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Sidenote: I haven’t seen trolls but I used to collect them. Plastic ones, that is.

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It tickles me that I’ve done this drive in reverse…

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And I think I also said these exact words… just not in Louis Armstrong’s voice….

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And my ab fab of all….

. . . . . High on life, my friends, high on life….

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Yes, I am certifiably insane….

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Photo: Who else? Shell-Shell

…not just a little wacky or a mildly kooky Canuck but a buckle-up-the-straitjacket nut bar.

Yes, I was in Layton for the 3 shows this weekend. No, I did not plan to be.

Yes, I did fly there directly from my vacation in Florida, cutting it short by a day, and leaving my hubby to explain to Canadian customs on his return trip how it came to be that he’d flown to Fort Myers with his wife but was returning alone.

I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say the lovely Refnaf was the original mastermind behind the whole thing.

And what makes me even crazier is that I had come down with a wicked cough and fever the day I left… actually, maybe the fever made me do it. Nah, it was David.

I really thought I wouldn’t get to any more Christmas shows. I felt blessed to be in Indianapolis for that incredible show.

But when stars started to align and the chance was there, I grabbed it. And boy, I am still sick as a dog, but so so glad I did.

(And yes, I can hear y’all shouting “okay, get to the recap, already!”)

Friday’s show — a fever dream

Friday night is a bit of a blur because I was still in shock that I was actually there … and running a temperature.

But I do remember standing at the Will Call table as we asked for our tickets and who happened to be in line in front of us? Why, the illustrious Dean Kaelin. And he was on his phone doing vocal warmups (this exact one… only Dean wasn’t pinching his cheeks 🙂 ).

I presumed he was doing them with David but did I grab the phone from him and scream, “WE LOVE YOU, DAAAAVIIIIID!!!!!” just to check? No.

He ended up sitting two rows ahead of us and whispered something to his son (again, I presume, he looked like a Dean Mini-Me) after Nathan sang Nessun Dorma… oh, to be a lip reader. A well-deserved Standing-O from the crowd on this one, beautifully done.

At that point, I had no idea David had “the sniffles,” as he put it on Saturday. He sounded his amazing self, but did seem to hold back a little on some big notes, but I just figured he was saving his voice to  deliver all 3 shows.

Friday night, he seemed SO happy and energetic. Every story was embellished, he bounced across the stage, and lit up the whole place with his smile… even more than usual. There was even a new Chris Brown dance move added to his Madison Square Garden story. He will let all of those moves loose one day and kill us all, I swear.

He did mention how grateful he was about the great response to My Little Prayer, and I’d bet that had something to do with his great mood. Plus, there were surely lots of friends and family in the crowd.

He asked if there were any Christmas carollers in the crowd (there were) and he told them that the concert could be practice for them… *crickets*…. David: okay, I guess that wasn’t very funny. At which everyone cracked up. He slays me.

He sounded great on every song… Mary Did You Know was particularly tender and beautiful, it was like I was hearing it for the first time. I couldn’t help wondering what Dean was thinking, as I remembered that video that surfaced during Idol days of David singing MDYK at a Christmas event with Dean on piano. It was beautiful then, but now… takes you right back to Bethlehem.

After the show, we ended up walking beside Dean. Refnaf said hello and told him how great David sounded. Dean told us that David was starting to get a cold and he wished that David would rest more between shows but that he always wants to help someone out or visit a seniors home or other service project. I might have clutched my heart.

Sat. matinee – David’s magnificence knocks the power out

For this show, we ended up sitting beside Nathan Pacheco’s beautiful wife and two adorable kids. Mrs. Pacheco held their baby on her lap throughout the whole show and, I swear, either it was actually a Cabbage Patch doll or this is the most well-behaved, good natured infant I’ve ever seen. No fussiness, nothing.

Their four-year-old son, Emerson, wore the cutest set of mini-headphones and Nathan called him up on stage for a bit. His quotable quote was, “I LIKE DRUMS!” 🙂

I might be slightly biased but I could swear Mrs. Pacheco hooted and cheered even more throughout David’s set than Nathan’s. Do not share this with Jerry Springer.

