This is your brain on David

Ever wonder if David Archuleta fandom might have any significant, beneficial long-term effects – on your brain?

We now have the answer to that compelling question thanks to a team of neurological researchers at the renowned Institute of Archieology. Here is our exclusive look at their groundbreaking study.

(Design/layout artistry: Beebee; text: TOfan)

Right-click picture to view in new window, then click pic again to enlarge.

Right-click picture to view in new window, then click pic again to enlarge.

Have you been experiencing any of these symptoms?

115 Responses to This is your brain on David

  1. TOfan says:

    From end of prev. post,
    from Betsy:

    Happy that was beautiful. Every word.
    “We float on the river of melody”
    Are you kidding me? Who writes like that? That alone should be bronzed.
    Thank you for a beautiful ending to a beautiful Easter.

    Glad you are here Happy. I think about you often. You remind me of Susan Isaacs, only better.

    From peppertara:
    Thank you Happy, for that very beautiful post. Loved every word of it. It flowed like David’s voice during a love song. “We listen with grateful hearts” oh yes we do!

    The IdolsNow Twitter buzz is acraze with hopeful fans during a drought! I am putting out hope that it will be David on the show on Wednesday but I am also willing to accept the consequences if it is not, lol. They did mention David’s interview with IdolsNow (and not anyone else’s) and in the interview they did ask him about season one. Subtle clue? Wishful thinking I guess. Will wait and see.
    Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

    From TOfan:
    IdolsNow latest hint:
    This person either has a first or last name that has an “A” as the first or second letter … or maybe both. (Maybe)

    My guess is Daughtry or Jason Castro.

  2. pastelpastel says:

    This is ingenious!!! And it makes total sense. David Archuleta has rewired my BRAIN! I think you need to publish this pronto!!! I volunteer to do the peer review for this journal and additional research to prove your hypotheses. All of them. I will need the concert schedule stat!!!

    Deb and Beebee…you both are masterful!!!

  3. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan (and Beebee): You guys are hilarious. What a fun post!

    Tofan, I like your stubborn refusal to be disapponted. Even though my little Venn diagram shows it has to be David, you are right about AI being a soul crusher. I am torn between wanting him to be exposed to millions of viewers and wanting him to stay as far away from that souless machinary as possible. We shall find out soon. 🙂

  4. Trish says:

    Beebee & TOfan!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    OMHHHHHHECK !!!! This is an amazing post with all kinds of WIN !!!! I don’t know how you come up with this stuff …. I LOVE IT !!!!!

    I think the orphaned woodland creatures is my fav…hahahahaha

    THANKS SO MUCH !!!!!

  5. KH says:

    Love this post. And that gloriously colorful photo of the brain on David is also how my heart feels when he sings.

  6. refnaf says:

    TOfan and Beebee♥ (I am sure my brain looks that beautiful when I hear David sing)
    This will have me entertained for the whole week…
    Today I reflect on You-gotta-nerve-Fibres, the bridge between the brain, the cerebullum and the ” I don’t care how much VIP tickets cost, they are mine!!!” reflex. This scientific report will be so helpful in future discussion with Mr. Refnaf…..

  7. refnaf says:

    TOfan… your footnote>
    1% of the 6,275 scientists polled responded, “It’s a toque, which supports our theory that he is actually Canadian” should be IN LARGER PRINT, just sayin’.

  8. abanana77 says:

    LOL refnaf, I didn;t even see that! But it’s hilarious!

    Also this actually is a picture of my brain. Especially the “responsible for the detection micro-variations in dental work” HAHAHAHAHAH

  9. beebee says:

    LOL! Yes, folks, the data is IN! TOFan, I saw your modified byline up there kikikik… put yo name in normal font size, little Missy! LOL {{hug}}

    refnaf, I am a big fan of TOfan’s footnotes. I want MOOOAAARRRRR! 🙂

    It was TOfan’s concept, and we just started playing with it as time permitted. The process was hilarious—even the left overs (left on the cutting room floor, so to speak…lol) crack me up. We had a ball! Thanks, TOfan, for the little joyride with you in “the brain diagram that ate our brains!” {{{Hug}}}

  10. caitlin says:

    LUVd it!! Thanx 🙂

  11. mom says:

    You have made me break my resolve to not comment anywhere and that is hard to do. This was amazing!! I cannot believe the genius! Good work ladies-that-I-love!!

  12. stidwell53 says:

    O MY, this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. Made my day, totally!!! And so MY brain. Nice to see what it looks like and to help me understand why it is working the way it is. You guys are hillarious!!!

  13. TOfan says:

    “the brain that ate our brains” LOLOLOL … it is a miracle this ever got posted, we had WAY too much fun in the “lab”!!! *evil laugh*

    (And don’t let beebs tell you any different, folks, she has super mad SKILLZZZ, srsly!)

    pastel, you are HIRED for the peer review, Trish too! lol And refnaf, you & abanana can snoopervize all footnotes from now on!!

    yj, part of me hopes your Venn diagram is right … and that would be the teeny tiny glimmer-of-hope part not crushed by Idol after Season 7!!!! 😆

    {{{mom}}} I didn’t know you’d resolved not to comment anywhere, wow, this is indeed an honour, then! You are most welcome anytime!!!

