Awesome @DavidArchie interview … with personal footnotes

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.06.15 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-14 at 11.03.50 AM.png

Annotated excerpts from this amazing interview!!!

KG: You have a new Christmas album coming out November 2nd called Winter In The Air. It is your second Christmas album (the first being Christmas From the Heart released in 2009), how does this Christmas album differ from the first?

**[okay, I asked this question in VIP at the Olympia show and got a much shorter answer, so kudos to you, Kimberley]**

DA: I tried to have a little more fun with it than the last one. I tend to get kind of heavy and serious with Christmas arrangements because I feel like Christmas just gives you the time to just open up with your voice and get sacred with it, but at the same time I really tried to get some fun, more classic sounding songs on this album—which I didn’t really do on my first one—kind of like a Bing Crosby, or Nat King Cole, or like a Bublé kind of a feel; I mean he’s not like old school, but I feel like he already is classic at Christmas.

**[“classic” is totally the word that came to mind when I heard “Christmas Every Day”… it really does have that feel like it’s always been around and yet still fresh and new… does that make any sense at all??]**

KG: Your new album features traditional Christmas songs along with some original songs you co-wrote including “Christmas Every Day,” “Winter In The Air,” and “He Is Born.” How special is it to create new Christmas songs for fans to enjoy for years to come?

DA: That’s exactly what my goal was, that these would be songs you’d enjoy for years to come, and so I wrote one of each kind of original song—I wanted one that was just out of my comfort zone actually, because I’m not used to writing happy, fun, bouncy songs, but that was my goal that I set, to push myself with “Christmas Every Day,” which is the first single that I’ve released and I feel really good about it. I feel like I accomplished what I was hoping to.

Then the second one, “He Is Born,” I wanted to share my testimony of Christmas, like the spirit of it all, kind of talking about Christ and his birth, and how it made me feel to think about that.

And then on the third one, “Winter In The Air,” I just wanted a holiday song where you just look around and it’s quiet because all the snow is falling and all you hear is the snow crunching under your feet, and you just getting to share that peaceful moment with someone. It’s a ballad—kind of a slow kind of thing—so one of each: fun, bouncy, sacred, and kind of, I don’t know if romantic, but kind of romantic.

**[SOOOO excited to hear “Winter In The Air”!!! I love that feeling of the first snow when everything gets real quiet and a blanket of peace covers everything and everyone *sniff*. And: “I don’t know if romantic, but kind of romantic.” 😆 😆 😆 … Puh-lease, David, just spit it out, you can do it, bud… repeat after me: “IT’S ROMANTIC!” 🙂 There, see, that wasn’t that bad.]**

KG: “Christmas Every Day” is your new single off your Christmas album. Like you said, it has a very upbeat, cheerful vibe which I think your fans are really going to like. Tell me about the feeling that you wanted to convey in this song.

DA: I basically wanted a song that captured the same happy feeling of songs like “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” “Underneath The Tree.” When it comes on, you just naturally start feeling happy, **[YES! YES!!! THIS TOTALLY HAPPENS!!! I MISSED TWO BUSES THE OTHER DAY AND WAS IN SUCH A GROUCHY MOOD AND THOUGHT, ‘I KNOW WHAT CAN CHANGE THAT,’ AND PUT ON CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY AND IT TOTALLY WORKED!!!!… okay, back to the interview, sorry]** and it’s fun. I almost like, wanted to write a song that people would get sick of, that kind of song where it’s like, “Oh man, that song again?” I kind of wanted that—not that I want people to get sick of the song—but I just wanted it to be a catchy song for the holidays for everybody.

**[If anyone else said, “I wanted to write a song that people would get sick of,” I’d scratch my head and say, “huh??” But we TOTALLY know what he means, am I right?? So we totally speak David now, obvs.]**

KG: It is catchy, and it’s funny because you got me listening to Christmas songs way before the stores got me listening to Christmas songs!

