…. have a donut 🙂

oh, and these….

and this 🙂

and this 🙂



This girl’s smile speaks for all of us, doesn’t it? 🙂 (Closer look at “le scruff”)

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The Nelly Furtado factor

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.06.41 PM.png
Not sure if you know who Nelly Furtado is. The B.C. native is a huge star here in Canada. She won a Grammy in 2009 for her biggest hit, “Fly Like A Bird,” and released a lot of other successful music.

Then, she dropped out of the music scene, taking a break for the past five years.

Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? 🙂

I read this really interesting profile of Nelly today and had to share parts of it for obvious reasons.

Gave me insight into possibly some of the things David’s had to deal with. Huge early success (he was much younger even than Nelly when she first came on the scene), feelings of self-doubt, “walking away from ‘a long-term business relationship’ … somebody who was a father figure to me” … and eventually feeling “numb” … although she uses different words to describe that.

I’ve been struggling to understand why David would go underground at precisely the time when he should be building up excitement for his new music… I don’t blame him, or anything, I have the utmost respect for him to want to find the balance that works for him… I just want to understand, you know?

So this article helped me do that a little, and that’s why I’m sharing excerpts from it.

Let me know what you think.


Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.59.08 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 12.59.16 PM.pngThree years ago, Nelly Furtado was just a woman named Kim in a playwriting class at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies.

“Only the teacher knew my other life as a singer,” says the award-winning singer/songwriter, whose sixth album, The Ride, marks her long-awaited return to pop. “My name was just Kim, which is my middle name.”

And no one recognized her?

Furtado shakes her head. “No, not until the end. I had a couple of really good friends by the end – and they were, like, ‘We didn’t know it was you!’”

Today, Furtado’s long dark hair has been shorn in a pixie cut. She appears shy, rarely making eye contact, turning her small hands over in her lap. She speaks about her music in a meek, awkward way, as if it’s a new boyfriend whose affection she remains unsure of. There’s little of the bold confidence one might expect from one of Canada’s greatest singing talents.

The artist who has sold more than 40 million records worldwide has been struggling with an existential crisis, questioning what her life was about and what she wanted next. “I was in search of personal autonomy,” she says. “It was about me finding a more simplified version of myself.”

Sounds as if it’s a premature midlife crisis by most standards. Furtado is young – 38 years old. But it’s understandable. Everything in her life has been accelerated.

“I had a very fast-paced life since I was about 21, professionally and personally,” she offers, referring to when her debut album, Whoa, Nelly!, with its chart-topping folk pop single, I’m Like a Bird, catapulted her to worldwide fame and a Grammy.

“I was a mother by the time I was 25. I owned my own home by the age of 22, 23.” Every three years, she put out a new album. “I had to put on the brakes.”

“I don’t always see myself clearly,” she says of her family’s help during that period of darkness. “Other people see you. They might remind me that being an entertainer, being a singer, is very positive to do and spend your time doing. Sometimes, you need reminders.”

Really? She doubted her talent?

“My singing teacher, who works with all kinds of people, told me every singer hates their voice,” she says flatly, turning to look at me with turquoise eyes beneath a thick fringe of false eyelashes.

She hates her voice?

“I don’t hate my voice,” she shoots back. “I don’t think I have a particularly remarkable instrument. I think I’m lucky because I write songs and sing. That helps. Of course, you can sit there all day and criticize yourself and feel less adequate as an entertainer.”

The playwriting class at U of T was all part of a creative odyssey Furtado embarked upon, sending herself out into the world, not as a global celebrity, but as a flâneuse at the mercy of inspiration, beauty, creative terror. She took pottery classes at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, worked in a friend’s record store and thrust herself into creative challenges.

There’s a sense about Furtado of satisfied exhaustion, of having finally found her way back to be in an interview again, in a small room, in a comfy chair, talking about the magic of what she may have begun to doubt. Throughout the conversation, she makes segues to describe some of the songs on the new album, talking about them and their genesis as if they were places she visited on her odyssey.

There was that place where “you’re not feeling anything any more, and you know something’s wrong.” It was the genesis of Flatline.

Another time, she had a profound realization about her whole life. “[The song] Tap Dancing was written because I had a meeting, and someone said, ‘Why are you tap dancing? You don’t need to tap dance. You are who you are. Period.’

And then I realized that I had been tap dancing throughout my entire personal and professional life.”

And by that she means?

“I mean performing for others.”

To prove what she can do?

“Yeah,” she responds thoughtfully. “Seeking some kind of validation. Or seeking to entertain people rather than seeking stillness and quiet.”

Last summer, driving around in her car, she would sing what came into her mind; what she was feeling. “Then I would throw it out the window,” she says. “It wasn’t for recording purposes. It helps when you’re going through emotional turmoil, because you can sing yourself to peace. It is my form of meditation.”