  14. bluebar says:

    This is hilarious and certainly describes our ODD perfectly… in vivid color, words and illustration.

    If David ever saw this… he would probably think we were “CRAZY” and lost our minds!
    Not because we “didn’t know enough”…but because TOFan and Beebee let us “know too much!”

  15. beebee says:

    bluebar, poor David, I do believe, has known we’re outa our ever lovin’ GOURDS and have been for a WAY loooonnnggg time. (And I hold him 100% responsible for this… this… terminal condition…lol)


  16. vermeer says:

    TOfan and beebee, a collaboration of the highest order!! LOVE IT!! I can imagine the serious LAUGH OUT LOUD moments you had in the process of er… during this ground braking research undertaking.

  17. bluebar says:

    Beebee – Thanks for the reply.
    I agree David probably knows we lost control a very long time ago.
    ODD was identified and described pretty early on by his fans! You can write volumes!

    I know I was totally ODD inflicted by David’s “The Long and Winding Road” performance. He “left me standing here” smiling, laughing and crying… at the same time!! And, I’m not even a Beatles fan. But, it is the one AI song I continue to play over and over. Dozens of artists have covered this song too, but David’s few minutes is the only version I want to hear.

    Also, I listened to the entire CFTH cd this afternoon to try and calm my still swirling brain!
    There is no cure!

  18. happy says:

    TOfan and beebee- LOVE IT!….. LOVE YOU! Thanks for the fun….. Chemistry and DA in the same place?… my cup runneth over 🙂 {{{hugs}}}

    PS- Hi betsy and peppertara 🙂 and thank you for the kind words (and the over-the-top compliment Betsy… Susan Isaacs? you are too kind…)

  19. Rox says:

    This is brilliant! Had to print to place in my David shrine (clearing throat) I mean, my treasured collection. Finally scientific proof of my latest syndrome of which I have no desire to cure, only feed.

  20. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, My Venn diagram is correct! The bad news is he is singing Imagine. Now, how do you improve on perfection?

  21. beebee says:



    and O.M.G. it IS David on Idol Wed, and singing Imagine! =:O

    and THEN there’s the matter of the HAIR.


    I am officially paralyzed for the foreseeable future.

  22. Angelica says:

    TOfan and beebee,

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! You two are a great team! Love it ALL, especially the woodland animals under the beanie and the “ODD Nerve Center-Large part of the brain formed of two hemispheres, neither of which is capable of processing a non-David related thought.”

    I have come to the conclusion that there ARE no thoughts that are non-David related. They are just thoughts that you have not given enough thought to. lol

    You guys ROCK!!

  23. TOfan says:

    oh. my. heck.

    I just heard the news … don’t know whether to laugh or cry … or both … Imagine????????

    Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to see David on my TV again on Wed., beyond thrilled *cartwheels* but, sorry to be negative, but WHAT IS IN IT FOR HIM?????????????

    It’s all about what’s good for Idol (ya, I know, what else is new?) … and yes, I know even though the show sucks this year there will be thousand of people watching who are potential new fans but they have they all been living under a rock???? If there’s one thing everyone already knows David for it’s Imagine … I mean, HELLO, youTube?!?

    Selfishly, I. Can’t. Wait. But please, please, PLEASE, someone, somewhere tell me one single solitary thing about it that’s good for David.


  24. Kizzi says:

    Merci Beaucoup Professeurs TOfan et BeeBee! Tres magnifique. La preuve positive!

    And, TOfan, to answer your question about the “good thing,” well, I think, from what I hear, that the good thing is that he’ll be the only one from Idol this week who can SING. 😀

    Seriously, I see the same potential lamentations and they are flashing in “NEON.”

    However, if over these two years I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that The Archuleta makes lemonade every time he’s given a lemon.

    It’s cuz he’s so dang sweet.

    Ok, that was very, very lame but what else would ya’ expect from a person whose brain is controlled by its ALMAgdala.

  25. YJfanofdavid says:

    Maybe he will win over a few of the Jason Derulo fans who haven’t heard him the first (and second) time around? (sarcasm intended). I was so hoping for Hey Jude! I guess we can always count on AI for lack of imagination.

  26. beebee says:

    Aww… *pats TOFan* Now calm down… lol

    1 good thing:

    David will be able to spread his beaudacious LOVE to possibly MILLIONS … once again. And we KNOW he LOVES to spread LOVE. 🙂 And, among others, “Imagine” is one of his FIERCEST Love-Dispensing VEHICLES. 🙂 (Did that help? Or am I just too pollyanna?)

    {{{Angelica}}}} 🙂 🙂

  27. beebee says:

    Kizzi {{hug}} I agree… David ALWAYS makes lemonade. ALWAYS. And he always prevails… because he’s just so unbelievably genuine and REAL and freaking STUNNING.

