Hanoi and HCM Vietnam videos

Hanoi Set List, July 24, 2011 [to be updated as new vids come in!]

SBL (hieufinal)

ALTNOY (trangori1004)

MKOP (min9394)

ATM (asushiio611)

Everything and More … gorgeous vocals, wow … (meocon1712)

Falling Stars (meocon1712)

EWTRTW (meocon1712) … awesome audio!

Stand by Me (meocon1712) …  he sings “Vietnam girllllssss” at the end! lol (comment on vid: “Sorry for the shaking camera, I can’t hold my self before David Archuleta :)).“)

Crush (hoanganhnguyen)

Heaven … great audio! (hoanganhnguyen)


Ho Chi Minh City Set List, July 22, 2011

Great highlight reel of all HCM songs (BlackHieuMckenzie: His note on the vid: “Got a chance to see his concert. I was not his fan but I now am. Such a friendly talented singer :)” )

Show opening (STR/TOSOD/ALTNOY/SBL/EWTRTW) amazing audio!!! (sweet1902)

Stomping the Roses (supernova2091)

The Other Side of Down /ALTNOY (LoLaZoeLL)

Something ’bout Love (ngocthuyvu16)

EWTRTW (khoatun)

Touch My Hand (LoLaZoeLL)

MKOP (TheSwanprincess18)

Elevator … do NOT miss his post-band-intro improv at 5:39 aMAAAZING!!! (LoLaZoeLL)

A Thousand Miles (KelvinPhotography)

Falling Stars (opens with David getting traditional hat 🙂 )(LoLaZoeLL)

Stand by Me (JRforDA2011)

Everything and More (nlmd231)

Zero Gravity (quanzo1211)

Crush (SHINeeous)

P.S. David getting multiple bouquets of flowers on stage … must see! 🙂 (elliiieeeex3)

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