Life is good. God is good. IG stories rock.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 6.46.51 PM.png

Okay, guys, you’ll have to forgive me, feeling a little weepy today… in a good way.

Feeling generally blessed about so many things and then I come home to the amazingness that is David’s epic IG story series.

Remember back when we all were all lamenting the new no-vlog era? How much we missed those rambling, random, funny, sweet, so-David videos?

When we went through all the stages of grief over those little vids, ending with acceptance? When we said, “Hey, if David doesn’t like doing them, he shouldn’t do them”?

[What? You don’t remember saying that?]

Anywayyyys, he did tell us he hated doing them in no uncertain terms in one of his last-ever vlogs… “How am I doing? How are YOU doing??” yikes, still have post-traumatic stress over that one.

But now… I mean… these IG stories… they’re just… I can’t… he’s so…

Well, you know. Am I right? 🙂






Who else cringed when he went to put a hat on that beautiful work of art Hillary created? Just me? nvm


He looks so haaaaaappppppppyyyyyyyyyyy. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Him snapping his fingers to “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way” tho’ …. you guyyyysss… you probably don’t know how much of a West Side Story geek I am… I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen the movie and the live stage show (twice in London, England, alone, y’all)… I even have a cover CD that features Little Richard singing “I Feel Pretty” … I know every snap, every twirl, every word to every song… and although I pictured David as more of a Tony singing “Maria” and “Tonight” and “Somewhere” (SO many good songs), now that he’s super cool with shades and groovy jackets, sure, a Jet it is!

Here, have a clip:


Okay, off to watery colouring class…. 🙂

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The official (not really) @DavidArchie Wedding Registry

We at SnowAngelz like to be prepared… it’s part of our Girl Guide training…

So, in the spirit of preparedness… and giving… and love… and sheer nonsense… we’ve gone that extra mile for you guys and prepared a Wedding Registry to save you all the trouble of having to agonize over what to gift the happy couple whenever the time arises.

1. We out here grindin’ we workin’ Pokemon Pepper Grinder

(this is an actual real thing. for real.)



2. Simple but practical storage solutions.

A subtle addition to any decor.



3. Snowboard Built For Two.

For what could be more romantic than careening down the slopes together on a single narrow board clutching fiercely to one another for dear life?



4. In-home Toll Booth. (Betty not included)



5. Food lasso, y’all.

Why waste energy hiking over to far-away snacks? Put those roping skillz to good use!



6. Supah dupah fly his & hers hoodies



7. Tester to make sure that “light” stays bright.

lightbulb tester.jpg


8. Appropriate woollies for possible Canadian honeymoon.

(Full disclosure: This is actually me on my commute this morning.)



9. King size version. ‘Natch.



10. Tandem surfboard.

It’s like zeeeroooooo gravityyyyyyyyy



11. Matching lunchboxes.

(well, not totally matching, you’ll notice one is, ahem, slightly larger than the other one)










12. Humble recording studio.

Where glorious love songs will be penned and rehearsed and recorded and we will all spontaneously combust en masse but what a way to go, am I right?


13. Chef Jamie Oliver

(can he be on my personal list? 🙂 )



14. And last, but not least, a VERY essential item….

invisibility cloak.JPG.


What do you guys think?? Anything I should add? 🙂

Bless the lovely & amazing @rhiminee for capturing this little backwards shuffle move! First noticed it at last year’s Idaho Falls show during SOWK and I don’t know why I love it but I do! lol


Oh and this sassy strut too:


Heck, check out her whole awesome post HERE.

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Deep thoughts….


Photo: The Shellster… “Just keep listening. And pretty soon you’ll start…to figure out your part”

I heard a segment on CBC Radio Sunday morning where a number of listeners called in to share stories of music that had changed their life.

They spoke of being inspired to learn to play an instrument, of getting through tough times, of changing their perspective on things.

I, of course, couldn’t help but think of that day back in 2008 when I was flipping channels around and heard David sing Shop Around.

I, too, thought about the tough times his music helped me get through. Deep grief and sorrow.

I thought about the amazing friends I’ve made, people I never would have met otherwise. And how those people have changed my life in such great ways.

I thought about the places I never dreamed I’d go… heck, never even heard of (no offence, Safford, AZ).

I thought about the cultures I’ve learned more about and tried to develop a better understanding of.

I thought about how much my relationship with God and my faith (even though it is different from David’s) has deepened… and I’d thought I was already pretty tight with the big guy.

I thought about the artists David has introduced me to and the amazing experiences I’ve had because of that.

I thought about the diverse opinions I’ve been exposed to, that I may not have paid much attention to outside of my own “bubble,” but because these views were held by people I care about, and because we have David in common, I made the effort to try and understand where they were coming from.

