Love you to the moon and back, @DavidArchie

I can’t imagine anyone here hasn’t read Tuesday’s People Magazine interview with David Archuleta, but if you did miss it, you can read the whole thing HERE.

And I strongly recommend you do read the whole article. I’m on my third read, lol.

I’m just so happy for David, and so very proud of him. I mean, it was difficult to read about his struggles and what they almost cost him, but I was so moved by his powerful words.

I was also deeply moved by his courage in so openly sharing his journey. By sharing what he’s been going through since coming out last July … IN REAL TIME!!! … he’s literally saving lives… including his own. And I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

So please do read the article, or re-read it, and if you feel like sharing your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear them!!!


It’s hard to pick a favourite part because there’s just so much of this article I found heart-wrenching, but if I had to pick, it would be this:

“I’ve allowed myself to love myself for everything I am, to not be conditioned to shame myself — and to be not ashamed of who I am feels wonderful,” he says, “because I didn’t think it was ever okay to love myself.”

Bravo, David, bravissimo!!! I could not be happier he’s learning to love his entire authentic self… he’s always been so hard on himself, I truly never thought I’d see the day.

You go, David!!! We are all here, leaping to our feet, giving you the biggest Standing O ever!!!


Bringing over some comments about the article from the end of the last comment thread:

From the lovely and amazing Kizzi:

In March 2008, I was gobsmacked by David’s artistry. 14 years later that only intensified. He is geniunely courageous, inspirational and staunchly true to himself. He’s faced such huge barriers both internal and external, and, amazingly has shared that journey with the world. His poignant emotional vulnerability pleated with his superhero-esque physical and mental strength is breathtaking to behold.

It is a true privilege and delight to have been an observer and attendant of his journey to date.

He is choosing his path and destiny. The only boundaries will be those that he chooses.

It’s “Just David” anytime and all the time.

Love, hugs and kisses to all at SAz. 😊😘❤️❤️❤️

From Another Occasional Lurker:

David’s Instagram comment section is on fire regarding his new People interview.
For a shy guy David is letting go with a tsunami of personal information.

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12 Responses to Love you to the moon and back, @DavidArchie

  1. Janey H. says:

    Who was it that said, “The best is yet to come!”? Oh right, it was Kari. Wise, wise woman ♥ And I am so here for it.

  2. Sheila says:

    Thanks for this post! I keep rereading the interview. Looking forward to seeing what he does next. A whole new life for him. ❤️

  3. Another Occasional lurker says:

    Knowing how spiritual David is, a thought went through my mind (that happens occasionally) last month during David’s trip to Europe. He visited the Sagrada Cathedral in Barcelona and Vatican City and I wondered if part of his visit was to test the waters of other religious views that he could look to if the constraints of the Mormon religion became too difficult for David to overcome.

    And then this People interview comes out.

    Not saying he’s going to convert to Catholicism, just speculating that he’s opening his spiritual options.

  4. TOfan says:

    Great new interview on… with a cameo from Frosty 🙂 … scroll down to get to the video:

    • Janey H. says:

      ps, the same ig account just shared Movin’ and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me and a short clip talking about Joseph :))) ♥♥♥

    • missbianca says:

      It was lovely to hear one of the Joseph songs, not quite as much glitz as the stage production, eh? Anyone know how large the stage orchestra was for Joseph?

      See those two heads in the bottom foreground of the video? Hubby Harvey on the left and the lovely Jeanne on the right. I’m to the left of the Harv with absolutely no one in front of me. Yes, that’s bragging but I’m running with the good life gives me.

  5. Kizzi says:

    Great article, so amazing and all I can think is how happy I am for him. Huge steps… to decide to be himself and take time to look at his beliefs that dictate he has to be someone else to be viewed as a “good” person. And his vulnerability is inspiring and breathtaking. His courage is off the charts. It’s hard enough to go through major life changes, earthquakes actually, and then to do it publicly is a next level of bravery that is rare.

    As you said Tofan, bravissimo David. He continues to inspire me.

  6. emmegirl14 says:

    Great interviews, his openness and honesty reveals his courage. And after a decade plus of following him we all know that is who he is. But it still never ceases to amaze and inspire me.
    It seems he is navigating these muddied waters exceptionally well and is finally getting some clarity… to be able to see himself as worthy, as valued.

    Find your happiness David, wherever that takes you.
    And we”ll be right behind you.

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