Some kinda wonderful. Yes he is.

Dear friends, what an emotional rollercoaster it is being a David Archuleta fan, am I right?! Not that I’d change a thing of course. 🙂

For me, this week went from trepidation and angst anticipating David sharing his truth on national television to bursting with pride over his honesty and openness and then to sheer glee over that amazing “fan mail” insta live yesterday … then, rinse repeat the first two for Nightline, lol.

I confess, after following David so closely for 13 years now, I’ve been under the mistaken impression I “knew” him — when he didn’t even truly know himself a lot of that time. So many questions swirl through my head now.

I mean, do any of us really know ourselves? Can a single label capture any of us? And most importantly, is this your favourite era for David’s hair?

Seriously though, watching both the Good Morning America and Nightline segments, I was struck by so many things.

That his song Numb (and basically all the songs he’s ever written) take on even deeper meaning now. That maybe David’s been screaming from the rooftops for us to truly SEE him all this time. (I mean, he did choose True Colours, Broken — and PRIDE, for heaven’s sake — for the BEGIN. album!)

In the Nightline segment, it broke my heart to hear him say he thought at one point it would be better for everyone if he weren’t here. It literally pains me to even type that sentence.

Not gonna lie. It angers me that the pressure to live a straight life and conform to certain community/religious norms steal so much joy and energy and self-worth from the lives of so many wonderful people — David being one of them. I was glad he mentioned he’s learning to love himself. [I may have screamed YES!!!! at the screen, in fact. 🙂 ]

And I so admire that even though he’s such a private person, he still wants to come out and share his truth because he knows others are going through the same struggle with their faith and sexuality. This moves me to even more tears. He’s literally saving lives. And by coming to terms with his own truth, he’ll save his own.

I know we all want the absolute best for David and feel he deserves all the happiness in the world. So to see him happy and relaxed opening years’ old fan mail 🙂 was the up-ride on this emotional rollercoaster, for sure.

I’d been having a terrible day when finally I saw the notification that David was doing a live and I joined literally at the moment he was opening my gift (the “cereal killer” spoon, lol). Day turned immediately around as only David can do. I can’t even remember when I sent it, lol, and was HOWLINGGG that instead of reading my note, David read and shared the washing instructions. Oh. My. Heck. Classic David, am I right?!

Anywayyyyys — let’s hope he does more of those fan-mail lives… pure joy!

My hope for David is that this Pride month sparks a deeper love and pride in himself. For the remarkable person he is, how he shares his considerable gifts with the world, how he enriches people’s lives, and how he’s perfect in God’s eyes — and ours 🙂 — just the way he is.

How about you guys??! Thoughts? Rollercoaster stories?

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22 Responses to Some kinda wonderful. Yes he is.

  1. TOfan says:

    Bringing this over from the end of the last post ‘cuz emmegirl commented just as I was posting this new one!

    “An interview of raw courage and honesty.

    You are going to be just fine David❤️
    And can now find that elusive peace and happiness.”

  2. Janey H. says:

    It’s tough on this old gal to be bursting with pride while clutching a broken heart. I am completely at fault with anyone else who underestimated David’s strength and bravery. And his lyrics, talk about new depth and meaning! I’m curious if his co-writers are rethinking their past sessions. Switch actually brought tears to my eyes – it may take some time before I can get through Therapy Sessions again. I’m sad he’s gone through so much and hurt for so long. Things can only get better from here, right? I have my sites on 2022 tour – how incredible it will be to truly celebrate David!

    • amb4da says:

      ❤️ I’ve had so many emotions and thoughts, too many to sort out and post. Like David I have questions too. And like Deb says…that part about thinking he “didn’t need to be here” has worried me before about this highly sensitive soul, who’s obviously always been working out many things. Bottom line…I love David I want him, ALWAYS, to be at peace, loved, and happy. Honestly….I don’t know how to balance his beliefs AND live a life that he feels right about. But I pray that for him, with all my heart there are answers. All that said…to your final thought here, Janey, last night I had such an urge to be at a show..and just love on him, and of course, FINALLY hear that Voice live again. I just want to be at a show…like tonight.

      • Janey H. says:

        A live show would send me over the edge, in a very good way! I wonder what he will think singing to a venue of cheering crying stomping guys and gals? I have this reoccurring thought that at some point a guy is going to call out “I love you!!!” and my response will have to be “I LOVE YOU MORE!” haha!

        PS. Team D/A needs to get the jackets back in stock. I want one for Tour 2022.

  3. refnaf says:

    Amen to all your thoughts!!
    Def a roller coaster…… but I am SO HERE for the ride!

  4. amb4da says:

    Deb…this is not the first time my take-away has been same as yours on things…the fact that he was reading us how to wash and take care of the “18/8 Stainless Steel” …was CA-LASSic David Archuleta. 🤣❤️ And, I think no “happy accident” he picked your, “Oh…I know who this is!” gift to open…that was intentional I believe. :). I SO want him to do these fan letter IG Lives again, and again…like, please, please, please, on a regular schedule?!! Please? I’d “plotz”, as they say, if he ever opened anything of mine. But just…so him…trying to SAVE it ALL…and EVENTUALLY “get to it!!”….just one of the many reasons we love him.

  5. amb4da says:

    ps and btw…the “new sweats.” 🤣 And also…loved the Spanish coming out in a string of (I’m sure totally G-rated) expletives. That cracked me up.

  6. missbianca says:

    It had already been a marvelous roller coaster, with every tour providing a new hill and plenty of, “Whee!!!” I think it will be even more marvelous now–we’ll have opportunities to hear more of David’s meaning in his songs old and future. Listening party, anyone?

    I hope David encounters nothing but kindness.

  7. TOfan says:

    omigosh, what does D. have up his sleeve next?? A new music video w/choreo?? New music?? Both?? Is this David 6.0???

    I am HERE for it! You go, David!! 🙌🏼😍🙌🏼

  8. Pepper says:

    What a wonderful post TOfan. Wonderful because of everything you said and how supportive it is. Even with David facing his struggles (some heart wrenching, yes) and coming to terms with who he is (which is an all round wonderful soul) it must give him a sense of freedom and acceptance…also wonderful. The support he is receiving…also wonderful.
    That Insta live with the mail was sweet…and how nice that he opened your mail for you to see…and what a cool gift you sent him! No matter that he can be years behind with the mail, lol. Had to laugh too, that he read the instructions for the care of the spoon!
    Love all the great comments here and the way things are going right now…if nothing changes, will actually see him live in concert early next year. Now that will be wonderful too. ❤️

  9. emmegirl14 says:

    Just watched Instagram – the veil is gone, he seems so absolutely free. Cannot imagine how that must feel!
    And what is he doing? Can’t wait to find out😁

    • TOfan says:

      “The veil is gone”… what a great way to put it, emme!

      Looks like he’s ready to shock & awe us some more with some dance moves… eeeeeep, SO READYYYYY!!!

    • LindseyArchurelta.D and DavidArchurelta.x
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