Sneak preview of #LosinSleep … ish

Sorry, guys, I could not resist! * hides* … seriously though, how excited are weeeeeee???????!!!!!!!

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Why is @DavidArchie trying to keeeeel us all??!!

Seriously though, we have all been so kind to him, even buying that Build-A-Bear song back in the day WHEN WE DON’T EVEN HAVE CHILDREN!!!

We’ve been nothing but nice and he chooses to hit us with THIS??

To slay us with an acoustic version of an already awesome track… where he dips and doodles his voice through the stratosphere until we just can’t take much more.

In a room with acoustics that sound like they were designed just for him… I’m guessing clouds for walls and butterfly wings on the ceiling.

Completely unfair, all of it!!! And he has the nerve to get a snazzy new haircut for the occasion?! hmmmpfttt the sheer nerve!!!

brb need to go replay to see just how cruel it all is…..

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“Is it okay if I say this?”


I knew Be That For You would be good but it’s sooooooooo goood!!!!

Love the groovy dancy vibe… his voice ‘natch… the cool base line… that little stop before the chorus drives up again (I love that in songs, no idea why haha)

And that cover photo!!! Perfection!!! (Although they might’ve talked him into losing the jacket for a partial wet T-shirt look… throw the fans a CRUMB, David!!! hahaha (did I just say that out loud??)

So what do you guys think?????!!!!


All the links to buy/stream etc. are here.


Lyrics! Also awesome!!

“Be That For You”

Is it ok if I say this?
Cause every time I look in your eyes
I… feel like I’m wasting
The perfect moment
To say I’m all in

You’ve got my heart
Right in your hands
I wanna stay here forever
Please let me know
What it would take
To be your forever

Can I be that for ya?
Can I be the one that’s always on your mind
Be the someone that you feel like wasting time with
I’ll do anything and everything I can
Just to be that
Just to be that
Can I be that for ya?

When your head’s underwater
You’re sinking in can’t seem to catch your breath (Eh)

I’ll be there beside you
Lifting you up
When it’s too much
I’ll be that place
When you need to hide
I’ll bring you the shelter
When you’re unsure
I’ll be your steady
Come on tell me

Can I be that for ya?
Can I be the one that’s always on your mind
Be the someone that you feel like wasting time with
I’ll do anything and everything I can
Just to be that
Just to be that
Can I be that for ya?
Can I be that for ya?

You’ve got my heart right in your hands
I wanna stay here forever
Please let me know what it would take
To be your forever

Can I be that for ya?
Can I be the one that’s always on your mind
Be the someone that you feel like wasting time with
I’ll do anything and everything I can
Just to be that
Just to be that

Can I be that for ya?
Can I be the one that’s always on your mind
Be the someone that you feel like wasting time with
I’ll do anything and everything I can
Just to be that
Just to be that
Can I be that for ya?

Can I be that for ya?
Can I be that for ya

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David’s Easter Archupalooza!!!!

Whoah, anyone else having trouble keeping up? lol

We all know how David makes our Christmases the holly jolliest… and now he’s doing the same for Easter!!

First, his beautiful collab with Vocal Point (and love the baritone’s voice who shares the lead with him… Mr. Yaphet Bustos (who’s from Chile btw!)….

Then the AMAZINGLY AWESOME I Know He Lives release & videoooooo

Then the incredibly moving and uplifting StageIt concert last night… I mean, besides the soulful, reverent songs we had such classic David moments as not pushing the “live” button so that he sang the whole first song thinking the show had started (*dyingggg *), Clark Kentchuleta on & off with the cool specs, Archuleap over the cords…

And in between songs, David sharing some of his questions and feelings about times when he struggles to feel closer to God… WHO else could pack so much amazingness into under an hour (which always zooms by so fast it literally feels like 5 mins).

And so many new peeps in the chat before hand, from France & other countries… very cool!!! What were your favourite moments??

Then this bust-out-the-charisma performance with the Millennial Choirs that felt like it was right out of a movie musical (David comes in about 33 mins in & is prominently featured throughout the cool behind-the-scenes clips near the end… thx. Janey for the heads up!!)