David definitely sounded more stuffed up for the Saturday matinee but he still knocked it out of the park. The way he changes up notes, slips into the harmony part and adds even more feeling into his lower register just blows me away.

Right in the middle of Riu Riu Chiu, the place went black.

David: “Well, that’s a first.” And he disappeared off into the wings, probably looking for his Eagle Scout flashlight.

All the security peeps moved up to the front and faced us all, arms crossed, as if we were all going to take this chance to rush the stage and force-feed David some chicken soup.

The way the band reacted was amazing. The cellist started things off and they began to jam acoustically, ending up doing an amazing jazz number (that’s a classic tune, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it) with Melanie Shore, the pianist, really showing her jazz chops. (I’m a big jazz fan, so I loved this!)

The power did come back on right after that and David started Riu Riu Chiu all over again… so we got 1.5 RRCs. SCORE!

David gave props to the band, saying, “Y’all got 3 shows in one… Nathan’s, mine and a jazz concert.”

At the end of the show, Brady Bills brought out his adorbs little daughter and held her and Nathan’s little guy took that as a green light and came running up on stage. Not realizing who the boy was, one of the big burly security guys charged after him ready for a take down until David and Nathan waved him off.

Nice to know security is on high alert at the Layton Auditorium.

Saturday night – Oh, what a niiiiight

First time ever I’ve arrived at a venue for a concert and everyone was waiting outside while all was dark inside. My heart sank. I was sure David’s cold had gotten worse and they’d cancelled the show. Not that I want him to sing when he’s sick, quite the opposite, it completely freaks me out and gives me Layton Amphitheater flashbacks.

They eventually let everyone in, explaining that the power had gone out but they were working hard to get it back up and running and we might get an acoustic show instead.


If you’ve dropped by here often enough, you’ll know that this is my DREAM. An all-acoustic David show. And an acoustic Christmas show??

Let’s just say, Refnaf had to hold me back from finding the power authority peeps and slipping them some cold, hard cash to keep that power off.



My crummy photos of the acoustic set-up before they moved everything back.




It was very cool to see the band and crew jump into action moving instruments and gear around to assemble an acoustic set-up. Kari and Gina kept having these intense discussions with the crew and venue peeps and I was worried for a sec the show would NOT go on.

And when the DAC the Halls person explained what was happening and asked everyone to give a hand for Nathan Pacheco and David Archuleta, I will swear on the life of my favourite shoes that there was a BAM and all the lights came on when he said David’s name. For that is the power of The Archuleta.

When Nathan came on, he explained that they’d been scrambling as furiously back stage as they were on … ripping apart the set list, checking acoustic songs on their phones, basically reworking the whole show.

*sigh* A girl can dream.

But I should NOT complain… the show did go on. And what a show it was.

Again with the Mary Did You Know amazingness. I cried. I never cry during MDYK. It was Christmas Eve, the original one. He was that shepherd boy and he waved us all into the manger.

Thank you, Ms. Muldur, for recording this magic!!!!!


He ATTACKED Numb but then suddenly his voice was gone. Way to give us a heart attack, Archuleta. He quickly flicked the mic back on and finished the song with a bang. “I accidentally turned the mic off. That’s never happened before,” he said, smiling. “I thought my voice was gone.” NOT funny, bud. Sheesh.

Joy to the World… I have no words for this one. Something came over him or through him and restored his voice in all its glory as he got into the song. When he got to the “Wonders of his love” crescendo part and hit every high note and held that full, glorious “LOOOOOOOVE,” he smiled up to the rafters … in gratitude? … and everyone started cheering. He got choked up and so, of course, did we.

When he ended with “The Lord my God, he reigns,” chills ran up both my arms and possibly my other extremities. He got an amazing ovation and was still verklempt, saying “I really love that last verse.”

