Get tissues ready for Taterzen’s Boise/Vegas recap

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David walking like an Egyptian… because he can.


David Archuleta’s Spring Tour de Force

Sometimes I get questions about my wish to attend as many concerts as possible during one David Archuleta tour. “Isn’t the concert the same at every stop?”

Pshhh! Not even close!

Each concert is unique—performance, stage banter, fan meetups, VIPs, audience response, not to mention the singularly popular David Moment. Guarantee one will happen, and you don’t want to miss it. So, you go, and you go as often as you can,

Months ago, my concert get-up-and-go inexplicably got-up-and-went. I am now forced to choose when and where more carefully. This tour? Boise and Las Vegas.

I have a lot to share about Las Vegas and will explain why later. But first, Boise. It’s where I live. How thoughtful of David to come to me when it is getting more difficult for me to go to him.

The Boise crowd made it a party! A surprise party really, because there were many people there who were seeing David live for the first time, and the response was great! Granddaughter Emily joined us, her first David concert since her mission. I also loved seeing fans who do manage to attend concert after concert after concert. This fan base is a fun base.

David was on fire; and if you have read that about him on other tours, this was serious fire. Plus, he was having a great time while on fire; that can’t be easy.

David sang “Touch My Hand” to engage with the audience and did this by coaxing people to the stage while he was singing. He went stage left and began to beckon one girl to come to him. She had a “who me?” look that turned to sheer joy when he beckoned her again. He chose another, and then another.

By the time David moved to stage right and began a second round of beckoning, fans had it figured out. There was a rather eager response and some obvious competition to get to David. No fisticuffs erupted, but it was close.

David did himself proud in Boise. He is always on the upgrade. We should not be surprised at this, but we always are.

Oh, and “Paralyzed?” Yes, I was. I am. That song. Bona fide dealmaker.

David’s Las Vegas appearance with the Zion’s Youth Symphony & Chorus coincided with a preplanned visit to see family, and I decided to buy tickets to the concert for every family member over the age of 5. The sticker shock almost got me, but a promise is a promise and I will never complain about it again because of what happened later.

Some background:

I have been preaching the good news of David Archuleta’s voice since 2008. Family response has varied. Some became believers. Others are polite; they pay deference to my advancing age and the fact that I am The Mom. Nobody dislikes David because that is impossible.

All four of my children are into music at some level, music lovers to music pros. Two married daughters were at the concert. Middle daughter, Sara, started life with severe vision problems. Even after getting help, she leaned heavily on senses other than sight for her unique perspectives of the world. She brings them to her music.

Sara is a pianist, an organist and a vocalist. She has taught both piano and voice. She is extremely opinionated about music. (Sorry, Sara, but you know you are.)

As usual, David gave his all in that concert. I knew I would love it and I did. “Only in Sleep” was stunning perfection, an incredibly beautiful I-will-never-be-the-same-after-this perfection.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.50.57 AM.pngI was anxious about Sara’s opinion, but learned nothing until the next day. She sent me her thoughts; and with her permission, I will let quotes I pulled from her long email serve as a concert recap.

I’ve seen videos and heard recordings of David for the past 10 years or so. They do not give him justice, something I noticed less than a second after he began to sing. There are things only the human ear can pick up no matter how advanced the digital recording is. There is also energy the performer emotes that is difficult to translate to digital media.

I didn’t know we would be so close to the stage for the concert on Monday. I could see every detail and was both fascinated and mesmerized. I could see the science of his singing, the functions to produce his sound. I could see the muscles in his jaw move in his open mouth, and yes, his epiglottis. I wanted to run up there with a mini flashlight, shine it in his mouth and see what his soft palate was doing. He has to have incredible control over all of his singing muscles.

One thing is sure. He definitely has his own unique sound. I really haven’t heard anything like it. Ever. I got all weepy and cried through every one of his songs.

He sings because he loves to sing and connect with the audience. There are so many artists who aren’t great singers but very popular and “successful” because they are showy and flashy. They leave it up to the sound engineers to “fix it in the mix” when they record.

I think David has worked hard to strengthen his singing muscles; he really has a lot of vocal stamina. I would love to see and hear his warmups.

Now my ears have been spoiled. If I hear more recordings from David, I am going to wonder what the song sounds like live.