DA: (laughs) Oh man. I’m glad you like them. Yeah, I was like, I don’t know if people are ready already in September for Christmas every day. I was like, um, is that too soon? Especially that the song is called “Christmas Every Day.” Like, I don’t want them to get sick of it by December.

**[No, chance, my friend. Like, zero.]**

KG: That’s so funny.

I read that American Idol alum, Melinda Doolittle, sang background vocals on your song “Christmas Every Day.” How did that come about?

DA: She did! I just kind of kept in touch with her over the years, and then I ran into one of her friends while I was going salsa dancing with some of my friends, and so then we’re talking about how great Melinda was and all, and then I ran into one of her other friends on the airplane and we’re talking about Melinda and how great she is again. I never had a friend do background vocals for me before; there was always a hired person, or I usually do it myself, so when we were like, we really need someone who just has a really good voice that isn’t my voice, I was like, let me see if my friend Melinda is around and could do this. She was and it was a lot of fun having her in the studio.

**[Love Melinda!!! Hope they do more together! … also, salsa dancing. Salsa. Dancing.]**

KG: That’s really great. Are there any other Idols that you might want to collaborate with in the future?

DA: I mean, there’s so many. Jordin Sparks and I have talked a lot about it. I mentioned her in a Twitter comment, and she’s like, “Oh, my gosh, let’s do it!” I had a song called “Numb” come out, and she came to one of my shows, and she’s like, “I want to do a duet version of that with you sometime.” Jordin is just always up to collaborate with people, so I’d love to do one with her.

**[(A) Love that Jordin went to a show, and (B) A Numb duet with Jordin?? Something I never thought I needed in my life but now I TOTALLY DO!!!!]**

KG: You are going on tour this December to sing the songs off your new Christmas album; how excited are you to share your new music with your fans live during the holidays?

DA: I’m always a little nervous before any tour. I’m also really excited because I worked really hard on this album. Just learning how to do something independently, be the guy in charge, and figuring out, like, what I want to accomplish with these songs, and working with the producers and getting inspiration from them as well. I just feel like I was really invested in every single part from the start of the songs, from writing them and giving the vision that I wanted to accomplish, to then having the mixes of the songs done like this… and maybe sometimes I get too involved, because it’s not like I’m a master at every single step of it, but I just wanted to make sure I felt good about it and I was happy about what my fans were going to listen to. And I really wanted it to be something that regardless of even if they don’t follow my career, I wanted people just to feel like, “You know what, that’s a good Christmas album.”

**[So dang proud of this guy. He’s just so… true to himself. And dedicated to his craft. And bursting with integrity. … I have such faith in his impeccable musical taste and skill that reading this, I have 100% confidence that that’s exactly what anyone listening to it will say, “That’s a good Christmas album.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Christmas From the Heart (except for the cover, but I’m almost over it), but it didn’t feel completely David the way I know this one will. I never really expected to get a “single” at all from the Christmas album, and to be able to hear it so soon and it exceeds any and all expectations.

It kind of shocks me how awesome it is because I knew David’s vocals would be impeccable but I instantly loved everything about it and have had it on repeat. The way it builds and the way it lifts me and fills me with joy. The way his voice takes off into the heavens near the end. The way it makes me want to dance around the room. Each and every time. Beautiful work, David. Thank you.]**

KG: What is your favorite thing about Christmas time?

DA: A big part are the songs. I just love the songs. I’m one of those people who doesn’t get sick of Christmas music and listens to it well into January because I just can’t get enough of it. I mean, even on my playlist, I have Christmas songs on my normal playlist, even on my feel-good summer one.

**[Wonder what those songs might be? hmm]**

KG: Well, hey, you can celebrate Christmas in July, right?

DA: I know. I mean, I needed the inspiration anyway, because I’ve been working on my Christmas album all summer, so I kind of was already in the mode anyway. If I was like, out of the studio and going somewhere with my friends, they’re like, “Why are you singing Christmas songs?” I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize I was.”

I love the happy songs, but I also love just the spiritual songs. I love the time with family and the spirit of Christmas overall. I mean, other than like, Black Friday sales and all that, that’s a little much for me, but everything else about Christmas, I really love.