He then spoke about something he’d read or heard recently: “There wouldn’t be a Christmas without an Easter, I love that thought.” And then he talked a little bit about that and got choked up again. It was beautiful. Random quirky musings one minute and deep profound thoughts the next. He is one endlessly fascinating person, is he not?

And so “in the moment” and “present”… always. It really struck me at this show how rare that is.

My Little Prayer had been strong and confident on Friday night. Here, it was tender and emotional and he was leading our prayer circle.

O Holy Night was nothing short of magnificent. I was in shock that he wasn’t holding back and that he was nailing it… again. He seemed possessed… in a good way. Filled with joy and reverence. Standing O, baby.

And before Glorious, he acknowledged the fact that the holidays can be a difficult time for many people, “How am I going to get through another year?”

As if I wasn’t an emotional wreck enough at this point, this about did me in. These weren’t just words to him… a pat intro to a song… he knows that pain and wants to try to help others out of it. He’s helped me out of it. When I leapt to my feet at the end, I know there were others who did the same but for just a second, it felt like I was the only one sending out a very personal, “BRAVO! BRAVISSIMO!!!!”

(No, I didn’t actually yell that… it was understood. 🙂 )



JTTW … you really need to see this!


Were any of you there?? Did all this really happen?? Did I leave anything out???


Awesome article about My Little Prayer from Mark Franklin HERE.






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Boise recap from the lovely & amazing Taterzen!


Photo: The Shellster

Boy, O Boy, Boise!

Forgive me, but I must start this recap on a personal note for you to understand just how much David Archuleta’s Boise concert meant to me, and just how fantastic it was from every perspective.

My many adventures in life have been mired in a multitude of maladies, the worst of it coming in recent months. I am ailing, with lots of pain; and I will try to say no more about that, except it means I was limited to one concert for David’s Christmas tour, not exactly my usual agenda when David is nearby. I jumped for joy when I saw Boise on the tour schedule, knowing that I could be there somehow. And I was. So was David, in all his fineness. Blessed therapy.

Boise has been a little slow to adopt David. The city does not lie within that stretch of territory known in these parts as the “Mormon Corridor,” places where David has reconnected with his faithful fan base and is working hard to stretch his wings once again.

Boiseans love their country music and hard rock. I wasn’t sure how this tour offering would sell here, but I certainly underestimated the locals. A sellout! Every. Single. Seat. Not only that, some overheard pre-concert comments from the crowd waiting in the foyer let me know that more than a few people were there to hear David live for the first time. The merchandise table was busy, busy, busy. I’m so proud of you, Boise!

My husband and I made our way to the front row and were not surprised to see familiar fan faces sitting there too. Welcome to Boise! I love you all!
Nathan Pacheco opened the show as David’s guest. Other than “The Prayer,” I am not familiar with Nathan’s work. It is music of a different genre of course, but much there to appreciate. Nathan engaged the crowd quickly, organizing singalongs in a genial and lighthearted manner. He completed his set with “Little Drummer Boy” and David made his own entrance to join him before it was over.

I can never accurately recall David’s set lists. Just know that I do not miss a second of what is going on. From the very moment David began, he was a tireless troubadour of monumental proportions. As often as I have seen him in concert, I will never get over being amazed at this particular facet of his talent.

He sang, he soared. He swept us to places of tenderness, and then he raised us up to join him in unrestrained and heartfelt praising for all that Christmas means to him. David Archuleta lives inside these songs and invites us to visit him there. Like many of you, I go willingly.

I love how David is still real, with foibles just like the rest of us, which he does not hesitate to acknowledge, much to our amusement. One of these moments occurred when David brought guitarist Brady Bills to center stage. They both sat on stools and David introduced the song “Mary, Did You Know?” as Brady began to play a hauntingly beautiful introduction.

