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We like the way he’s Movin’… cubed!

Fans asked and Mr. David Archuleta answered! With three ways to get Movin’!! What’s your fave? OG YouTube, After Hours Insta or Movin’ FB? I’m leaning toward the YouTube original (‘cuz I listen to both versions and love them both) … Continue reading

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Like the way you’re Movin’ X 2!!!

How genius is this??!! Two videos in one?! (Although being a fan of #1 (although I do love them both), really really really hoping we get another video with more of that version. Greedy, much? lolol) Fave parts: The dancing … Continue reading

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Warning: May cause sleep deprivation

This song has literally been stuck in my head since it came out. And now THIS???!!! Dang you, Archuleta!!!! j/k zero complaints!! Anyone else find this video kind of hypnotizing? Mesmerizing? Seriously though, between the song, the fluffy pillows that … Continue reading

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David’s Easter Archupalooza!!!!

Whoah, anyone else having trouble keeping up? lol We all know how David makes our Christmases the holly jolliest… and now he’s doing the same for Easter!! First, his beautiful collab with Vocal Point (and love the baritone’s voice who … Continue reading

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New songwriter session is up!

I’ve been Patient (*hides*) and finally got to see the songwriter/producer Zoom chat session for my top fave song of the album (of the new songs, that is 🙂 )… PATIENT!!! … with the LA team of Chantry Johnson* and … Continue reading

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Okay, so you guys knew this flailing was coming, right??! ASDLKFJAOPIGUAPDOFASODIFPASJDFLKASDLFKJALKALSDJKFLKDSGLKJDLKFJALDFJLKASDJFDKJFALKDJFLAKDFLAK;D’LAJDLKFKA;LDSFK20398403981-95719834801923049 HOW MUCH DO YOU ALL LOVE THIS VIDEOOOOOOOO???!! I don’t even know where to begin? David baking cookies??? Twirling in the kitchen with a Michael Jackson head flip??? SINGING … Continue reading

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Yes, everything does hurt….

I was sort of okay at the beginning…. Then you could tell she was moving away…. And a wedding’s happy, right? RIGHT?????? But then the soldier lady….. AND HER LITTLE BOY!!!!! And then there’s David… singing to us…. “I hope … Continue reading

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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

I had all these things I was going to say, I’m sure I did. Something about finally getting what people mean when they say a certain song reminds them of why they first became a David Archuleta fan. Was that … Continue reading

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Every picture tells a story: David Archuleta’s SBL vid

Pause, replay, ponder, repeat. This has been my pattern since the day – no, the moment – David Archuleta’s “Something ‘Bout Love” music video was released. I know it’s just a 3.58-minute clip, but every time I watch it (especially … Continue reading

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David Archuleta’s SBL vid: For Everyman

SBL, posted with vodpod I feel like I’m going to EXPLODE! With something ‘bout LOOOOOOVE! Even though I dreamed up a whole fake screenplay for the video, to be honest, I wasn’t all that excited for it. I mean, the … Continue reading

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