And in between all of those ArchuRiches, we have:

This awesome insta live… which already has 24K+ views because I guess we missed him! lol

David winning Best Male Artist at the Stagie Awards! Here’s his acceptance speech with A+++ coiffure #teamfluffeh:

Viral TikToks like this one:

Riffing on insta live with Peter Collins (David comes in around 39:44)

oh, and NEW TOUR DATES for 2022!!! (Which, sadly, don’t include my home town but hey, next time, right? RIGHT??!!! lol.

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 12.00.01 PM

Visit to buy tickets!!!

HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING, I AM SURE THAT I HAVE??? So what do you guys think??

Happy Happy Easter, if you celebrate it and (((group hug))) for all!!!!

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I Know He Lives … I know this slays!!!

aslkdfjalkfalkjfdlakjflkajdfkajdlfkjaldfkj YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.09.10 AM

I have loved this song since the first time we got a sneak peek many moons ago … so prayers have been answered that David FINALLY decided to release it!

(Didn’t someone wise say good things come to those who wait? πŸ˜‰ )

I love this for so many reasons… but I’ll limit to 3, lol:

1. How simple the accompaniment and production are… it has that organic one-take feel… almost like I’m hearing it live!

2. David’s mad crazy good soulful vocals, like inSANE!!

3. The song itself, love the R&B vibe & the message and just everything about it… gets under my skin… in a good way!




Does the picture up top that David posted in his stories mean that we’re also getting a videooooo???



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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, everyone!

No one brings the Christmas spirit to life better than Mr. David Archuleta. And nothing shows that better than these two videos! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Hoping for a safe, health 2021, speedy vaccines for everyone SO WE CAN ALL HUG AT ARCHIE CONCERTS AGAINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!


p.s. This ‘NSYNC / David Archuleta Merry Christmas Happy Holidays video mashup is amazing!!
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What a wonderful way to end a crazy year, indeed!!!

It really is like Christmas every day! A David Archuleta StageIt concert last Saturday, another one tomorrow night, a bunch of interviews, podcasts and videos… oh my!

And now THIS AMAZING SONG!!! It makes my heart happy. The sweet simplicity, the memories of pre-pandemic Christmases, and HIS VOICE! Beautifully front and centre and sounding like dark chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Love this video too… cool to get a look at what goes on in the songwriters’ room, cats and dogs and all, lol.

And can we talk about his Covid hair?? Miss it tbh hahaha. It may need a post of its own! πŸ™‚

So how about you guys??? Thoughts?? Flailings?? Bring. It. On.


Here’s David’s upcoming concert sched (courtesy of the lovely & amazing Janey):

–Dec. 12: StageIt with Lyceum and Choir, CLICK HERE.

–Dec. 14: Temple Square Light the World performance, CLICK HERE.

–Dec 16: BYUI Center Stage (rebroadcast of past David performance), CLICK HERE.

–Dec. 23: Maverick Center one-night-only live concert, hopefully they’ll be videos!


Other recent goodies!

Hour-long podcast:

35-minute Interview where David “Talks Millennial & Gen Z Issues of Finding Happiness, Stress, Therapy Sessions”

30-minute virtual concert in Studio 5, SLC

5-minute Studio 5 interview where he talks about taking ’90s hip-hop dance lessons (!!!!)… video taken by the lovely Shirley!!

Dec. 11th Good Things Utah appearance (this page has two videos, an interview & David’s live performance of Christmas Every Day): CLICK HERE.

David Archuleta & Paul Cardall, My Heart Beats For You

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How awesome was David Archuleta’s holiday show last night??!

Yes, that is a rhetorical question BUT PLEASE DISCUSS!!!!!

(My hubby watched with me… or I should say, put up with me leaping up to dance like a crazy person during Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & CED and bawl my eyes out during Silent Night, OHN and Winter in the Air (it’s just soooo beautiful!!!)… and his comment afterward was, “that seemed really short”… that’s Guy code for, “that was awesome!!” πŸ™‚ )

What did you guys like the most?