David was into it, listening and swaying to Brady’s music. David’s cue, and he began singing in that soft husky voice he can do, “Mary, Did You Know….? Pause. Longer Pause. He turned to the audience with the most astonished look on his face and simply announced, “I completely forgot the words!” He looked toward Brady (who was laughing) for some help, but Brady had a look that said, “Hey, Bud, I don’t know the words either. I’m just the guitar guy here.” Hilarious and charming at the same time. They started over. It was lovely, perfectly lovely.

During “Riu Riu Chiu,” my phone kept buzzing in my pocket. Concerned there was an emergency, I checked to see who was calling. It was Youngest Daughter in Las Vegas who had forgotten where I was. I simply turned the phone on and let her hear the music so she would remember, and then I disconnected when the song ended. I got a text from her later: “Sorry, but I sure called at the right time. I love how David sings that song. Thanks for letting me listen.”

Ha! I love to share.

Just a few quick impressions that are lingering, although there will be not end to the reminiscing for days to come:

“Melodies of Christmas.” It seemed to take on a new up tempo life. Lots of fun.

“Numb” was especially strong, impressive.

“The First Noel” WOW!

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” How does he do that? Play it again, Sam.

“Pat a Pan” and…

Oops, I’m starting to make a list and I shouldn’t. It could go on forever. It was a glorious concert, top to bottom, side to side, in and out, over and under. I was there in person and now I’m searching for videos to relive what I can.

Two more personal side notes if you don’t mind: I was sitting in the front row, dead center. During “Melodies of Christmas,” David jauntily bounced to the center of the stage and stayed there. After a few seconds, we made eye contact, but he lingered. It was actually awkward until I suddenly realized he was trying to get me to smile. Once I did, he smiled back and moved on. Smile medicine for your pain, people. Better than a spoonful of sugar.

concert 12-05-2016.jpgSecond: My macho, jock-loving son who has reluctantly allowed me to prattle on about my ODD, and once (rather sarcastically) declared David to be his “surprise little brother,” brought his entire family to the show. This was no small feat, as he and his wife have nine children, ages 4-18.

Unfortunately, their oldest, the Lovely Emily, my frequent concert buddy, missed the event because she was out of town and her return flight was delayed. Still, it was a joyous surprise to see them all there, the surprise they intended it to be, decided on with a unanimous family vote.

They had come not only to listen to David, but to support me in something that gives me peace and pleasure. It was a loving gesture and now a cherished memory that couldn’t have come at a better time. Ahhh, Christmas! Sorry if I sound all serious and sentimental, but can you imagine what kind of an evening this was?
And then we got to the encore.

“The Prayer” was beautiful as expected; but David’s rendition of “O Holy Night” was so pure and perfect, it took my breath away. I have never heard it sung better. He was at the very center of the music and the message. I wept. I was not the only one.

“Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.” One of them sang in Boise. Happy Holidays, everyone!



Awesome article is awesome…. featuring the illustrious @roxfox01!!!!!!!:


Shelley’s Boise videoooooos!!!!







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Here are a few of my favourite thiiiiings……


Photo: @byuidaho / Charisma: The Archulator

Love this to the moon and back!



David Archuleta is da mannnnn #BYUI #davidarchuleta #christmasisacomin 🎄

A video posted by Connor Forrest (@cforrestgreen) on


And here are 3 promo code for the Boise / Las Vegas / Costa Mesa shows… (the Boise one is the longest, Ms. Taterzen, just sayin’ 🙂 )

Were any of you guys in Rexburg?? What was it like???
His bemused smile tho’ 🙂

Holding the meet & greet in the kitchen near the fridge seems strangely appropriate….

I met my favorite kind of Mexican food today. David Enchilada.

A photo posted by kylieanne wride (@ky_wride) on


Bless Shelley for keeping her camera right on David. 🙂

Singing for 15,000….singing for one…same diff. to David *sobs uncontrollably at the beauty of that*

Went caroling with @davidarchie tonight and he's amazing! Excited for his concert tomorrow night! #christmas

A video posted by Jonny Kofoed (@jonnysofly17) on Dec 4, 2016 at 8:19pm PST


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Indy Magic



Photo: ranaeleona (IG)



What else would David be doing while Nathan’s answering a Q&A but Googling a song that popped into his head after Nathan said “This is gonna be fun.” Answer: (as he played for us) a song from Hannah Montana. [oops, correction: It was from the Master of Disguise (starring Dana Carvey) soundtrack.]



