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My Top 10 Archuleta Confessions

This Tumblr page isn’t around anymore (I checked 🙂 )… but thought I’d repost a few blasts from the past from that site, and add a few confessions of my own: I’m nervous about David being nervous about how his … Continue reading

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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my miiiiiind

. So what do you guys think? Was he talking about February? Or did he think it was already Feb., so he meant March? Or he was just testing to see if we watch all his IG stories and he … Continue reading

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Real, actual Valentines @DavidArchie plans to send us*

Happy Valentine’s Day, to all! A time to hug your loved ones, call those special people in your live, dive into a vat of chocolate, and cherish these special Valentine greetings from D’Arch.* *not really . . . . . … Continue reading

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Take our super important quiz!

Put down that cure for shingles you’re working on and take a moment to answer this very pressing question. Which sunglasses from David’s vast collection do you like best? Car Prepster David Parking Lot Aviator David Or does Josh Bradley … Continue reading

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Aaaaand, we wait….

. . Oh, shut up, Archuleta, lol. Sorry, just a bit cranky… music might help. 🙂 I know it will be worth waiting for. And waiting. And waiting. p.s. LOOOOOOVE THIS!!!! Good friends and good food make me happy! Nashville! … Continue reading

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Dare me to do this with a David picture?


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My happy place….

. @DavidArchie Latest IG snaps! @FODFansofDavid 😎 — David Archuleta Fans (@DavidUniverse) January 29, 2017 . And then Sneaky McSneakster just casually drops this bomb in the middle of his IG stories: WAY TO BURY THE LEAD, DAVID!!! So … Continue reading

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Help me out, guys…

… that epic IG hairscapade frazzled my brain so much that I still don’t quite get what this meant: So here’s a poll so you can give me a clue. p.s. And from the “Tina Appreciation Society File” 🙂

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Life is good. God is good. IG stories rock.

Okay, guys, you’ll have to forgive me, feeling a little weepy today… in a good way. Feeling generally blessed about so many things and then I come home to the amazingness that is David’s epic IG story series. Remember back … Continue reading

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The official (not really) @DavidArchie Wedding Registry

We at SnowAngelz like to be prepared… it’s part of our Girl Guide training… So, in the spirit of preparedness… and giving… and love… and sheer nonsense… we’ve gone that extra mile for you guys and prepared a Wedding Registry … Continue reading

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