  28. TOfan says:

    LOL, thanks, guys, I’ve calmed down now. (Catching a falling cactus with my bare hands just before I heard the news didn’t help! :lol:)

    Kizzi & Beebs, yes, very true, every time he’s handed a lump of coal, he polishes it into a diamond … I just wish he didn’t always have to (cue David’s tweet about being given challenges to make you stronger! Dang it, why does he always have to be more mature than I am!!! 🙂 ) … and yes “Imagine” is one of “his FIERCEST Love-Dispensing Vehicles” LOL … and omgosh I can’t believe I’m complaining about hearing him sing Imagine … IN 48 HOURS!!!!!!!

    yj, Hey Jude … sigh … that would surely kill me!

    {{{Angelica}}} {{{Happy}}} {{{Vermeer}}} *sniff*

    & Welcome, Rox! *waves*

  29. bebereader says:

    TOFan and beebee: Hooking the two of you up is magic combined with massive hysteria!
    Keep it up ladies; you’re feeding our ODD just fine!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. TOfan says:

    aww, thanks, bebe! 🙂

    So what do you guys think, will he do Imagine in the beanie?

    (If not, he only has 48 hours to find homes for all those woodland creatures!!!)

  31. beebee says:

    Angelica!! & Bebe!! {{hugs}}

    LOL, TOfan… the hair anticipation is killin’ me.

  32. KT says:

    Ladies: Simply amazing.

    I regret to inform you, however, that you missed one important part of the brain called the
    ToBee-Intercranial Archu-Pressure. This occurs when you fuse together two geniuses to create an Archie Masterpiece.

  33. Angelica says:

    {{{beebee}}} {{{TOfan}}} {{{happy}}} {{{Vermeer}}} {{{Everybody group hug}}}

    TOfan, I feel the same. sigh….I can’t wait to see him and I know he kills with Imagine but what’s in it for him to be the AI poster boy for that one song?

    The Beatles recorded 214 songs. I just want all the growth he has made since Imagine finally revealed.

  34. TOfan says:

    Just saw a Twitter-rumour that it might have been prerecorded in Vegas … which sounds odd, but if true, would take the pressure off … for us!! LOL beebee, after all this, his hair’ll probs look the same as always, just watch! 😆

    {{{KT}}} ToBee Archu-Pressure… bahahahaha, sounds painful, actually! 🙂

    I know, me too, Angelica, I hope he at least gets to do the whole dang song this time. (Think the teen girl on the show (sorry, don’t know their names) is excited to meet him? 😉 )

  35. Dakgal says:

    I’ve never posted here before, but have always enjoyed your articles and comments. I couldn’t pass on this one–if your brains look like that too, you guys must have an extra lobe to have come up with something so hilarious and so true. This chart belongs in every doctors reference book , in case one of us has an emergency ( especially after a concert).

  36. beebee says:

    lolol KT! The TOBee-Intercranial Archu_Pressure is a classic symptom of the dreaded Viral ArchuCephalitis. Highly contagious.

    Aww…Angelica, I hear you. Is it any comfort at all that even David himself said “slow and steady” is the way to go? I don’t think this “Imagine” appearance will HURT him (not by a long shot), but I hear what you’re saying. It’ll be ok, though. VERY ok. OK? 🙂

    *gettin’ shakey just thinkin’ about it*

  37. beebee says:

    TOFan, hm… prerecorded? That WOULD be strange. I hope at least before a live audience. Hm and he was just in Vegas… so he musta sung it with the beanie on…lol

    wait… now… remember he tweeted a little while back that he just got a little tiny trim? Was that just before he went to Vegas? hmmm… I can’ think about this any mo… *head caves in*

  38. janey says:

    you guys.



    just sayin’.

  39. archiesfan4life says:

    Beebee & TOfan – thanks for the much-needed laugh – this is priceless! This is one that we need to print out and keep with us at all times – in case we ever have to explain our behavior to those poor souls who don’t yet understand:):):).

  40. abanana77 says:

    Prerecorded??? That’s odd – do they often prerecord things on idol now? (Haha – haven’t watched since D was on it) but back then I don’t remember any prerecorded performances…

    And I’m sure his hair will be glorious (as in it will look exactly like it always does – haha). Believe it or not, it is possible for him to get a haircut WITHOUT actually tweeting us about it. I’m pretty sure it will look pretty normal.

    I am super hoping for the whole song this time though! 😀

    PS 3 hour Wednesday night night-classes are the worst. Especially when you have to give a presentation worth 25% of your mark so you can’t even skip it. 😦 I banking on it being youtubed.

  41. rosemary says:

    Wow, catching up and finding a whole lot of sumthin’!

    TOfan & beebee, wit and brilliance! This is one for the archives. Hope you guys team up again in the future!

    Ironically, I was thinking earlier in the week about how he seeps into your unconsciousness and influences your day-to day life in ways you never imagined. K-a-r-a-a-a-z-y!

    2, I say it again 2, live performances this week!!

  42. abanana77 says:

    OK it’s definitely not prerecorded because on twitter today someone asked him if he was wearing the shiny suit from the AI tour, and he tweeted “Haha! Nooope. I still need to figure that out though” implying he doesn’t know what he is going to be wearing. So it obviously hasn’t been recorded yet.

