Real-life applications for @DavidArchie’s roping skillz


Dealing with fans who try to haul him off the stage during Touch My Hand.


Making a subtle first move when that lightbulb inside David turns on.


Testing spaghetti to make sure it’s ready.


Straightening out the garden hose.


Bringing back the Michael Jackson one-glove look.


Contemplating becoming a vegetarian.



If he sees Kara DioGuardi take the Idol stage ever again.

tumblr_oabewfpaag1qbjx1wo4_250 (1).gif

“Kari, quick, another ‘Numb’ youTube popped up!”

Amazing gifs by the amazing @rhiminee:

Have I missed any???🙂


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@DavidArchie Redeemer Recap from the lovely and amazing Taterzen


What could be better than David? um, two Davids?? (Photos: Kaitlyn Rose DeNoble)

Revival Survival

I have been processing my Redeemer Concert experience in Nampa for the last couple of days; and while it may not be the best idea to begin any kind of recap with religious overtones, I need to clarify my perspective.

First, I have never been to a religious revival, and this was definitely that. Also, country music is not my favorite flavor on the music genre menu. It can be a little cloying for my taste, even though there are several county songs and a few country artists I enjoy. To be honest, three things got me to that concert: 1) the tickets were free; 2) the venue was 20 minutes away; but best of all, 3) David Archuleta was on the program.

Like 99% of those who were at the show, I am a practicing Christian. I attend church every Sunday, but our worship service (Sacrament Meeting) is rather staid and solemn, except for the intermittent noise from children because it is very much a family affair. We also worship with music, a lot of music, meaning a choir or a selection of congregational hymns with an organ accompaniment, but nary a hint of a band.

13662295_1087029104696228_6986777029451029951_o.jpgNow, I didn’t go to the concert with any apprehensions. It was a Saturday night after all, a good night for a rousing good time, but I knew this would be a different kind of worship, and an adventure of sorts for me. It was; and it was fun.

My sweet daughter-in-law, who has given birth to half of our eighteen grandchildren, took two-thirds of her brood to the matinee performance. I was anxious to get her report. I always want every soul within earshot of David’s voice to come away with undying appreciation and admiration for his talent and charismatic self. Is that too much to ask? Of course not.

To my relief and total satisfaction, they all had a great time and noted that David received the loudest and most enthusiastic reception of all, which included my smartly trained grandchildren participating in that welcome. It was also noted that David probably gained new fans with his appearance alone, and he certainly did not disappoint with his music. Daughter-in-law remarked that his distinctive voice “cut through everything going on” during his songs. While I try to resist feeling a little smug about these kinds of reports, there are times when it just can’t be helped.

A few quick hours later, it was my turn. My husband and I filled up the SUV with a couple of friends and a grandkid band of merry teenagers. Happiest carpooling ever. We arrived early and waited for my “inside connection who shall remain nameless” to arrive with four tickets to seats on the main floor, close to the stage. The teenagers scattered with their tickets to find the best seats they could, and they did well. Meanwhile, the rest of us sauntered into the VIP section, pretending we had enough sophisticated wherewithal to look like we belonged there. As my fellow David concert goers know, I am all about reserved seating, and the kindest gesture of all in this massive general admission crowd was the offer of assigned floor seats. My bad back is still thanking you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.36.23 PM.pngThe concert began rather quietly with a young woman who accompanied herself at the piano while she sang the national anthem. I wish I could remember her name because she had a very pleasant voice; but the arrangement was so unusual, I almost missed the melody when it happened. That calm moment didn’t last long. The other musicians took their places and began the show with a religious fervor heretofore unbeknownst to me; however, it didn’t take long to get into the spirit of the celebration.

Because the band members and the solo artists were LDS, I fully expected the majority of the crowd to be the same. That was not the case, and I would go so far as to say that every Christian denomination in the area was generously represented that night. The Nashville Tribute Band (NTB) used biblical scripture and songs to tell the stories from their Redeemer album, and the crowd definitely felt more unity than difference. After all that has been in the news of late, it was a welcome comfort.

