The lovely Janey’s Aiming for Hope Appreciation Post

At the Salt Lake show I had the privilege of these 4 songwriters who wrote on #postcardsinthesky being there: On the left is Taylor Hartley and then to the right of me is Stephanie Mabey. The 3 of us wrote the song "Invincible." Next to Stephanie is Dustin Christensen. Stephanie, Dustin and I wrote the songs "Seasons" and "Aiming for Hope." Some of you might recall my 2nd post ever on Instagram (which I've added on here again) which was when, I believe, we wrote "Seasons." On the right is Camille Nelson who helped write "Spotlight Down" and was the one who actually made that writing session happen. (EDIT- K.. idk why Camille was cut out of the picture suddenly! She was there when I tagged her! But go to the last photo and you'll see her!!!!-END-) So glad I get to write with amazing writers like these! I also have to thank Stephanie Mabey for writing the song #Glorious that I sing at every show. It has become a signature song for me and has changed my course of where to take my music and career. It reminds me of the power of music with a message and how my goal is to help people find the part that they play. We just need to keep listening, and pretty soon we'll start to figure out our part. 🙂 Here's to making more great music everyone! #songwriting #songwriters #musiccreators

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Aiming for Hope

Without a doubt, Aiming for Hope is my most listened to Postcards in the Sky track.

I’m on the road at 5:30 a.m. while it’s still dark (watching the sky changing colors, collide into night) and the song reminds me of a special time I had with a family member that recently passed away (can’t help wondering where you are, where you are).

It’s a gentle way to start my day – spending time with a recently departed loved one and hearing the buttery richness of David’s head voice.

The simple production is perfect with just enough strings for punctuation. The cello compliments David’s voice to a T, to my ear they have the same warm tone.

The message David explained (see the VIP videos below) was that the stars are brightest when it’s darkest, just as you can see God’s work in your darkest times.

It was something I hadn’t thought about but, on one of those drives, I suddenly realized how true that was. And in ultimate David fashion, in the verse that followed my thoughts, David started singing:

If there’s a way
A way to clear all these clouds
I’d show you how
There are always signs
Right above you
Made of lights, burning bright
And the darker it gets
The more you can see it


Beyond these profoundly personal lyrics, one of the elements I’ve noticed on this album that also differentiates it from his other works is the vocal risks he takes.

We often hear his ad libs, vocal runs and change ups in concert, but his previous studio albums were shy of those nuances. Aiming for Hope has more than its share.

Put the headphones on and treat yourself to the first ladadadadada…ladadanaaaaaa…ummmmm mmmm and the glorious final yaaaa ummmmm…mmmmmm, with that sweet little vocal twist. Oh my.

Mention has to be made of the key change during the chorus. His voice rises up to the task and David makes it sound effortless. What incredible control.

David hasn’t mentioned who’s responsible for the production of this wondrous lullaby so I’m not sure who to thank for that, but kudos to Stephanie and Dustin for the co-write.

~ Janey



Here are his live performances of the song so far:

Sellersville, VIP, The first time we ever heard this live… David explained that he’d come up with a few melodies and song fragments while on his mission (including some of Seasons and Aiming for Hope), and they’d stayed with him. So when he got home, Stephanie Mabey and Dustin Christensen helped him finish the song.


Kansas City VIP (thanks, Pastel!!!), David talks about how the song came about.


Indianapolis VIP (thanks, Robin!!!), David explains a little more about the meaning behind the song, that it’s about “keeping hope” and connecting with nature and the sky, that “when there’s a dark time of our life sometimes reveal the most beautiful things about life and who we are,” and looking for those deeper signs in the night beyond the darkness or the pain we might be going through.



How about you guys? What’s your most listened to track on the album so far?

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How about you guys? 🙂


These tweets combined with the studio clip got me very emotional for some reason.

Maybe because David seems to be in such a good place right now… and reaching out to connect with us at every turn… it’s like we are being rewarded for hanging in there when we already had our reward all along.

