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Upset With Me appreciation post



There is SO much emotion and power and general amazingness to talk about with this song, that it took two of us. 🙂 Me and the lovely and amazing Ms. Janey.

I’ll go first:

Like many of you, I was blown away when I first heard Upset With Me.

It was just so raw, so real, like a spike to the heart.

It felt like David ripped open his soul and let us climb inside for 4 minutes, 53 seconds.

And the fact that it was the one song on the album he wrote completely solo made it the most personal.

After listening a while, one thing that really struck me about it was its point of view.

Even though the lyrics say things like, “You scream so loud, so I hide from you,” the title of the song is “Upset With Me” … not “Upset With You.”

The person who’s afraid and being screamed at has every right to declare, “I am upset with you,” but no … it’s framed the other way around. “I’m sorry if I’ve done anything
That makes you feel that I hurt you.”

To me, this beautifully reflects how complicated core relationships can be. How those you love can often hurt you the most. How difficult and painful it can be to assert yourself and set boundaries while trying to heal a fractured relationship.

I totally related to this song, for my own personal reasons, and was so moved by the way David was able to express his own feelings of hurt and betrayal while acknowledging, “I still love you.” Not easy. Not by a long shot.

I’ve heard lots of speculation about what the bridge could be about:

Painted eyes reaching for the sky
As we reach the moon
Busting clouds
Oh, you scream so loud
So I hide from you

And the first time I heard it, I immediately felt it was like a dream sequence in a book or a movie, with flashing images that don’t always make logical sense … like one of those recurring nightmares you have as a child… my own always featured bears or wolves trying to break through our doors and windows to get into the house and have us all for lunch, lol.

Here, I pictured a doll with painted eyes sitting in the corner staring out the window at the moon and clouds while everything else is going on. But I like some mystery in a song, so I’m okay with David never specifically spelling it out.

One of the most powerful sections to me is when his voice rises up at the end of the line, “For now, it’s something I needed to dooooo ahhhh,” which felt like a spirit breaking free into a bluer sky, if that makes sense. And by following that with, “I need to keep me safe from you”… BAM. Like a gut punch.

But beyond the emotional rawness and turmoil of the song’s subject matter, it’s still just a really good song that I love listening to because of the haunting melody, the sound of his voice, the layers of sound, the depth of feeling it evokes … everything.

How brave of David to include this song on the album. He’s said he’s not in that place anymore. From his blurb about it on his Insta post, it sounds as though writing and recording the song helped him process it all. I totally get that.

To me, the final lines are classic David. Reaching out with encouragement to others who may need it. But also ending on a high note… quite literally.

~ TOfan

And thanks to the lovely and amazing Janey for remembering this early sneak peek of Upset With Me:

Speaking of Janey… I asked her to share her thoughts on the song and she kindly did, here’s her take on it:

Maybe someday
You’d take the chance to listen to me
And then you’d know
That I still love you

From the beginning, it’s laid out that the author is coming from a very grown up place, not putting blame on either party for what has transpired in the past and is willing to let the other person know, this is coming from a place of love and wanting to make the relationship better.

I’m sorry for the way
We might have behaved
It leaves you up and down
I fell to the ground
Had to escape
“I fell to the ground, Had to escape” 

Here come my tears. 

I know you’re upset with me
But you can’t keep hurting me

The author is taking responsibility for their future relationship.

If you disagree
With every word I speak
I told you what I feel
You say it’s not real
So I’m leaving

Again, the future will be determined by the author’s actions.

I know you’re upset with me
But you can’t keep hurting me

If I’m not enough
To show you who I am
After all I’ve done
Then it’s too tough for you to understand

I’m taking back what’s mine
We both sacrificed
Gave everything we had
But I don’t have to give you my life

Stating how it will be from now on. A declaration of independence.

I know you’re upset with me
But you can’t keep hurting me

I’m sorry if I’ve done anything
That makes you feel that I hurt you
I’m not sure what I’m running to
For now it’s something I needed to do
I need to keep me safe from you
You still can’t see
Why can’t you see?