Grateful to work with such talented people @davidarchie & Check out their Christmas tour dates! 🎄

A photo posted by Megan Owen {Horn} (@megan.horn.owen) on

I will be more coherent when I get home (that’s the plan anyway, lol) but I just had to share real quick how amazing tonight’s Indy concert was.

Ya ya, I know, I always say that, but seriously, this show was off-the-charts amazing.

How can David keep sounding better? No clue. But he does.

His Ave Maria in VIP had me in tears two notes in. Not even kidding. It was incredible. If I’d gone home right after that I would have been perfectly happy. Unreal. Like an express train to Angel Gabriel’s cloud for a power hug. I was in the front row. How am I still breathing? I wanted to clutch my chest for the whole thing but, again, front row. Did not want The Archuleta to think I was having a stroke. I might’ve been.

And answering the VIP questions, he gave equal sincerity to naming his favourite Pokemon and their special bond, to sharing that if he could go back to any time period, he’d like to be in Jerusalem during Christ’s time, especially to see what he was like at David’s own age or younger… He us simultaneously 12 and 112.

Nathan is lovely and charming and so outgoing and personable that I think it took the pressure off David a little to share the show with him. And their voices do sound beautiful together.

I wish they would have done a Little Drummer Boy video (like The Prayer’s) to release this year… it ROCKED! When he casually strolled out after Nathan had begun the song, it took me back to his entrance to Apologize on Idol… still gives me chills.

I wasn’t going to post my faraway video but I didn’t see any other LDBs out there (and my audio’s not too shabby), so here you go:


You can’t tell from my pic but there was a crowd 2 and 3 deep at D’s merch table both before & after the show. Yes, I did elbow past everyone. 🙂

‘Twas awesome to see the lovely and amazing Jonerzz and Silverfox and SandyBeaches and FunnyGirl after all this time! And to meet fans I’ve never met before, like Spirit, Jane, Joy, Paula and so many others… not to mention a super-fun 9 hour road-trip (each way) with fellow Canucks Refnaf and her sis and Dangitdavid, who was meeting David for the very first time ever and seeing only her 2nd David show …SO sorry I missed you,emilylovesarchie!!! Was it not incredible?!!!!!

Such a great crowd, he felt the love, which always makes me happy.

White Christmas was a trip to Jupiter on a sleigh fuelled by champagne… make that sparkling cider. 🙂


Joy to the World dropped my jaw to the floor…unreal.

Joy to the World!! @davidarchie #davidarchuleta #Indy

A video posted by Joanie S (@suttygal) on

And OHN… full-on sobs

I guess what I’m trying to say is…get thee to a Christmas show!!!!

babysnowlargeHolt International

One of the most moving parts of the show was when David spoke at length about his visit to the Shanghai Baby Home and how that inspired him to partner with Holt International for his Christmas shows. He was choking back tears and so was I. At each of the Christmas shows there’ll be a table where you can ask for more information about supporting the cause or sponsoring a child.

According to their website:

Holt International provides the tools and resources to uplift children and strengthen families in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Today, we maintain active partnerships and programs in 13 countries.

David said that fans are always asking what they can get for him but he said, “If you really want to do something for me, support these kids” … I know I will.

Despite making 1543368 mental notes to not be rude to Nathan when we went up for the VIP photos, I completely forgot he was there. Like, “turned my back on him to talk to David” forgot he was there. I am so sorry, Nathan!

And I had planned to shake both their hands and introduce myself when I walked up. You know, like a polite, well-mannered person would do in that situation. But no.

