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Leaked report on @DavidArchie’s face reading (not really)

As you can see from David Archuleta’s insta stories, he was very very very busy this weekend. But not too busy to get his face read. Yes, it’s a thing. Learn more here. Fortunately, our ace investigative team* here at … Continue reading

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David vs Dahveeeed: A story of two album covers

Yes, of course these two covers depict the same person… or do they?? 🙂 On Winter in the Air, David looks up, dreamy, reflective, thinking back to that 5-star Yelp review he can’t wait to check out. On Navidad, Dahveeeeed … Continue reading

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Sneak peek inside the Mystery Box! (not really)

. Wow, sold out already! Not surprised because our crack team of investigative creepers, I mean, reporters,* has discovered what’s in the Mystery Box! Clue: It’s five of the items below. Test your best guess! Or, what’s your guess?? Act … Continue reading

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POLL: What the what?

So what do you think David was doing here: . . What do you guys think?? What else do you think he was doing? . Full action video: . @DavidArchie sisters questioning him about which character would he be if … Continue reading

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Things David should avoid while driving

. Some uber-safety-conscious fans have alerted David Archuleta to the dangers of car singing and head-banging to radio hits, worried that he was behind the wheel while doing so. Now, we know David would never be so wreckless… unless the … Continue reading

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Script leaks for the Up All Night music video (not really)

. Today, David was kind enough to post this shot of his music video shoot for Up All Night. Most fortunately, our intrepid, yet imaginary, SAz investigative team was able to get its non-existent hands on this leaked copy of the … Continue reading

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Ode to Scruffchuleta

. Heavenly Barber, I am grateful For your encouraging whispers I am learning to be patient And to use Miracle Grow on my whiskers . Sometimes I am a’feared I cannot grow a beard But I’m beginning to understand That my hormones … Continue reading

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I blame my cold medicine for this post

A lovely David-friend suggested recently that perhaps D. has gone AWOL because he wants to grow a full, thick beard before filming his next music vid. We fans are nothing if not accommodating, so here are some helpful accessories to get David … Continue reading

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Dare me to do this with a David picture?


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Help me out, guys…

… that epic IG hairscapade frazzled my brain so much that I still don’t quite get what this meant: So here’s a poll so you can give me a clue. p.s. And from the “Tina Appreciation Society File” 🙂

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