    Sorry if that was obvious and everyone else already knew that. Haha I felt like a detective for a second 😛

  43. TOfan says:

    Hey, Dakgal! I dunno about an “extra lobe,” lol, could come in handy for extra ArchuStorage space, though!

    beebee, you are seriously cracking me up about the hair “thang” (or is that a “thing”? 😆 ) He tweeted tonight he’ll be beanie-less … I’ve gotta admit I’m a little disappointed … it was growing on me (*cough*cuzit’satoque*cough*)

    {{{janey}}} }}

  44. TOfan says:

    good work, Agent abanana!!!! It’s too bad you have a class. I actually missed Imagine the first time & had to catch it on YouTube … what did we ever do without it???

    Rosemary, yikes, I COMPLETELY forgot about the half-time show??? Are we sure that’ll be televised though?

  45. KT says:

    BeeBee: “classic symptom of the dreaded Viral ArchuCephalitis. Highly contagious.”

    You always make me laugh!

    TOfan, good to see you! <3!

    This is a great post leading into a week of Archu-Action…who knows we may even have some dates announced on Wednesday in front of the big audience.

    G'Night everyone!

  46. beebee says:

    Whoa Nelly! lol I just saw that little flurry of tweets!

    Yeah, agent banana (wish that was MY name…lol) good work!

    WELL, to advance the PRESSING discussion about the matter of the HAIR… I was tellin’ (tweetin’) Silverfox earlier that I think David will see what a stylist can do with his “long” hair and if it doesn’t meet his demanding Mister *Picky* standards he’ll just have it whacked off right before the show. (While his dear mother weeps…lol)

    Janey Janey Janey! {{{Hugs}}}

  47. peppertara says:

    Ladies, I think you have demonstrated definite genius. I have so been waiting for an analysis of the ODD brain like this, thank you, LOL. So brilliant and oh so funny!

    I am actually very excited that David will be performing on A.I. I do wish he could sing another song as well or break in a new single!
    Not happening this week but I am so thrilled, his performance will melt hearts once again.
    What will it do for David?
    – It will make him happy that his fans are happy and excited about him performing.
    – It will make him happy to be back performing on the show (he has said that he would love to come back and perform).
    – And maybe…it will stir up some interest for those viewers who don’t know what he’s been up to and will check him out, who knows).
    (makes me feel a little better anyway)
    Oh…so looking forward to Wednesday!

  48. Monica says:

    So that’s how my brain really
    Thanks for summing up for us Tofan/Beebee. ❤
    ANd yay David on Idol!!! Hair!!!

  49. refnaf says:

    So my excitement to see David on TV is palatable…. and the nervous butterflies are fluttering…. Same question I am asking, Why Imagine again??? Why not something new?? grrr, David would say things happen for a reason> there must be people out there that need to hear his voice singing this song, and if AI is the vehicle for that, so be it.

    I really think he will wear the beanie..(*cough*cuzit’satoque*cough*)> No way we can handle his “texturized” hair.

  50. refnaf says:

    hey, (((hugs))) to all you delurkers!!! LOve seeing you here in this little piece of ArchuCanada!

  51. TOfan says:

    I think my excitement about seeing David sing in my living room again is gradually eclipsing my distrust and disdain for all things Idol, helped immensely by your great comments, thanks, guys!!! Esp. these excellent points about what’s good about it:

    KT: “We may even have some dates announced on Wednesday in front of the big audience” … be still my ♥

    peppertara: “It will make him happy that his fans are happy and excited about him performing” … true, *sniff*

    Monica (& beebee 🙂 ):
    “Yay David on Idol!!! Hair!!!” 😆

    And my fave reason of all:
    “There must be people out there who need to hear his voice singing this song, and if AI is the vehicle for that, so be it.”

    • Sara says:

      Hi JEB! I am likewise not Canadian but I alyaws post here and make it a point to check-in here as time permits. I consider this my 3rd Archie home (TDC & ArchuletaPhils being the other 2). It is fun & warm here. Articles are witty, posters are great. And you get solid, earth-grounded commentaries. All that and you can still fan-girl all you want! LOL

  52. refnaf says:


  53. Angelica says:

    Like you TOfan, my anticipation for seeing David on TV Wednesday has swallowed up all my anxiety about everything else. I think I still have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from those months I had weekly anxiety attacks over his performance. So AI+David triggers 😯

    I don’t care what he does anymore. If he just walked onstage, whipped off the beanie with a flourish and took a bow, I would be good. That is my brain on David. 😆


    Thanks. Yes, it is VERY OK!

  54. Joner says:

    ROFL Youse Guys are hilarious! I LOVE the brain chart. I printed out an 11×17 on the color copier at work (yes, I know, I’m very busy and important) and showed it to Da Girls and they all had a good laugh! They said, “David has some of the most creative fans they’ve ever seen”. *Heart swells with pride*

    I couldn’t sleep last night, I woke up with a crook in my neck, have butterflies in my stomach and have lost my appetite. This can only mean one thing…

    David Archuleta is going to be on American Idol.

    Someone, please, hold me.