Nothing about him is fake. I sure got that message. He is the real deal. I had no idea my heart would be so touched. It completely caught me off guard.

I tend to silently judge other vocalists, what they’re doing wrong or what they can improve. I thought of nothing for David. I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open during every song he sang.

With music, we can communicate on a physical plane and on a spiritual plane. I’ll bet David has healed many hearts as he connects spirit to spirit through song. His voice reaches and penetrates where words fall short.

I am convinced there are angels who help us. I think David must have his own set of angels to sustain him and lift him up. They probably even sing with him.

Pretty sure I gained another believer here. Best fan payday ever.


(as Sara said, videos & recordings don’t do David justice… but it’s all we had, it’s all we haaaaaad (sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 )… and eternally grateful to Shelley et al for sharing!!!!!)

[Sadly, I can’t find a single Boise video but if anyone has one, or a Peri link, please add to comments!]

So instead, here’s an awesome interview from Fresno that I’d missed because I was *ahem* in Fresno, lol… thank you, JR!!!!

Photos: Team D’Arch

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That time David Archuleta almost killed me


Whenever David Archuleta starts a new tour, we fans always declare it “best tour ever”… that’s because it is! The man ups his game every time and this new Postcards tour is no different.

I was blessed to attend the Boston, Norfolk and Sellersville shows the past few days and had both my socks blown off, and much of the top of my head. I had only seen snippets of songs here and there so much of it was a complete surprise. And wow. Just wow.

I literally walked around after the Boston show repeating OMG over and over again… not in a blaspheming way… in a “Man upstairs, please tell me what the heck just happened???” kind of way. In a “Praise be, how did I get to deserve to experience such amazingness???” kind of way. In a “who am I? where am I?” kind of way.

It all started in the Boston VIP, where David’s acoustic version of Postcards brought me to tears. It was just so beautiful and the power and meaning behind the song just really hit me. Oh how I wish I had video for you, lol.

I think my favourite VIP question was about Chords of Strength, which the young lady who asked the question said she’s read about five times. She asked David what was his favourite part about writing the book? “Finishing it,” he said, cracking us all up. He explained that he had help with the book and, at the time, felt he was pouring his heart out in his music, so why did he have to write it all down. 🙂

The City Winery was lovely with the venue in a separate space behind a full restaurant in the front. Before they opened the doors for the show, they played David’s debut album and TOSOD over the sound system throughout the restaurant. The manager told me later they like to do that to support the artists they bring in. David sure sounded great wafting through the place.


I still can’t get over how amazing this show is. The new arrangements, the flow of the songs, the mashups, the way it’s been carefully crafted to build into a crescendo of awesomeness. To me, the whole show had a playlist feel to it, weaving in and out of songs and the “postcard” messages David has strategically positioned throughout the set list.

I’ve obviously loved David’s shows for his amazing songs and stories and vocals but this is the first time I’ve marvelled at the artistry of the show itself. How every element of it contributed to his overArching theme (* hides *).

Giving us fresh new takes on songs we’ve heard, like I’m Ready and Invincible… genius… matching them with contemporary covers… genius… Dave Brunelle’s harmonies … genius… acoustic set to change the pace and mood and showcase the musicians and David’s incredible vocals… pure genius.

And who knew Waiting in the Stars was the banging show opener we never knew we needed??! … you guessed it, G.E.N.I.U.S.!!

And in Boston, during Postcards in the Sky, when everyone started waving the postcards that Amanda (@LangoneLady), Melissa (@melissad309) and Ashley (@Palrice8) (sorry if I’m misspelling anyone’s name!) had carefully made and handed out to everybody, David’s look of surprise and “Cool, I wasn’t expecting that!” was priceless.

The emotional power of Glorious fused with You Say made me cry Every. Single. Night. Those songs were speaking to ME about ME guiding ME, comforting ME. I almost turned around to make sure other people were hearing MY songs. For real.

And then, still all choked up, he starts singing Shine A Light, my second fave on the album (after Postcards), which I did not think he’d be singing… SOMEONE HAND ME AN ENTIRE BOX OF KLEENEX!!!! … sidenote, I take full credit for putting my phone flashlight up in the air during the chorus and starting it off, and then David suggested everyone do it…  *bows*… it was soooooo magical… David had told us that the parents of his co-writer on the song, Isabeau Miller, were in the audience, which made it even more special.