David Archuleta did not appear until the end of the program, something I was told to expect; but there were several nice solos along the way by Marie Osmond, Alex Boyé, and from the band, including a beautiful number from NTB member, Chad Truman, who has a terrific singing voice and who also works as David’s keyboardist. Talent galore on that stage.

I have to admit that I was completely ignorant about proper revival etiquette, so I took my cues from the friendly and charming Baptist couple sitting next to me who knew exactly what to do. They were into it with every number, singing along, taking pictures, and totally camera ready for David Archuleta to appear.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.38.17 PM

“Staring through windows at my own reflection, how can a window encompass perfection, and IIIIIII…..” (sorry, couldn’t resist)

His awaited entrance was accompanied by sustained applause and cheering, the loudest of the night. He looked more manly than boyish in his quasi-Western getup, an excellent choice, as I immediately heard a couple of remarks about him looking older now. David would have liked that. Cute Baptist couple was capturing every minute.

Marie Osmond had more costume changes than David had songs to sing, but he made up for it with his performance. There were plenty of “big notes” in this concert, a staple in revival singing perhaps, but David can belt it with the best of them and still have that unique tone that captures immediate attention. His “Glorious” was indeed glorious, and his “When the Son of Man Comes Again” was a fantastic finale. A wow moment.

A more personal highlight of the evening was the variety of positive responses from friends, most of them going to the concert for reasons I mentioned before: free tickets at a nearby venue. It is true that my friends cannot escape the fact that I am a forever fan of David Archuleta. There is no escape from my persistent prattling promotion. Perhaps they tolerate it because I am their friend, but few of them follow David on their own. When I heard their post-concert comments, like “So good!” “Powerful voice.” “He just grabs your attention.”, etc., it felt like an extra payday. I love it when I’m right.

One last thought about my revival survival, a revisited realization really: David Archuleta seems to do it all, and there is more to come. Some of it will be surprising. Aren’t you glad you’re still on the bandwagon? Me too.



Check out these amazing photos by Fabiana Beatriz. More here.




David’s Periscope:



More amazing photos here.

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Because, yes.



“riding horses”??! “sharing musical talents”??? Hello. Periscope, please.🙂

(thx. to Taterzen & Tina’s awesome tumblr for the heads up. And if anyone can tell me where to buy those boots, I will give you my entire pebble collection.)

Oh, AND this shirt.🙂

And in case you need the full footwear picture (which, of course, I do)….

At this morning's media breakfast. I'm blessed to know and love these people!

A photo posted by JASON DEERE (@deeremusic) on

It amuses me that David needed a nametag… people, people, people.

high kicks all around! #darrellkingdoingthings

A photo posted by DARRELL KING (@darrellkingdoingthings) on



You all thought it would never happen 😘 but for reals, he's the nicest! See ya all at the concert!

A photo posted by Sarah Laird (@sarahlaird123) on




(I so needed this smile today.)

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How awesome is this @DavidArchie article?!?


pjimage-7-1Though American Idol had finished the entire series from its last idol Trent Harmon. The persuasion to stop, however, did not cut hopes for fans. Some bear witness to the continuous career of idols that had shared their inspiring journey in the competition. For Season 7 finalist David Archuleta, the stage is still open. He had recently introduced a cover song he dedicated for the 4th of July.

His own rendition of God Bless the U.S.Aby Lee Greenwood had moved a lot of followers. His compelling, heartfelt and soulful rendition gives proper respect to the Independence day.

David Archuleta had this to mention:

‘Im grateful to live in a land where so many milestones have been set for this world’s generation. Grateful that the men who founded this country prioritized establishing it on God, Liberty, and Religious Freedom. Thank you to all those who have fought for the rights we have today!’, sources DavidArchuleta.

The cover song was taken from last month’s performance at Hart Auditorium in Rexburg, Idaho. Archuleta only got the chance to post the video on the day itself, reports.

But with the great music coming from the artist, it’s only a matter of time until fans ask the question. When will the 25-year old David Archuleta release another album?