I thought about the technology I HAD to learn about if I was going to keep up with the boi. How that actually helped me in my career. Did not see that coming.

I thought about how forcing myself to try to do a good deed each day and blog about it (inspired by David) took me FAR out of my comfort zone so many times and made me face how much work I needed to do on that.

I thought about the fact that, even though music has always been a big part of my life and there have been a few artists and songs that have had a big impact on me along the way, none of them has taken me a wild ride like this one.

How about you guys?? How has your life changed because of The Archuleta? Or other music?
Run don’t walk to go read Kayla’s (Miss Rad Hair 2016) AWESOME Mesa recap HERE!!!

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Remember when this happened?


I want MOAR!!!!

And I thought I’d seen all the soundcheck videos but apparently I missed this one by Mr. Flirty McFlirterson

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So shoot me, I’m a little too not over Christmas


His next take on LDB? 🙂

I know Christmas is over but, where David Archuleta is concerned, is Christmas ever really over? 🙂

This last Christmas tour in particular, I was really struck with how David can do one song so many different ways.

In particular, Little Drummer Boy.

Pretty simple carol, right? But David manages to take it places you never even dreamed of. And each version he does stirs up a completely different set of emotions … all centred on that same little drummer dude playing his heart out for that blessed babe.

Sound familiar?

So here’s a look at all the ones I could think of. If I’ve left any out, please do share!

Rock Star LDB

When he rocked this out at that 1st MKOC show in Westbury, we were all blown away… esp. when he started pounding that drum… and when he raised up those drum sticks in the air and belted out “ME AND MY DRUUUUUUM” *chills* baby *chills*

LDB with Dapo Torimiro

This might be my favourite. Have it on repeat every Christmas. Wait, scratch that, I listen to it all year, tbh. That lower register is like an IV drip of hot cocoa sprinkled with candy cane dust and dark chocolate Elf truffles.

LDB en espanol 2013

Love this, still listen to it. He starts so softly in the beginning that sometimes I forget how he builds the song so I crank up the volume and then when he belts it out half way through I have to rip out my earbuds. Good times.

LDB snippet 2012

Confession: I had never seen this one before now. Wow. It’s just a snippet but when he goes all soft and tender at the end with “when he smiled at me” (in Spanish), not gonna lie, it made me cry. So beautiful.


LDB with Nathan

How much do love this duet version??! Again, *chills* when David starts belting it out… and I love how the crowd went wild when he did. I was going to post my Indy video but I can’t zoom so it’s super far away … so thanks, Kayla, for this version! This clip from Chelsy also sounds great!


So what do you guys think?? Which is your favourite? What other LDB versions do you think he has up his sleeve? Hip hop LDB? Jazz? Be still my heart.
The lovely Ms. Janey reminded me that David once said in an interview (can’t remember which one) that he took drum lessons as a kid… all becomes clear now.
Thanks to the illustrious Tina for RT’ing this baby!


Seemed timely. 🙂 #sofluffeh


Rest of Tina’s awesome post HERE.

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No surprise…

… it’s another surprise 🙂

Honeymoon, no doubt. 😉



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Random randomness

tumblr_ohqm7k5n3g1sta89lo1_1280Okay, I just stumbled upon this odd Photoshopped pic of David on Tumblr and it completely freaked me out… I might have screamed. Is it a photo? A painting? Some sort of découpage?

Is it not the creepiest David thing you’ve ever seen?? (My apologies to whoever created it… I could be wrong, what do I know, maybe others love this frightening, I mean, unique thing.)

It definitely looks like David, but more like David’s evil twin Dirango, who uses his piercing gaze not for good but for evil.

To hypnotize and mesmerize for the Dark Side. Directing his intense green eyes at unsuspecting targets in concert halls… oh, wait, that is David.

And the skin… beyond David’s usual glow, it’s polished to a Madame Tussaudish waxy finish.

And the hand … is it holding a microphone? Or is Dirango getting ready to punch someone’s lights out??

Anyways, just thought I’d share.

Hey, let’s look at less frightening pics instead!

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.43.34 PM.png

Isn’t this adorbs?? I had wondered who won that Tunespeak contest thingie.

And here’s a winner from the Christmas concert:


David Archuleta: Tickets, Meet & Greet – Kristen S.

Spent a month trying to win tickets for David Archuleta’s Christmas concert and it was well worth it to be able to meet my favorite singer!!
Also found on Tumblr: 🙂 🙂 🙂



I can’t believe I’ve never singled out True Colors… one of my favourite songs on BEGIN. … don’t think I have gushed nearly enough about David’s live appearances of this song (esp. this one) … would LOVE to hear him sing this live one day. (Song starts about 2:10.)

Comment on the vid:
“god bless this amazing and beautiful soul” ♥♥♥
Are there Golden Globes for gifs? There should be. And @rhiminee should win one. Here’s a sampler:
Moar HERE!

