Can David Archuleta always be on my TeeVeee?

Seriously though.

Seeing David perform on the New Year’s Eve PBS United in Song special was nothing short of magical.

First, he slayed Movin’… when you watch, check out how the orchestra and conductor are bopping along and smiling.

Oozing charisma like a volcano blasts lava, David moved and grooved across the stage and added vocal flourishes that made me fall in love with the song all over again.

And those backup singers?? Amazing!

But then True Colors… oh sweet peaches, that blew me away. If you think “oh, I’ve heard David sing that a million times,” THINK AGAIN!!!

You have NEVER heard it like this. The arrangement was so deliciously full of surprises, I was hypnotized, so mesmerized. 🙂 For real, though. Totally blew me away.

I can’t get over how David can still surprise me with his talent. We’ve listened to his songs and watched his performances over the years, so you begin to think we’ve seen all he has to offer. HA! As if.

Then he does something like this interpretation of True Colors. So soft and tender in the beginning, making every phrase count. Telling that story in a brand new way. Making the meaning hit home like never before. I got choked up, it was so beautiful.

And little touches like saving the lyric “like a rainbow” until the very end (usually it’s repeated throughout the song). Genius. And the smile that spreads across his face when he sings that last line. Glorious. 🙂

And at the end, how the crowd erupts in cheers and wild applause… LOVE. IT.

I was able to watch it on my PBS app, but try THIS LINK (Movin’ is at about 32 minutes in, and True Colors at about 1:14).


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26 Responses to Can David Archuleta always be on my TeeVeee?

  1. pabuckie says:

    I thought both of his performances were superb! I liked the way he was movin’ to “Movin” just a chill vibe and the way the conductor and others were smiling too. True Colors was slowed down and his nuances were beautiful! One of my favorite songs on that album and he made it even more beautiful!

    • TOfan says:

      100% agree!! Loved that he got to share both his pop-tastic side & master balladeer side…and TC was in my top faves on BEGIN. too! 😍

  2. amb4da says:

    I’ve got so much catching up to do…and I started here. 🙂
    Didn’t see PBS, and I was home!! Oy. My heads just been in other things I guess…nothing tragic or major, just the times we’re in. Holidays busy, and some family member also got sick with the virus, one cousin is still in hospital and can use some prayers, if you are so inclined. So, alternately, just been busy, blobbing or worrying. Ha. And therefore, just not my usual “dialed in” on DA. (Please no rotten eggs thrown at me, I can’t take it. lol) But I will find YT’s I hope!

    Happy New Year, all~I sure hope this year turns a corner to some happy times, adventures we’ve been having to hold off on, and most of all good health to us and all our loved ones. Peace. Love. David. ✌️❤️🎶

    • TOfan says:

      Sending prayers and good vibes for your fam, Amy!! 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 No need to explain… such crazy, overwhelming times. Hope 2022 brings all of us some light. 🙌🏼💜

    • Pepper says:

      Good thoughts and prayers for your family members. Positive energies to you and them. ❤️

  3. amb4da says:

    oops testing..posted, didn’t take..sometimes that happens.

  4. Deb I agree about “like a rainbow” at the very end was indeed genius!!! I loved Movin’ too but True Colors took my breath away! How he makes you hear and feel a song is nothing short of amazing. Truly masterful!

  5. Janey H. says:

    I was impressed by how youthful David seemed compared to all the other performers. And I don’t mean his age, but the energy he brought to both performances.I also liked the way he played straight to the camera the few opportunities he was given. It is a hidden but certainly experienced trait he has that is never given enough credit. Often you can see it in still shots with some of the really great photographers he’s worked with. As you know I’m sensitive to bad editing and unnecessary camera work (weird angels, too too much motion, the drummer”s feet, etc.) but that “gift” also allows me to pick up on many of David’s finer points (have you ever just watched his hands – oh my!).

    • TOfan says:

      He is so good at working the camera, you feel like he’s singing right to you! I remember how well he did that on Idol, makes it seem totally natural.

  6. I must remain Anonymous says:

    True Colors was amazing. David is the unusual singer who is better live than recorded. I’ll be sad if I never get to see him in concert again

    And the female violinist was totally into David’s performance. Yes she was.

  7. emmegirl14 says:

    Thank you TOfan, I was searching for this a couple days ago. Hate to admit it never occurred to me to look on their website!
    Both performances amazing – no hyperbole, just plain fact!
    That True Colors though, practically held my breath through the entire song. He just grabbed you and refused to release you until it was over!
    amb4da – hoping fast recovery for your family and for everyone a better year ahead in 2022!

    • TOfan says:

      Emme, so glad you found it! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve gone back to watch both. …I know exactly what you mean about holding your breath during True Colors… felt like I was under some kind of spell, lol..

  8. Pepper says:

    Saw the PBS special too and yes…was so nice to see David on my TV again…and singing. He was great with both songs but yes, this version of True Colours was mesmerizing, just beautiful. Loved it! Recorded it for my pleasure. 🙂 Love your recap, as always Deb, you have a way! A Happy New Year to all, may it better all around for everyone. ❤

  9. emmegirl14 says:

    The Smashing Interview is so good. I marvel at his honesty, openness, and his courage.
    And he is determined to do whatever he can to help others who are on similar paths.
    It seems he is getting more and more comfortable in his own skin and moving towards a place of peace and happiness.

    • TOfan says:

      He really is, emme, so great to see. I really hope sharing his story in interviews like this helps him as much as its helping others. ❤

  10. TOfan says:

    Too adorbs 🤣😍

  11. missbianca says:

    “Oh sweet peaches” pretty much sums it up. Though probably not the youngest performer (I’m guessing that was the ballet dancers (who I loved)) David did bring the youthful vibe. Represent, David, represent!

    I am really curious how David got hooked up to this excellent program–not the usual connections, I think.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can someone put the link on that PBS show where David perform or better yet if someone has recorded his performance so that I can watch it too from here?please.l’m a big fan from the Phil.thank you very much…

  13. emmegirl14 says:

    Thinking this tour may be his best ever😁🤩

  14. emmegirl14 says:

    This may not be the place, but I just need to comment on David’s Instagram. So much for him to process and and realign. And he is getting emotional support he needs from 99 percent of the comments. He will get through the transitional part and and things won’t be so muddy, the skies will be clearer. I just have to say no one should be expected to live a lie their entire life. And he is as open and honest and real a person there is, any wonder the pretending drove him insane. Hang in there David. You will find your place and your peace.

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