The first time I heard “I need to keep me safe from you” I felt my heart breaking. This song is about someone very close to the author and the author is questioning why the other person is so far removed from his point of view, from his need to grow up and grow away.

Painted eyes reaching for the sky
As we reach the moon
Busting clouds
Oh, you scream so loud
So I hide from you
I never said a word to you
So I hide the truth
What did I do?
What did I do?

This strikes me at my core like no other set of lyrics ever have. I remember listening to the song for the very first time and was in tears from the beginning. By the time I got to this I was full on bawling.

I have to be honest, I don’t know the literal meaning of this, I only know how it makes me feel. It takes me back to my childhood when my young neighbor was often beaten by his mother. I think I remember seeing it happen once or perhaps I have conjured up the image in my mind based on the screams I heard. To this day, I feel guilty having done nothing, but as a child in the 1960s and with parents who insisted it was none of our business, what was there to do? I’m glad there has been some improvement in that area.

If I had to put into words what images these words evoke, what comes to mind is painted eyes reaching for the sky as we reach the moon, reaching out for help and it’s not there, reaching out more, but still no help. Someone is verbally or physically abusing someone and they try to hide.

“What did I do?” tells me a child is blaming themselves for the actions of their abuser. It is the most poignant part of the song and the most gut wrenching. I want to take that child and say, as Robin Williams says to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, “It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.”

chords and background vocals
this is where the emotion hits the hardest for me. listen to the wailing in the background. If that doesn’t hit you in the gut, nothing ever will.

If there is someone
Who needs to know
Protect yourself and find the help
To let you go
You can let yourself be heard

As always, in true David fashion, he tries to reach out to those in need, letting them know what they need to do to help themselves get to a better place.


A few random thoughts on production and such:

I find the single piano note disturbing in that it creates tension but essential in that it adds angst to the song. It is a brilliant way to showcase the lyrics. I also find that depending on the sound system in use it can sound strikingly beautiful (the rental car in Nashville in the hotel parking lot) or not the best to my overly sensitive ears (my dated volvo).

The album placement is also noteworthy:

  • I’m Ready starts off the middle set – David readying himself to go on his mission.
  • Other Things in Sight – “Who do you think you’re talking to,” I can’t add anything to that. Go David, go!
  • Say Me – he’s finding his voice.
  • Upset With Me, he’s using his new found voice and independence to clarify and mend some old wounds.
  • The lovely Up All Night finishes up the transition with David finding acceptance and a new place he can call home:Hear my heart, and there’s an answered prayer
    Feel the magic in the midnight air
    Breathe it in, I wanna pass it on
    The strength of fighting somewhere you belongHere so small but I am safe and sound
    Where I stand it feels like solid ground
    No where else that I’d rather be
    No greater gift than what you’ve given me

~ Janey

From Tina’s illustrious Tumblr *all the praise hands*


How about you guys?? How did the song make you feel?

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D’Arch YouTube Q&A, y’all


Sidenote: Whoever’s house this is, I have table-envy! (Don’t think I see David as a table-runner guy, but who knows? lol)

Check out the Seasons video and all David’s Q&A replies HERE.
But here are some highlights:

Okay, this is all kinds of adorable… totally picturing him at his grandma’s having to stare up at himself… 😆 😆 😆



oooooo, fingers crossed for either one of these! He should TOTALLY do a children’s book. (I volunteer as tribute to be his editor, proofreader and shoe polisher).



*SOBS* He. Is. So. Lovely.



Who else wants outtakes?????






*flails* Nandito Ako The Sequel, please and thank you.



It was so cool to hear his creative process here… and “I saw this a lot in my life and wonder if it’s my own to be honest” #whoah



His smiley face at the end though… he’s just too adorbs sometimes.



Woooot! Woooot!


Can’t argue with that light, people.


.<3 ❤ ❤



This is David’s Canadian friend (from Alberta), I think… #represent … but D. on a diet? say, what?



Bonus answer from David, way to go, Mademoiselle Laura!!!


New medley???? Could it be a Broadway medley with something from The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hansen, maybe??!!!


You had me at Ben ♥♥♥



“self-disciplinary purposes” … I cannot.



