Oh. Em. Geeeeeee… David’s getting a Dreamcoat!!!

Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Soooooo excited for this news. David will ROCK this!! (‘natch)

I remember going to see Joseph when Donny Osmond was touring with the show and they came to Toronto.

I’ll never forget just before the curtain went up, they announced an understudy would be doing the role that night … not Donny.

I was disappointed but felt so badly for the understudy when the crowd erupted in a collective groan. #Awkward … Poor Guy had to then come out and do the whole show knowing how disappointed everyone was. 😬

Anywayyyys, the understudy was great, the show was great and David will be so amazing!!!

What do you guys think??!!

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6 Responses to Oh. Em. Geeeeeee… David’s getting a Dreamcoat!!!

  1. amb4da says:

    Saw it on his FB post a little while ago. Wow…well, was not expecting this! At least not now. BUT…I knowwww he is the master of keeping things close to the vest until reveal, so I am not surprised on that note.

    I know nothing about this show or it’s music…I guess I have homework to do.

    Pre-Covid we were planning on trip around my going to that Tuacahn DA show in November 2020, but yea, that never happened.
    That has been on my wish list and figured I’d try for it again if his tour included Tuacahn; I’m not up on the tour schedule these days, don’t think I saw it listed when I did look.

    So now this…hm….

    Bummer for that poor stand-in. Sorry you didn’t get to see Donny.
    Man…that happened to me and two friends, we all got tix to see Phantom (again!) in NYC years ago…I had talked up the current Phantom…never remember his name but he. was. phenomenal, so I wanted to go again with them. He tore my heart out. Talked it up so much…. yup, you guessed it…stand-in that night. Nowhere near the same. Amazing the odds of that happening.

    But I digress…David! Dreamcoat! Tuacahn! 🙃

  2. missbianca says:

    Oh, I am looking forward to this! I’ve never seen Dreamcoat, but I read the libretto when I first saw the announcement. It looked like something David could do. Does anyone know if it features choreography? Pretty sure hubby and I could roadtrip to Tuacahn in July.

    We had tickets to a touring company night of Wicked in Seattle that had an understudy play Ephelba (sp?). The actress scheduled to perform was Idina Menzel. It was massively awesome anyway, but yeah, a little letdown.

    Hmmmmm, maybe I don’t want to roadtrip all the way to SW Utah. What if there’s an understudy? And once again anxiety gives me that deer-in-the (dusty) headlights feeling.

    • missbianca says:

      My memory is so bad… Anyway, I can’t find any indication that Idina Menzel ever performed in a Wicked touring company, making me wonder WTH I am remembering. I am sure about the understudy. I thought I finally decided to dish out the big bucks to see it when I saw that *someone I’d heard of* was going to star but who that was, I’m no longer sure.

  3. emmegirl14 says:

    So happy he is going for it!
    I think everyone has been hoping he would take advantage of an opportunity like this. He will be amazing, a foregone conclusion. Those that get to witness, lucky ducks!

    The Beast video, intriguing. I like the song, what it is saying, the struggle. I think it might be a bit dark or edgy or whatever, for some of his fans, but it is awesome to watch him grow, explore and expand his artistry in different ways and directions.

  4. emmegirl14 says:

    Beast. Beautifully done, gorgeous.
    It tells a compelling story, a true story, of anguish, desperation.
    March bravely on David.

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