David sharing and singing and sharing and singing some more is my favourite

So if you can’t keep up with Mr. David Archuleta these days… between interviews, lives and podcasts, oh my! … you are not the only one.

I’m putting these lives and interviews here in one post because (a) they’re awesome and amazing, (b) selfishly, for myself, so I can rewatch at my leisure, and (c) just ‘cuz.

First up is David’s recent insta live where he covered some of Yebba’s songs and made me yearn even more for a collab * starts prayer circle *…

Here’s some of the Yebba part to bless your ears:

And this exchange melted my cold, cold heart:

Next up is the TikTok live (which I also missed when it was live so thank youuuu to

Enrique Iglesias fan club for posting on YouTube!!):

Then we have this amazing interview with Yahoo Entertainment. So many deep, wonderful thoughts, I need to rewatch!!



Among all the profoundly wise insights, this might also be my favourite part:

Not sure which live this was in, but when someone asked about his skin care routine and he does an extreme closeup in different lighting to show his “flaws” and he basically just reinforced how perfect his skin is. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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7 Responses to David sharing and singing and sharing and singing some more is my favourite

  1. Sheila says:

    Haha I missed the skin part!!!
    Thanks for putting these all here,appreciate it!

  2. Janey H. says:

    So much goodness and support for David. I love how his journey is capable of helping others, especially kids. I can’t help but think the Nighline/GMA interview came too soon. Notice the comfort level 2 months shown in the Yahoo interview, his growth is undeniable.

  3. emmegirl14 says:

    Thanks TOfan, I don’t keep up with all this so your diligence is greatly appreciated😊

    Agree Janey, the Yahoo interview so insightful, and he really is comfortable in his own skin.
    I would imagine more than he ever has been his entire life. What that must feel like!

    He is a person of such compassion he is the perfect one for helping others on a similar journey.

    *and I cannot wait for the full Movin videos😁

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