**[ 😆 😆 😆 ]**

KG: In addition to your new Christmas album you recorded several songs, including “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman,” in Spanish which will be available in a four-song EP. What does it mean to you to be able to share your music with your fans in Spanish as well as English?

DA: Well, my mom is from Central America, from Honduras. I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish, so I feel guilty that I didn’t. I love that it runs in my veins, but I didn’t speak it until I became a missionary and then I lived in Chile two years as a missionary for my church, and then I became fluent. It was so cool. When I got home, my grandpa who I never understood what he was saying—he was always there, but it was like I opened up a new book that had just been sitting on the shelf all my life and I just didn’t know anything about it, until I just picked it up and opened it; that’s what my grandpa was—so it was just so cool to learn so much from him and the stories that he tells about my relatives, and my ancestors, and just his life and my mom. **[This is so beautiful, I can’t even even… the analogy of his grandfather as a book he could never read before *sobs* and that he could finally understand stories about his family and his mom *more sobbing*] I’ve always wanted to connect to that side because I was born in Miami, and that’s a Hispanic culture, a lot of my best friends are Hispanic as well, so I was like, I have to give back to that part of me, even if I don’t have the best accent in Spanish, it’s still a part of me—it’s in my blood—and I wanted to offer that to that part of my heritage that I love so much.

**[*mucho sobs*]**

KG: That’s great that you were able to share language with your family in that way.

How different is it to sing in Spanish than it is to speak in Spanish, especially since you just learned it not too long ago?

DA: I’ve sung in Spanish ever since I was little, so that’s always been easier for me because even if I didn’t understand every word I was saying, I knew generally the pronunciation. I think it’s easier to sing in Spanish because you can memorize the tone, whereas when you’re speaking, sometimes you’re just speaking off-the-cuff and then in conversation sometimes you come up to a thought, or a sentence, you want to say and you’re like, wait, “How do I form this sentence in Spanish,” or sometimes your accent isn’t the best. I get really self-conscious about my accent, because I know it’s kind of Americanized, but it’s definitely easier to sing in Spanish because you have time to memorize it and form your mouth to say it properly.

**[his accent sounds pretty good to me, just sayin’ 🙂 ]**

KG: Do you think you’ll ever do a full Spanish album?

DA: Oh, yeah. Definitely.


KG: This year marks the 10 year anniversary of your first single, “Crush.” Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Idol and all the places your career has taken you since?

DA: It feels like another lifetime, because American Idol felt like—even though it was only like that year of 2008, and I guess just the effects of it in 2009—it felt like a different life because it was so fast paced. I don’t have a fast-paced life generally, but American Idol just gave me a fast pace, and it gave this platform of millions of people watching and voting for me, and liking what I was doing, and excited to see me, or hear me, and it was like the introduction to what I’m in right now, of me as a singer, career, releasing albums, so it just blows my mind, and I’m super grateful for everything it’s brought me. To get to do Christmas albums, or just albums in general, and share things—having a fan base to engage with is a pretty remarkable thing. It was super hard, it was really hard, American Idol, but sometimes you just need a little kick in the booty to get going to where God needs you to go.

**[I love that this interviewer did her research (or she was already a fan, even better)… also love what he said about having a fan base to engage with because, well, “he mentioned us!!! he knows we’re out here cheering him on and he’s okay with it!!!! … okay, I’m done, lol]**

KG: It really prepared you for your career.

DA: Yeah, I call it boot camp.

KG: David, do you have a message for your fans?

DA: I always tell them thank you. Thank you for sticking around. I don’t know why you stuck around for even 10 years later—I’m so happy that I haven’t bored you—but I am so thankful for your support, for your excitement, for the music that I work so hard to put together and create, and I can’t wait to see you out on the road. I hope you come to one of the shows, but if you’re not able to get out on the road, I hope you enjoy the album when it comes out in November, and I hope you can feel just my passion and my love for it, and that it can motivate and inspire you as well.

