHANGE THAT,’ AND PUT ON CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY AND IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!!… okay, back to the interview, sorry]** and it’s fun. I almost like, wanted to write a song that people would get sick of, that kind of song where it’s like, “Oh man, that song again?” I kind of wanted that—not that I want people to get sick of the song—but I just wanted it to be a catchy song for the holidays for everybody.

**[If anyone else said, “I wanted to write a song that people would get sick of,” I’d scratch my head and say, “huh??” But we TOTALLY know what he means, am I right?? So we totally speak David now, obvs.]**

KG: It is catchy, and it’s funny because you got me listening to Christmas songs way before the stores got me listening to Christmas songs!

DA: (laughs) Oh man. I’m glad you like them. Yeah, I was like, I don’t know if people are ready already in September for Christmas every day. I was like, um, is that too soon? Especially that the song is called “Christmas Every Day.” Like, I don’t want them to get sick of it by December.

**[No, chance, my friend. Like, zero.]**

KG: That’s so funny.

I read that American Idol alum, Melinda Doolittle, sang background vocals on your song “Christmas Every Day.” How did that come about?

DA: She did! I just kind of kept in touch with her over the years, and then I ran into one of her friends while I was going salsa dancing with some of my friends, and so then we’re talking about how great Melinda was and all, and then I ran into one of her other friends on the airplane and we’re talking about Melinda and how great she is again. I never had a friend do background vocals for me before; there was always a hired person, or I usually do it myself, so when we were like, we really need someone who just has a really good voice that isn’t my voice, I was like, let me see if my friend Melinda is around and could do this. She was and it was a lot of fun having her in the studio.

**[Love Melinda!!! Hope they do more together! … also, salsa dancing. Salsa. Dancing.]**

KG: That’s really great. Are there any other Idols that you might want to collaborate with in the future?

DA: I mean, there’s so many. Jordin Sparks and I have talked a lot about it. I mentioned her in a Twitter comment, and she’s like, “Oh, my gosh, let’s do it!” I had a song called “Numb” come out, and she came to one of my shows, and she’s like, “I want to do a duet version of that with you sometime.” Jordin is just always up to collaborate with people, so I’d love to do one with her.

**[(A) Love that Jordin went to a show, and (B) A Numb duet with Jordin?? Something I never thought I needed in my life but now I TOTALLY DO!!!!]**

KG: You are going on tour this December to sing the songs off your new Christmas album; how excited are you to share your new music with your fans live during the holidays?

DA: I’m always a little nervous before any tour. I’m also really excited because I worked really hard on this album. Just learning how to do something independently, be the guy in charge, and figuring out, like, what I want to accomplish with these songs, and working with the producers and getting inspiration from them as well. I just feel like I was really invested in every single part from the start of the songs, from writing them and giving the vision that I wanted to accomplish, to then having the mixes of the songs done like this… and maybe sometimes I get too involved, because it’s not like I’m a master at every single step of it, but I just wanted to make sure I felt good about it and I was happy about what my fans were going to listen to. And I really wanted it to be something that regardless of even if they don’t follow my career, I wanted people just to feel like, “You know what, that’s a good Christmas album.”

**[So dang proud of this guy. He’s just so… true to himself. And dedicated to his craft. And bursting with integrity. … I have such faith in his impeccable musical taste and skill that reading this, I have 100% confidence that that’s exactly what anyone listening to it will say, “That’s a good Christmas album.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Christmas From the Heart (except for the cover, but I’m almost over it), but it didn’t feel completely David the way I know this one will. I never really expected to get a “single” at all from the Christmas album, and to be able to hear it so soon and it exceeds any and all expectations.

It kind of shocks me how awesome it is because I knew David’s vocals would be impeccable but I instantly loved everything about it and have had it on repeat. The way it builds and the way it lifts me and fills me with joy. The way his voice takes off into the heavens near the end. The way it makes me want to dance around the room. Each and every time. Beautiful work, David. Thank you.]**

KG: What is your favorite thing about Christmas time?

DA: A big part are the songs. I just love the songs. I’m one of those people who doesn’t get sick of Christmas music and listens to it well into January because I just can’t get enough of it. I mean, even on my playlist, I have Christmas songs on my normal playlist, even on my feel-good summer one.

**[Wonder what those songs might be? hmm]**

KG: Well, hey, you can celebrate Christmas in July, right?

DA: I know. I mean, I needed the inspiration anyway, because I’ve been working on my Christmas album all summer, so I kind of was already in the mode anyway. If I was like, out of the studio and going somewhere with my friends, they’re like, “Why are you singing Christmas songs?” I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize I was.”

I love the happy songs, but I also love just the spiritual songs. I love the time with family and the spirit of Christmas overall. I mean, other than like, Black Friday sales and all that, that’s a little much for me, but everything else about Christmas, I really love.