 Read the whole article here.



This is one of my favourites of her songs… a duet she recorded with James Morrison.

Fun fact: Mike Krompass actually toured with Nelly back in the day. 🙂

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


My dad is from Belfast and so is this gentleman.

So in honour of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums, Van Morrison with The Chieftains. Never fails to make me cry… in a good way.

Slàinte, my friends!

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Ode to Scruffchuleta


tumblr_ohvzgfQphu1qdhaupo3_r2_500.gifHeavenly Barber,
I am grateful

For your encouraging

I am learning
to be patient

And to use Miracle Grow on my whiskers


tumblr_ohyjmdsssR1qdhaupo3_r1_500.gifSometimes I am a’feared

I cannot grow a beard

But I’m beginning to understand

That my hormones do have a plan


tumblr_ohvzgfQphu1qdhaupo5_r2_500.gifHeavenly Barber, I am grateful

You are always at my service

To trim. Wash & dry.

To massage my epidermis.


tumblr_ohvzgfQphu1qdhaupo2_r1_500.gifI’m learning while I’m here

A goatee is probably a bad  idea

And caps used to be so much fun
Now I’m considering a fine man bun


tumblr_ohvzgfQphu1qdhaupo4_r1_500.gifWho knew it could be such trouble

To grow in a little stubble

Don’t know what can be done

With cheeks as smooth as a baby’s… Mum.


tumblr_ohvzgfQphu1qdhaupo3_r2_500There are answers I’m receiving

And a hairline that’s not receding

I’ve just got to keep believing
In my inner Chia Pet. I think it is my best bet.


tumblr_ohvzgfQphu1qdhaupo6_r3_500.gifYou show me that hope is real

I’m amazed it’s almost here

All grown in

My little beard


And they all lived scruffily ever after.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.40.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.39.06 PM.png







Gifs source.

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The wackety wack mood swings of a @DavidArchie fan: 2017 Edition

Ground zero… Announcement night.


… But oh he’s not going right away!


… He’s doing a soap in the Philippines??????


… But it’s actually awesome!


But then it’s over…


SURPRISE! He’s recording an album over there!


But but… what songs are these???



Who cares… it’s DAVID SINGING!!!!


Then poof he’s gone for two years


He did leave us music!


But then no more music.



tumblr_mx33lifhX51r9nlfxo4_250His career is doomed.



But maybe a smaller indie career is what he wants.


Unless he goes back to school to learn a new skill.



Or leaves performing altogether….


Nah, music is his passion!



Or at least it was two long years ago.



All he needs is a good team behind him!








But how on earth can he do that? He’ll be starting from scratch!
What does the future hold???


But THAT VOICE!!!!!!!!


eeeeeek only 4 more months left!


Unless he decides to stay longer….

tumblr_inline_muotzwgqjf1ryiv5ytumblr_inline_mui2fjORJW1snknng tumblr_mcd2h01Bik1rvo2qq


Then he does come baaaaack!



But everyone teases him about his short hair….



Is he ready for all this scrutiny??



Is it full steam ahead??



He is writing songs again!



And getting his follicles looked after!



And doing shows!!!



Even Stevie Wonder songs!!!



But is it all getting to be too much??


Would he rather escape somewhere?


Wake up with the sun on his faaaaaaaace??


‘Cuz we’ve had two whole weeks without news??



Wait, that’s only 14 days! And new music IS coming!



Along with this….. (Taterzen provides details below)



Wait, wut???


I C.A.N.N.O.T..S.T.O.P..S.T.A.R.I.N.G!!!!


So what do you guys think??



(full disclosure: some David gifs blatantly swiped from @rhiminee’s awesome Tumblr here)

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I blame my cold medicine for this post

A lovely David-friend suggested recently that perhaps D. has gone AWOL because he wants to grow a full, thick beard before filming his next music vid.

We fans are nothing if not accommodating, so here are some helpful accessories to get David in front of that camera ASAP!

So many to choose from, which is your fave??


The “I don’t wanna feel Nuuuuumb”



The “Dude, will this get me a seat in the Emergency Exit aisle??”



The “I’m Reaaaaadyyyy … for a Shave”



The “Travel Buddy”



The classic camo “Entertaining the Troops while your tour-mate buys special equipment to document the whole trip but never ends up sharing any footage” edition



The “Helmet Slash Coat Rack” (50% off at Vikings R Us)



The “Mellow Yellow” … perfect for a video about staying calm while donating at a blood donor clinic staffed by Nandito Ako fans



Ideal for wearing with cardigans, hoodies & Mexico jackets (hat doubles as snack bag)



“Only Me, Only You & The Band”



The “Even Betty Won’t Recognize Me”



The “A Little Too Not Over You” (one size fits all heartbreaks)



The “Hipster-Beanie Dusting-Hardwood-Floors Mashup” (lemon oil not included)



The “Ed Sheeran”



So, which one should we send him, guys??