My hands-down favourite 🙂 🙂 🙂


I lied, this is tied for my favourite:


Or maybe this! Stop the presses!

David must be doing the Ed Sheeran part and Nathan the Andrea Boccelli part (for Perfect)… *flails*


Some pretty cool answers from D’Arch … If I’ve missed any, let me know!!!



How did I miss this classic?! bwahahahaha

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.00.17 PM.png

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Groove songs from groovemeister D’Arch


EXTREMELY cool that David shared his playlist of Groove Songs with us! And that he’ll be sharing more every week! wooohoooo

And thanks to the crack team of SAz investigative journalists*, we have an exclusive sneak peek of some of David’s upcoming playlists.

Fasten your seatbelts, here you go!




Seriously though, here’s David’s actual playlist:






This is so cool that David is doing this! I know lots of celebs (even our Prime Minister, I think) share these.

Can I just say… Ben Rector ♥♥♥ … and very cool Nico & Vinz and Maggie Rogers are on the list, and a bunch of songs I don’t know but will have to check out.

Did not see this one coming… 🙂 🙂 🙂

and OH. EM. GEE. 😆 😆 😆


How about you guys?? Were you surprised by any of the songs on the playlist??

Can you take any guess as to future playlists??


*There is no such team
aww, how sweet is this??

ROFLing at this thread:

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.50.11 PM.png

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David latte gets its own post

thanks, Ms. B.!!!!!

this makes me more happy than it should, hahaha

Yes, I know David doesn’t drink coffee, but it’s one of the basic food groups for me, soooooo 🙂

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This flush ain’t goin’ away-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay


In one of the last of these stories, I was trying to figure out what David was doing… packing boxes, maybe? Stacking shelves?

But no, he tilts his phone just for a sec and he’s cleaning a bathroom sink.

Then it gets even better.

In the next story, he’s still busy doing something. Hmm, what could it be?

Scrubbing toilets.

Of course he is.

Why did I not immediately think of this? This is David Archuleta we’re talking about here. The guy who chats with toll booth ladies and sings at nursing homes and helps flood victims and spent two years of his life serving others.

You guys know all this… AND I know all this… and yet, it still blows me away. That his humility is just part of DA’s DNA. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

And he’s right, being part of a bunch of peeps volunteering their time to do good works is an amazing feeling.

I just want to know who made up the task rotor that day and thought, “hmm, toilet cleaning. I think I’ll put David Archuleta’s name beside that one.”

More likely, he crossed someone else’s name out and put his own, am I right? 🙂



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Cracks of Heaven appreciation post from the lovely Taterzen


When David Archuleta’s album, “Postcards in the Sky” was finally released, I watched it download and then gobbled it up on the spot.

My intent was to savor each song, but I couldn’t play them fast enough.

Everything was so good, great, better than ever, beyond expectations; and my expectations were pretty high. When I heard “Cracks of Heaven,” I was caught a little off guard. It was the first track I revisited.

I must admit, it is not the song with the most plays now. That honor probably goes to the title track and “Shine a Light,” but not by much. Most often, I listen to all the songs in sequence, or choose one as “the song of the week” to see if I can hear something new. They all get a turn. They all deserve a turn.

So, why the “Cracks of Heaven” appreciation?

My mother passed away in 2014, at the age of 94. Her mind remained exceptionally keen for all of those years; but after my father passed away in 2005, her physical health became the challenge. She began to worsen when she was about 92.

I determined to spend more time with her, almost daily near the end. I can only refer to that period as a blessing (and maybe my chance to make amends for those teen years when I thought my criticism and sarcastic repartee were the way to independence.)

Mom was calm about her impending passing; we talked of it often. Because of that, I felt prepared for her to leave, but when it happened… Well, I was completely slammed by a painful emptiness. My faith, and my firm belief that relationships extend beyond this life, did not exempt me from grief.

Musically and poetically, “Cracks of Heaven” describes it all—the loss, the loneliness, the wondering, the memories, the comfort, the acceptance. Granted, it is quite personal, but that is what music is to each of us.