THIS SONG. THIS SONG. GAHHHHHH…”obsessed” doesn’t even begin to cover my reaction… did NOT see that one coming at all. It’s like “Take Me to Church” meets Imagine Dragons meets Buffy the Fan Slayer … like whoah!!!! (see how out of actual words I am rn?!)

That song belongs on radio STAT!!! The groove of it, the power, the lyrics we can all relate to, the way David lets his voice fly.

I need it in my phone so I can stop people in the streets and put headphones on them and push play because they need to hear it. (Several restraining orders currently prevent me from doing that.) It’s THAT good.

And we heard that there are apparently more where that come from, just as good or even better. WE ARE NOT WORTHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At the Sellersville VIP, my two favourite questions were:

  • When David does a certain vocal run on tour, does he ever think, “dang, I should’ve done it that way on the album”? David said not really, because he tries out so many options during the recording process that he’s happy with what they end up with for the album. And also, he said he’s less focused on “showing off” vocal “ad libs” and acrobatics than he might’ve been earlier in his career. He gave Invincible as an example. How simple his delivery is on that song. Which supports the theme of the song… “I don’t have to be invincible vocally either.” Then he added that he’ll be working on an upcoming project where those vocal acrobatics will come into play… his long-awaited Spanish album… HUGE cheers in the room for that answer… he said that’s because you can be more expressive and emotional with those songs.
  • I also loved this question: Do you have any big career goals that you’re working toward, that you haven’t achieved yet. And David answered that yes, he does. That he’d like to get back to the level of mainstream music success he once had, get back on the radio, but do it for the right reasons, to make music with a purpose, music that feeds the soul, music that might be fun to listen to but also lifts people and helps them look at things in a new way.

I was just so happy to hear David declare out loud to all of us there what he’s aiming for. Saying it is halfway to doing it. And it just shows a huge leap of confidence, imo. He didn’t say it in a boastful way, but just simply and honestly putting that out into the world.

All of us have always known that he belongs with the best of the best recording artists out there… that he’s more talented than many of them, in my view… but to hear him acknowledge that that is where he belongs… I wanted to leap out of my seat and scream “YES!!! YES!!!! YOU GO, DAVID!!!!” (I did do that in my head, however.)

Sidenote: Continuing in my long-standing tradition of awkwardness where David’s concerned, when we went up for the photo at VIP, David was on vocal rest and couldn’t talk but 100% forgetting that I blurted out, “Hey, how’s it going??” Then remembered he couldn’t say anything so I just told him that Paralyzed is crazy good… I believe my exact words were, “crazy crazy crazy good”… but he was probably thinking, “crazy sounds about right”. 😆

It was amazing to see so many lovely and amazing fan friends… some I hadn’t seen since before David went on his mission… even some folks from back in the Noting David days, like Abrra, and Bebereader and SilverFox and SandyBeaches, Amb4DA, Astrid and DJbell and River and Marlie and just everyone. {{{{{{group hug}}}}

On that theme, I loved this comment that was on David’s last insta post:


Sorry this is so long… I will add things in the comments if I remember anything more.

You can find incredible vids on the illustrious DJbell’s youTube channel HERE.


David on teeeveeeeee today!

(Somewhat lame, non-Shelley photos courtesy of me.)


Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 11.51.51 AM

About to go into a David Archuleta concert and I can hardly bear it. *hides*

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.@DavidArchie’s Postcards in the Sky video is here and I am kvelling even though I am not sure what that means

Things I love about this video:

The song

The song

The song

(spoiler alert) The hopeful ending

The snazz outfit

The white sneaks (*yes, I’m that sha-la-la-la-low)

David dancing in the cotton candy clouds making him an actual angel as we already suspected

The song

The song

The candles reflected when he’s looking through the window… I just kept thinking, “all the souls who need some light” *sobs*

The song

Did I mention the perfect hair? (*see footnote above)

And last, but not least, the song




Another great interview:

Love this: “It’s not like I’m a drinker or partier. That’s not the way I was raised. I participate in my church, and when I did the new album, I asked all the songwriters if they minded that I said a prayer before I sang. But I’m not going to say that I’m innocent or naive. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 11 years. I like to live honestly and be what I really am, and that’s a good boy with a twist.”


And courtesy of the illustrious Tina: .