**[ 😆 😆 😆 ]**

KG: In addition to your new Christmas album you recorded several songs, including “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman,” in Spanish which will be available in a four-song EP. What does it mean to you to be able to share your music with your fans in Spanish as well as English?

DA: Well, my mom is from Central America, from Honduras. I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, so I feel guilty that I didn’t. I love that it runs in my veins, but I didn’t speak it until I became a missionary and then I lived in Chile two years as a missionary for my church, and then I became fluent. It was so cool. When I got home, my grandpa who I never understood what he was saying—he was always there, but it was like I opened up a new book that had just been sitting on the shelf all my life and I just didn’t know anything about it, until I just picked it up and opened it; that’s what my grandpa was—so it was just so cool to learn so much from him and the stories that he tells about my relatives, and my ancestors, and just his life and my mom. **[This is so beautiful, I can’t even even… the analogy of his grandfather as a book he could never read before *sobs* and that he could finally understand stories about his family and his mom *more sobbing*] I’ve always wanted to connect to that side because I was born in Miami, and that’s a Hispanic culture, a lot of my best friends are Hispanic as well, so I was like, I have to give back to that part of me, even if I don’t have the best accent in Spanish, it’s still a part of me—it’s in my blood—and I wanted to offer that to that part of my heritage that I love so much.

**[*mucho sobs*]**

KG: That’s great that you were able to share language with your family in that way.

How different is it to sing in Spanish than it is to speak in Spanish, especially since you just learned it not too long ago?

DA: I’ve sung in Spanish ever since I was little, so that’s always been easier for me because even if I didn’t understand every word I was saying, I knew generally the pronunciation. I think it’s easier to sing in Spanish because you can memorize the tone, whereas when you’re speaking, sometimes you’re just speaking off-the-cuff and then in conversation sometimes you come up to a thought, or a sentence, you want to say and you’re like, wait, “How do I form this sentence in Spanish,” or sometimes your accent isn’t the best. I get really self-conscious about my accent, because I know it’s kind of Americanized, but it’s definitely easier to sing in Spanish because you have time to memorize it and form your mouth to say it properly.

**[his accent sounds pretty good to me, just sayin’ 🙂 ]**

KG: Do you think you’ll ever do a full Spanish album?

DA: Oh, yeah. Definitely.


KG: This year marks the 10 year anniversary of your first single, “Crush.” Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Idol and all the places your career has taken you since?

DA: It feels like another lifetime, because American Idol felt like—even though it was only like that year of 2008, and I guess just the effects of it in 2009—it felt like a different life because it was so fast paced. I don’t have a fast-paced life generally, but American Idol just gave me a fast pace, and it gave this platform of millions of people watching and voting for me, and liking what I was doing, and excited to see me, or hear me, and it was like the introduction to what I’m in right now, of me as a singer, career, releasing albums, so it just blows my mind, and I’m super grateful for everything it’s brought me. To get to do Christmas albums, or just albums in general, and share things—having a fan base to engage with is a pretty remarkable thing. It was super hard, it was really hard, American Idol, but sometimes you just need a little kick in the booty to get going to where God needs you to go.

**[I love that this interviewer did her research (or she was already a fan, even better)… also love what he said about having a fan base to engage with because, well, “he mentioned us!!! he knows we’re out here cheering him on and he’s okay with it!!!! … okay, I’m done, lol]**

KG: It really prepared you for your career.

DA: Yeah, I call it boot camp.

KG: David, do you have a message for your fans?

DA: I always tell them thank you. Thank you for sticking around. I don’t know why you stuck around for even 10 years later—I’m so happy that I haven’t bored you—but I am so thankful for your support, for your excitement, for the music that I work so hard to put together and create, and I can’t wait to see you out on the road. I hope you come to one of the shows, but if you’re not able to get out on the road, I hope you enjoy the album when it comes out in November, and I hope you can feel just my passion and my love for it, and that it can motivate and inspire you as well.

**[someone hold me]**


For more information about tour dates and tickets, or how to pre-order David Archuleta’s newest Christmas album, go to


p.s. I do wish she’d asked about a music videooooooo! (*greedy Gretchen*)

How about you guys?? What did you think??

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New @DavidArchie Pledge goodies leaked! (not really)

Our SAz crack team* of intrepid creepers… I mean, reporters… has found the Top 10 new goodies available soon-ish at David Archuleta’s Pledge Music store:

1. Chain link fence pieces!

From the exact spots where David rested his hand! (Rustproofing extra.)

chain link fence.jpg



Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.05.10 PM.png


2. Autographed poster of Betty!

(I actually want this you guys, not even kidding.)