**[someone hold me]**


For more information about tour dates and tickets, or how to pre-order David Archuleta’s newest Christmas album, go to


p.s. I do wish she’d asked about a music videooooooo! (*greedy Gretchen*)

How about you guys?? What did you think??

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New @DavidArchie Pledge goodies leaked! (not really)

Our SAz crack team* of intrepid creepers… I mean, reporters… has found the Top 10 new goodies available soon-ish at David Archuleta’s Pledge Music store:

1. Chain link fence pieces!

From the exact spots where David rested his hand! (Rustproofing extra.)

chain link fence.jpg



Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.05.10 PM.png


2. Autographed poster of Betty!

(I actually want this you guys, not even kidding.)

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.19.12 PM.png



3. Exclusive hairstyling tips from David!

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.35.18 PM.png


4. Two very special phone holders!

To prevent you from driving while using your GPS … or watching David’s insta stories.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.29.13 PM.png


5. Exclusively for Canadian fans! 🇨🇦

A special-edition poster featuring all the Canadian cities David’s visited but never included on his tour schedule!!!  😊


6. David’s “horse whisperer” tips!**



7. Ants begone!

With this slightly used exterminator kit (complete with gloves worn by David).

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 3.51.50 PM.png


8. The “EXPLICIT” version of Winter in the Air!

Featuring the soon-to-be smash, “Christmas Every #$@&%*! Day.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.50.13 PM


9. D’Arch stamps!***

So you can send David a self-addressed letter that you’ll get back promptly in 2027!!!





10. Archie the pet hedgehog!

Just ‘cuz.



Seriously though… what did you guys order??

(And keep checking HERE for more stuffs… I have a good feeling about the chain link fence bits.)


*there is no such team

** gifs by the illustrious Tina

***fun fact: these are actual stamps that @abanana77 gifted to me 😻


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Coolest. Yule. Ever.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 12.28.14 PM.png



What do you guys think?? Of the song?? The tour dates?? The sweater???

Extra credit:

“I ran into a couple of Melinda’s friends while I was salsa dancing” … Discuss.


Tour dates:

Nov. 26 — Los Angeles, Calif., Troubadour
Dec. 1 — San Bernardino, Calif.,Special Orchestra Show, California Theatre for the Performing Arts
Dec. 3 — St. George, Utah, Burns Arena at Dixie College
Dec. 4 — Grand Junction, Colo., Avalon Theatre
Dec. 6 — Mesa, Ariz., Mesa Arts Center
Dec. 8 — Logan, Utah, Logan High School
Dec. 10 — Provo, Utah, UCCU at UVU
Dec. 11 — Orlando, Fla., The Plaza Live
Dec. 13 — Franklin, Tenn., Franklin Theatre
Dec. 14 — Franklin, Tenn., Franklin Theatre
Dec. 15 — Athens, Georgia, Hodgson Concert Hall
Dec. 17 — New York, N.Y., Highline Ballroom
Dec. 18 — Fairfield, Conn., The Warehouse
Dec. 20 — Vernal, Utah, Vernal Middle School
Dec. 21 — Richfield, Utah, Sevier Valley Center Arena

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 12.33.31 PM.png

Excerpts from Fred Bronson’s amazing Billboard story (full story here):

While most Christmas albums are recorded in the summer in order to be ready for holiday season, Archuleta started work on Winter in the Air in January, while the weather was still cold in his new hometown of Nashville. “We had to cancel the original writing session because of a snow storm,” he says. When he rescheduled with songwriters Jeremy Bose and Cindy Morgan, they wrote what would become the album’s title track. “‘Winter in the Air’ was inspired by walking outside in the wintertime with the snow crunching under your feet,” he says.

Archuleta’s next writing session, with producer Cason Cooley and songwriter Isabeau Miller, was also cancelled because of an ice storm. But when they finally got together, they wrote “He Is Born,” one of the album’s more sacred songs. “I wanted to write a song honoring and praising Christ in his birth,” says Archuleta.