In a recent interview, David said he did not write “Cracks of Heaven” about, or for, a particular person. He just felt that it was “a subject that should be discussed.” Considering David’s intuitive nature, and judging from the comments of others who love this song, he actually wrote it for a number of people.

The production bar was raised for David’s entire album. I think it persuaded him to dig into his bottomless bag of genius musical nuances in order to enhance the messages. The result certainly sustains the lyrics.

I thought this empty house would be more quiet
But I can hear your voice whisper loud
I close my eyes and it’s like
You’re still here with me
Without you I thought it would be a ghost town (ethereal background)
I was afraid that my heart would stop
It hurts from missing you
But what gets me through is knowing, knowing

Some specifics worthy of my unabashed appreciation:

• It starts softly—empty house, quiet, whisper. When we get to “you’re still here with me,” the “with me” is sung by two voices in close harmony.
• The reference to a “ghost town” includes a wordless obbligato floating through the background, not scary or creepy, just ethereal.
• There is an expressed fear that the loss might be too much to handle, but then comes the realization that not everything is completely gone, and we launch into a hopeful chorus (with me singing along).

I see you in the morning light
I see you in the midnight sky (I feel it)
Everywhere around me
Never have to say goodbye
It doesn’t matter where I go
I feel you in every memory
I hold until I see you again
Through the cracks of heaven
Whoa Whoa Whoahh ooh
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoahhh
Heaven, Heaven oooh…
Through the cracks of heaven

• At the end of the first line, there is a distinctive broken chord. (I hear a G, F#, D.) Those same intervals are repeated at the end of the second line as David sings “I feel it.” It is also used after “never have to say goodbye” and “it doesn’t matter where I go.” The chorus is sung three times throughout, and my brain always hears a reassuring “I feel it” whenever that broken chord is used. And I do feel it.

• Have you noticed how David gets every possible ounce of beauty out of vowel sounds? He lands right in the center and coaxes them into full bloom. Listen to “memory” in the chorus. It is more like a prolonged mem-o-ry, with a little hesitation catch on that “o” to let us know it is important. I love how he can linger over a “memory” like that.

• The song title is finally used in the chorus; and just like peeking through the crack in a door to see what’s going on, we get a tiny glimpse of understanding through the cracks of heaven.

I’m just a stranger on a street that’s crowded
A thousand faces talking noise to me
Every day’s a fight
But it’ll be alright
‘Cause I know, I know

[Repeat Chorus]

It’s the very first time we danced
The first time that I took your hand
‘Cause in your eyes I found a piece of hope
I’m not alone…

• The second verse and the bridge continue to move through the grieving process. Favorite lyrics: “A thousand faces talking noise to me.” Exactly! Just going through the motions, still sifting through memories

(Final Chorus)

• At some benevolent point, the once dreaded reminders become welcome memories to be cherished. The cracks of heaven now provide comfort. The final chorus seems to express it. The words are the same, but it builds and changes, with musical elements added to the final five lines, a rousing finish almost demanding a “Hallelujah!”


(photo up top: Shelley, of course)

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There must be some kind of reason WE ARE A-FLAILINGGGGG!!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.56.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.46.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.01.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.04.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.05.52 PM.png



Things I love about the video:

♥︎ The song itself, one of my faves on the album. Their voices blend gorgeously and it’s surprisingly catchy, staying in my head for ages… in a good way.

♥︎ The simplicity of the video matches the song itself.

♥︎ They both look so pretty.

♥︎ David’s “shades of Josh Bradley” emoting through those pre-contact-lens eyes of his.

♥︎ That it was launched as an exclusive to Variety! Nice strategic move, Team Archuleta! Fave bit of the interview (man, he’s a poet and doesn’t know it 🙂 ):

“When the seasons change in our lives it’s harder to stay motivated to say you know we had a beautiful time in our life. We had a beautiful spring and summer, but now the fall is coming, and I don’t want to go to your winter again,” he says. “But the woman is able to endure longer, and Madeline’s voice is saying you know what? Winter is coming, and it’s hard, but spring comes after that, and if we stick through it we will be able to see the blooming of our lives again, and I know if we hang in there it’s going to be ok.”

