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Top 10 ways to spot a fake @DavidArchie page

It looks as though this post was removed from David’s FB. (Probably because it sparked a whole thread of comments from peeps who thought it meant that David’s official FB was fake… what the heck is WRONG with people??) . … Continue reading

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Every @DavidArchie picture tells a story, Part 2

Aerial shot of the Gengen hug captured by her own personal David drone. . David pointing out that he’s excellent at pointing. . David, patiently waiting for the translation of “Shawty” that he asked for 20 minutes ago. . And … Continue reading

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Balloon-popper extraordinaire, @DavidArchie

You were all thinking this, amiright??🙂 . . p.s. Imagine, courtesy of Gengen *sniff*… amazes me how well he knows his voice so he can work around limitations while he’s sick and change things up so he makes it work … Continue reading

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Every picture tells a story….

From the lovely & amazing Gengen on FB: Most grateful to the generous Mr Chewea Hu again! Enjoy David’s photos at Taipei concert! Poor baby showed what a trooper he truly was that day. The last two pics are us … Continue reading

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@DavidArchie in Taiwan

I got caught up with the release of #Workin that I forgot to mention I'll be in Taiwan for the next couple of weeks! Even with the quiet arrival I still got a surprise warm welcome from Julie and Matt. … Continue reading

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Earworm alert! #Workin w/ @DavidArchie & @jamesthemormon

Buy (or gift🙂 ) it now: on iTunes on Amazon Stream on Spotify Quick survey: Has David ever sounded better?? Sorry, that was not a survey, but a rhetorical question. Cannot WAIT for his new music… no seriously, finding it … Continue reading

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@DavidArchie’s got mooooves!

Sometimes I get a little too into the moment and start bouncing all over the place.😉 Making a little cameo in the video for "Workin" a song I collaborated on with @JamestheMormon for his album. #workin comes out in just … Continue reading

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When will we @DavidArchie fans ever learn? (rhetorical Q)

I know I've been away for a bit. I needed a break from social media to get focused again. It's interesting how distracting checking comments and likes can be. It's also draining. I needed to get back into remembering how … Continue reading

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Here I am with all these QQQs hangin’ from my ceiling low low low….

. So, help me out here, folks. Who is this Jamesthemormon guy? Is he a rapper? Not a rapper? Will he and Nathan Pacheco need to mud-wrestle over David?? Will that video go viral?? Is it August 8th yet?? And … Continue reading

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The mother of all @DavidArchie caption posts!

You have probably seen this gold mine of amazing photos by now. But have you seen the super-secret captions that go with them? I thought not. Enjoy! Oh. And do you have a favourite?🙂 ******************************** When I say go, time … Continue reading

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