Having two of them standing there was clearly more than my pea-brain could compute so I waved my hands wildly at both of them simultaneously while shouting, “Hey guys!”  Like I was on their bowling team and just got there to take my shot. Sheesh.

Some videos from the lovely & amazing myheartsong!!!!



BAHAHAHA... Robin managed to catch my reaction to Ave Maria at the beginning of this video… it may look like I’m super-excited to hear LDB (which I was, of course 🙂 ) but I was reacting to David’s phenomenal Ave Maria, truth be told… Nathan had come out after it and said, “Is that not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard” … and then I had to wait for David to turn around before freaking out. hahahaha. Good times.




I think he enjoyed the show too. 🙂






This one still cracks me up.

AHA! David’s new stylist revealed!

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.14.23 PM.png

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It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeaaaaar!!!

What could possibly put you more in the Christmas spirit than hearing David sing holiday songs??

Yes, that was a hypothetical question.

Tinsel? nah. Twinkly lights? somewhat. Snow? getting closer.

But THIS is guaranteed to fill my heart with the joy and love and peace and wonder that is Christmas.

I just realized yesterday that we haven’t really had a Christmas without David Yuletide performances since 2008. Even when D. was in Chile, he did those amazing Christmas concerts and I still listen to those songs.

Heck, I had O Ven O Ven on repeat in the middle of July!

What a beautiful gift has that been? (yes, another rhetorical Q. 🙂 )

Best wishes of this glorious season to y’all!!!!! {{{{{{group hug}}}}}

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 12.31.18 PM.png

Photo credit: The Shellster



Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 1.24.44 PM.png




A video posted by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on


A video posted by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on


A video posted by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on


A video posted by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on


A video posted by Shelley (@shell_eeeyyy) on



And if more vids become available, please add them in the comments if you can … for the lovely & amazing Refnaf and dangitdavid (and Ref’s sis) will be road-tripping 8 hours to Indy on Sunday and will report back every detail we can!




Here’s the link to my Numb playlist again… views up to 252,000ish…. woooooot!!!!


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Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! On this day of being grateful I am so grateful for my family! I only have a picture with the siblings here but I am so grateful for everyone in my family. These siblings of mine though (along with Jazzy who's on her mission) know me like no one else does and I'm so glad that they take me as I am for the good, the bad, and the ugly! 😜 I have really learned that my family has been given to me by God as a support system in this life. They keep me in check, they remind me of what to be really grateful for, what weaknesses I still need to work on, how to believe in myself a little more than I do sometimes, how to look at others a little more differently, and how to love people even when we don't see eye to eye and choose different paths of life. They have dealt with how indecisive I am my whole life, how I get impatient and maybe a little overly critical; they've dealt with the drastic changes American Idol and music put us through and the family dynamics that were already changing in the middle of all of it. They each share their perspective on life that help paint a bigger picture of what matters most. At the end of it all it seems we can agree on these 4 things: food, video games, that family is always in the center, and God's hand has been in our lives and we have seen so many of His tender mercies. I'm grateful to be imperfect and how obvious it is, it makes me realize how much I need this team of family and friends that I've been given. It teaches me how to love even when it's hard and doesn't make sense. I'm glad I have people that love me even when I don't feel like I deserve it or have any reason for them to love me. They love me anyway though and in the end teach me why I matter and what my purpose is. For me it's a reminder of God. It's a way he provides His love to me. Through this wonderful family of mine! This morning I was thinking of all the people I'm grateful for and the list just kept going and going. It really lifted my mood. Who are you grateful for? Give yourself time to think about it to explore different parts and times of your life to remember those people! It really does help! #Thanksgiving #family

A photo posted by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

How beautiful is this post, huh?




Yet now HOWLING… his laugh though 🙂 🙂 🙂 I swear, every time David guffaws, a battalion of angels get their wings.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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This guy….

David. Dude. My fandom is already dialled up to 11. Where the heck do you expect me to go from here??

There’s this:


Click HERE to preview & preorder. And raise your hand if you think these are the TOSOD boots?