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.19.12 PM.png



3. Exclusive hairstyling tips from David!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.35.18 PM.png


4. Two very special phone holders!

To prevent you from driving while using your GPS … or watching David’s insta stories.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.29.13 PM.png


5. Exclusively for Canadian fans! 🇨🇦

A special-edition poster featuring all the Canadian cities David’s visited but never included on his tour schedule!!!  😊


6. David’s “horse whisperer” tips!**



7. Ants begone!

With this slightly used exterminator kit (complete with gloves worn by David).

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.51.50 PM.png


8. The “EXPLICIT” version of Winter in the Air!

Featuring the soon-to-be smash, “Christmas Every #$@&%*! Day.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.50.13 PM


9. D’Arch stamps!***

So you can send David a self-addressed letter that you’ll get back promptly in 2027!!!





10. Archie the pet hedgehog!

Just ‘cuz.



Seriously though… what did you guys order??

(And keep checking HERE for more stuffs… I have a good feeling about the chain link fence bits.)


*there is no such team

** gifs by the illustrious Tina

***fun fact: these are actual stamps that @abanana77 gifted to me 😻


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Coolest. Yule. Ever.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 12.28.14 PM.png



What do you guys think?? Of the song?? The tour dates?? The sweater???

Extra credit:

“I ran into a couple of Melinda’s friends while I was salsa dancing” … Discuss.


Tour dates:

Nov. 26 — Los Angeles, Calif., Troubadour
Dec. 1 — San Bernardino, Calif.,Special Orchestra Show, California Theatre for the Performing Arts
Dec. 3 — St. George, Utah, Burns Arena at Dixie College
Dec. 4 — Grand Junction, Colo., Avalon Theatre
Dec. 6 — Mesa, Ariz., Mesa Arts Center
Dec. 8 — Logan, Utah, Logan High School
Dec. 10 — Provo, Utah, UCCU at UVU
Dec. 11 — Orlando, Fla., The Plaza Live
Dec. 13 — Franklin, Tenn., Franklin Theatre
Dec. 14 — Franklin, Tenn., Franklin Theatre
Dec. 15 — Athens, Georgia, Hodgson Concert Hall
Dec. 17 — New York, N.Y., Highline Ballroom
Dec. 18 — Fairfield, Conn., The Warehouse
Dec. 20 — Vernal, Utah, Vernal Middle School
Dec. 21 — Richfield, Utah, Sevier Valley Center Arena

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 12.33.31 PM.png

Excerpts from Fred Bronson’s amazing Billboard story (full story here):

While most Christmas albums are recorded in the summer in order to be ready for holiday season, Archuleta started work on Winter in the Air in January, while the weather was still cold in his new hometown of Nashville. “We had to cancel the original writing session because of a snow storm,” he says. When he rescheduled with songwriters Jeremy Bose and Cindy Morgan, they wrote what would become the album’s title track. “‘Winter in the Air’ was inspired by walking outside in the wintertime with the snow crunching under your feet,” he says.

Archuleta’s next writing session, with producer Cason Cooley and songwriter Isabeau Miller, was also cancelled because of an ice storm. But when they finally got together, they wrote “He Is Born,” one of the album’s more sacred songs. “I wanted to write a song honoring and praising Christ in his birth,” says Archuleta.

Auchuleta wrote the first single from the album, “Christmas Every Day,” with Cooley and Dave Barnes. “It was inspired by Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Underneath the Tree’,” he says. “Music usually comes out of me at a slow tempo but I wanted an uptempo song.” The song features backing vocals by fellow American Idol alum, Melinda Doolittle. “I had lunch one day with Melinda and Kris Allen. Then I ran into a couple of Melinda’s friends while I was salsa dancing, and then saw another friend of hers on an airplane. So week after week, Melinda was on my mind. When we needed background vocals, I thought Melinda would be up for it. It’s the first time I’ve had a friend do backing vocals for me.”

After sessions with Cooley, Archuleta headed back to Utah to work with producer John Hancock, who helmed his 2009 Christmas album. “John added a guitar loop to ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman’ and it felt very Latin to me so I started singing in Spanish.” That led to Archuleta recording Spanish versions of several songs, including “In the Bleak Midwinter,” which his aunt translated into Spanish after they failed to find a Spanish version. A four-song EP of the Spanish renditions will also be released, says Archuleta, “all thanks to John doing ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ with Spanish guitar.”

Archuleta will support the new album with a tour that begins Nov. 26 in Los Angeles and runs through Dec. 21 in Richfield, Utah. “I’ve always loved being on the road, ever since my dad took me to California when I was 11,” he replied. “When I’m out on the road, I get to interact with fans again. It’s different from the social media experience. You can see how music changes their demeanors.”

…”Ten years ago I didn’t know if I wanted a music career. I thought I was going to finish high school and college and then figure out what I was going to do for a living. Now I understand why I want to do music and where I want to take my life. I always handed things over to other people. Now I am the master of my own life.”



Gorgeous new OS website redesign is gorgeous!!!


Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.55.31 PM


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