@rhiminee’s last post forced me to watch this… so I’m forcing you 🙂

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Nothin’ else betta to dooooo

aMAZing photos from the Sandy Amphitheatre FB page.

Chant with me, people: DA-VID! DA-VID! DA-VID!







Gracie’s “behind-the-scenes in Tuacahn” video… wow, what a concept! #sarcasmfont.

Seriously though, how cute is it when David surprises her onstage? 🙂


Me, waiting for new David music… oh, and serving Elvis breakfast.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.32.19 PM.png



“A hurricane forming in the ocean”… why do I not find that comforting? LOL


Sounds like David’s keeping Kari in the dark too, lol. #diva 🙂


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Hasten down the wind

So, I got to see one of my all-time musical heroes give a talk last night… the one, the only, Ms. Linda Ronstadt.

Her songs were the soundtrack for my teen years and I bought every LP, learned every word to every song and would belt them out in my room, to the chagrin of my brother and two sisters.

Linda’s 70 now and suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, so sadly she can no longer sing. But she gave a wonderful talk — complete with photos and videos and rare audio clips — to a packed house at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall.

As soon as she walked out, a deep man’s voice yelled out, “WE LOVE YOU, LINDA!” He totally spoke for all of us there.

The reason I’m even sharing this is that so many of the things she talked about reminded me of… well, you know who.

The way she was born into a musical family and sang in both Spanish and English from an early age.

The way she talked about being “a huge fan” of other musicians and deliberately chose not to be jealous of them but to try and get to work with them.

The way she told the MC backstage, before coming out, “I can’t believe all these people are here to see me and I’m not even singing.”

The way she touches your heart with the way she sings each song.

The way she fought her record company and management to branch out and try different genres — from Gilbert & Sullivan operetta to the American Songbook standards to classic Mexican mariachi music to the harmonies she did with Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris — all done brilliantly…I know, I bought them all. 🙂

She said something really interesting about how the record companies back then (and probably now, too), kept insisting that all their artists sing happy songs (based on focus groups they’d done)… ignoring the power of a sad song or a ballad to release those melancholy feelings and actually make you feel much better than a “happy” song.

Anyways, I listened to her music all the way home… music that stands the test of time… just like David’s.

Here’s one of my faves (well, they’re all my faves, tbh), Warren Zevon’s “Hasten Down the Wind.”

another gorgeous one she co-wrote

okay, one more, lol

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Zen and the art of @DavidArchie maintenance

2151ec8c10c7f51619641b046c42fc37The sun rises. Still no new music news from D’Arch.

I practice the mindfulness exercises I learned in my “Breaking the Cycle of Pop-Star Attachment” class and focus on how cold my feet are.

Things get frosty here under the bridge and my cardboard box shelter is getting a little shabby. The 163 Forevermore Expanded Edition CDs I stacked around the bottom as a foundation are starting to lose stability. And so am I.

“Cold feet” reminds me of “one foot in front of the other, no no no nothin’s gonna break my stride” and my moment of mindfulness is broken.

“Broken”… noooooooooooo … I run out into the woods and howl to the white pines to try and restore my zen.

I force myself to stay in the present moment. Keep my hands busy. Fashion a helmet to fend off signals from those seven new planets NASA discovered from my collection of bottle caps.


Stop the madness! I cry to myself, and the cluster of sparrows collecting in a nearby mulberry bush.

Focus on the birds. Breathe in. Breathe out. Admire the pattern of their feathers. The way they share the same branch so peacefully. The lovely tone of their birdsong.

Wait, is that the tune to Say Me??? Arghhhhhhh. IS THERE NO ESCAPE?!?

Maybe it’s time for drastic action. Time to move on. To stop feeling manipulated by a flurry of social media posts followed by the inevitable drought. To find more balance in my own life.

Yes, that’s it. I’ll take a social media break myself. Thank you, David, yes, that is the answer. Sure, I’d miss the actual album release in a few days, weeks, months… and wouldn’t be able to buy any music online or share links to videos and such. But the blessed peace I’d feel, wouldn’t that make it all worth it? Maybe we should all follow David’s lead and go on a social-media detox.

Not ideal timing, but hey. So many raccoons to wrestle and snakes to play tag with.

Time to close my eyes again. Stretch toward the sky. Feel the icy breeze on my cheeks. And check IG one more time before I go.


I resist the temptation. Keep my mind in the moment.

I inhale slowly as the sun warms the tops of my ears. As I exhale, the bridge rattles with a rush of traffic and I hear a tinny car radio from the highway above.

“Life is a cabaret my friend. Life is a cabaret.”

A cab-a-ret. A cab. “Been two hours in a taxi cab.”


I kid, but this amazing song describes this whole process, just FYI. 🙂

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