Like the way you’re Movin’ X 2!!!

How genius is this??!! Two videos in one?!

(Although being a fan of #1 (although I do love them both), really really really hoping we get another video with more of that version. Greedy, much? lolol)

Fave parts:

  1. The dancing

2. The dancing

3. Did I mention the dancing??

4. David struttin’ into da club in all black, whipping off those shades like he OWNS the place. (Well, it’s his video so he sorta does haha.)

5. The way he curls his lip at “but it’s all right…” like, whoah!

5. The Northern Lights that pop up in the background near the end. At least I choose to believe that’s what they are. 🙂

6. And the most important factor of all: Hair A+++++++++++++++++++

(Not an exhaustive list… need to watch (ahem) a few more times for that. 🙂 )


“My name is David Archuleta and I am here to slay all in my path … on my way to the snack table.”
  1. Is the chain symbolic of something? “I wear jewelry now, deal with it!” 🙂 Or, “we are all connected, like links in a chain”? Or “my stylist thought this would look cool and it does”?

2. Which moves will be in the TikTok dance challenge? And how much of an idiot will I look like if I try them? (Do NOT answer that! Yikes!)

3. Most videos seem long to me but this one def. ends leaving me wanting more, much more!!! Okay, not a question, but anyone else find this?

So awesome to see David just going for it!!! And being more comfortable in his own skin. YOU GO, DAVID!!!!

So what do you guys think??!!


A little too not over this:

David Archuleta GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

and this….

and I mean, come ON!!!

Coming in the “Exit” because he is THE David Archuleta and he is not leaving, he’s just getting started!!!


And remember all the debate about the “sparkly jacket” on the Idol tour??! lol

Couldn’t resist! 🙂

Where it started:…………………. Where it’s going:

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25 Responses to Like the way you’re Movin’ X 2!!!

  1. Janey H. says:

    I don’t believe David when he says he’s not a dancer. For the record, I never have. Once he busted a few salsa moves during Nunca Pense in SLC. Pretty sure the woman behind me fainted on the spot and when I yelled out, “Ive been waiting for this for 10 years!!!” the gal two rows in front of me turned and gave me a HiGH 5. Here in lies the trouble, will we feel slighted if we don’t see #Movin Moves from David in all subsequent videos??? And yes Deb, I’m throwing my postcard of more #MovinOG video into the sky.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A TRUE D DANCE VIDEO (and very swoon worthy!)
    My life is complete! I have always loved watching dancing, clarify, good dancing, and have wondered if this would ever come to be. Thank you David!! Yep, now we need the other one *pleading*!

    Idk, his dancing has always felt like just moving to me, which I love cause I love that organic aspect.

    So happy for him to do HIS thing. Keep it up David, let all you are, all your talents shine bright.

    TOfan, the chain, lol! I’m gonna just go with all three of those!

    ( can I just say this guy is brilliant in so many ways)

  3. emmegirl14 says:

    Those last 2 pics, wow!

  4. TaterZen says:

    I keep getting sidetracked by the clips and pix here, but basically, YES, YES and YES! That goes for the moves, the music, and the recent surge of confidence to express himself.

    Another YES for mentioning that David has gone from the infamous sparkly jacket to black leather with an attitude. Symbolically metamorphic.

    (I’ll be watching for your dance on TikTok, Deb)

  5. emmegirl14 says:

    Wait, this is both, duh! His dancing has fried my brain!

  6. amb4da says:

    Well, like a texted my DA pals today…So glad David’s bringin’ the sexy and, as they said, “and feelin’ freer” these days, at least that seems so to us. I LOVE this video! Was surprised by the “mood shift” (and I too loved version 1 just a tad more, Deb, but LOVED the mood switch here…genius.) Seriously, I’ve always, I mean since like early tours, where he just could not help but MOVE to the music flowing through him (as it does)…I’ve always shaken my head to him proclaiming he “doesn’t dance.” From early tour grooves and moves and hunker downs, to dancin’ with Lupe’…nah…never bought it. And I know…not one of you guys did either. Lol.
    Now…let’s get down to deets (disclaimer, as I also told my peeps, this is purely “an artistic critique nothin’ creepy”)…yes, Deb that lip curl. But my fav “tell me that you want me.” Haha. Just lovin’ seeing this grown side to him. And current. Love love love this…and of course…it’s called MOVIN’ so he finally just busted out the moves and made that statement. Have I mentioned…I LOVE it?

  7. amb4da says:

    Although…last video showed moves also. With this it’s obviously choreographed. The last video, was cool, smooth and organic..his own groovin’ to the song. LOVE both. Dude is just plain “musical”…so it all comes naturally. No matter what he wants to, humbly, believe or tell us! 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Good point, Amy… that was clearly a teaser for the epic moves to come! lol I’m imagining a future vid with all Latin moves … *deep breaths* lol

  8. Pepper says:

    Love this video, truly is genius, creative and unique! Not to mention the look(s), great dance moves and of course the music. Personally I like both both versions of the song, don’t have a favourite, both sound so good. What they did in this video was quite brilliant and yes….could have gone on longer and I would not have minded one bit. The transition during this video was done very well, I definitely approve! Also approve of David’s dance moves (yes, he is a dancer) and also yes to his new found confidence, joy and being comfy in his own skin, as he seems to be….and as he should be. I concur, great job David! (and great post TOfan). 🙂

  9. still in a bit of shock never saw any of this from David hope more is coming this is the David we knew was in there I AM ARCHUHAPPY!! lol that suit from Idol should of been this one not that he could handle it back then hope he still has that for tour! the #Archuguns are in the house!

  10. Sheila says:

    Great post!!
    Thanks for posting this, you are so clever!!
    I will also be watching for your dance challenge!

  11. refnaf says:

    Lol, I have been in recovery mode since the release!
    So well done by David and team!
    I had been playing it on my phone on repeat to make views and yesterday I finally had the time to watch on my big TV……
    What can be said????!!!!!
    You guys have said it so well!!!
    A big huge YES!!!!!!

  12. houstonrufus23 says:

    As others have commented, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed David seem so happy and confident. It’s beautiful to see. From his dancing to his clothes to even his lyrics. Even his facial expressions and the way he carries himself seem lighter. It’s probably all I’ve ever wished for him. And yes, I’d be perfectly happy to just see David post video after video modeling looks. ha!! But then we get those gorgeous vocals too? How lucky we are.

    • TOfan says:

      so true, Keith!! I’m thrilled to see him feeling confident enough to literally strut his stuff like this!! You go, David!!!

  13. TOfan says:

    Some BTS clips from the video shoot in Nick Sales’ stories! (thx Janey for the heads up!!)

  14. TOfan says:

    “Tell me that you want me” *come hither hand* 🚑🚑🚑 #Movin #BTS— snowangelzz 🍁 (@TheSnowAngelz) August 8, 2021

  15. TOfan says:

    So I missed the TT where David sang Angels & Waymaker… in English AND Spanish!!! And Solamente Tu!

    But this lovely person uploaded to YouTube!! 😍😍😍

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