Auchuleta wrote the first single from the album, “Christmas Every Day,” with Cooley and Dave Barnes. “It was inspired by Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Underneath the Tree’,” he says. “Music usually comes out of me at a slow tempo but I wanted an uptempo song.” The song features backing vocals by fellow American Idol alum, Melinda Doolittle. “I had lunch one day with Melinda and Kris Allen. Then I ran into a couple of Melinda’s friends while I was salsa dancing, and then saw another friend of hers on an airplane. So week after week, Melinda was on my mind. When we needed background vocals, I thought Melinda would be up for it. It’s the first time I’ve had a friend do backing vocals for me.”

After sessions with Cooley, Archuleta headed back to Utah to work with producer John Hancock, who helmed his 2009 Christmas album. “John added a guitar loop to ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman’ and it felt very Latin to me so I started singing in Spanish.” That led to Archuleta recording Spanish versions of several songs, including “In the Bleak Midwinter,” which his aunt translated into Spanish after they failed to find a Spanish version. A four-song EP of the Spanish renditions will also be released, says Archuleta, “all thanks to John doing ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ with Spanish guitar.”

Archuleta will support the new album with a tour that begins Nov. 26 in Los Angeles and runs through Dec. 21 in Richfield, Utah. “I’ve always loved being on the road, ever since my dad took me to California when I was 11,” he replied. “When I’m out on the road, I get to interact with fans again. It’s different from the social media experience. You can see how music changes their demeanors.”

…”Ten years ago I didn’t know if I wanted a music career. I thought I was going to finish high school and college and then figure out what I was going to do for a living. Now I understand why I want to do music and where I want to take my life. I always handed things over to other people. Now I am the master of my own life.”



Gorgeous new OS website redesign is gorgeous!!!


Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.55.31 PM


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How do you say DEADDDDD in Spanish?


Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 3.33.12 PM.png

Don’t know this artist or his music … or how to speak Spanish… but can I just say…

SI to David singing in Spanish

SI to more serenades at the Archie Piano

SI to more serenades period

SI to that “cry” in his voice 😭😭😭

SI to #scruffchuleta


SI to David’s positive vibes lately

SI to that cool way David clips the end of some of the Spanish phrases in the song, not easy to do, not sure if this makes any sense

but a big

NO to David wearing a red suit and polka dot ascot for his Spanish album cover… of course, I’d still buy it tho’ 🙂

How about you guys??? What did you think? What does the song mean, btw? 🙂

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Anymore… David news coming? :)

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.29.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.29.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.29.49 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.30.52 AM.png

All I’m going to say is that it’s not my usual type of song but their voices blend really nicely together. 🙂

And, strangely, I find that when David comes in, it becomes a completely different song. Like the song itself morphs into something else… and I feel it on a deeper level. The power of The Archuleta. 🙂

Have you heard the song? Will you buy it? Thoughts?

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#movingforward #thoughts

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.33.24 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.34.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.38.22 PM.png

Views update on the stripped down #10YearsofCrush Crush:

FB: 5 MILLION views! / 21K comments / 95K shares / 155K likes
IG: 55.7K views / 1,260 comments
Twitter: 634K views / 28K RTs /58K likes
YouTube: 78,185 views

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.43.34 PM


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All these feelings inside….

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.26.35 PM.png

…omigosh did anyone else have a vlog flashback when they watched this????

Did it take you right back to those glory days of David’s quirky, rambly, David-y vlogs of old??

Just me? mkay.

Seriously though, just having him look relaxed and happy, wearing a Pikachu T-shirt fan gift, sitting at his “Archie Piano” with the wobbly seat and playing a song we have loved for TEN STRAIGHT YEARS.

“Quirks and perks” sums everything up perfectly, does it not? 😆 😆 😆

I can’t process it all right now. It just feels like we’ve all been through a lot together and are getting so many rewards from this guy. Our guy. (Well, not “ours” but wonderfully on loan when he’s so inclined.)

This whole week of festivities is the anniversary party I never knew I needed, you know?

Seeing David embrace the magic that Crush has been and celebrating it with such love and Davidness just makes me incredibly happy.

