I blame my cold medicine for this post

A lovely David-friend suggested recently that perhaps D. has gone AWOL because he wants to grow a full, thick beard before filming his next music vid.

We fans are nothing if not accommodating, so here are some helpful accessories to get David in front of that camera ASAP!

So many to choose from, which is your fave??


The “I don’t wanna feel Nuuuuumb”



The “Dude, will this get me a seat in the Emergency Exit aisle??”



The “I’m Reaaaaadyyyy … for a Shave”



The “Travel Buddy”



The classic camo “Entertaining the Troops while your tour-mate buys special equipment to document the whole trip but never ends up sharing any footage” edition



The “Helmet Slash Coat Rack” (50% off at Vikings R Us)



The “Mellow Yellow” … perfect for a video about staying calm while donating at a blood donor clinic staffed by Nandito Ako fans



Ideal for wearing with cardigans, hoodies & Mexico jackets (hat doubles as snack bag)



“Only Me, Only You & The Band”



The “Even Betty Won’t Recognize Me”



The “A Little Too Not Over You” (one size fits all heartbreaks)



The “Hipster-Beanie Dusting-Hardwood-Floors Mashup” (lemon oil not included)



The “Ed Sheeran”



So, which one should we send him, guys??

@rhiminee’s last post forced me to watch this… so I’m forcing you 🙂

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Nothin’ else betta to dooooo

aMAZing photos from the Sandy Amphitheatre FB page.

Chant with me, people: DA-VID! DA-VID! DA-VID!







Gracie’s “behind-the-scenes in Tuacahn” video… wow, what a concept! #sarcasmfont.

Seriously though, how cute is it when David surprises her onstage? 🙂


Me, waiting for new David music… oh, and serving Elvis breakfast.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.32.19 PM.png



“A hurricane forming in the ocean”… why do I not find that comforting? LOL


Sounds like David’s keeping Kari in the dark too, lol. #diva 🙂


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Hasten down the wind

So, I got to see one of my all-time musical heroes give a talk last night… the one, the only, Ms. Linda Ronstadt.

Her songs were the soundtrack for my teen years and I bought every LP, learned every word to every song and would belt them out in my room, to the chagrin of my brother and two sisters.

Linda’s 70 now and suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, so sadly she can no longer sing. But she gave a wonderful talk — complete with photos and videos and rare audio clips — to a packed house at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall.

As soon as she walked out, a deep man’s voice yelled out, “WE LOVE YOU, LINDA!” He totally spoke for all of us there.

The reason I’m even sharing this is that so many of the things she talked about reminded me of… well, you know who.

The way she was born into a musical family and sang in both Spanish and English from an early age.

The way she talked about being “a huge fan” of other musicians and deliberately chose not to be jealous of them but to try and get to work with them.

The way she told the MC backstage, before coming out, “I can’t believe all these people are here to see me and I’m not even singing.”

The way she touches your heart with the way she sings each song.

The way she fought her record company and management to branch out and try different genres — from Gilbert & Sullivan operetta to the American Songbook standards to classic Mexican mariachi music to the harmonies she did with Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris — all done brilliantly…I know, I bought them all. 🙂

She said something really interesting about how the record companies back then (and probably now, too), kept insisting that all their artists sing happy songs (based on focus groups they’d done)… ignoring the power of a sad song or a ballad to release those melancholy feelings and actually make you feel much better than a “happy” song.

Anyways, I listened to her music all the way home… music that stands the test of time… just like David’s.

Here’s one of my faves (well, they’re all my faves, tbh), Warren Zevon’s “Hasten Down the Wind.”

another gorgeous one she co-wrote

okay, one more, lol

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Zen and the art of @DavidArchie maintenance

2151ec8c10c7f51619641b046c42fc37The sun rises. Still no new music news from D’Arch.

I practice the mindfulness exercises I learned in my “Breaking the Cycle of Pop-Star Attachment” class and focus on how cold my feet are.

Things get frosty here under the bridge and my cardboard box shelter is getting a little shabby. The 163 Forevermore Expanded Edition CDs I stacked around the bottom as a foundation are starting to lose stability. And so am I.

“Cold feet” reminds me of “one foot in front of the other, no no no nothin’s gonna break my stride” and my moment of mindfulness is broken.