This is awesome… both points of view! lol (scroll through to see Haley’s video)



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Awesome podcast is awesome

What an amazing interview!

So cool to hear the writing process for Invincible, who David wrote Waiting in the Stars for, what Upset With Me is about, sort of, generally, hypothetically, in a broad sense 😆 … and his relationship advice “don’t follow what I do” awwww

What did you guys think??


Great interview and story in The Ithacan HERE.

Found this part particularly interesting:

Archuleta’s publicist Ken Phillips worked with the Jonas Brothers even before Disney picked them up and has also aided other “American Idol” stars like Cook, who won the show’s seventh season, and Lee DeWyze, who appeared on the ninth. He said some artists grow frustrated when the public pays more attention to their old hits than their new creations, but that the enduring popularity of their first hits comes with the territory of stardom.

“I think every artist is always going to keep trying to create and make new music, so of course they want people to listen to their latest creation, but they understand,” he said.

Archuleta said he is grateful for his fans’ support and enjoys connecting with them, even if on a nostalgic level.

“I don’t really feel pigeonholed by it because I feel like I can do as I like,” Archuleta said. “And I think it’s been nice because I think it’s cool to have that nostalgia behind it. I still sing the songs that bring people that nostalgia. You know, ‘Crush,’ specifically. … They’ve always just been really open to what I have to offer now, and it’s fun that they still remember ‘American Idol,’ and they remember ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘iCarly.’”


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Pizza, Pickler and props, oh my

Here’s a sneak peek of the interview:

“when I’m courting someone next time”



Just going to leave this here…..

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 2.52.40 PM.png


And a big thank you to the lovely and amazing Tina for capturing this moment (which I kept replaying before I saw this 😆 )

And on the Pickler & Ben website, HERE, they not only include the interview clip, but also a YouTube of Postcards in the Sky and a link to David’s tour schedule page. *heart eyes for days*

I came across these Amazon reviews by *ahem* accident and just had to share:






I love the clickbait headline of this story, which is basically just a rehash of Donny Osmond’s original tweet. It makes it sound like they engage in a rap battle or something. (Although, to be fair, we were not there and do not know what actually ensued.)


Sooooooo, how excited are we for touuuuurrrrrr????!!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 2.54.34 PM.png

Screenshots from here.

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.@DavidArchie’s amazingly awesome @Reddit #AMA


In case you missed David Archuleta’s amazing #AskMeAnything session on Reddit, check out some of his answers below… (for the questions, go to THIS PAGE).











“As a redditor myself”??? SOOOOOO many questions, lol.

How awesome was this?? Insights into what he’s been going through and working through… into his new music… so much kind and thoughtful advice and guidance to others. I’m not biased at all when I say he. is. just. the. absolute. best.


Thanks so much for doing this, David!!!

What did you guys think?? Which answer struck you the most?

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So beautiful… I cannot…

WHO sounds like this????

Do we have evidence he is not from the distant planet Sublimia in the Unicornia galaxy??

Seriously… what the flying fig is this if not perfection?

And MY Grammy goes to… Mr. David Archuleta.


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How did I forget this video existed??

It seems so strange to watch this behind-the-scenes video now.

He literally seems 12.

As if a super wealthy pre-teen was given his own cool, edgy bachelor pad to sit and pout in and watch the rain.

I feel for him watching this… all the hubbub swirling around him and he’s just trying to figure out who he is and what he wants.

We had no idea at the time though, did we? I’m just glad he’s made it through the other side… so many don’t.

It is cool to see him actually play guitar a little. I remember reading an interview with Mike Krompass where he said David called him just before they filmed this to ask him about the chords he’d have to play for the song.

Didn’t want to just fake it.

That’s David all right. *sniff*


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Can we please just talk about this for days???