((((group hug)))

LOVE Tina’s post, as per us. Go check it out and thank me later!

♥♥♥ all the love on David’s latest IG post (with his A.I. audition clip)… from both fans and friends:


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The lovely and amazing Janey’s Top 10* @DavidArchie year-end highlights

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.49.59 PM.png

Photo: The illustrious Shelley

Ode to Joy

Fondest D’Arch memories of 2017? Here we go. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.21.57 PM.png

Red Bluff, CA:

David waiting patiently on bended knee with his hand outstretched waiting for a precious girl to grab it during his after-encore run across the stage. ‘Twas a magical moment that left the dad and grandma and my travel buddy in tears. It’s the pay off for being a 10yr fan.

Waiting in line I met folks that had waited 9 years to see D live. Their joy is my joy. I knew what they were in for.

Watching them experience a David show the first time is beyond my vocabulary. And when you share with them that he might later meet them at the bus, well then there’s that too.

Grants Pass:

I was able to trade my front row seat for a fifth row center. The young teen who was the trade beneficiary was in tears the entire show and then well into the night after she met David at the bus after the show.

She said David inspired her to go on a mission. We talked to her mom and after the show she said, “Now I get why you go to multiple shows.” 🙂

The mom wanted to know if he had non-LDS fans. YES HE DOES.

P.S. During the entire show she was communicating with a very jealous daughter in Japan on a charity mission.

Sacramento, CA:

VIP time. I was able to ask David if the band could do longer solos during the introductions. You’re welcome.

EDIT: Janey is much too modest… here is just a sample of what that little VIP question resulted in … watch till the end to catch his little scoot across the stage before his big finish 🙂 🙂 🙂 :

Kamas, UT:

Had a super fun time with Provo friend and running into Dick Van Dyke and terrific risotto for dinner in Park City. David killed it onstage that night. Happy Birthdaaay to meeeee.

Postcards in the Sky release:

tumblr_ozfiifVZOS1qdhaupo1_250.gifI couldn’t believe my ears at the first run through. Postcards is an album David will always be proud of.

I am so grateful he is finally living and working his truth.

Can I just say how glad I am he decided to put Upset with Me on it? It is what grounds all the other songs and gives them context. It is his bravest and most meaningful song to date, imhbco.


I think it was Tina who convinced me to go. She posted something like how many opportunities will you get to see David in a biker bar? I am sooo glad I made the effort.

It was a GA venue and those who wanted to move were down in front and those who wanted to sit it out were doing just that in back.

After a bit when it was obvs those in back were content to just listen, he played mostly (if not all) to us up front. It was a spectacular show with amazing sound. Thanks to Pastel for asking for Aiming for Hope during the VIP. It is my most played PiTS song.

We were also lucky enough to get to the venue early and heard sound check behind the garage wall. It was truly incredible to here David sing Forevermore.

During VIP I asked David if he would ever do a sacred show for the public (I know he does them for his church at Easter). He replied he didn’t think there was a demand for it but a few others at the VIP tried to convince him otherwise. He also said the Christmas shows are more sacred and while that is true, those shows don’t give us a chance to hear I Know He Lives, Come thou Font, He Showed Me How and many others.

EDIT: I Know He Lives was definitely one of my 2017 highlights. Let’s listen, shall we? 🙂



If ever there was a perfect David show, this was it – spectacular in every way!

Friends, fans, food, perfect weather, and the band were incredible.

I sat behind the songwriters and producers and watched them watch David (and they took videos) and he was on fire.

At some point late in the show while the crowd was going wild, I grabbed Cason and Jeremy and with my arms around each one I exclaimed, “Thank you for always believing in him, these songs mean the world to the fans!”

They looked at each other and heaven only knows what they were thinking, but if their smiles were any indication, I think they were ok with the one armed hugs.