How incredible David’s voice sounded?? The awesome band?? That cool camera work, like back on Idol days?? The setlist?? That he was able to still squeeze in his stories?? That he was reading our comments even before the show?? (Hope he saw me say, “It’s not Christmas until David sings.” πŸ™‚ ) His cool haircut?? And boots?? πŸ™‚

Soooooo, what did you guys think???

p.s. I do wish StageIt would make the show viewable for ticket holders for 24 or 48 hours (like some of the other platforms)… there’s too much awesomeness to process in just a single viewing of a David Archuleta concert!! Plus, if peeps have a work conflict, or something. #justsayin

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Therapy appreciation post

Since there’s not much else going on this week 😳 … I thought I’d share my appreciation for David Archuleta‘s Therapy Sessions – The Lost Sessions, in particular the song Therapy.


Where do I begin, though?

The understated way it opens, like David’s just chatting with you about how it’s goin’?

That voice…?

The way he hits you with killer lines like “When I look at you I wanna see forever”? I mean, COME ON!!

Or when the beat picks up and this delicious groove slides under your skin and starts your shoulders shimmying…

And before you know it, you’re gliding around the living room, arms swaying in the air like a wheat field… like hypothetically, I mean….

And that voice…

Or when the chorus kicks in… “imma need some therapy” and you realize he’s so smitten with this person (yes, I did just use the word “smitten”) that he doesn’t want to ruin it all again, that he’s willing to get the help he needs to try and make it work this time because that is how much he cares.


And that voice…

And through it all there’s this super cool vibe and infectious percussion — and rhythm is a dancer (to quote legendary ’90s Eurodancers Snap!) — so you must DAAAAANCE!!!!

And then my favourite part:

I guess I always build fences around me
But I want to build a gate and let you in
So we can lay on the grass and be happy
It’s a beautiful life


Then the layers of grooviness continue to build until there’s only one inevitable thing to do:


Did I mention that voice?

And then it’s all over even though it feels like it just started and without realizing you’ve done it, you must have it the replay button so it never really does have to be over.

This time I don’t want to break break… up

Um, I clearly need some therapy. 😳

How about you guys??? Thoughts?! Ramblings?!


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First virtual Archupalooza was real-life amazing!

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 2.28.13 PM

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

And did I mention, Wow!?

How awesome was David Archuleta’s virtual StageIt show last night??!!!! There’s nothing like D’Arch live… even when he’s in his living room and you’re in yours, lol.

I did have some technical difficulties however. Not with my tech but my brain. I kind of squinted through the whole thing then realized I hadn’t switched to my distance glasses. #archubrain in full effect.

He did SOOOO many of my faves!!! Paralyzed! Patient!! (I may have screamed when he read my “it’s my jaaammmmm” comment… okay, full disclosure, I did scream, windows may have rattled)… ELEVATOR!!!!!!! Def. screamed at that one!Β 

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who turned on their phone flashlight and waved it through tears during Glorious. Right? RIGHT??!!

And he blew us all a kiss at the end… what??!!!


PLUS, sooooo great that he did an encore and answered a couple of questions.

I have always wondered what his favourite colour is!! πŸ˜‰

Seriously though, what a thoughtful and helpful answer about depression… “be compassionate to yourself”… I love that and will remember that. And am very happy David’s going to do that for himself, too. Because he deserves all the happiness and love and I so wish he could’ve heard us all screaming and cheering. Hopefully he felt that through the tsunami wave of comments rolling across the feed!

It was so cool to see so many concert buddies in the chat, and fans from around the globe.

Here’s the setlist courtesy of Archuleta Philippines:


And we’re getting a deluxe version of Therapy Sessions! And a Switch video!! … Okay, we kinda knew all that but it was still amazing to hear David say it out loud. πŸ™‚Β 

Sidenote: I had planned to watch the show on my computer, which has a huge screen, but my hubs kept insisting on hooking up my laptop to our TV using a cable… I told him I didn’t mind watching on the computer but then I clicked in when he sat with me and was glued to the whole show, hahaha. Turns out, he wanted to watch it too, “but I’ll probably go get some things done” and then he never left the room. lololol *busted* πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Power of The Archuleta!!!

Some great clips from the show on insta from:

Tara here


Kristine here

And the lovely and amazing Melissa shared some tidbits from the VIP afterwards on her insta, here.

And from Team Archie!


And our beloved Kari!!!

SO HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS???!!! What was your favourite part???


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