Beauty and the Beast

as;dlkfjaklfdjalkdfjlakjflafjlafalsdkfjakfjak THE BEAST VIDEOOOOO!!!!

It’s some kinda wonderful, yes it is!!!

I wasn’t expecting something so cinematic, so… dark! I mean, I know that’s what the song is about… those dark places we all experience in relationships when your trust issues catch up with you… (just me? mkay :)) … but I guess I expected the video to have CGI or animation where a beast pops out of sweet David or something, lol. More like Monsters Inc. than Friday the 13th. πŸ™‚

This video definitely made me appreciate the song even more, which is what videos are supposed to do, right?

Anywayyyyys… how much do you love it??!! Here’s my own personal deconstruction on what was going through my twisted mind at various points. Please share yours!!!

Okay, the car is empty. Instant intrigue. I feel like I’m watching an episode of Vera or Law & Order… starring David!
This girl is gorgeous and I love her dress. Oh, and David is clearly not speeding, so she’s smiling.
Very cool place for David to be sitting… I thought maybe a luggage carousel because that’s how he rolls (heh heh).
David wandering alone down an empty street … searching for snacks?
David looking all moody and stylish in a very cool outfit… the aviator jacket rocks and I appreciate that the director included lots of shots of those awesome boots. πŸ™‚
Hello, symbolism alert!! The backdrop of the gate… jailed by your inner demons… bars holding you from your true happiness… okay, I’ll stop now.
My favourite part!!! Going up the down escalator!!! What a powerful metaphor! And NOT easy to do (I have tried, lol)… props to David’s upper body strength and overall awesomeness.
Something just hit him like a full moon.
Seriously though, this part really got me! The Beast struggling to be released! Strong Thriller vibes!
That look! “What did I say??!!” *SOBS* Man, his acting is SO convincing! Josh Bradley 2.0!!!
I didn’t notice her lack of coat (but Refnaf mentioned it to me… since David’s wearing a warm, cozy jacket and she’s not) so I’m going to say maybe she was so ticked at him she stomped off and left it in the back seat?
Sidenote: If you’re going to storm off in a huff, that is one spooky street to do it on… sooo glad he went after her!
Moral of the story: A Beast can still be a gentleman.
More shots of the full outfit and snazz footwear. I approve.
Costume change! Love this red jacket! I do hope the car was in park, however.
Moody, pensive David strolling the mean streets.
Why aren’t any ice cream parlors open?? IT’S MY CHEAT DAY!!!
You can feel the angst oozing from him like sap from a haunted tree… jam from a jelly donut?
Back to lying on the car, David ponders the meaning of existence… or is taking a nap.
Not gonna lie, David on the bridge made me nervous… especially since he looked so upset. (Maybe because the Therapy Sessions window is cramping my screen shots style! lol)
Breathe, I say to myself, just breathe!
Back on the car hood. Defeated? Resigned? Or resting up so he can face the future back in the driver’s seat?
(That dang TS window sure brings out MY beast inside! πŸ™‚ )

How about you guys??!!! Thoughts?? Feelings?? All of the above?!

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Oh. Em. Geeeeeee… David’s getting a Dreamcoat!!!

Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Soooooo excited for this news. David will ROCK this!! (β€˜natch)

I remember going to see Joseph when Donny Osmond was touring with the show and they came to Toronto.

I’ll never forget just before the curtain went up, they announced an understudy would be doing the role that night … not Donny.

I was disappointed but felt so badly for the understudy when the crowd erupted in a collective groan. #Awkward … Poor Guy had to then come out and do the whole show knowing how disappointed everyone was. 😬

Anywayyyys, the understudy was great, the show was great and David will be so amazing!!!

What do you guys think??!!

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.@DavidArchie’s other new book (not really)

Okay, so we all know David Archuleta is releasing a children’s book called My Little Prayer soon (woooot!!!) … [note: if you’ve fallen, got trapped under something heavy and haven’t ordered it yet, do so HERE.]

But did you know that David Archuleta has also released this fascinating tome:

Full disclosure:


I choose to believe this is our very own David Archuleta.

That he’s been taking time during the pandemic to get his BA, MS and MBA… because he’s super smart like that.

And that he wants to share even more of the fitness lessons he gave us in this video:


Here are some sneak peek illustrations from the book (not really πŸ™‚ ):


I’m not 100% sure what a “Dad’s bod” is… I mean, if it refers to my dad, the diet entails bran, rice pudding and lots of grilled cheese sandwiches.

But I trust David and if anyone knows how to look good even while doing excruciating squat grimaces, it is certainly him!

Cannot wait to get my copy, which goes perfectly with this song!



PSA: You need this performance of Patient in your life, trust me!!

