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Boise recap from the lovely & amazing Taterzen!

Boy, O Boy, Boise! Forgive me, but I must start this recap on a personal note for you to understand just how much David Archuleta’s Boise concert meant to me, and just how fantastic it was from every perspective. My … Continue reading

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Here are a few of my favourite thiiiiings……

Love this to the moon and back! I'm engaged guys. He didn't buy a ring but I mean it's okay because I love him. And he just proposed to me on the spot (in my dreams) A photo posted by … Continue reading

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Indy Magic

THIS SUMS UP HOW I FELT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CONCERT!!!!! . . We had a most wonderful time of the year in Indianapolis! 😉 thanks so much to everyone who helped get the word out about the show and for … Continue reading

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It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeaaaaar!!!

What could possibly put you more in the Christmas spirit than hearing David sing holiday songs?? Yes, that was a hypothetical question. Tinsel? nah. Twinkly lights? somewhat. Snow? getting closer. But THIS is guaranteed to fill my heart with the joy … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! On this day of being grateful I am so grateful for my family! I only have a picture with the siblings here but I am so grateful for everyone in my family. These siblings of mine though … Continue reading

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This guy….

David. Dude. My fandom is already dialled up to 11. Where the heck do you expect me to go from here?? There’s this: Click HERE to preview & preorder. And raise your hand if you think these are the TOSOD boots? … Continue reading

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LOOOOOOVE THIIIIIS VIDEOOOOOO!!!!! The song the black and white bits the nature walk the song the river bed the desert boots the song (did I mention the song??) Did anyone else scream at the EXTREEEEME David close-up 10 secs. in? … Continue reading

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A little too not over Tuacahn, @DavidArchie

I honestly don’t know where to Begin.🙂 What do you do when you’ve been crawling across the desert for years in search of water and a tsunami hits? Welcome to life as a David Archuleta fan, lol. Not complaining, though, no sirree… … Continue reading

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Tuacahn recap-ish…NEW @DavidArchie MUSIC!!!!!

. Okay, full disclosure, I am in Tuacahn and beyond verklempt at the new songs we heard tonight…I really hope you guys got to hear them on Periscope or any other means possible because they are both so raw and … Continue reading

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New @DavidArchie interview, complete with my own personal footnotes

First, let me just take a moment… WHAT A DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!!!! Starting with this: Y tu y tu y tu, y solamente tuuuu. Throwback to when I would hear this song walking down the streets in Chile SIEMPRE. Como … Continue reading

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