First virtual Archupalooza was real-life amazing!

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 2.28.13 PM

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

And did I mention, Wow!?

How awesome was David Archuleta’s virtual StageIt show last night??!!!! There’s nothing like D’Arch live… even when he’s in his living room and you’re in yours, lol.

I did have some technical difficulties however. Not with my tech but my brain. I kind of squinted through the whole thing then realized I hadn’t switched to my distance glasses. #archubrain in full effect.

He did SOOOO many of my faves!!! Paralyzed! Patient!! (I may have screamed when he read my “it’s my jaaammmmm” comment… okay, full disclosure, I did scream, windows may have rattled)… ELEVATOR!!!!!!! Def. screamed at that one! 

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who turned on their phone flashlight and waved it through tears during Glorious. Right? RIGHT??!!

And he blew us all a kiss at the end… what??!!!


PLUS, sooooo great that he did an encore and answered a couple of questions.

I have always wondered what his favourite colour is!! 😉

Seriously though, what a thoughtful and helpful answer about depression… “be compassionate to yourself”… I love that and will remember that. And am very happy David’s going to do that for himself, too. Because he deserves all the happiness and love and I so wish he could’ve heard us all screaming and cheering. Hopefully he felt that through the tsunami wave of comments rolling across the feed!

It was so cool to see so many concert buddies in the chat, and fans from around the globe.

Here’s the setlist courtesy of Archuleta Philippines:


And we’re getting a deluxe version of Therapy Sessions! And a Switch video!! … Okay, we kinda knew all that but it was still amazing to hear David say it out loud. 🙂 

Sidenote: I had planned to watch the show on my computer, which has a huge screen, but my hubs kept insisting on hooking up my laptop to our TV using a cable… I told him I didn’t mind watching on the computer but then I clicked in when he sat with me and was glued to the whole show, hahaha. Turns out, he wanted to watch it too, “but I’ll probably go get some things done” and then he never left the room. lololol *busted* 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Power of The Archuleta!!!

Some great clips from the show on insta from:

Tara here


Kristine here

And the lovely and amazing Melissa shared some tidbits from the VIP afterwards on her insta, here.

And from Team Archie!


And our beloved Kari!!!

SO HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS???!!! What was your favourite part???


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David Archuleta goes all out!


Putting this here in case anyone missed it. And you CANNOT miss this!

Their hashtag #davidarchuletagoesallout was perfect!!! He even showed us his muscles! *DEADDDDDD*

This whole interview was pure GOLD!!!

“It’s dark because it’s night time”??!!

“What are you Willy??”

And I totally lost it when he pulled out the whiteboard. omigosh he is some kinda wonderful.

And at the end, David getting distracted by a floating hair, and then frightened by the dog at his leg, was CLASSIC David… reminded me of some his vlogs from back in the day. (Falling off the chair, anyone? 🙂 )

Also love that Brady Bills was watching and posted these clips!!

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Wow, this video has inspired me to toss my M&Ms and start working out!

bahahaha… sorry, just checking to see if you’re still with me! 🙂

Seriously though, if anyone could inspire such an event to transpire, it would be David Archuleta.

I mean… come ON! Don’t these motivate you to start screen capping, I mean, exercising??! [Some ace ones here on the lovely & amazing @rhiminee’s Tumblr, by the by.]

I do walk every day, does that count?? A smidge?

And his video did remind me that I’d missed lunch, so there’s that.

Whatever keeps our guy on track for good physical and mental health is OK, All Right by me.

And I’m totally with him on the loud noises thing… I am so sensitive to having the radio or TV turned up too loud, or people with scream-y voices… I think it’s because my mom’s Italian and she yelled her way through my childhood, lol… in a loving way, but still. 🙂

So what did you guys think?? Are you heading out to flip tires? Find a guy named Cory? Scarf fries? No judgment here, my friends.


Here it is on YouTube.

Views be multiplying. 🙂


Thought David deserved one of these. 🙂


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David on Jennette McCurdy’s podcast… I. am. not. okay.


omigosh this podcast


I think I cried my way through most of it.

How brave of David (and Jennette) to open up like this… to share his experiences with his dad, and talk about Jeff’s abusive behaviour and how it scarred him, in the hope it will help someone else.

It’s a miracle to me that David didn’t just crash and burn and leave the industry altogether, like so many other young performers who are thrust in the spotlight at a young age by overbearing stage parents who continue to try and control them.

I admire so much that he sought help, and is still working hard to slay all those demons… and that he’s so compassionate towards his dad that he’s tried to better understand him.