  55. Kizzi says:

    In keeping with the brain theme-haha, I continue to have this split personality reaction to the AI appearance tomorrow night. Maybe its that mysterious & hidden 3rd lobe in overdrive.

    The David Fan personality is elated.

    That “Imagine” Top 20 is when I first encountered David Archuleta’s artistry.

    That it is a performance that I find over and over again different facets of a beautiful musician full of promise,

    o of a courageous young man singing with vulnerability,

    o his emotion laid bare,

    o with transparency, what you saw and heard was IT, and

    o with accessibility, his performance invited you in, asked you to stay and share his story, his sense of the what the song was all about.

    Yes, all that and more and I couldn’t be more delighted to hear David sing “Imagine” again. As ref says, perhaps there is more who need to hear that performance reprised. With Idols viewing audience still in the 20 millions and other still on YouTube, David’s performance will be heard.

    Then, there is the Adult me, the one who looks at the 360◦ of what is, what was and what can be.

    That adult me is hearing a 3-alarm “Warning” going off.

    • American Idol has agendas as we all know.

    • It a show with a cast with a script, a chosen conclusion.

    • It’s a show that generates revenue on what sell’s and on the consumers‘ needs—needs manufactured by the show.

    • While on the one hand it is certainly a degree of respect and there is buzz in MOST of the media that David is there to give honor to the Lennon song, that David will showcase his vocals, I can’t help but sincerely believe that it is also to continue to showcase David as “ballad boy.”

    • Albeit, without the shiny suit, but still, the “ballad boy.” As in continuing its agenda from Season 7.

    The Fan me says all is good, no worries, this too shall have its silver lining or two or two thousand. “Things do happen for a reason.”

    The Adult me says “uh-oh,” this too shall have its negative impact, a thing or two or two thousand to be overcome. “Things do happen for a reason.” (The Adult me also acknowledges that Kris Allen and David Cook did covers this season when they appeared.)

    I hope the Fan me wins this one.

    And right now I think “I Want To Hold Your Hand!” 🙂

  56. TOfan says:

    Joner & Angelica, yup, the butterflies are fluttering away … someone’s gonna throw a net over me soon! 😆

    Kizzi, as much as I don’t trust the Idol Machine one iota, I do trust David to rise above their machinations and prevail (as beebee rightly reminded us!).

    I remember when they insisted he sing Imagine again for the AI7 finale, against his wishes, and how upset I was about that … again, suspecting they were tossing him under the bus … but I have to admit I actually now love, love, LOVE that version and the wistful je ne sais quoi he added to it. And so it goes. 🙂

  57. Angelica says:


    hmmmm…I did not know that that was against his wishes.

    It would have been a good night to showcase his new single.

    Roller coasters make me nauseous.

  58. TOfan says:

    Angelica, not sure where I read that, maybe Dean Kaelin’s e-book, but D & Cook had a choice to repeat one of their songs from the season or do a new one and the new one David wanted to do (could have been “One” maybe?), they wouldn’t approve.

    Yes, if his new single is released before the end of the AI season, they’d better have him back for that *shifty eyes* … but I ain’t holdin’ my breath.

  59. YJfanofdavid says:

    Angelica and Tofan, Here is what Dean said in his e-book about choosing Imagine in the finale: “For the final song we [Dean and David’s dad] are leaning toward Imagine. We realized this might be risky since people loved it so much that there was a possibility that people wouldn’t think it was as wonderful as it was the first time they heard since the reaction the first time was so overwhelming, but we also felt singing that song would remind all the fans why they fell in love with David in the first place and rejuvenate David’s core fans”

    So I guess it was David’s own choice to reprise it on the finale night. 🙂

  60. betsy says:

    It took me forever to read this! My right clicker hasn’t functioned for 2 months.
    I’ve been laughing with my face pressed up against the screen. It was worth it. 🙂
    Bravo Tofan & Beebee.
    p.s. There are cutting room floor leftovers? I can only Imagine. 🙂

  61. beebee says:

    Ladies, we MUST hold ourselves togetha! lol (Fat chance ‘o’ that) I just popped in to see what’s cookin’ in here today and KIZZI… I HEAR YOU re: the Idol Machine Agenda and cannot argue.

    But more IMPORTANT… that whole comment of yours BEGS to be a chart or a diagram!! kikikiki! Adult You/ Fan You. ok just kidding!

    I’ve got enough stuff (real life.. psh….lololol) to keep myself preoccupied til tomorrow nite. I’m banking on that to help keep my Pat-A-Panic Attack Nerve Centre from overheating without medication.

    Jonerz, now I wish I’d made an 11 x 17 proportioned version of that thing. So funny you printed it out!

  62. TOfan says:

    Yay, I didn’t dream the whole thing! I found the original interview, “Cook & Archuleta explain their song choices for the final performance night.” Here’s what David told EW:

    EW: And what brought you to choose ”Imagine”?
    DA: [Laughs] Yeah, there were a bunch of songs that I wanted to do but [it] didn’t work out. You know, just [rights] clearing issues with the songs. So they said, ”You’re going to have to do a song that’s already been cleared.” And so, you know, hey, ”Imagine” — I guess it was meant to be. I guess it was meant for me to sing it again and show what I loved about the song, and why I love music. I think it’s such a perfect song and message, and just one I really feel like I can show people what I love.

