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Upset With Me appreciation post

. There is SO much emotion and power and general amazingness to talk about with this song, that it took two of us. 🙂 Me and the lovely and amazing Ms. Janey. I’ll go first: Like many of you, I … Continue reading

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D’Arch YouTube Q&A, y’all

. Check out the Seasons video and all David’s Q&A replies HERE. . But here are some highlights: . . Okay, this is all kinds of adorable… totally picturing him at his grandma’s having to stare up at himself… 😆 … Continue reading

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Groove songs from groovemeister D’Arch

EXTREMELY cool that David shared his playlist of Groove Songs with us! And that he’ll be sharing more every week! wooohoooo And thanks to the crack team of SAz investigative journalists*, we have an exclusive sneak peek of some of … Continue reading

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David latte gets its own post

I love you all a latte. — –bianca (@missbianca) February 1, 2018 . thanks, Ms. B.!!!!! this makes me more happy than it should, hahaha p.s. Yes, I know David doesn’t drink coffee, but it’s one of the basic … Continue reading

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This flush ain’t goin’ away-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

Confession: In one of the last of these stories, I was trying to figure out what David was doing… packing boxes, maybe? Stacking shelves? But no, he tilts his phone just for a sec and he’s cleaning a bathroom sink. … Continue reading

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Cracks of Heaven appreciation post from the lovely Taterzen

. When David Archuleta’s album, “Postcards in the Sky” was finally released, I watched it download and then gobbled it up on the spot. My intent was to savor each song, but I couldn’t play them fast enough. Everything was … Continue reading

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There must be some kind of reason WE ARE A-FLAILINGGGGG!!!!!

. . Things I love about the video: ♥︎ The song itself, one of my faves on the album. Their voices blend gorgeously and it’s surprisingly catchy, staying in my head for ages… in a good way. ♥︎ The simplicity … Continue reading

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Postcards title track appreciation post

. As I might have shared here, ahem, a few times, I am still truly, madly, deeply in love with the Postcards in Disguise ( 🙂 ) title track. So much so, that I didn’t want to write a post about … Continue reading

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Get ready for Archupalooza!

. Bless, David, the dude for whom a “5 minute” Q & A turns into 15 Glorious minutes 🙂 . Archuletta feelin it! @davidarchie @isabeaumiller A post shared by @ casoncooley on Jan 20, 2018 at 4:17pm PST . Sitting … Continue reading

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