I’m listening to Therapy Sessions now and, boy, do those songs ever take on even more meaning.

In David’s last Christmas tour, he talked about dealing with negative voices… I guess now we know where those come from. 😦 😦 😦 😦

How about you guys??? Thoughts???!!!!

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Couldn’t you listen to David talk all day??! (rhetorical Q)

Run, don’t walk, to this amazing podcast interview with David!

Listen HERE.

Loved the whole thing but especially near the end when David talked about how happy he was to have fans who are kind.



Congrats to the lovely and amazing Kristin for winning the contest and sending in that great question about trust… wow, talk about deep thoughts! Love what David said about finding those people with “light” who will listen without judgment or trying to control you. GREAT advice!!!

How about you guys??!!! What was your favourite part??!!

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New songwriter session is up!

I’ve been Patient (*hides*) and finally got to see the songwriter/producer Zoom chat session for my top fave song of the album (of the new songs, that is 🙂 )… PATIENT!!! … with the LA team of Chantry Johnson* and Kyle Neal.

(You can also watch HERE on D’s IGTV.)

Spoiler: Turns out Patient is about David and relationships. Did NOT pick that up from the song itself, lol. (David you are a sly one.)

Cowriter Chantry let that slip early in this chat and I swear you can see David blush when he mentions it. 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 4.42.56 PM

Loved when David played the sections with the birds tweeting in the background… HAD NOT NOTICED THAT!!!

And to think that he was still adding ad lib vocals as recently as early March???!!! Just before lockdown???!!! Omigosh, it really hit me how fortunate we are that he finished this album just in time or it would not be blessing our ears right now, when we need it most!!!

And not that I’m psychic but just yesterday I tweeted about how the Patient background vocals were blowing my mind! (Still are!) 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 5.42.49 PM


Just putting it out there that since Therapy Sessions is only 10 songs (for comparison, Postcards in the Sky was a very generous 16)… wouldn’t it be great if David released a DELUXE version of TS next year (since COVID-19 totally stole his promo thunder this year 😦 ) with a few additional unreleased songs?? (Like he did with Winter in the Air??)TM

So, what about you guys?? Where does Patient rank in your TS faves list?? What was your favourite part of this songwriter/producer session?? Inquiring minds (MINE!) need to know!!!

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 4.41.30 PM

*btw David’s face when Chantry was adjusting his car, or phone, or whatever, was priceless!


Also loved David’s insta live with Marie Osmond for The Talk (watch HERE). One part that stood out to me was when Marie asked him about how his anxiety and mental health issues were faring with everything going on in the world right now. It almost looked like David got a little choked up when he said that he’d been feeling overwhelmed, having panic attacks…

…and he said, “you feel the pain that everyone else is going through and I had to let myself just let it out, get my emotions out and shed a few tears to feel the pain we feel in the world right now, and I think you have to let yourself feel that, so you can be more understanding to everything going on, and make room for opportunity to…” and then Marie cut in… it struck me that he just released this whole album about his mental health struggles and so I’m glad he knows when to practice self-care and take a step back from social media, even if we miss him when he does. ❤

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Dr. Archuleta is now in session….

… with the cure to quarantine blues!!!!



Download/stream it now HERE.


Confession: I was expecting this record to be good but nowhere in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be this good! For real!

He does things with this melodies and rhythms and lyrics and building the songs and HIS VOICE! that I didn’t even know were possible.

When will I ever learn not to underestimate The Archuleta?! 🙂

He subversively takes the inner struggles of his mind and the dark places we all go and spins them into infectious, rollicking bops! Who would think that would be such a magical, uplifting, life-affirming combination, BUT IT IS!!!!

(Sorry, not sorry, for all the all caps… IT’S THAT KIND OF DAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!)

I don’t want to dissect every song because I feel that takes some of the magic away, but, of the brand new songs we hadn’t heard yet, I will say that my first gut reaction, puts Patience as my fave for now (I am a sucker for that soulful pop, R&Bish vibe), closely followed by The Good in the Bad (THAT CHORUS!!!!!), and a tie between Future Self/Brave/Switch/You Worry. 🙂

Fave lyric so far: “Fear is like a magnet, keeps pulling you down” (Good in the Bad)… like, whoah, lightbulb moment!!



AND HOW AWESOME WAS THAT ACOUSTIC LIVE???!!! HIS VOIIIIICE!!! Okay, I’m done, lol… I’m dying to know what you guys think!!!

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Postcards in the Sky Live Listening Partay

You guyyyyyyssssssssssss!!!!


How incredible was this??!!!