    YJ, thanks for finding that, maybe Dean was talking about his & Jeff’s thought process after David’s 1st choices were nixed.

    Interesting how those last two sentences apply this time too, hmmm.

    Betsy, LOL.

  63. beebee says:

    LOLOL! Betsy! Your poor eyeballs! {{{hug}}}

    Here, maybe this’ll work for ya!:

    OR just plain click on the pic. It’ll open in the same window instead of separate, but at least it’ll be bigger (and even bigger after you click it again)

  64. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, Thanks for finding the EW interview. You made a good point — in his mind he would have the same reason for singing the iconic song today as he did two years ago at the finale. Regardless of whether AI imposes the song on him, I can almost hear him say: “it was meant for me to sing it again and show what I loved about the song, and why I love music.” That gives me some peace of mind… If anyone can rise above the merciless AI manipulations and bring soul and heart to it, it would be David!

  65. delisa says:

    haha…love the O.D.D. brain chart!!
    Re: David singing “Imagine” on AI again. Let’s not overthink things! David isn’t being forced to sing this song or any song I’m sure. He’s seems happy about it…I’m happy too!!

  66. refnaf says:

    Beebee> I am all for you doing up a “Adult You/ Fan You.” diagram…. just sayin’.

    This is a roller coaster…. wanting to see
    David perform live (even if it is AI), and not wanting him on this silly manipulative show…Up, down, all around… grrrrrr if he knew what our brains are like… he would feel honoured to have such passionate fans. (I hope)
    All I have learned in the past 2 years… boils down to “Trust the Archulator”. He will make lemonade….

  67. SandyBeaches says:

    Well I have surely come to the place with the grandest excitement in post after post!!

    Yes, just beanie off of his head and a bow to the audience…that should bring a standing O right about now…

    The JODD and the ODD Brain Syndrome!! Don’t let this go far for awhile…the Easter Bunny must have had you in Alice in Wonderland’s land the last while! I always loved Easter as a child/2010.

    I think that it is time for a David party…We will gather in New York and take suites on the top floor of some hotel…Then the next morning we can go to Brunch at a swanky restaurant or not swanky. Then the Book Signing and we can fly out in the early evening…This can all be done in 24 hours…

    There is a lot of reading to do here and with the JODD and ODD Brain Function…I think that that really is our brain on David. He would laugh until the sun came up if he saw this…

    Standing ‘O’ lady writers…


  68. betsy says:

    Woohoo Beebee! Thanks I can see it all now after a couple of clicks.
    I probs could’ve done it before but didn’t think it’d work. *facepalm*
    Nerdcortex 1 & 2.
    Yep. been there.

  69. TOfan says:

    YJ, I can totally hear David saying that! & Delisa, oh ya, I’m happy too … not sure how much work I’m going to get done today tho’ … my Pat-a-Panic Attack Nerve centre is in high gear!!!!!!

    SB, wow, that would be a cool part-ay (Note to self: save up for private ArchuJet 🙂 ). … Betsy, LOLOL.

    Wouldn’t it also have been cool if Brooke, Michael Johns & David had come back and rocked out Let it Be together again for Lennon & McCartney week? … Just sayin’

  70. TOfan says:

    Not watching Idol this year (except for tonight, of course!!!!) But thought this was funny (from @JennyFOD on Twitter:,,20312226_20358676,00.html ):

    EW’s Michael Slezak says: Aaron Kelly compares to David like “serving a stale Little Debbie snack cake as a chaser to a slice of rich, homemade dessert.”


  71. TOfan says:

    Dunno about everyone else, but this day has been a write off for me productivity-wise … the highlight was going out for lunch with colleagues to a vegan restaurant and seeing “wheatgrass shots” on the menu! 😆

    Had to try one of course & toast silently to you-know-who. If you love the scent of freshly mown grass you’ll love the bouquet … it tastes just like that too … as David would say, “interesting” … 4 hours, 31 minutes and counting!!!!!

    k, done spamming myself! LOL

  72. refnaf says:

    Eep, home from work… excited and need to squeeee…. eeeeeeeee

  73. refnaf says:

    Wheat grass shot Tofan??? I am ready for “a slice of rich, homemade dessert”

  74. beebee says:

    bahahaaa! TOfan, today has been highly unproductive pour moi, aussi! *holds up wheatgrass shot* *cheers!* and {{{hugs}}

    Your Friend, Helena Handbasket

    *gettin’ shakey*

  75. TOfan says:

    bahahahahahahahahaha … just got Helena Handbasket LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    *gettin’ shakey AND nauseous*

  76. refnaf says:


    Helena Handbasket????

  77. Zoe says:

    Hi TOfan and BeeBee! A little late to the party but wanted to send kudos for this hilarious article! You guys are brilliant loony tunes. But it makes perfect sense to me, cause I feel like my brain goes all psychedelic spazzy when David performs.

