Thank you, David

Credit: The über-talented jenleighbarry.

Credit: The über-talented jenleighbarry.

Here at SnowAngelz, we thought, what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to express our gratitude for Mr. Archuleta’s music, his Voice, his very David-ness.

You are all welcome to include your own message in the comments and the SnowAngelz team will collect everyone’s thank yous throughout October and deliver them to David at the Manchester, NH, show on the 29th.

Update Oct. 31st: Thanks to an unexpected twist of fate and a dash of serendipity, the Canadian Thanksgiving thank you notes to David have been delivered. Thanks to all of you!

SnowAngelz thank yous:

David, thank you for being the person you are and sharing your amazing talent with anyone who will stop to listen.  You reach out to and connect with people in such positive ways – aside from your singing, your blogs/vblogs/tweets– and impact them to change the way they think and act.  Perhaps hard for you to understand, but embraced by those you touch.   My wish for you is that you continue to be happy in whatever you choose to do.

Being thankful for David is something I am inspired to be every day. David, thank you for your tweets, which keep me amazed at your positive outlook, David, thank you for your vlogs, that make me smile and giggle EVERY TIME I watch.. David, thank you for your heart, which you bare in all your interactions with your fans.  David, thank you for the grace you display in all your dealings with the media. David, thank you for the gift of your VOICE, which soothes, calms, inspires and connects me to the Eternal…and leads me to be thankful for all of  life.

Thank you, David, for sharing your musical gifts with us. Your voice and your songs bring joy into my life every single day. They take me to a place of pure love and light and lift my soul. Thank you also for your amazing live shows … they are thrilling and exciting and insane amounts of fun. But thank you most of all for always being truly you.
Peace and love to you and your family,
Deb, Toronto

Dear David, Since it is Thanksgiving here in Canada, I am going over in my mind the many things and people I have to be thankful for. As I review this year (the past 2 actually), I realize that some of the brightest highlights took place in venues, both large and small, where I had the pleasure of hearing your amazing voice, and feeling the warmth and kindness of spirit you exude. For this David, I am so thankful.  I have met some of the kindest and warmest people over this past two years, through the love of your music and spirit, people I hope to call friends for an eternity. The power of your immense talent coupled with your warm, sincere, humble, happy, and generous personality, is changing the lives of many, and is something I know we are all thankful for in a big way!!
May God bless you and keep you safe always,
With Affection,
Deanna (conditioner)

David, it’s Thanksgiving time in Canada. I’ll be giving plenty of thanks this weekend for my blessings.  But I’d like to extend a warm Canadian thank-you to YOU.  How do I do this adequately?  How about the Top 10 “MERCI BEAUCOUP‘s from a Canadian fan?  Here goes, David – thanks for:
#10: Two CD’s and a fanbundle within one year…how lucky are we!
#9:  Being inclusive of all your fans…big, small, young, old(ish), domestic and international…you appreciate us all
#8:  Including Pat-a-Pan and speaking in French (très magnifique) on your Christmas CD
#7:  Loving Cheesecake Factory gift certificates (and SU2C donations haha)
#6:  “Bubbly” Re-invented, an indescribable “Angels” in Pittsburgh, and “Desperate” deconstructed in Rockford.  Merveilleux!
#5:  Signing back a painting from a Canadian artist for auction before stuffing it back into a FEDEX box (an EXTRA MERCI for that!)
#4:  Blogs, vlogs, VIPs and @DavidArchie tweets
#3:  Your tour stop in Canada (wait, is that planned yet?…well, it should be!)
#2:  Staying true to yourself and your values. And trusting your gut.
AND THE #1 thanks is for:  Sharing the extraordinary gift of your artistry and musical interpretation with all of us.  And for taking us along on this musical journey with you. We are all better people because of it.  From the bottom of our Canuck hearts, merci.

Dear David –  You make me laugh. You make me sing. You make me dance. Wow.  Thank you.
Val (sunshine)

6 Responses to Thank you, David

  1. gengenw says:

    Dear David

    This is Gengen. Got back to Calgary on Sept 21 after spending one month in Qinghai and one month is Shanghai. We held a singing contest for Qinghai kids in August. I posted one of the winners’ song on youtube: It is sung a Tibetan girl who is 14 year-old. Her voice reminds me of the wind on Tibetan Plateau. It is so pure, so simple, so beautiful, I just have to share it with you.

    I believe this is the best way for me to say thank you to you by presenting what I have done for the Tibetan kids because I know it will make you happy. Thank you for your heart-felt notes to Heartfire foundation and to the kids in Qinghai. You have no idea how touched I was to see them in my mail. You have the biggest heart, you are inspiration, you are LOVE.

    I will continue helping those kids since I’ve made that one of the goals of my life. Whatever I’ve received from you I promise I will give back to the world ten time more.

    Let me (and on behalf of my 6000 Qinghai kids) say thank you again on this
    joyful Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Don’t forget you’ve promised to come up to Canada sometimes, and what would be a better time than this Christmas???

    Thank you for being you!!!! I’m blessed to have you in my time and in my world!!

    Love you forever,

  2. maxie2go says:

    Palm to Heart

    David James Archuleta, because of you I have experienced 19 months of which I will cherish every minute I gave to you in any shape, form, or fashion.

    I can honestly say that you have brought into my life more smiles AND tears than any one, or thing, ever has, and probably, ever will.