View this post on Instagram

#ImReady. Don’t you ever get worried for not knowing what to do next? Do you ever wonder if you’ve messed up enough times that you can get a big fat “failure of life” permanently stamped on your forehead? Do you ever feel you’re left all alone with all you’re unsure and insecure of? Well even though I feel like that a lot of times it seems like God gives me little hints and signs that I’m not alone in this. That if I keep trusting in Him and not just placing confidence in what I see now that I’ll get where I need to. Sometimes we lose. That’s ok. I’ve felt like a loser a lot of times in life, with a good view from the bottom but in the end it gives me nowhere else to look but up. And boy when we look up there sure is a lot to see and it’s a beautiful sky, beautiful life, and better places to move to. So let’s look up and go. What do you visualize? I can visualize so much more waiting for me. Songs to be sung, journeys to take, friends to be made, people to be loved, and God always up ahead guiding me if I follow His light moving in His direction. When I do I feel my hand in His. Even in the dark we can be lead through and it’s awesome. I close my eyes, pray for strength to keep going in His direction, and then I go. He lets me fall and I’m ok with that. “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9 – hang in there. Be good. Be kind. Work hard. Look up and seek divine guidance. Keep trying even when you mess up. It will all work out and in the end we’ll be overcomers. #thoughts #postcardsinthesky

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Super awesome, amazing interview!!

Run, don’t walk, to read the interview David just tweeted out, HERE.

It still slays me after all these years how candid he is about his insecurities, about the learning curve he’s on, and how he’s working through things. He just puts it out there and then he gets up every day, battles those demons and puts one foot in front of the other. Seriously, though, he really does.

I’m really glad he’s finally getting it that  promoting your music isn’t bragging  or an ego-trip (well, for some people, I’m sure it is, lol)…  it’s so cool to see that he’s finally seeing it as doing people a favour… by not DENYING them the knowledge that these incredible gems of songs are out there as bouquets of flowers for their ears.

I heard the phrase today “music is medicine” and I can’t think of anyone it applies to more perfectly.

Especially for Postcards in the Sky, what an incredible album, and I really hope this new PR person he mentions in the interview can help him spread the word far and wide.

Here are my fave bits:

.5c3e7ac582207_David Archuleta Photo credit- Robby Klein.jpg

You are preparing to head out on tour to promote your album Postcards in the Sky soon–what has you most excited to tour this record?

I toured a bit on this album last year and I’m excited to give another run to sharing these songs. I feel the messages still need to be shared with more people. It was my first official release as a fully independent artist and there was a lot that I was learning about marketing on my own. I’ve learned a lot from releasing a Christmas album, Winter in the Air, and hiring a new PR person who has been so great.

I want to get back to reminding people I did a pop album with messages to help them look at themselves and believe in them a little more. I was just talking about the Postcards album in my Instagram story yesterday and I got so many messages saying, “I didn’t know about this album,” and they were glad I mentioned it.

It has been a good lesson for me to realize I can’t just announce something once and then shy away from promoting myself because I miss the opportunity to share with so many fans who just happen to miss it in the sea of all the other posts and updates they get. I hope this will introduce the Postcards music to more people and impact them to be introspective in their lives and move forward with more hope and belief in themselves and in a greater force guiding each of us.

You just finished a tour based around your Christmas album though! How do you find the energy to tour this much?

Touring is like the perfect thing I need to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and I’m receiving so much from it. I am an introverted person that doesn’t like attention, and it’s easy to stay inside and not get much done and think that I’m nobody special that will make a difference. Particularly during winter, I feel better under the covers doing nothing and can feel unmotivated, which doesn’t help me feel better about myself. A tour helps put pressure on me to work toward something, and when I get on the stage I realize that people really do want to listen to me and actually enjoy the music I create. It inspires me to think of more thoughts and stories to share in music. I see the faces of people as they smile or reflect during a song, but much more often than that, I feel the reciprocation of emotions they’re experiencing as they hear a message or melody.

I love music and performances because you give people an experience they just might remember and take with them as some motivation to get through a rough week, maybe busy with studies, work, or a family issue. It’s nice to let people have something that refreshes their mind like music and a show. It refreshes me too!

You’re also already working on a new album as well–any idea when fans might hear a taste of that?

I’ve been writing already and I’m getting back into the studio next week for 2019. My goal is to try more fresh-sounding ideas, as I wasn’t too worried about being current on Postcards in the Sky. My goal is to have an album by fall and content to hear before that. I’m hoping to try some things out, even if it’s just one song on the tour to see fans’ responses. I need to step up my game though to be ready by then. I don’t mean just technically, but emotionally, because I hesitate a lot to share things before the grand reveal of an official album or single release. “What if they don’t like it?” “What if they get bored of it before it even comes out?” I just tend to be a worry wart.

Full interview HERE.

How about you guys, what did you think???

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