A resounding ‘yes’ is what sources say. It appears that the artist has been working on the right blend of songs and music for a comeback. The artists intends to have it released for the public this 2016.

With this exciting update, expect that the American Idol will change his image from sweet to the mature. The growing artist started his journey when he was 16 years old and he’s still undergoing a lot of changes for the better. Fans are surely waiting to see more of him in the future and hopes that this new buzz will open doors for him.



Awesome move by Team A.! More live YouTubes, please!🙂

I’m not American, nor a fan of country music but love David’s voice on this song (yes, every song, okay, fine…) but also love how they captured the crowd reaction and David’s passion and own personal fireworks, baby!🙂

Great buzz for this so far: The youtube is already at almost 8K 8,015 views, FB 92K 97K views, IG 20K 21.1K views. Woooot!


Quick poll: So do you think he’ll do more of these?? 
Is this cute, or what? … “David” *sniff*, not “Archie” … he be all grown up now.




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Happy Canada Day, @DavidArchie fans!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.30.53 PM.png
Okay, you knew I was going to post that picture, right?🙂🙂🙂

Seriously though, gotta say, I love living here in the True North Strong and Free. I love what Canada stands for … inclusiveness, tolerance, cooperation, understanding, peace, and most of all, our love-hate relationship with winter.

Plus, we have great taste in music. Just sayin’…

Can’t believe this was 8 years ago, yikes… but David, please know, if you came back and did a show here, all these people would flock out in droves again to see you, I just know they would. It was INSANE before (and after) the Idol show here and I’d venture a guess that 95.6% of those fans were there to see our David.

How creepy is it that I remember that the security guy with the white beard was named Ray? hahahaha


Do not remember ever seeing this, hmmm.

“New York’s pretty cool too” … he keeeeels me

Fast-forward toooooooo, Lethbridge….




So, what do you love most about Canada? (Please limit yourself to a list of the top 25 things.🙂 )





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@DavidArchie album cover leak! (not really)

Seriously though, David is magic. And I have proof.

This morning, I was late to work but when his BSMS came on my iPod, I had to sit on a bench in the lobby of our building (which happens to be the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation headquarters), because I needed to hear it.

Then, I looked up and saw the one and only Mr. Gregory Porter at the security desk.

Okay, you’re probably saying “Who the heck is that?”

Well, he just happens to be one of the best singers out there and I’m going to his concert tonight at the Toronto Jazz Festival.

Normally, I would be too shy to say anything but I was so happy to see him and I still had David ringing in my ears, so I walked over, said “Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you that I love your music and I’m going to your concert tonight.” Then off I went to wait for my elevator.

Here’s a sample…

Source of pic up top.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.35.19 PM.png

“Commander Williams to base. Will our F-16 withstand the sun-searing cuteness of The Archuleta in a flight suit? Come in, Houston. Do you copy??”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.43.53 PM.png.

“Heh. Heh. Not likely.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.44.07 PM.png
“Wait, wut?? I shouldn’t have had those enchiladas??”
“So you guarantee that thing will not mess my perfect hair? Cool.”


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Back soon!


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been AWOL, and will be for a while longer. Family stuff but I won’t bore you with the details, because I’m sure you have your own. As the man himself says, “Everybody Hurts.”

Not the best timing with everything getting pretty exciting, but there you go.

Take good care, hug your loved ones, and I will be back as soon as I can to spazz with y’all.🙂


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The lovely and amazing TaterZen’s @DavidArchie Rexburg recap!


All photos: The amazing Manny Quintero

Confessions of a Concert Sponge

I was in Rexburg, Idaho recently. Ordinarily, this would be another bit of mundane news from my quiet life, except David Archuleta was there too. He gave two concerts at BYU-Idaho. I attended both, as I get a little greedy when it comes to hearing David sing live. To say the concerts were “great” doesn’t give them their due, although it is difficult to choose the right words to describe them. I only know that if superlatives were subject to a tax, I would be writing this from Debtors’ Prison.