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We like the way he’s Movin’… cubed!

Fans asked and Mr. David Archuleta answered! With three ways to get Movin’!!

What’s your fave? OG YouTube, After Hours Insta or Movin’ FB?

I’m leaning toward the YouTube original (‘cuz I listen to both versions and love them both) but there’s something so West Side Story about the FB version choreography that I love! lolol

After Hours Insta

Movin’ FB

Click here to watch. (Stooopid FB doesn’t let you embed their videos. 😦 )

OG YouTube

So what do you guys think?? Can you pick a fave? Have you ordered a matching chain yet?


A little too not over this choreo at the end of the FB version *flames emoji*

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David sharing and singing and sharing and singing some more is my favourite

So if you can’t keep up with Mr. David Archuleta these days… between interviews, lives and podcasts, oh my! … you are not the only one.

I’m putting these lives and interviews here in one post because (a) they’re awesome and amazing, (b) selfishly, for myself, so I can rewatch at my leisure, and (c) just ‘cuz.

First up is David’s recent insta live where he covered some of Yebba’s songs and made me yearn even more for a collab * starts prayer circle *…

Here’s some of the Yebba part to bless your ears:

And this exchange melted my cold, cold heart:

Next up is the TikTok live (which I also missed when it was live so thank youuuu to

Enrique Iglesias fan club for posting on YouTube!!):

Then we have this amazing interview with Yahoo Entertainment. So many deep, wonderful thoughts, I need to rewatch!!



Among all the profoundly wise insights, this might also be my favourite part:

Not sure which live this was in, but when someone asked about his skin care routine and he does an extreme closeup in different lighting to show his “flaws” and he basically just reinforced how perfect his skin is. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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This @DavidArchie era is getting me through

I shouldn’t really be posting rn, have some difficult family health issues going on, but you all know how comforting it is to hear David sing… and talk! … there’s just something about his voice, and how honest and real he is that helps me feel centred and less alone. So I just had to share in case anyone missed this.

What an inspiring, interesting, deep conversation this was. If you haven’t heard it yet, I’m not spoiling anything to say that, although Lindsey and Derek both had some wonderful insights and advice on their topic — Path to Acceptance — it was David’s words that I truly felt in my heart. Am I a little biased?? Um, perhaps, lol.

But maybe not. It seemed as though both Lindsey and Derek were struck by the raw openness and deeply personal experiences David shared in such a beautiful, real, heartfelt way. Let me know if you found that too.

Crazy Stupid Fangirls (aka us, hahahaha)

This podcast was also great to listen to… some fun and laughs but also very moving and enlightening.

Be sure to read the comments on the YouTube… my fave: “If David Archuleta started a church today I WILL GO!” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Man, David has been BUSY!!!

Some other great interviews!!

In this one, he talks about Syesha’s heartbreaking story… and possibly A NEW EP!!!!

(I am so thrilled to hear about a possible EP because I’ve been playing Losin’ Sleep, Be That For You and both versions of Movin’ on a loop and they sound AWESOME together!! And he has another couple of songs up his tie-dyed sleeves??!! Wooooooot!!!!

This one, in Vanity Teen, in which he says, “β€œEvery time I feel this deep euphoric sensation in a moment of a special song, I feel like the heavens open up and I see a glimpse of God for who He really is.”

(sidenote: I remember telling David in a VIP once that when he sang O Holy Night, it felt like the clouds parted and light streamed through with an angel chorus singing “HALLELUJAHHHHH!!!” sorry, I digress, lol)


David in US magazine!!!! (Anyone else having flashbacks to searching the stores for copies of People mag etc.?? πŸ™‚ ) Source.

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Like the way you’re Movin’ X 2!!!

How genius is this??!! Two videos in one?!

(Although being a fan of #1 (although I do love them both), really really really hoping we get another video with more of that version. Greedy, much? lolol)

Fave parts:

  1. The dancing

2. The dancing

3. Did I mention the dancing??

4. David struttin’ into da club in all black, whipping off those shades like he OWNS the place. (Well, it’s his video so he sorta does haha.)

5. The way he curls his lip at “but it’s all right…” like, whoah!

5. The Northern Lights that pop up in the background near the end. At least I choose to believe that’s what they are. πŸ™‚

6. And the most important factor of all: Hair A+++++++++++++++++++

(Not an exhaustive list… need to watch (ahem) a few more times for that. πŸ™‚ )


“My name is David Archuleta and I am here to slay all in my path … on my way to the snack table.”
  1. Is the chain symbolic of something? “I wear jewelry now, deal with it!” πŸ™‚ Or, “we are all connected, like links in a chain”? Or “my stylist thought this would look cool and it does”?

