Beauty and the Beast

as;dlkfjaklfdjalkdfjlakjflafjlafalsdkfjakfjak THE BEAST VIDEOOOOO!!!!

It’s some kinda wonderful, yes it is!!!

I wasn’t expecting something so cinematic, so… dark! I mean, I know that’s what the song is about… those dark places we all experience in relationships when your trust issues catch up with you… (just me? mkay :)) … but I guess I expected the video to have CGI or animation where a beast pops out of sweet David or something, lol. More like Monsters Inc. than Friday the 13th. 🙂

This video definitely made me appreciate the song even more, which is what videos are supposed to do, right?

Anywayyyyys… how much do you love it??!! Here’s my own personal deconstruction on what was going through my twisted mind at various points. Please share yours!!!

Okay, the car is empty. Instant intrigue. I feel like I’m watching an episode of Vera or Law & Order… starring David!
This girl is gorgeous and I love her dress. Oh, and David is clearly not speeding, so she’s smiling.
Very cool place for David to be sitting… I thought maybe a luggage carousel because that’s how he rolls (heh heh).
David wandering alone down an empty street … searching for snacks?
David looking all moody and stylish in a very cool outfit… the aviator jacket rocks and I appreciate that the director included lots of shots of those awesome boots. 🙂
Hello, symbolism alert!! The backdrop of the gate… jailed by your inner demons… bars holding you from your true happiness… okay, I’ll stop now.
My favourite part!!! Going up the down escalator!!! What a powerful metaphor! And NOT easy to do (I have tried, lol)… props to David’s upper body strength and overall awesomeness.
Something just hit him like a full moon.
Seriously though, this part really got me! The Beast struggling to be released! Strong Thriller vibes!
That look! “What did I say??!!” *SOBS* Man, his acting is SO convincing! Josh Bradley 2.0!!!
I didn’t notice her lack of coat (but Refnaf mentioned it to me… since David’s wearing a warm, cozy jacket and she’s not) so I’m going to say maybe she was so ticked at him she stomped off and left it in the back seat?
Sidenote: If you’re going to storm off in a huff, that is one spooky street to do it on… sooo glad he went after her!
Moral of the story: A Beast can still be a gentleman.
More shots of the full outfit and snazz footwear. I approve.
Costume change! Love this red jacket! I do hope the car was in park, however.
Moody, pensive David strolling the mean streets.
Why aren’t any ice cream parlors open?? IT’S MY CHEAT DAY!!!
You can feel the angst oozing from him like sap from a haunted tree… jam from a jelly donut?
Back to lying on the car, David ponders the meaning of existence… or is taking a nap.
Not gonna lie, David on the bridge made me nervous… especially since he looked so upset. (Maybe because the Therapy Sessions window is cramping my screen shots style! lol)
Breathe, I say to myself, just breathe!
Back on the car hood. Defeated? Resigned? Or resting up so he can face the future back in the driver’s seat?
(That dang TS window sure brings out MY beast inside! 🙂 )

How about you guys??!!! Thoughts?? Feelings?? All of the above?!

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13 Responses to Beauty and the Beast

  1. I must remain Anonymous says:

    Epic analysis of the “Beast”. You even included symbolism. Nice.

    I’m Bad” came to mind instead of “Thriller” but interesting that we both thought of Michael Jackson videos.

    Was that car leased or has David made a major upgrade from the AI Ford Escape. ? I hope he didn’t scratch the hood.

  2. refnaf says:

    So good!!! Love seeing this side of David…. He pulls it off so well, I am convinced there is a beast that he deals with (as we all do!?) . His moves and angsty faces 💯💯💯
    Love your deconstruction….. you are a master at making us smile!!!!

    • missbianca says:

      Yes, yes, what Ref said! David’s acting and the direction seemed totally on point except one thing which derails my close watching every time. What’s with the shoulder shimmy? Does not look like running to me.

      But in general David, the writing, the music, the production and the Porshe were all really affective together. And you, too, with your humour and insight.

  3. Deb you are one funny super creative lady! You do these deconstructions so effortlessly it seems! LOLOL This very different and yes cinematic mv made me think this may be the beginning of something new to come in his career, like the big screen!!!! *screams* He CAN act, he does the beasty-tortured-self so convincingly and yes those looks he gives! Chills! The “Moral of the story: A Beast can still be a gentleman.” keeeels meeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. emmegirl14 says:

    Hilarious! Where does it come from? Think you’re a little beast-y yourself!
    I agree, the acting! He says he just does what they tell him to but it’s not that easy!

    • TOfan says:

      It took me back to Nandito Ako and those scenes where he got mad at Uncle Steve (aka Jeff 😜)… his anger was so real, so convincing I was kinda scared of him, lol.

  5. emmegirl14 says:

    I’ve never heard of the Turtle Creek Chorale but after checking it out, it sounds awesome! That is going to be an amazing show! I hope we get videos!

  6. Janey H. says:

    It is a well known fact that songs I initially like the least end up being my favorites. I’m warming up to to this one and really enjoying the comments on youtube. Never underestimate The Archuleta. As TOfan occasionally reminds us – do so at your own peril. He’s a light in the world and changes people’s lives.Most importantly, he lets others know they are not alone.

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