If you haven’t seen it, go run now and watch. Seriously.

It’s like hearing all the stories you’ve ever wanted to hear about all those amazing songs, all from the man himself.

After all these years, I still can’t get over how generous and open David is with himself… with us… he just lets it all out… and when he cries, we cry… am I right?!

And to see David share the deep feelings and profound life experiences that went into these songs is remarkable to me. What other artist lays themselves bare like that? No one, that’s who.

Where others are about artifice more than art, David takes the pain, the joy, the struggles of his life and turns those into art.

And when he brought Taryn (sp?) on to “shine a light”???!! My cheeks still hurt from smiling, that was amazing!!!

What did you guys think??!!!! Please share!!

And how is everyone???!!! {{{{{{huge group hug}}}}


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OK, All Right is finally heeeeeere!

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 2.10.03 PM

Sooooooooo, how much do you love it???!!! (Yes, the picture, but mostly the song! lol)


What do you guys think?? What’s your favourite part??

Mine is the pause and the “hmm” after “I see you with your new man and it’s cool” hahaha! lol … oh and also his VOICE throughout the whole thing, new shades and tones and textures we haven’t heard before… HE IS ACTUALLY MAGIC!!!!!

I love the whole vibe of it, how it makes me want to dance and sing along, how it’s so relatable … “Sometimes I wake up in… the wrong side of my head”??? “Some nights the TV’s on … just so I don’t feel alone” … “Which Office episode should I choose?”… get out of my brain, Archuleta!!!!!

I also love how he acknowledges these anxieties in the song but it’s so happy and upbeat that you feel not only is he “OK, all right” with himself, but you can be too… we all can be OK, all right with who we are.

CANNOT WAIT for everyone to sing along with this in concert!!!

Could there possibly be a better song for these crazy crazy times??!!

In case you haven’t heard, Billboard premiered the song today, along with a great interview with David!

Whole Billboard article HERE.

Loved this part:

Archuleta is also ready to let go of his inhibitions by simply having fun with the music he creates — something he’s been longing to do since the beginning.

“When I first started [singing], all I knew was that I liked to sing, it made me feel good, and it made me feel understood,” Archuleta says. “I’ve realized I still feel more fulfilled when I connect to why I started singing in the first place. I can have peace, I can have fun, but I can be honest — and have the combination of all that, rather than just go after the catchiest, poppiest, trendiest thing. I just feel more relaxed, and back into who I am.”

Really though… what do you guys think???!!!


And some great interviews!!!

American Songwriter interview here:

Pop Wrapped interview here:

Idolator interview here: *spoiler* HE TALKS ABOUT RELEASING NEW SONG & VIDEO IN APRIL!!!

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Group @DavidArchie tour-postponement hug … um, I mean wave at a distance

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 3.32.22 PM.

I think we all knew this was coming. Most of my timeline lately has been show/tour/event/work/[fill in gathering here] cancellations and postponements.

But David’s announcement was by far the sweetest and most heartfelt I’ve seen.

“I hope you and your loved ones are all safe”… “You are all like family to me”… “Your health and safety are amongst the top priorities for me” … “You guys are amazing”… I mean, COME ON! How awesome is our guy and his team??!!

I can’t even imagine what kind of work and stress goes on behind the scenes to (a) set up the original tour and then (b) reschedule everything. #oy

But, as we all know, David’s shows are SO worth waiting for.

And has there ever been a better time for a brand new song called “OK, All Right”??!! I need this song like air right now. Purified virus-free air as only David Archuleta can provide.

And if there’s any doubt that David has his finger on the pulse of what we require, it looks like there’ll also be a song called “Just Breathe” or “Breathe”… just hearing the bit he shared in his insta stories a while back made me literally take a deep breath and relax. Proving he is actual magic.

What do you guys think of the teeny tiny instrumental snippet David shared on insta?? Does anyone else hear a Chilean percussion-type vibe?? Just me. Mkay. Seriously though, what did you guys think??

In related news… can we talk about this gif and David’s incredibly well developed … head of hair! 😉 😉 😉 #teamfluffeh

Seriously though, I plan to buy and share that baby like nobody’s business and I know you guys are thinking the same thing.

In short… stay safe, everyone… here’s a helpful tip (I shared this on Twitter but hey, reuse, recycle, am I right? 🙂 )


Have you guys had a chance to listen to David voicing the lead shepherd character, Suho, in the kids’ audio story “Song of the Horse”?? Listen HERE.

Loved the story and David’s vocalizing in it was beautiful!! (spoiler, hahaha) What did you guys think??

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