Portland @DavidArchie recap…off.the.charts.amazing

Full disclosure, my friends, the lovely Refnaf and I (and the splendiferous Peppertara….SO amazing to finally meet you Pepp! ❤️🇨🇦) were at the Portland show last night…and I honestly have no words. 

Best. Crowd. Ever. And David was on literal fiyah! 🔥🔥🔥

I will add more later but let me just say that if you have the means, the time and can physically get to a show, GO!

Boi is in the ZONE!

The crowd at this cool tiny venue knew every word to every song and whenever he’d announce the name of the next song he was doing, they’d scream like he was Paul McCartney announcing Help! at Shea Stadium.

They lost their minds when he started Elevator … OH MY ELEVATOR LOVING HEART!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

In VIP he said I’m Ready was about trust…a convo with God… and that he’d had the melody in his head for about a year and a half and a friend encouraged him to finish it but that sadly she died before she heard the finished version… his eyes teared up when he spoke about her and that she died close by (Annie Schmidt, I’m thinking.)

Sadly it doesn’t look like he’s coming to Canada to do a concert anytime soon (Pepp asked that Q) he said he goes where “there’s demand”… *SOBS*…makes me glad I made the trek last night tho’ 😍

More later when I collect my thoughts!

In the meantime, my lame vids ….

This was incredible!!!!

David making sure he touched everyone’s hand at the end…

He Lives In You was incredible, as you can see!


Okay, have remembered more deets….

In VIP, the luminous Shelley asked what super hero he’d be… after giving this very serious thought (seriously), he said “Captain America”… “because he always tries to do what’s right, I like that.”

Ref asked (and I quote) “Are you ever tempted to bust out one of your amazing dance moves from the Up All Night video when you’re at a wedding or dance or something? What was it like to learn those?

He actually read all that out, which was worth the price of admission right there tbh.

He said he didn’t really consider it “dancing” and that he worked with someone via Skype, he only had a couple of days to learn the moves and that Kari hooked him up. So Kari joked, “ya, I taught him all the moves.” 😂

Then he went on to explain that he did in fact dance at weddings some of the time, then he laughed and said, actually all the time, but that he does classic “white boy” dancing. Everyone cracked up. 

Next question was Tina’s 😉… about Spanish music he’s been listening to that he likes… he called on Amber and said “what have I been listening to?” and she laughed and said, “my music”… meaning classical… he said it’s a nice break after being around pop music all day. “Like if you’re a chef, you don’t get home from work and go, ‘Let’s get cooking.”


I asked if he’d ever consider doing a video of himself with the crowd like he did at Tuacahn cuz it was so much fun [and, hello, great promo when he posts on IG] but (a) he busted me for asking two questions lol, and (b) he said it takes some planning but…maybe possibly he’ll consider it. .. aka He was onto my motives lol.

A girl asked him for advice on going on a mission, as she was leaving for Milan, Italy, in 5 days and he gave the most thoughtful, caring answer. He suggested she ponder, pray and be close to God. That she read the Bible and Book of Mormon and take notes. That there will be difficult times when she’ll feel she’s not being understood but to persevere. It was lovely.

Her mom was sitting next to me and she said they’d never seen David in concert. I told her we were big fans and they were in for a great show.

Well, this lady videotaped every second song… not even kidding. At intermission I asked how she liked it. She said, “How does someone sing live so well it’s CD quality?” And then she videotaped even more songs in the second half. 

I’m not talkin’ clips here and there but ENTIRE songs.

The young guy on the other side of us said he told David during his VIP pic that his favourite song was Broken and that his vocals on that song are incredible. 

Yes. Yes they are.

Can I just say that David’s comedic timing in his storytelling was something to behold. 

He knew just where to pause… where just the word “eyebrows” would send the crowd into hysterics… he uses the same storytelling gifts on display in his singing when he does his intros… he’s downright eloquent now. Take that, Simon!

Oh and the marvellous Ms Amanda thanked him in VIP for working with Holt Intl as she adopted two of her beautiful children through Holt and that she’s been involved with them for a long time and they are a wonderful organization.

So David called on her during the show when he talked about Holt before singing Broken…’twas lovely. ❤️

Also lovely was during the photo taking st VIP, a beautiful young woman asked if she could sing a hymn with him and have a video instead of a pic. So they started singing, David instantly harmonizing with her as they sang to one another. He loved it and had everyone give her a big hand.

I am seriously a little too not over Portland …as you might have noticed, lol.