    Almost time for the show to begin! Hurry up with all the other stuff AI…I’m just about drooling like a rabid dog in anticipation of David’s performance!

  78. Zoe says:

    WAY TO GO DAVID!!!! You NAILED that performance!! Even have the Beatles haircut going on there, haha. Piano chops for the win!! So very proud of our guy!!!!!

  79. refnaf says:

    gosh… I want moooaaarrrr!!!!!

  80. TOfan says:

    Buzz already from IdolChatter:

    “Instead, we’ll hear David Archuleta sing Imagine, including the first verse that he decided to forego during his competition performance. I don’t know that I’ve heard him sing this song since that year, and I’m impressed with just how much his voice has matured. It’s much fuller, much richer, and much more facile.”

    Rest is HERE.

    Oh man, I. am. blown. away.

    Zoe!!!!!! *waves*

    And from eonline HERE:
    “David Archuleta, as beaming and breathless as ever, returned to show how Beatles night should be done, sitting down at the piano for his much-lauded “Imagine” cover that blew the judges away in season seven.”

  81. TOfan says:


    From IdolForums HERE:

    Don’t take this as 100%, but it is pretty certain

    I got word today from my boss at my radio station that the new David Archuleta single would premiere on radio on April 26, and the album would be released June 15.

    The station I work for has given out info on several high profiled artists in the past (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Eminem, etc.), and the information is always accurate unless something comes up with the artist, and their label. I remember one time in which the new Britney Spears single (“Womanizer”) was announced for airplay, and it was pushed back 2 weeks, but I figured I would still share this with you guys anyways to give you a pretty good idea that you can be expecting something VERY soon! cool.

    Can’t wait to hear it!!! No info on a song title yet, as the listing just says TBD (to be determined).

  82. abanana77 says:

    TOfan that’s great news! ❤

    I love rumors.

    Oh, and David on Idol was OK too 😛

  83. happy says:

    how do we love thee?…. let us count the ways……
    1. he sounded extraordinary as usual…. 🙂

  84. ninaf says:

    Hi All, stopping by to say 1 thing:


  85. Kizzi says:

    Better Audio:

    Hi Happy & Ninaf 😀

  86. TOfan says:

    {{{{happy}}}} he did, didn’t he? 🙂

    abanana, LOL

    I’ve just rewatched, ahem, a couple of times and I think what strikes me most is how much he made Imagine his very own tonight. The first version, though stunning, did remind me a little of Eva Cassidy’s … this was David all David and nothing but David in all his glory. And how smart and wise and BRAVE to accompany himself on piano on such a big night. And how he sacrificed some of his own volume to turn and connect with the crowd. Love, love, LOVE him.

    Thanks, Kizzi! Hi Ninaf! *waves*

  87. ninaf says:

    I know I stopped voting after season 7, but couldn’t I just vote for him 1 more time, just for good measure??

  88. TOfan says:

    hahahahahaha, go for it, ninaf!!!

  89. ninaf says:

    Hi Kizzi, Happy, Tofan and everyone –

    All it takes is a new DA performance to bring me out of the woodwork. I must admit, I’ve been hibernating a bit, but I’m ready……Bring on the new stuff!!

  90. TOfan says:

    From Twitter:
    @starrynites01Was lucky enough to be there tonight and if it didn’t come across on TV-the crowd def loved him! Heard a lot of “Wow he was SO good!” 🙂

    And more buzz:

  91. happy says:

    ….”take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun..”

    (I can’t help it….. when I get all giddy I like to quote Shakepeare… 🙂 )

    ninaf!!! kizzi!!TOfan!!!… the boy done good!

  92. TOfan says:

    LOL Ninaf, I think lots of peeps will be coming out of hibernation for Spring!! 🙂

    More from Twitter, from L.A. Times’ Richard Rushfield:
    @richardrushfield: Just chatted w @davidarchie post show. Damnit I love that kid. Still the best

    From AI8’s @AlIisonIraheta:
    David Archuleta’s new hair is sooo hot! even the Chinese boys look at it and say “Dayyyyuuuummmm!”

  93. TOfan says:

    happy Juliet, forsooth! LOL

    I, myself, like to quote John & Paul “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love … you make” … so much love in the air tonight … does the heart good!

    oooo, one more from Canada’s own Masterclass Lady (her link’s in the blogroll):
    Seated quietly at the piano, he performed another inspiring version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, once again reminding all of us that he is a force to be reckoned with. The sophistication and poise he brings to this performance is pretty amazing. How he is able to pack so much into one song and yet make it sound flawless and effortless is beyond me. He is truly a rare and precious gem in the musical world.

  94. happy says:

    TOfan- lol… oh, and btw…. I thought he DID look great…. loved the silky shirt and the tie and the white pants and the shoes…. good riddance to the hoodies! (please burn them.) 🙂

  95. TOfan says:

    k, I lied, one more … this tweet made me ROTFL:

    @joejonas: Must say.. David Archuleta did a great job on American Idol tonight.

    It’s the “Must say” that cracks me up… puh-leese.

