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Contigo en la Distancia video from press conference (N.B. NOT allowed to go up on YouTube as per David’s contract):

David squared: EpicDemia journalist David Morales with some singer dude.

Here’s David Morales’ story from

I know it will seem strange to see an article about a pop star here on Epicdemia. Honestly we have very much dedicated ourselves to the genre of Heavy Metal in the past months, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t open to appreciate all branches of music. If you look at our library, you will see we have covered artists of different genres in the past.. Finally, last night we had the opportunity to spend time with one of the most talented pop stars of our time, David Archuleta.

If you are one of the few who doesn’t know him, David Archuleta rose to fame by placing 2nd on American Idol in 2008. After this his fame increased exponentially. The first single titled “Crush” from his debut album titled “David Archuleta” reached # 2 on Billboard. What’s impressive about all this is that the young man just turned 19 recently and not only does he have a voice that would put 90% of current artists to shame, but he does this after having suffering partial vocal chord paralysis.

Archuleta is on a tour with his mother, Lupe, to grow closer to the impoverished communities of America.  He came to Guatemala through an organization dedicated to small businesses and helping them move forward with their businesses called “Mentors.”  We had the opportunity to be in a small press conference with David Archuleta, during which he expressed many interesting points.

1. His message for young people is always keep striving to move forward with their dreams and never be discouraged by the conditions they live in.

2. Regarding his book, Chords of Strength, he said his reason for writing it is as a guide to young people, through his experience, particularly what he learned from suffering from vocal chord paralysis years ago. He tries to encourage them to continue on no matter what, by demonstrating how adversity can be overcome and you can triumph in what you propose to do.

3. He indicated he sings because it’s the best way he knows how to express himself.  He wants to be a positive influence for young people, he feels there are too many songs with negative lyrics, and he intends to produce good music, that makes people feel good and that doesn’t include negative messages.

The most impressive part  of the presentation was when David Archuleta sang a cappella for the media and we realized the caliber of artist we had standing before us.   After this, we were invited to a room where there was talking mixed with music.  I should mention, this took place in the chapel of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and David did not charge for his appearance.  Actually nobody had to pay to be at the meeting.

The type of presentation was a bit religious in nature and as such the majority of the songs were hymns chosen by David Archuleta. The only exceptions to this were David Archuleta’s performance on piano of the song “Angels” and another done by his mom “Mi Tierra.”  Interestingly, the hymns he sang were in Spanish, although he had some difficulty speaking the language.

It’s interesting to see to see how the young man hasn’t been tainted despite having spent some time already in the world of celebrity.  He actually admitted to being nervous several times through the evening.  There is no arrogance on his face, nor in his way of expressing himself.  He even looked to his mother for support during the press conference when he felt nervous.

I don’t know about you all, but I am used to artists who believe that fame gives them a status of superiority, and to see a star who still has respect for his mom, I realized I was in the presence of someone different.

What was most impressive about the day wasn’t the music, but rather when David had to speak.  A member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), his main focus was about God and his belief that the Gospel is true and how this has helped him in his life.  Whether or not you believe in God, I assure you that upon hearing him you will feel a sense of peace and tranquility. Not that he’s the best speaker in the world, actually he tends to get off topic a lot, but his fervent belief in what he believes and his desire to do whatever possible to help his fellow man without looking for recognition is something worthy of admiration.

When I knew that I was going to cover a report on David Archuleta, I thought he was going to be talking about his musical interpretations and his powerful voice.  Then I read over what I had written and I realized that it wasn’t so much about that  as the impression he made on me as a human being.

Fame and success have been achieved by many artists, but what David Archuleta has as a human being is something different.  He has a genuine goodness that you just can’t understand if you don’t see him in person. I ended up more inspired after this event than any other thing.  This is something I can’t say about any other artist.


  • "Guacamole, um, I mean Guatemala, I think I love you!"

    January 12 tweets from journalist David Morales (@epicdemia) in Montúfar, Guatemala (northwest of Guatemala City):