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Just going to leave this here

And this 🙂

Show tonight in Bend, OR! We'd love to have you come if you're around! #Bend #OR #ontheroad #tour #towertheatre

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From Bend VIP, courtesy of the splendiferous Ms. Shelley:

If you can’t access Shelley’s vid, the lovely and amazing Tina posted it HERE.

Higher Ground… boy is on FIYAHHHH!!!!!

and omigosh he did I Wanna Know You! *DEADDDDD*



A post shared by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on


A post shared by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on


These 2 merch gals are the best. Sporting and modeling the merchandise ☺️🙃👍🏽👌🏽

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so apparently the sound cut out, so David sang Forevermore with just Brady’s guitar… who on earth sounds this amazing with no mic?? #rhetoricalQ

Sorry, but LOLing here at the host talking to David about Chile and how awesome it is through wine country. 😆

thank you, @suttygal!!!! SO glad David corrected them on the ticket price! hahaha


You can watch the cooking segment HERE. (sorry, couldn’t embed, I’m lame)



He Lives in You

Such a great concert again! @davidarchie #concert #davidarchuleta #tour #talent

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Higher Ground


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And so it begins! #OrionTour

red bluff.PNG.

Red Bluff tonight, my lovelies!!!!

Who’s going?

Who’s desperate for Periscopes? vids? @DavidArchie IG crumbs like these:


AND WHEN YOU SWIPE UP, YOU GET HIS TOUR SCHED! (genius, except it disappears after 24 hours, dude, hahahaha)


YOU GUYS. HE’S SINGING FOREVERMORE AGAIN !!!!!!!! oh my lanta pic.twitter.com/TGsNJAE3wX

— rhiminee (@rhiminee) June 1, 2017



Quick poll:

Will David do any of his UAN moves on his tour?

  • Yes
  • Heck no
  • He will have new moves
  • He will pull a muscle





Sign up HERE.

Get tour info HERE.
more stuffs:









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Pictures that cross my mind

Confession: I’m not a person who watches a lot of YouTube videos… *gasp* even David Archuleta videos.

I’m usually all about the audio.

Even the vlogs David used to do. I’d watch for sure once, maybe even twice, but that’s about it.

I think I’ve seen the SBL vid once. Numb maybe four times because I love the song so much.

But this one’s different. For a lot of reasons.

At first I kept watching it because of the lighting. HA HA HA, as if. It was totally because of the dancing.

When it came out, I didn’t even realize it had been released yet. The very thoughtful Refnaf emailed me, basically saying, “Where the heck ARE you??? The Up All Night video is up and DAVID IS DANCING! D.A.N.C.I.N.G!”

And I actually thought, “Nah, she can’t mean really dancing.”

Then I started watching it at work with headphones on.

I had to slap my hands over my mouth to stop from screaming and freeze myself in my chair to stop from leaping out of it and running around the office like a wild banshee arms flailing in the air because that’s exactly what I felt like doing.

And then I had to watch it again to verify that what I just saw really happened.

And once more to make sure I had three solid sources. #journalismschool

I was floored, as I’m sure many of you were. Not because he could dance… we all knew that … he telegraphed it with each subtle salsa-ish move, shoulder twitch and sly strut on stage.

But because he did dance. Openly. Freely. Unabashedly. Went for it.

As one youTube commenter accurately put it:”You ate up that beat @ 1:15 and i am all about it! Go get it, D.!”

The video was brilliantly edited to pepper his moves throughout the song, instead of one big show-stopping number… like breadcrumbs teasing you along… “did I just see what I thought I saw?” “there he goes again!” “I need to see moaaaaarrrr!” Genius!

But even more than the dancing, I loved how the video added even more layers to the story of the song, which is upbeat and joyous and simple yet has depth and real emotion to it, feelings I think we can all identify with… that yearning for “somewhere we belong.”

People have talked about the diversity in the video and, coming from a diverse, multicultural place, I loved that. It looked like home. Home with David singing and dancing in it, what on this Earth could possibly be better?? Not much, am I right? 🙂

And we see not just different shades of people, but pierced and tattooed peeps, and, heck, even grey-haired folks, and two girls dancing together, and then everyone was dancing together.

With all the dark and terrible things happening in the world, I want to focus on this kind of love and acceptance and inclusion… all THESE feelings inside, keeping me up all night, all these feelings inside.

Let’s watch it again, shall we?

How about you guys? Are you still watching it? What was your favourite part?? Do you think David will try any of these moves in his upcoming shows (which start in one week, btw, I repeat, SEVEN DAYS!!!)?