“Broken”… noooooooooooo … I run out into the woods and howl to the white pines to try and restore my zen.

I force myself to stay in the present moment. Keep my hands busy. Fashion a helmet to fend off signals from those seven new planets NASA discovered from my collection of bottle caps.


Stop the madness! I cry to myself, and the cluster of sparrows collecting in a nearby mulberry bush.

Focus on the birds. Breathe in. Breathe out. Admire the pattern of their feathers. The way they share the same branch so peacefully. The lovely tone of their birdsong.

Wait, is that the tune to Say Me??? Arghhhhhhh. IS THERE NO ESCAPE?!?

Maybe it’s time for drastic action. Time to move on. To stop feeling manipulated by a flurry of social media posts followed by the inevitable drought. To find more balance in my own life.

Yes, that’s it. I’ll take a social media break myself. Thank you, David, yes, that is the answer. Sure, I’d miss the actual album release in a few days, weeks, months… and wouldn’t be able to buy any music online or share links to videos and such. But the blessed peace I’d feel, wouldn’t that make it all worth it? Maybe we should all follow David’s lead and go on a social-media detox.

Not ideal timing, but hey. So many raccoons to wrestle and snakes to play tag with.

Time to close my eyes again. Stretch toward the sky. Feel the icy breeze on my cheeks. And check IG one more time before I go.


I resist the temptation. Keep my mind in the moment.

I inhale slowly as the sun warms the tops of my ears. As I exhale, the bridge rattles with a rush of traffic and I hear a tinny car radio from the highway above.

“Life is a cabaret my friend. Life is a cabaret.”

A cab-a-ret. A cab. “Been two hours in a taxi cab.”


I kid, but this amazing song describes this whole process, just FYI. 🙂

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Top 10 ways we may get album news

Okay, first David buries mention of his new song in the middle of a bunch of IG stories.


Then, he buries news again at the bottom of a novel-long IG post.


So, now he’s got me guessing how he will spill the “news” next:

1. Stuff a note into a glass bottle and toss into a Tennessee stream?

2. Ask Paulo Coelho to include a 23rd footnote in his next book?

3. Chalk it on a blackboard at the School for Wayward Waifs before his volunteer shift?

4. Get a cake decorator to ice it on Nathan Pacheco’s next birthday cake?

5. Ask Lupe and her sisters to perform an interpretive salsa dance that tells us all we need to know?

6. Recruit a volunteer for the hearing-impaired to sign the info on a deserted street corner?

7. Get the Nashville Predators’ mascot to shoot it out of a T-shirt cannon?

8. Slip it into the credits of David Cook’s next video?

9. Scribble it on a Post-it stuck to Amber’s cat before her next blog?

10. Spell it out in pepperoni on a giant pizza his next food tweet?

How about you guys? Any ideas??

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Real, actual new song titles! (not really)

screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-10-23-57-pmscreen-shot-2017-03-02-at-9-44-34-pmOur crack investigative team at SAz is at it again!

(Do these non-existent people ever SLEEP??)

Inside sources at David Archuleta HQ (aka the Nashville In-N-Out Burger) have revealed some of the titles from David’s upcoming new album.

Keep these under your caps, folks!

Title track: Beard Over Troubled Water

2. Numb

3. The Tales of Scruffmeister Slim

4. I’m Ready

5. Forever My Fuzz

6. Say Me

7. Shave the Last Dance For Me

8. My Little Prayer For A Manbun

9. Got Your Goatee

10. Shop Around for A Razor

11. Imagine Me with Facial Hair

12. Just Another Manic Moustache

13. A Little Too Not Over My Whole Face

And a bonus track!

14. Manscaping by Moonlight


So have I missed any of the bonus tracks??


*photo enlargement courtesy of the lovely & amazing Abrra


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@DavidArchie’s album timetable revealed!


My dear friends, here is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Our crack team of SAz archieologists (see what I did there? 🙂 ) has unearthed the actual calendar that David’s been using to track his album release.

Based on the ancient Mayan calendar, it spells everything out for us… look!



Our team also found this actual artifact of an Ancient Mayan when he got to hear a clip from the album!