    • David Archuleta wiIl be encouraging young entrepeneurs with small businesses and will have a concert afterwards. We are inside an LDS Church.
    • You can feel the excitement in the air! People are nervous David Arch is not here yet. They’ve allowed fans in now.
    • UPDATE for David Archuleta’s press conference: He is on his way. His transport was delayed. Will let you know as soon as he arrives.
    • Okay, so it seems he really is much more late than expectated. His footage is starting to be repeated. Wonder what happened
    • Okay, so they brought us journalists to a private room. Please be a bit more patient, I will update shortly
    • Reason for being so late? Lots of traffic in the city. One of the organizers if beginning to lose his patience lol
    • David: I want to experience the social situation in Central America, because my mom’s from here. I am very happy to be around people my age
    • The book is about experiences, it’s another opportunity to share what I’ve learned. To make people understand why I am the way I am.
    • I never thought I’d get to where I am. At first it was enough to just sing to myself, but when I realized the effect I had on people…
    • …I decided this is what I wanted to do for a living. I like focusing on possitive things for people.
    • I want to show the youth that they can enjoy music not focused on bad lyrics, but music that transmits a possitive message…
    • …and makes people feel a good emotion.
    • I want the youth to know that passion is the most important attribute an artist can have, and the desire to transmit their feelings
    • Q: How was it working with Miley Cyrus?
    • A: At first I want like, Wow, Hannah Montana. But then I realized what a cool person she is, and it was fun.
    • Now they’re harrassing him with pictures. I wish we could be still asking Q’s
    • Now pics with here mom
    • sorry, meant to say, pics with his mom
    • He is wearing a black tie and white shirt
    • He has to say: “Un saludo a Mundo Joven” but he is having the hardest time saying it. it’s hillarious!
    • He’s turning to his mom for support. So funny!
    • He will sing a capella for us now. The song is “Contigo”
    • It is awesome!
    • ok i just took a picture with him, u can see it shortly at
    • Ok. So time’s up, guys. I will post my impressions, pics at as soon as the concert ends and get home.
    • Cool, they brought chairs for the concert. That means more tweeting
    • Oh crap. Since David’s contract does not allow for other to take unauthorized pics of his shows. Sucks.
    • Seems like the one I took with him is all I’m getting
    • I know someone asked why I tweet in English, when my site is in Spanish. I do so to give the opportunity for the non spanish speakers
    • …can get a chance to experience this. My arcticle in the site will be in Spanish. I hope you understand.
    • We will sign a hymn to start things off. “A Dios Ofrecemos Gozosa Canción”. No idea of the name in English
    • I imagine he will sing Pop stuff later on 😉
    • He will sing “Angels” now and play the piano as well. He is introducing himself in Spanish and making people laugh
    • He admitted he’s nervous. No idea, why, since he performed for millions in AI…
    • The cloud exploded once he finished. They adore him! Especially the girls
    • *crowd
    • We will now hear his mom sing “Mi Tierra”… I didn’t see that coming
    • She says: “I really like the people here in Guatemala. I tell him he should get himself a Latin girlfriend.”
    • She is kinda dancing as well now. kinda weird hahaha
    • If you wanna look the song up,it’s by Gloria Estefan
    • She made a member of the crowd go up to dance with her. he is the happiest guy ever hahaha
    • David somehow seems embarrassed to see his mom dancing and all. It’s pretty funny!
    • David will now sing a hymn called “Grande eres tu” a capella. [Edit.: “How Great Thou Art,” hear Spanish version HERE.]
    • No, estan prohibidas terminantemente las camaras por desgracia
    • It’s a hymn, so people aren’t supposed to clap and cheer at the end. think they will?
    • hahaha some of them did! It was a impressive presentation
    • David: “I am so happy to be here in Central America and to be with you all. I… I… I’m sorry, I’m so nervous. I have a great love for our
    • Saviour. I wouldn’t be who i am if it was not for Him. I am so grateful for my family, I owe the world to them. I wouldn’t be so happy if it wasn’t for them. I know the way I was raised has to do a lot with my Latin heritage. I am grateful because at home family always comes first. These have a been a couple of crazy years. I never expected this to happen. There have been hard times, but that’s what strenghtens me. We never know what will happen in the future, but I know the Lord always guides us if we seek him… Before American Idol, I had no idea what to do with my life. So I commended myself to God. And I knew he was by my side
    • He was looking for a summer job and everyone was encouraging to audition
    • Reluctantly, I accepted to audition. He had a feeling inside that made me feel it was what I was supposed to do
    • I didn’t know what to do, since I had already found a job, working at a theather with the lights and sound
    • But I decided to pray the Lord and ask him, since the feeling inside was so strong.
    • I felt so dumb, because I though: “Why should someone so big and great worry about whether someone auditioned for reality tv”
    • ok, things got spiritual so I’ll respect that. keep you updated later
    • David: “i dunno how I have talking. maybe I should just wrap it.” everyone laughed
    • *how long?
    • Sorry, he’s still sharing his testimony. Once I feel confortable tweeting, I will.
    • Ok. He’s done. Now let’s see what he’ll do. So now Lupe will share hers. More waiting
    • Now he will sing “The Spirit of God”, while a local plays the piano
    • In Spanish, in case you were wondering
    • Si me permiten hablar con el despues de la reunion le preguntare sobre sudamerica
    • His testimony was pretty touching. He mostly spoke of his love for God and how he likes to be of service of others
    • And his love for the temple, too
    • Bummer. Now someone else will speak and then he’ll sing one last hymn and that’ll be it.
    • Ok. Time for the last song. It’ll be “Soy un hijo de Dios”, firt verse in English
    • *first
    • Now everyone is joining him to sing the second verse, in Spanish
    • It is so cool singing alongside him
    • OK. They’re leaving. gimme a couple of hours to get home and upload the stuff
    • • This is David Morales from I appreciate you reading my tweets. I will let you know when it is ready. Good bye form now
    • Guys, I just made it home after a long drive. The cameraman has my picture, so I will upload it tomorrow when I see hin. Besides I need…
    • … some time to write the solid arcticle David Archuleta derserves. Make sure to look for it tomorrow at Good night! [11:15 p.m. ET]

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