How much do you think David would love THIS gig? 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 12.35.06 PM.png
EDIT: Have always loved Scott Hamilton:


And can someone tell me what a betta fish is??

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My Top 14* @DavidArchie surprises in 2016

14022321_1047356001984849_235288138658088838_nWhat an amazing David Year we have had, my friends. I feel grateful, blessed, positively giddy at times. I hope he’s taking a well-deserved break right now although he’s probably in a baby home somewhere hugging 3832238292 little orphans.

Mr. David Archuleta was sure full of surprises in 2016. Methinks he likes to surprise us. 🙂

And I, for one, am all for those surprises.

So, in the honour of it being New Year’s Eve, here are my Top 14 David surprises this year:

  1. David sings Elvis … and Lion King



2. David flies with The Thunderbirds. Of course he does.


3. David covers 7 Years … remember the 1st time we heard him do this?? Oh sweet Lorde.


4. David learns to rope. Definitely saw that coming, right?


5. David sings My Little Prayer for the first time…

I remember we were all, like, “Is that his own song? It sounds like him. Is that a hymn? Have you heard it before?? I never have. Why is this giant branch in my eye???”


6. David does VIPs again!!! Did NOT see that coming.


7. David sings this live for the first time:

8. David starts posting epic IG stories LIKE A BOSS!!!!!



9. David raps… ‘natch


10. David casually drops in at our fan lunch… I repeat, DROPS IN AT OUR FAN LUNCH. I still can’t believe this actually happened.


11. David slays Ave Maria… and me in the front row. I need more travel insurance.


12. David shares new music (someone hold me)

To quote Kayla (who took this video): “Be prepared to be hit in the honey nut feelios.”

And from Tina’s amazing Tumblr:

And check out her MUST-READ slash watch list of best David live performances in 2016 HERE.

13. David becomes a video-releasing MACHINE!



14. David takes over Tuacahn!






Well Canada, you've taken a little piece of my heart. 🇨🇦 I sure did enjoy the Time Out For Women event in Lethbridge last night! What a special night. I really needed this little trip. Thanks to everyone who came! Hope you enjoyed it as well and enjoy the 2nd day of the conference there. We had a sleepless night because after driving 2+ hours back to Calgary and getting there at midnight… I found that I had left my bag with my wallet and passport in Lethbridge! 😱😵😓 We drove another 4 1/2 hours round trip to get my bag and head back straight to the Calgary airport at 5 AM. @karisellards what a trooper you are! Sorry again 😅😁 and thanks for handling it so calmly!! Just another memory to add to the books! We'll be laughing about this one for a while once we get some sleep 😂😂. 😴 #tofw #tofwlethbridge #alberta #canada #timhortons #roadtrips #forgetful #whoops #nobodysperfect #karithedrivingmachine

A photo posted by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on


Thank you, David!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!!!!


How about you guys?? What were your favourite David surprises this year??

*You actually thought I could limit it to 10??!?

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Happy Birthday, David… of all the @DavidArchies in the world, you’re the DavidArchiest

Ain’t it the truth?

David, I hope you have the most amazing birthday … a day that brings you even a fraction of the joy that you and your music bring to all of us.

But the truth is, you’re probably singing to some elders, helping out a friend, visiting a neighbour, singing to some very sick folks, or finding a cure for global warming.

That makes you happy though, and I think that’s ultimately all we fans want for you… to be happy.

So Happy Happy Birthday, David. There is still no way you look 26.

How do you guys think David is spending his b’day???

🙂 🙂 🙂


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‘Twas the night before #Zippergate


Using this pic again, ‘cuz it’s awesome (credit: the lovely Kayla with the rad hair)


‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through Sac concert hall
Not a zipper was stirring, not one, none at all
The songs were sung by the performers with care
In hopes that no wardrobe malfunctions would soon be there

But in the in-ear mic there arose such a clatter
David looked off-stage to see what was the matter
Away to his pants he flew like a flash
For flash he wished not to do, that would be rash

A prank, perhaps, for the very last show?
Why no! Kari insisted, no no no no no
For she has David’s back (and clearly also his front)*
She thought he’d check quietly but David was blunt

Had Zero Gravity overtaken? The fastener needing to be mended??
Giving “opening night” a new meaning, one not intended??
Pray tell, no, ’twas just the light… an optical illusion
There was no prank after all, no final-show collusion

And then, in a twinkling, we heard David laugh
A sound that rivals his songs, not even by half
His mirth overfloweth, his spirits run high
He is quick on his feet, and good on the fly

David sprang to his mic, shared his Voice and his craft
Disaster was averted, he felt no sudden drafts
And play well they all did, fastened up for the night,
Singing “Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!”

*credit Kalei for this one 🙂

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