And this:











(vid credit: the lovely & amazing suttygal)

(Sidenote A: I want that Spanish good night message as my ringtone. In my head. 🙂 )

(Sidenote B: I tuned in only for that Sundance Head guy with the long beard singing the honky tonkish version of the Alicia K. song and wow, just wow.)

(Sidenote C: Will uber fans now be showing up at VIPs with TVs for David? 🙂 )

(Sidenote D: My fave Numb youTube comment to date: magician


Let’s get those Numb views up, my friends! Here’s a playlist to make it easier: 🙂


To help Numb climb this Billboard chart, Click on THIS LINK, find Numb on the list (currently 132) then click on the blue Twitter bird beside the title to tweet out Numb is on the list. (RT’ing others tweets apparently doesn’t count.)

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screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-7-42-58-pmLOOOOOOVE THIIIIIS VIDEOOOOOO!!!!!

The song the black and white bits the nature walk the song the river bed the desert boots the song (did I mention the song??)

Did anyone else scream at the EXTREEEEME David close-up 10 secs. in? lol

Gahhhh, not sure what I was expecting BUT THIS BEATS IT BY A TENNESSEE MILE, Y’ALL!!!!!!!

EDIT: Okay, I’ve had a chance to watch it, ahem, a few more times and I love it even more, if that’s possible. The gorgeous… scenery… (yes, the scenery, it is quite verdant and lovely 🙂 )… and the way the closeups sort of punctuate the song, if that make sense… putting certain lyrics in bold to really bring them home… and the way the closeups go from black and white to colour… from something missing to something whole and real … and the way he keeps walking forward, moving from shadows to light.

Acckkkk, so much to love, isn’t there, my friends??!!

GROUP HUGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

“thanks so much for all the love” *SOBS*

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A little too not over Tuacahn, @DavidArchie


oh, and did I mention I got to experience 2 firsts: First time wearing a David shirt in public… and FIRST TIME SEEING THE GRAND CANYON!!!  With these lovelies. Thank you, David!

I honestly don’t know where to Begin. 🙂

What do you do when you’ve been crawling across the desert for years in search of water and a tsunami hits?

Welcome to life as a David Archuleta fan, lol. Not complaining, though, no sirree… I have water wings, so I’m good. 🙂 (And I’m exaggerating… we have had the odd sun shower now and then since 2011.)

Seriously though, when I think back to that first, Thursday night Tuacahn show, when David looked SO nervous, and even forgot lyrics he rarely forgets, and got emotional several times, and then later sat at the piano before performing “I’m Ready” for the FIRST TIME EVER and his hands were shaking… that all seems like a dream now.

(since this is a partial vid, I’ll share… he hadn’t even gotten through the first line and my eyes filled with tears, pierced my heart like a javelin)

After he conquered that first show (and he did) … and the Numb single was released to wild sharing and gifting and buying (and that’s just me 🙂 )… the next night, he was like a different person… confident, putting even more soulful, gahroovitude into WFM, nailing Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground like a ROCK STAR, inventing the concert selfie, bouncing even higher for Don’t You Worry Child.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did! Saturday night, he was off the charts on top of his game. He started off by surprising Gracie during her set for Keep Your Light On. Now, I love Gracie, she’s so talented and very sweet, but I’d heard that song two nights previously and David took it to a whole other level with his harmonies. (‘natch)


And later, he KILLED Numb, charging to the front of the stage, pumping through the chorus with so much passion, best. ever. I’d say. It got one of several standing ovations of the night!

And that swirling IG video during Don’t Worry Child, with everyone up on their feet bouncing, and he looked like he was having a blast with us… pure MAGIC. (Warning, it’s taking all my self control to not do this whole post in ALL CAPS!!!!)

This was SO much fun, I can’t even tell you… how he sang and did this, I have no idea:

photo-6Here you can see the whole crowd!

Look for the bouncing toques of Refnaf and I in Row G!

