Rexburg Videos/mp3s


Screen cap: Snarky Archies.

Rexburg, BYU Idaho Setlist … will add YouTubes as they become available from awesome ninja videographers!

1. Touch My Hand (8throwcenter)

2. Barriers (frejul10)

3. A Little Too Not Over You (dvpinaygrl8825)

4. Somebody Out There (frejul10)

5. Not a Very Good Liar (StarryNites01)

And great audio & closeup from 8throwcenter:

6. My Hands (8throwcenter)

7. You Can (ShelleyFOD)

8. Works for Me (8throwcenter)

9. Don’t Let Go (frejul10)

10. Your Eyes Don’t Lie

11. Parachutes & Airplanes (StarryNites01)

12. Waiting for Yesterday (ShelleyFOD)

13. To Be With You (ShelleyFOD)

14. Zero Gravity

15. Crush (ShelleyFOD)

16. Imagine (annalisasinger84)

17. Be Still My Soul (StarryNites01) … for the love of all things Archuleta, please sit down for this one.

Be Still My Soul HD/closeup (feather4archuleta)


Be Still My Soul (Anny):
Without intro speech mp3.
With speech mp3.
Video mp4.

Be Still My Soul HD/Closeup Video mp4 (fa3ryg1rl)

Parachutes & Airplanes mp3 (Abrra, studio quality audio!)

Parachutes & Airplanes Video mp4 (Anny’s video via Snarky Archies)

Not a Very Good Liar mp3

Not a Very Good Liar Video mp4 (Anny’s video via Snarky Archies)

Works for Me Rexburg (Jenleighbarry / from muldur’s video)

Download full concert HERE. (Thanks, @starryNites01 & @Abrra!)

3 Responses to Rexburg Videos/mp3s

  1. YJfanofdavid says:

    Thank you snowangelz! Who else is in Team NAVGL? 🙂

    • Deniss says:

      i’ve been a fan of Archie for some years but this is the first time i’ve learned about this oiifcfal fans club of him i know. shame on me.but still, i would want to be a member i tried to click on the link for the membership form but i think the link is already broken i hope someone could fix that soon. i want to be an oiifcfal PinoyArchie!

  2. TOfan says:

    YJ, I keep going back and forth … today it’s P&A but I love the bridge in NAVGL and the whole vibe of it … but gotta confess that when he sings “not a very good liar” I keep thinking of “best be-ha-vior” 🙂

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