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Some killer Josh Bradley moments right here.


Sorry, guys, I have no words right now… I am so blown away… I know I was joking about him wearing baggy pants & big sneakers so he could break out some dance moves BUT I DID NOT ACTUALLY BELIEVE HE WOULD DO THAT!

We always knew he could move and groove like a pro but was holding back AND NOW WE HAVE PROOF!!!!!

(Sorry for the all caps, I am just so dang excited, lol.)

Not gonna lie, had really low expectations for this video, tbh, that’s just how I roll, hahaha. I mean, I absolutely love the song, I’ve literally had Up All Night on repeat since it came out but, I don’t know… just expected something similar to what he’s already done, or something.


Shows how much I know… I really really really really really hoped someone would be dancing in the video because that’s what the song makes me do, leap out of my chair and throw my hands in the air like I don’t care… hey, if I’m at work it gets a bit weird but c’est la vie, lol… but I never in my wildest dreams thought that someone would be David! hahaha

The boi can really move too!

Also love the rooftop setting and all the diversity (felt very Canadian to me, just sayin 🙂 ) … and them all being wrapped in blankets… and all the hugs… and his killer laugh and smile… and that he was there dancing away the night, so he was basically at a rave 🙂 …

Also loved the powerful message of reaching out to someone who’s feeling left out, then paying that forward …

EDIT: I’ve just been thinking about how brave David is… about how his love of surprising us and defying our expectations trumps his self-consciousness… what courage it takes to put yourself out there like that. He’s never really danced at all in public and then he just goes for it and commits to it. Wow. THIS is why we’re here still here, am I right?


(more later when I’ve collected myself, may take a while, hahaha)



Also, how amazing is Orion??? What is your favourite song so far? Say Me literally had me in tears on the bus this morning, not even kidding.

Who else thought the BTS video was going to feature David practicing choreography? 🙂



I call this The Spiderman 🙂




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#Orion. #Friday. #That is all.



I can’t stop looking at this picture… so many questions….

Do any of these people look like dancers??

Is he wearing baggy pants because he’s doing flips and other wild dance moves??

Is he wearing huge sneaks because he’s doing flips and other wild dance moves??

Is that the same shirt from Numb??

Was he up all night in a scraggy basement trying to escape from a serial killer??

okay, I guess that’s 5 questions 😆

What do you guys think??


Ways to help #Orion chart:

  1. Pre-order it now! (if you haven’t already… that helps a lot, apparently)
  2. Or on Friday, buy it, gift it, buy it again!
  3. When you do buy it, give it a star rating (5/5 ‘natch) and glowing review (turns out, those do count)
  4. Share it or even just mention it all over the place on social media (Billboard actually counts that too, along with YouTube views)… but try not to be obnoxious about it, which has the opposite effect (learned that the hard way, lol)
  5. Like & RT any media that plug #Orion… they keep track of these things
  6. Keep double-streaming #UpAllNight on Spotify or whatever streaming service you use (instructions here)
  7. Buy & gift it some more

I am certainly no expert, so if you know any other tips, please put them in the comments!


Is this not the greatest IG comment in the history of comments? 🙂


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#Orion readiness checklist




David Archuleta’s long-awaited* #Orion EP comes out this Friday!

How calm are we, my friends?

This level of Chandler calm?


Or more like this?


Whichever Chandler level you’re at, here’s a handy checklist to help you prepare for the big day:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, or tight, just wear clothing
  • Test drive new headphones
  • Block everyone you know on social media so you’re not disturbed
  • Stock up on energy bars and Ensure
  • Moisturize ears
  • Do vocal warm ups before belting out lyrics in the car
  • Clear furniture for spontaneous #UpAllNight dance frenzies
  • Gather candles (no, wait, that’s my snowstorm checklist) … sure, what the heck, go ahead and gather candles
  • Unblock everyone you know on social media so you can SHARE THE HECK OUT OF THAT BABY!!!!
  • Stretch all neck muscles to prevent any head bopping injuries
  • Make sure you’ve pre-ordered … ha, of course you pre-ordered  … otherwise, I would be forced to hunt you down and sing Constantine Maroulis songs to you until you do.


(just kidding… I could never be that cruel. 🙂 )

Have I forgotten anything?!?!?


*And by “long-awaited,” I mean, I think I was two inches shorter back then, the Canadian dollar was at par with the U.S. and Ed Sullivan was still on TV.

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So now we know exactly what’s going to be in the video!!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.59.40 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.17.43 PM.png



Who on earth gave David keys to the editing room??? Names, I want names.