2. Which moves will be in the TikTok dance challenge? And how much of an idiot will I look like if I try them? (Do NOT answer that! Yikes!)

3. Most videos seem long to me but this one def. ends leaving me wanting more, much more!!! Okay, not a question, but anyone else find this?

So awesome to see David just going for it!!! And being more comfortable in his own skin. YOU GO, DAVID!!!!

So what do you guys think??!!


A little too not over this:

David Archuleta GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

and this….

and I mean, come ON!!!

Coming in the “Exit” because he is THE David Archuleta and he is not leaving, he’s just getting started!!!


And remember all the debate about the “sparkly jacket” on the Idol tour??! lol

Couldn’t resist! πŸ™‚

Where it started:…………………. Where it’s going:

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How lucky are we to get Movin’??!!

Seriously addictive. Dangerously ear wormy. Spontaneously dance partyesque. Just a few of the words I’d use to describe this feast for the ears.

That infectious beat! The Latinx vibe! HIS VOICE!!!! gahhhhhhhh


(And have you blasted it in the car yet? Go do that. Now. I’ll wait. Spoiler: IT SOUNDS AMAAAAZING!!!)


And I always knew David would rock TikTok if he wanted to, but I was thinking more with his singing. HE’S A COMEDY KING TOO??!!

Underestimate The Archuleta at your peril.


And how awesome was this?! So happy to see David so happy & excited! Dancing in the dark… oops, wrong song, lol.

And he said there’s more to come today! WHAT???!!! I need to nap. πŸ™‚

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How awesome was this??! Spoiler: VERYYYYYY

I came in late and missed some parts but what I did see was off-the-charts aMAZing!!! What a fun, cool idea… can Lupe come up with all his themes for lives?? lol

So much fun to see David and his mom together… and their harmonies were sooooo beautiful!!!

It was so cool to see fans from around the world and everyone was so cute and nice and David was so warm and lovely with everyone.

The fan from Persia was my favourite, I was HOWLing at her excitement… we’ve all been there, am I right??!! hahahaha

How about you guys?? What were your favourite parts??

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Some kinda wonderful. Yes he is.

Dear friends, what an emotional rollercoaster it is being a David Archuleta fan, am I right?! Not that I’d change a thing of course. πŸ™‚

For me, this week went from trepidation and angst anticipating David sharing his truth on national television to bursting with pride over his honesty and openness and then to sheer glee over that amazing “fan mail” insta live yesterday … then, rinse repeat the first two for Nightline, lol.

I confess, after following David so closely for 13 years now, I’ve been under the mistaken impression I “knew” him — when he didn’t even truly know himself a lot of that time. So many questions swirl through my head now.

I mean, do any of us really know ourselves? Can a single label capture any of us? And most importantly, is this your favourite era for David’s hair?

Seriously though, watching both the Good Morning America and Nightline segments, I was struck by so many things.

That his song Numb (and basically all the songs he’s ever written) take on even deeper meaning now. That maybe David’s been screaming from the rooftops for us to truly SEE him all this time. (I mean, he did choose True Colours, Broken — and PRIDE, for heaven’s sake — for the BEGIN. album!)

In the Nightline segment, it broke my heart to hear him say he thought at one point it would be better for everyone if he weren’t here. It literally pains me to even type that sentence.

Not gonna lie. It angers me that the pressure to live a straight life and conform to certain community/religious norms steal so much joy and energy and self-worth from the lives of so many wonderful people — David being one of them. I was glad he mentioned he’s learning to love himself. [I may have screamed YES!!!! at the screen, in fact. πŸ™‚ ]

And I so admire that even though he’s such a private person, he still wants to come out and share his truth because he knows others are going through the same struggle with their faith and sexuality. This moves me to even more tears. He’s literally saving lives. And by coming to terms with his own truth, he’ll save his own.

I know we all want the absolute best for David and feel he deserves all the happiness in the world. So to see him happy and relaxed opening years’ old fan mail πŸ™‚ was the up-ride on this emotional rollercoaster, for sure.

I’d been having a terrible day when finally I saw the notification that David was doing a live and I joined literally at the moment he was opening my gift (the “cereal killer” spoon, lol). Day turned immediately around as only David can do. I can’t even remember when I sent it, lol, and was HOWLINGGG that instead of reading my note, David read and shared the washing instructions. Oh. My. Heck. Classic David, am I right?!

Anywayyyyys — let’s hope he does more of those fan-mail lives… pure joy!

My hope for David is that this Pride month sparks a deeper love and pride in himself. For the remarkable person he is, how he shares his considerable gifts with the world, how he enriches people’s lives, and how he’s perfect in God’s eyes — and ours πŸ™‚ — just the way he is.

How about you guys??! Thoughts? Rollercoaster stories?

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