Sidenote: Before he started the song, he said, “You never know when you’ll need a mic stand,” as he dragged one over, and one of the young fangirls behind me said, “I’ll be your mic stand, David!” hahahaha

Some extremely random thoughts:

–  I was floored when he even felt comfortable enough that he sang the first line of Say Me, stopped and said, “My mind just went completely blank.” And he started over and turned us all into puddles of goo. When he sat at the piano for “My Little Prayer,” there was a fog machine on overload and massive swirling clouds of fog billowed around him, no word of a lie, as if God had exhaled right above him.

It actually reminded me of the very first time I saw him live on stage, when he came up through the floor at the grand piano playing Angels on the Idol Tour. *chills*

-And his stories… he started expanding on the intro to Numb and what he was going through during the post-Idol frenzy and I started to understand even more completely what he must’ve been going through then… and the crowd was soaking up every word, to the point where a man with a deep voice yelled out “keep talking!” And David laughed and said, “Don’t be telling me that, buddy!”

-At one point he had to stop a story to untangle himself from a spiderweb that had somehow come down from I don’t know where… IT’S AN AMPHITHEATRE, THERE IS NO CEILING!!!! All I can say is, this mystery spider clearly had ODD.

-And then, in between, we get the IG stories complete with head banging and tbh, I’ve lost track of it all. And then today, surprising us with the FB Live thingie… It’s too much, it’s just too much.

Except that it’s not. We are totally up for it, just out of practice. 🙂

oh, and that little matter of him strolling into the fan lunch on Saturday.

Not sure I can talk about that coherently. Still not sure it really happened. I was already blown away that Kari took the time to stop by and answer questions. She is seriously THE BEST.

When Kari left, we continued on with lunch and all the fun stuff Kalei and crew planned (and so many fans made the most creative gifts for everyone *cough*Taterzen*cough*) and I was standing there talking to a lovely lady whose name escapes me when I heard a blood curdling scream.

When I saw the cap and that shirt we all know by heart I must’ve looked like a deer caught in a thousand headlights. And then I thought maybe he was just there to take quick picture, which would have been awesome!

But then I saw the band. The band. That means…. HE’S GOING TO SIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!

And he did. Once he inquired about what we’d had for lunch. Specifically what kind of soups. Check it out:

David wants to know what's for lunch 😂

A video posted by rhiminee (@rhiminee) on


I must say, besides the initial screams… because, I mean, COME ON, what else does one do when David Archuleta launches a sneak attack? … after that, I was impressed at how composed we all pretended to be. Giving him his space and feigning a super chill “oh, just another Saturday in the presence of greatness” air.

When it got to group picture time, the funny thing was, Kalei had said earlier there would be two photos… one with everyone that wouldn’t be posted and another with only peeps who were okay with a shot being posted.

Wellllllll, let me tell you. No one opted out of this group picture.


When David dropped down to sit with his band on the linoleum, I heard someone behind me say, “He can’t sit on the floor!” 🙂 But that he did.

As soon as he left the building, a spontaneous chant of OH EM GEE! OH EM GEE! OH EM GEE! erupted and hugs galore because, you know, David.

I honestly can’t think of another artist who would’ve have done this. Can you??

And he was clearly sending out a huge thank you to all of us who have been supporting him from the beginning, not just those of us in that room.

There’s probably more and I will share but I am still in somewhat of a daze.

I will say that, as I mentioned in the last post, that first night reminded me of Idaho Falls, when David was also clearly nervous about performing his first solo show post-mission and as much as I love to be there to hear David sing live, I really feel compelled to just be there to support him. Still do.

To leap to my feet as soon as he comes out (which Refnaf and I made a pact to do in Idaho Falls and continue to do), to scream and applaud till it hurts and to bounce like nobody’s watching.

The fact that you could clearly see he felt the love grow each night, warms my heart to no end.


So what do you guys think????



I’ve seen some fans sharing pics of the set lists on Twitter and feel so fortunate that I got my hands on this one — it seems to be much more detailed. 🙂


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