I can hear him now screaming:

“Too many shots of my face. CUT! CUT!!!!”

“There’s a cute squirrel over there… give him some lines!”

“Can we not have so many scenes with me in them? Did you NOT get my memo??”

“I need an emergency haircut, STAT!”

“Snack break… who’s got the good rice cakes??”

“Scrap this, let’s start over… we can make it a Christmas video.”


Will these people never learn?!???

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Getting closer now, closer now….

orion preorder.



aww look at those smiles!!!

and these! 🙂

and these!!!

and here’s to the power of sistahood! *sniff*



It’s the lovely Refnaf’s birthday today! Please join me in wishing her the happiest of happy days!!!

Oh, and look, David’s throwing his own party for The Refster!!! (for some reason it has a Pokemon theme, who knew, Ref? 😉 )

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.48.00 PM.png

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Script leaks for the Up All Night music video (not really)


Today, David was kind enough to post this shot of his music video shoot for Up All Night.

Most fortunately, our intrepid, yet imaginary, SAz investigative team was able to get its non-existent hands on this leaked copy of the video script.


[exterior shot, mid-afternoon]

The camera zooms in across the green rolling hills of Tennessee to show a hesitant David Archuleta standing outside the front door of a farmhouse set far back from the road.

He knocks and knocks but no one seems to be home.

Music plays softly in the distance.

I am knocking standing at your door
Somewhere new I’ve never been before

David is welcomed in with open arms by a local farmer, his wife, 16 kids, 3 dogs, four geese and a partridge in a pear tree ….

The music swells.

Take me in and it feels like home
It’s getting late and I don’t want to go

David is visibly moved by the warm reception but hides his feelings well.

The camera follows David and the friendly family outside where they frolic and hike and play in harmony with nature and faraway from cellphone towers and strangers who he’s never met but are strangely named Mrs. Archuleta.

The family takes David to their private creek and shares their favourite pastime with him… frog hunting.

“I most furiously object to the content of this most egregious video and file a formal complaint with the SPCA, AMA, and the FFEF (Friends of Froggies Everywhere Foundation).”


After 37 frogs are caught, sauteed and served with butter thrown back into the creek, David takes a peaceful moonlight walk.

He imagines what it would be like to share this wonderful experience with a travel buddy someone special.

Something simple in the way this feels
Like love is something pure and real

It’s getting late and I have to leave
But tonight your memory is holding me

The scene fades to black then time shifts to several hours later and we see David back at home.

I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside
Keeping me up all night
All these feelings inside
Pictures that cross my mind

They’re keeping me up all night
Keeping me up all night

[morning, exterior shot]

We see David returning to the farm house the next day. The sun is shining, the trees are glistening with dew and David’s hair has grown quite a bit overnight so he looks like an anime character.

Faint cheering is heard off in the distance.

The lovely family runs outside to meet David and drags him off to the creek for more frog hunting.

After their adventures by the creek, they give David a special gift. Something to add to his fake green plant collection.

It’s far too generous, he feels, so he tells them he can’t possibly accept it.

This does not go over well.

David thinks it best to accept the gift after all. I mean, you can’t have too many fake green plants, right?

See my heart and there’s an answered prayer
Feel the magic in the midnight air
Breathe it in I want to pass it on
The strength of finding somewhere you belong

All the emotions of the day catch up with David that night, however, and he struggles to get to sleep.

I’m wide awake with
All these feelings inside
Keeping me up all night
Pictures that cross my mind

So many thoughts, so many emotions… should I have taken that last frog’s leg chicken wing?

Does Orion, the hunter constellation, quench his thirst from the Big Dipper? Or is he more of a Little Dipper smoothie kind of guy??

The thoughts won’t stop…

They’re keeping me up all night
Keeping me up all night

And it doesn’t help that it’s a blazing heat wave….

The scene fades out then fades back in the next day…

David’s made peace with all his profound pondering and decides to write a song about his experience.

He tells the family and the news is met with an unexpected reaction.

But then he sings the song to them and they fall under the spell of The Archuleta. ‘Natch.

Here so small but I am safe and sound
Where I stand it feels like solid ground
No where else that I’d rather be
No greater gift than what you’ve given me

On the way home, David decides to help out a lonely soul at the side of the road who’d run out of gas.

As the credits roll, we all learn a lesson about what matters most in life. Safety first. Love thy neighbour as thyself.

They’re keeping me up all night, keeping me up all night.


NA gifs from the lovely & amazing @SamLou63!!!

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