You can blame the lovely & amazing Ms. Abrra for requesting this post. 🙂


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Throwback Thursday… on a Friday

numbscreengrabOkay, further to the last “Confessions” post… here’s another one… Remember when David first told his story about how Numb came about and uttered those terrifying words, “I called my manager and said, ‘I don’t think I wanna do this anymore'”? ….

*sorry, I need a moment*



…. Anywayyyys, ever since then, I’ve wondered when that was exactly… so I think it must have been just before these tweets happened, so in the summer of 2014.

Also, check out these tweets… Trent Dabbs was referencing a song that has “other things in sight in mind” in the lyrics… so some other amazing song besides Numb.





Here’s my playlist again for Numb (I just keep it going in one of my tabs with the sound turned off… because I have it going in 3 browsers, lol #freak)

File under AWESOME!!!!!


This is Bentley. How does she look with my glasses? 😉 Some of you may have noticed that I took a few weeks off from social media. 😬 It was extremely helpful and allowed me to get a better understanding of myself and where I am at in life. It's so easy to get caught up in thinking about whether every moment in my life would be pleasing to everyone. Sometimes I get caught up to see if I am having enough interesting moments and witty remarks that will catch enough attention from people. I start rating my self-worth and how good my life is based on if someone chooses to look at my picture and like it or not who after 1 1/2 seconds most likely moves onto thinking about something else and looking at other photos and comments. I feel like I get caught up and obsessed with seeing if they approve or not the moment with comments and believe their comments and likes suddenly determine whether my life is great or not for where I am or what I am doing in the photo. It interferes with me being in the moment and enjoying where I'm at both physically and with my mindset, because I feel like I have to keep finding moments that will get enough people to look and "like." I may try to take more time without the temptation of social media and seeing how many likes I can get from a thought, picture, or video, and I would encourage you all to do the same and see what things you can learn about yourself that you may have forgotten while trying to get others' approval. I will make sure to post more though and find the balance of sharing without caring too much. Haha. I guess it is a pull and tug that we all face throughout our lifetimes—not worrying what others think about us and letting that form our identity while having the courage to share what we learn and who we are. Know that a new song will be coming out in just a short time, and I'm so excited to share it with you! I will keep you all posted. 👍🏼 #dog #time #socialmediabreak

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My Top 10 Archuleta Confessions

t1umblr_mbiyrxwo9j1r1au8oo1_400.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.26.04 PM.png9tumblr_maq74aslby1r1au8oo1_40015tumblr_lz8pxhyuty1r1au8oo1_4004tumblr_mbeifsahzr1r1au8oo1_400

This Tumblr page isn’t around anymore (I checked 🙂 )… but thought I’d repost a few blasts from the past from that site, and add a few confessions of my own:

  1. I’m nervous about David being nervous about how his new music will be received.
  2. I’m scared it won’t do well and he’ll get a job modelling caps.
  3. I’m scared it’ll do so well I’ll never be able to get tickets to see him live again.
  4. I hope he is off getting hitched because he deserves to be happy… but also because we’ll get some killer love songs.
  5. I didn’t buy Nathan’s album. Or Gracie’s.
  6. I did lose count of how many copies of Numb I bought.
  7. I wish he’d have done more promo for Numb, it’s such a good song but how can people love it if they don’t know about it?
  8. I can’t believe I’m still blogging about him and think maybe that’s nuts and I should take up needlepoint or something.
  9. I still don’t understand the words to Something ‘Bout Love:
    1. Every night it’s all the same (what’s “all the same”? she doesn’t call? what?)
      You’re frozen by the phone (why frozen? couldn’t pay the heating bill?)
      You wait, something’s changed (so she did call? the heat did come on? I’m confused)
      You blame yourself every day (for what? not paying that heating bill??)
      You do it again (do what again? freeze by the phone??)
      Every night (DO YOU SEE MY CONFUSION???)
  10. I’m more excited for this new music than I care to admit.

How about you guys??
oh, one more:
I still listen to this one 🙂

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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my miiiiiind

So what do you guys think?

Was he talking about February? Or did he think it was already Feb., so he meant March?

Or he was just testing to see if we watch all his IG stories and he meant #DA2018?


As you can see, he’s messing with my mind…. back to listening to First Aid Kit…

What music are you listening to these days?


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