♥︎ That I only discovered watching the video that David and Madilyn sing different lyrics during the bridge (I, um, might have mostly been listening to his voice on the recording 🙂 ):


David: It looks like… / Madilyn: When will you see …
…we’re just running out of time.
David: I wish I could make it right / Madilyn: …what you and I could be
Both: We’re just watching summer die
Both: It’s (our) time to say goodbye

♥︎ His swanky coat.

♥︎ His even swankier boots.
oh, and one more thing: 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.43.57 PM.png

How about you guys???? What did you think???
Love that David was pulling a Shelley and Insta-storey-ing from this Nashville songwriter jam. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Postcards title track appreciation post

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.49.59 PM

Photo credit: The illustrious Shellster


balloons.gifAs I might have shared here, ahem, a few times, I am still truly, madly, deeply in love with the Postcards in Disguise ( 🙂 ) title track.

So much so, that I didn’t want to write a post about it and ruin the “magic,” if that makes any sense.

But luckily a lovely David friend (who prefers to remain anonymous), shares my love for Postcards and was okay with me posting our recent convo… (before our hopes were dashed that it would be the subject of David’s new video… no worries, I’m good with Seasons, it’s a gorgeous song, with beautiful harmonies, one of my faves on the album, so it’s all good… I mean, hey, with David, it literally IS all good, am I right?? 🙂 )

But I digress, here’s our convo about the title track… (that’s my avi on the right, btw 🙂 ):





Here’s David explaining the meaning and the story behind the song before letting loose with it (thanks, Muldur, for the amazing video!!!)… LOOOOVE everyone singing along at the end!!!

and his epic Nashville performance because Nashville…

How about you guys?? What are your thoughts about the title track??

*all the praise hands*


Go check out Tina’s Tumblr post HERE on David’s epic gym-parking lot Insta stories. You’re most welcome.

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Get ready for Archupalooza!

My lip-reading skills tell me he’s saying the word “light” here, so that narrows it down to… basically every song on the album. 🙂


Bless, David, the dude for whom a “5 minute” Q & A turns into 15 Glorious minutes 🙂


Archuletta feelin it! @davidarchie @isabeaumiller

A post shared by @ casoncooley on





omigosh you guys… this 2018 David is my favourite David of all time and that’s saying something because 2017 David was pretty high up there on my list.

Just seeing him so happy and excited to share what he’s working on and where’s he’s working and with whom, but knowing how to keep the boundaries he needs to have a private life … but also finding a way to remain his humble self while also putting himself out there so confidently so that more people can hear this incredible new music and find out where to get tickets for his amazing new shows… it’s just almost too much for me.

But hey, I have a stockpile of B-12, so I will find a way to deal. 🙂

One of the 381320381920 VIP questions that I didn’t get to ask at the last shows was about what the songwriting process was like for him and then BAM… wish granted!

When he talked about writing the pep talk that maybe he needed himself, whoah, he’s just so open and honest, it shouldn’t take me by surprise any longer but it still does.

And it’s so cool to “meet” some of the people he’s been working with and to see what a relaxed, supportive vibe they have with one another and how much they recognize and respect his talent.

And he’s just so generous to shine a light on their contribution and how much they work as a team. I can’t even think of any other solo artists who do that. Can you??? Have never been prouder to be a fan of his, truly.

How about you guys?? What did you think of the FB Live and all the new stuff coming up??!



I’m sorry, but this totally cracked me up. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Busy guy, indeed! He went by himself tho’? 😥

Fave parts of the interview:

“I’m very into culture; I’m very interested in learning about other arts and cultures. … I would say for anyone else who’s interested in learning about the arts and the cultures, or if they are from Chinese culture and want to reconnect to their culture, I would recommend to come and see the show.

“Another thing that I [enjoyed] learning about was the values of the Chinese traditions throughout history. Like I said, I loved the spiritual connections with the heavens and with God. I thought those were really beautiful things. It’s not just about the arts and how it looks; it’s about helping people learn and to connect spiritually as well.

“The singer, I thought she had a very strong voice. I thought she had a very beautiful tone as well, and I thought the message was very touching. … I didn’t realize how much spirituality was in the Chinese culture.”

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