  96. TOfan says:

    happy, ya, perfect outfit … no hoodies or beanies … need some closeups of the shoes, however, to give my thumbs up on those, LOL

    Actually, he kinda had beanie hair. 😆

  97. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – I also loved the piano accompaniment! Like when I first saw the piano I almost died of shock/nerves because it really surprixed me and I had not prepared myself for the possibility that he would play the piano. BUT afterwards (after I had ressurected myself from the floor in front of the TV) I think it was really smart because it also made it different from his first 2 performances of the song.

    Also, I know noone care but my night class ended early today so I got to see it live 😀

  98. abanana77 says:

    Also “Archuleta” is trending in Canada right now! #7. I didn’t notice, was it trending in Canada before?

  99. Kizzi says:

    Had to post this from a commenter, MindyM, on Canada’s own Master Class Lady blog (whose review,btw, is up and MCL says it all beautifully —->

    “…But hearing him tonight, the nation got a chance to once again see the magic that only this young man can conjure up. It’s like lightning in a bottle. Hold on to it, hold on fast and hard, because you may never see anything like it again.”

  100. Josie says:

    Good Morning Angelz! ♥ Oh how I wish I could stay and play all day, but dang tax returns await me.

    ODD will be put on hold until further notice…and I DON’T like it.

  101. refnaf says:

    Flawless…. what a joy to see him sing again!!

    TOfan I heard that he was not wearing socks!!!…must watch again

  102. betsy says:

    No socks & Ann Arbor Topsiders. 🙂 The very same.

    Happy – Shakespeare quotes – how I’ve missed them. Now I want to copy/paste that everywhere.

    Can’t believe he reinvented Imagine again. Loved that his hands were on the giant screen behind him for the majority of the performance. AI getting a little artistic. Or maybe just a rogue cameraperson!

  103. TOfan says:

    From {{{{{{beebee}}}}}}}}:

    “A link to download A NICE, JUICY, BIIIG HD mp4 of David’s magnificent “Imagine” from last night….JUST in case you want (neeeeeeeed) it. You all may already have nabbed this, but just in case you hadn’t, here ’tis:”

    Download mp4 HERE

  104. TOfan says:

    abanana77, we do care! I was thinking about you missing it ’cause of your class then saw you on Twitter & figured you skipped it. lol Didn’t even notice he was trending in Canada! Yayyyy Team!!!!

    Betsy, Ann Arbor topsiders? Cool! (Weren’t those shiny though? hmmm, need to watch both shows again! :lol:)

    aww, miss you Ms. Josie! ♥

    Kizzi, love that MCL comment “lightning in a bottle” he is!!!

    And I did briefly wonder if he’d play piano or guitar but thought, nah, not enough time to get it ready … once again I underestimated the ninja powers of the Archulator … when will I ever LEARN??? 🙂

    • Hue says:

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  105. Kizzi says:

    I had high expectations for last night’s performance.

    And I even had the opportunity to see David perform during his Christmas tour and know the progress he’s made since AI.

    Silly me. Oh, yeah, the hair, the clothes, all the outer package, is, of course, vitally important for the visual as a performing artist. It’s fun to watch the banter going on about the hair—best I heard was he looked like Zackary Quinto (not a bad comparison, that.) Cutest comment was from a teen who said he went from looking like a square to a “V” in body type. LOL.

    But it was the depth and breath of his vocals, the exquisite tenderness of his melodic line and phrasing, the sophistication of a singer/musician proclaimed loud and clear with him at the piano that I hadn’t anticipated.

    And that grand piano at his sole direction bringing forth his music to underscore the subtleties of his voice and the story he was telling. Well, that my friends, was beyond my imagination.

    Organic, yes. It is as if, with this performance, I see for the first time the direction David has chosen for his music. I felt like his personality, his dreams, his emotions were set out for all of us to hear, to see, to share.

    It was indeed a cover of a “sacred” John Lennon song. An anthem. And, in that performance David paid homage to the great John Lennon, a tribute, as Jive tweeted yesterday. And a gift to his fans and an eye opener for anyone first hearing him sing or hearing him again after AI two years ago.

    I know it is just one performance, one step, but for me it was a giant leap in many aspects, and, amazing that I say that because I am a fan.

    I await his album and the direction he has taken to show us who he is, his music, his message.

  106. emmegirl says:

    It was amazing, he is amazing!

    Gotta think David had a huge hand (no pun intended) in that beautiful arrangement, it sounded so.. him.

    This performance had an organic type feel to it, the arrangement, the way he sang it, even his hair seemed organic (well, it did!) and to top it off… no socks!!

    I just love him so very much, that is all.

  107. emmegirl says:

    Kizzi, just saw your post. Loving every syllable!

    Organic, YES! Such a different vibe than the other two (which I love too), but this, this one…..oooh!

    He has made me one big teary-eyed goosebump.

  108. Hello! I saw your David site and was wondering if you would like to add my site to your blog roll, in exchange for me adding your site to mine?

    Let me know!Thank You!

  109. Winnie Ward says:

    I’m new in the Archuworld and this is a gem. So hilarious it’s brain damaging! LOL!

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