I do travel to David’s concerts whenever I can, but it is not unusual for me, and fans like me, to return home and immediately check the internet for videos of the same event. I can’t explain why I do this, I only know it is important, and Serendipity played her hand for me in Rexburg. Not only did the venue sanction videos, but Saturday night’s front row was occupied by Shelley, Nancy and Tina, all well known in the fandom for this kind of work. Yes, there they were, cameras at the ready, just in case. It was like winning the YouTube Trifecta.

Thank you to those three fans, and others, for every video and photograph taken, because I cannot do it. I want to, and I have tried, but I am doomed to fail. It isn’t a matter of mastering technology; it is something quite different. You see, I am a concert sponge. Don’t laugh, this is serious. The minute David hits the stage, I am affixed to the “now” of what he is singing and saying and doing. I take it in and soak it up, oblivious to possible distractions, including the need to manage a camera. I mostly sit, riveted, benched like a Buddha but absorbing every musical morsel possible. This odd phenomenon precludes me from doing anything else except unintentionally looking weird in the process. Concert Sponge. It’s legit.

I nearly missed going. My regular travel buddy (aka the lovely Emily) and I had calendared Rexburg for our “swan song” concert trip before she headed off to college. It all went awry at the last minute when the perfect summer job intervened and she was unable to get away.

I quickly invited a dear friend (aka Carolyn), but was not optimistic about her joining me. She and I have known each other for decades, but as things sometimes go in life, Carolyn is now a 24-hour caretaker for her ailing husband. Nevertheless, whether you call it good luck or divine intervention, the right help and perfect timing suddenly came together and we were good to go.

13346510_810535049048743_3826133952166988894_nRoad trips teach you that anticipation is half the fun, and both of us expected lots of laughs with endless reminiscing. We were right; in fact, we traveled at an approximate speed of six hilarious stories per hour. For the last eight years, I have taught Carolyn everything she needs to know about David Archuleta, all of it without her even needing to ask. Now, with two concerts looming, it felt like Finals Week in a masterclass. Oh, how I wanted her to love every bit of it!

We were seated for the Friday night show with time left for some people watching, mainly to observe who chooses to attend a David Archuleta concert, and I am seeing some differences from years ago. I spotted many of “the regulars,” good people I have come to know because of David. Entire families were there, as well as couples young and old. It was no surprise to see plenty of college coeds, some with signs and vying to be David’s kind of perfect. Most unusual were the groups of guys, college age, just hanging out together at a concert, enjoying the music and appreciating the artist. We had one such group sitting in front of us on Friday, evidence that David has earned some guy cred.

There was no opening act, which was dandy with this crowd. David’s entrance was met with the kind of thunderous cheering only college kids can conjure up, and it was repeated between songs. He launched into his set with authentic enthusiasm and a big smile. The music was loud, a little too loud I thought, and the sound mix was a bit heavy on the instrumental side of things. It didn’t matter; I was already sponge-like and doing my thing.

[Sound issues were resolved before the next night.]

13344737_810535182382063_2238063590291403174_nAs expected, both shows had the same set list, and David absolutely nailed it each time, sixteen songs and two medleys. The highlights for me included the following: sixteen songs and two medleys. This was David’s kind of audience and he was comfortable, eager to share. These concerts were give and take shows. The more David gave, the more we took; and when we gave back, he generously gave us more.

After the way he opened with “The Other Side of Down” and “Somewhere Only We Know,” I knew we were in for one heck of a weekend. I was hardly prepared for “Don’t Run Away.” Have you watched this gem? So good it was dangerous.

And so it went, one song after another, with that voice, and with the crowd often singing along. They gave David unanimous approval to do Disney songs. “Trashin’ the Camp,” the shooby doop ditty from Tarzan earned David a gold star (and another star from me for his dancing). To my personal relief, David has also conquered the piano accompaniment for “My Kind of Perfect,” and his vocals were quite beautiful. I wonder if he heard that collective sigh from all the eligible girls in the audience.