He’s “owning” Crush now… yes, he has amazing new music but he’s paying tribute to where he’s been, where’s he’s been WITH ALL OF US CHEERING HIM ON! … and joyfully tipping one of his many caps to the huge bop of a song that launched him on an even-bigger stage than American Idol’s.

I want to give a huge hug to whoever thought up this #10YearsofCrush campaign… sheer brilliance. It’s been a blast to see fans from back in the day come back and rediscover why they fell in love with David in the first place.

And I actually learned a few things from the great questions and answers in the Q&A… here’s my personal favourite: 🙂 🙂 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.23.30 PM.png

Anywayyyyyys, this is a long-winded way to say HAPPY 10th CRUSHIVERSARY, EVERYONE!!!!!!! {{{{{{group glomp}}}}}

What do you guys think of it all??!!





LOVE this comment on the vid!!!!

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A picture’s worth a thousand words….

Photo: @yocelyramon Insta story


Here are the answers… I think you can guess most of the questions, lol.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.13.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.13.20 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.13.08 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.12.55 PM
Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.12.41 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.12.28 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.12.14 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.11.57 PM


#TeamScruffchuleta 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.21.57 PM

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Stomping the Roses…

…smashing out all the feelings inside…

View this post on Instagram

Something I have been doing on and off the last few years is therapy. I decided this year I would be more consistent with it. This week I had a smashing therapy session. As you can see, I managed to smash quite a bit. 👨‍🔧 I’ve met with chiropractors, kiniseologists, etc and they would all say the same thing: “You hold a lot of anger and fear in your shoulders.” I was a little disconnected with myself, unaware of what I was holding in. Well, I met with my chirokinetictherapist who loosened it up a bit and I suddenly started getting major road rage and angry in general. I met with her a couple weeks later and asked her what had happened. She said the energy is ready to come out and strong ways are through shouting, physical exercise, punching bag, etc. It was time for a smashing session. I didn’t realize how much I had held in. I thought by letting it slide it would go away. I had no idea I was holding so much in and not letting go of. Boy, did I surprise myself lol. I’m keeping some of these as a souvenir. As I began I felt guilty. I thought letting myself get angry and aggressive would hurt someone. My therapist asked “did you hurt anyone in this process?” I said, “no… but maybe I sent them negative energy.” She said “your energy went into these objects. You haven’t hurt anyone. You gave your energy somewhere to go and leave you and stop holding it inside.” I still have a ways to go, but I am grateful I have begun my journey. God has made me stronger from my experiences, even in the pain, but He also sent Christ, His Son so that I don’t have to hold onto it. I can hand it over to Him and heal from what and who have hurt me; heal from things I’ve disappointed myself with and couldn’t let go of. As Tasha Cobbs says, “There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain..” And I am a recipient of that truth. “I feel the chains falling” And I’m ready for a change. Don’t be afraid to feel broken. A muscle needs to break down before it grows. Don’t be afraid of therapy. There is healing when we ask for help. Don’t be afraid to fall on your knees and cry out in prayer. God listens and comes to the broken-hearted and humbled child. #therapy #thoughts

A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on



Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 12.17.19 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-11 at 12.17.08 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-11 at 12.16.55 PM


No words. Just so proud of everything this dude is. {{{{{{{group hug}}}}}

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Revisiting I Know He Lives

I have this on my iPod and for a while it was on repeat, but I haven’t watched the actual video for ages.

But something told me to go look for it today and, man, just what I needed.

I almost can’t believe how good this is. Both the song and David’s performance of it. It’s one of my most favourite things he’s ever done, tbh.

So simple. So incredibly soulful.

Everyone’s paying rapt attention, not fidgeting or moving. David’s totally in the zone, like he’s channelling the song… his song. Even the baby claps at the end! 🙂

I know it’s not a Christmas tune but boy, I really think it would be an incredible gospel hit if he ever released it.

I just feel it seep right through my skin and into my soul, you know?

How about you guys?? What do you think of it??

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