    Watching you on “Star Search” one could see that you had a gift that would take you places. You drop from public view after that, but you do know it was because God was fashioning you. He changed your voice and began to use you to do His will. You are no surprise to me. God has something great in store for you.

    You are God’s property and no weapon formed against you will prosper.

    I am so blessed to be one of those chosen to help you do the mighty work God has for you.

    Your reemergence on the music scene via “American Idol” was providential. Dean said you weren’t ready, God said “Go David”.

    Your sound went from singing your heart out on “Star Search” to singing from your heart on “American Idol”. You were truly without peer.

    Oh, what a gift you have. Not only is your gift music, but your gift is also your personage. I often describe you as being “Exquisite”, and I hold firm to that. You are indeed “An Exquisite Creature”. I have never in my life come across anyone like you. You have the ability to move people with just a smile or a single note. You truly outshine the sun.

    David, I’m not given to flattery. Oh, sure, if I see someone with a fly hair style or outfit, I’ll tell tehm. I do believe in letting my feelings be known. But not just guff.

    Whne I tell you whatever i tell you, it is sincere. You are a special human being; and I am so pround, so blessed, so glad to be associated wth you in even the most minute way.

    Serve the world David James Archuleta. Be blessed in all you do. Thank you so much for the joy and the vision that you have brought to so many by your voice, and your character. You are a joy to behold.

    If I may tell you this, I love you dearly. It is so often in life that we never say I love you soon or often enough.
    This hug is reserved just for you. please accept it. (((((^ii^))))) 🙂

    Palm to Heart

  3. Hello David,
    This is Aishwarya/TheNZArchAngel. I hope this message finds you in the best of spirits and in good hope. I just wanted to start this Thanksgiving by saying ‘Thank you!’ 🙂
    This message is a great opportunity for me to express how YOU influenced what I am today. I had a rough patch during the last few years of school, you know, with so much pressure and responsibilities that I had to endure. I don’t mean to sound ’emo’ lol.. But I had to face so many unexpected situations in addtion to the above and there were times where I almost lost hope.
    To be honest, by watching you communicate through your music and by hearing the strong messages that your songs hold, I really looked at my life with a new perspective. David, your benevolence and positive vibe has influenced a lot of decisions that I had to take in life. Thank you.
    Thank you for reaching out to me and so many other people around the world. You’re truly a hallmark of inspiration and peace. My wish is to, atleast, catch a glimpse of you in your concert someday and if I meet you, I would love to thank you in person.
    Thank you for being who you are and showing your love for us fans. Finally, thank you for the wonderful and breath-taking music that you create. All the best for everything that you do!

    Love from
    Aishwarya, New Zealand

  4. peppertara says:

    Dear David,
    As I write this note to you during our time of Thanksgiving here in Canada I am very aware and thankful of the many blessings that I have in my life and one of those blessings is you David. I would like to thank you from my heart for being courageous, for being true to yourself, for being genuine and for sharing your beautiful gift of music with us all. You have truly added something wonderful to the world and to the music industry with your amazing artistry. You have certainly touched my life in many ways and now I can’t imagine life before David Archuleta and his music!
    David thank you for your thoughtfulness of your fans, your great sense of humor, your amazing character, your sensitivity to those in need and thank you for giving us something wonderful and inspiring, your voice.
    Hopefully soon you can make it up to Canada for some concerts, we would love that!
    All the best to you David and GBWY

    Jean, Vancouver

    • Keshab says:

      Dear ChuPing: I am actually canlilg my own name. Therefore, dissatisfaction makes blurs. This is a powerful statement. Thank you for spending 40 minutes watching this interview. I really have no idea if anyone will watch an English interview for 40 minutes. ( I do provide the entire Chinese translation on PPaper Business July and the coming August issue next week. )I agree with everything you said here. I also think most of readers on this blog would agree with you too.Now, the big question is what we are going to do about this Blur.I really have no answers either, except, I am trying to be the change I want to see to myself, not the world. I am really lucky that I launched my business with a clear intention: not to get big fast with an exit strategy, but just to live a life I choose to. A life that puts time and autonomy as top priority. I did have many trade offs with this life philosophy. I also accepted these trade offs and am accountable for all my decisions. I am not proud of myself in many things that I could have managed well. However, I have no regrets or what if. One thing I do know is that my life should constantly engaged with creation. Making things happened is a very important part of my mission in life.As you read my book, you know I have mentally ended my productive life when I am 80 yo. I only have 6174 days before I can be of use to anyone or society. This put you into a different perspective in life.Death is the best invention in life and the greatest equalizer in life ( Steve Jobs quote ). We all died and nothing matters. It is not a fatalist view, to me. It is a reminder that forces you to focus what matters. Other people matters.This is why Daymaking and positive energy is important before we all leave our bodies one day.Yes, I am happier for who I am now. Thank you for asking Happier not just Happy . Life, like everything on earth, is a relative concept. It is not how happy you are, but, how happier you are. We all can be happier if we accept our state of mind and situation.I also totally agree with you that all young people if they could go to abroad and learn how to live independently and embrace all uncertainties when they are alone in a foreign land. I am worry about Taiwan’s youths that stop venturing abroad and seek comfort and certainty. Studying, working, living abroad have made who I am now. We need these dots to connect our life with a full circle.Please continue our sharing and we must meet one day. Love,Ping

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