David’s cover of “7 Years” by Lukas Graham was a welcome surprise to many there. This very popular song has a profound message; David delivered it profoundly, and perfectly. Another perfect moment came when David spoke about patriotism and honoring our veterans; and then, accompanied only by guitarist Brady Bills, he sang a moving rendition of “God Bless the USA.” We stood at the end of the song. It was sobering, but it was special.

There could be accolades assigned to every number he did. I won’t mention them all, but know that David was in a musical groove heretofore unmatched in his post-mission era. Saturday night noticeably bested Friday night in my opinion, but Friday night was superb.

13321631_810534919048756_5628599453753581874_nJust noting a few more things:  

  • Missing the turnoff to Rexburg, which required us to drive 16 more miles on the freeway before we could turn around. Gotta love Idaho’s open spaces.
  • Reviewing David’s concert clothes. I really liked the white shirt, and David’s footwear was smartly “rebooted.” Thumbs up.
  • The never-been-here-before fan with no idea how large Idaho is who asked, “So, is Rexburg a suburb of Boise?”
  • Knowing I could tell David’s concert stories, but won’t. Him doing it never gets old.
  • David limiting his reactions to shouters from the audience, engaging just enough to keep people interested and the show flowing. Good job.
  • David rambling into a “pickled beets” mention. One more reason to love this kid.
  • Seeing David’s mother, stepfather and sister joining the audience Saturday night. Lupe was stunning and the obvious genetic reason David looks 17.
  • The tenderness of “My Little Prayer.” Simple, sweet, spiritual, sincere, and still in my head.
  • Seeing beautiful scenery photos pop up on my Twitter feed as fans (David too) took to touring the area on Saturday.
  • Our waitress at a restaurant wanting to discuss David’s good looks (at length) after she found out why we were in Rexburg.
  • Cathartic time with a longtime friend, comparing life’s frustrations, past heartaches and necessary medications, yet knowing the whippersnappers will get their turn.
  • The awesome but feeble grandpa sitting behind us who brought his great-granddaughter to the concert, because David is her idol. I bet grandpa is too.
  • David moving to the music like he doesn’t care anymore who is watching.
  • All the band members rocking out and loving the Rexburg fans who were loving all the band members.
  • My newish car (Wilhelmina das Auto) getting much better mileage than expected. I need to get out more.
  • Seeing so many fans I recognized and care about, but wishing I could remember all the names that go with their friendly faces.
  • The Saturday, June 4, 2016 David Archuleta Concert, rising like a bullet to the top of the charts.

As for Carolyn’s response to our two-day sensory overload? Total satisfaction (mine). It was a much needed and uplifting break for Carolyn who began to exhibit signs of early onset ODD before we left town. She was amazed by David’s vocal prowess and loved every minute of the music. She spent time writing down where to find videos and read fan blogs, eager to share it with two of her youngest granddaughters who live nearby. I would love to take full credit as her mentor, but truthfully, this is the kind of thing that happens when you get so close to magic.

Neither of us wanted the concerts to end, but sadly heard it coming each night when David began to sing his signature song, “Crush.” Eight bars into it, fans “stormed the stage,” which is not really an accurate description, as it was the politest stage storming I have ever witnessed, more like a slow and steady move to the front in a respectful expression of love and appreciation for what they had seen and heard. Fans swayed and sang, sentimental gestures to be sure. <sniff> Rexburg loves David Archuleta.

The encore treated us to three more numbers: a rousing “Nunca Pensé” (Cantar más canciones en español por favor.); David’s own “My Little Prayer;” and “Glorious,” the song beloved by this audience who soaked it up just like I do and knew every word.


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Exclusive video of David Archuleta on stage in Rexburg!

Full-on frolicking, I say, frolicking. And it’s a joy to see.
Check out the full Rexburg highlight post HERE.🙂
The lovely @Liz-Mag3 captured the intro to MKOP… love Rexburg for cheering when he mentions his TOSOD album! He always pauses a little whenever he mentions it (leaving a space for applause, like a consummate showman🙂 ) and I’m always hoping he’ll get a cheer so THANK YOU, REXBURGIANS!!!!! Love that he appreciated it too. *sniff*

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