I met the gal who bought the last ticket available and she was there alone. She saw that the OS said “sold out” but then went to the venue site and saw one ticket left and bought it!

She waited 9 years to see him. I love folks like that. They can’t hide their love for him.

After the show, she tweeted, me, “I love him! I am definitely going to be at his next show in town! He was amazing. It was so nice meeting you all!”

And any show that starts with a standing O is one for the books. I watched the producers look around at the pre-show standing O with a bit of confusion but within moments they were on their feet too.

If y’all haven’t seen David’s thank you before the encore I suggest you make time to watch it. Everything I ever wanted to hear from him he said in those few moments.


EDIT: Selfishly adding this Say Me from Nashville because there was just something special about it that night.


Abravanel Hall:

I was there for the announcement and it felt good to be there upon his “return”.


It was a terrific show with the co-writer of Nunca Pense on stage during that song. Talk about dance “moves”. Ohhh Lordy. Bless the fandom if he ever truly unleashes the Latino in him.



2017 was a terrific year to be a fan. Nothing says thank you to the fans like new music and multiple tours. Nothing. Bring it 2018! I’m ready for ya.

Honorable mentions:

Nandito Ako live from the Philippines, “puppy love” (thanks for the perfect term Tina), late night Kari-oke from the road, FB live with 4 divine acoustic songs, any and all Bridge Over Troubled Waters from TOFW and a superb Oh Holy Night from Calgary.

~ Janey

*Final EDIT: There may be more than 10, math is not my strong suit. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.36.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.35.02 PM.png

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Reminder (thanks, Tina!) of the amazingness of Jeremy Bose:

This is writer/producer Jeremy Bose! Jeremy took part in writing 3 songs on the Postcards album. I gave background on "Say Me" on the Trent Dabbs post and how "Other Things in Sight" was a collab the 3 of us did. Jeremy and I worked with @cindymorganmusic to write "Someone To Love." (Which you'll see how the time flew in the picture since the day we wrote it. 😂) Jeremy also did additional production on the title track "Postcards in the Sky," (produced by Jeff Trott) and then I chose Jeremy to produce "Upset With Me," the only song on the album I wrote by myself. I knew Jeremy would get the emotional journey I needed to take it on, and wanted the song to feel like I was in the room alone like when I had written it. Many of you have asked about details on this song by the way. It was a feeling of being alone, nearly defeated, and surrounded by darkness, but also a sense of hope and movement forward. Although it was from a dark place there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It was finding strength to move toward that light. Writing about it helped me know where I really stand. It brought healing and closure. For a while it wasn't on the album as I've since moved out of that place, but I knew there are people in that same place now, and they may need to hear they're not alone and can have hope and get help needed just like I needed help. The rest of the story for now is still personal and I need my space and time with it. I didn't know how else to express the emotions of loss, darkness combined with hope and moving forward aside from chords, and melodies. Thus the section without words and just chords, vocal expressions, etc. I knew Jeremy would get this too. Jeremy and I have known each other for 7 years now after being introduced to each other through @sensibilitymusic and @joy__williams. We wrote 2 songs with Joy and producer Robert Marvin (though these songs were never released) and bonded after that. This lead to the sessions where we wrote "The Other Side of Down" (along with Joy and Blair Daly) and "My Kind of Perfect" (also with Joy, and Cindy Morgan). Thanks for all the wonderful collabs Jeremy on this album, and also Cindy!

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Monet Monet Monet Moneeeettttt

David is such a fan of Monet’s Haystacks that he posed on either side of this painting.

I approve of this level of fandom…


“I have admired this painting since I was 12… I must keep myself at a respectful distance.”

… and his Mona Lisa smile…


“hmm, now I am hatching a diabolical plan to mastermind the most brilliant art heist in the history of Paris… these Haystacks will soon be MIIIIIINE!!!!!”

If he didn’t buy 16 Haystacks magnets and hay-flavoured lipbalm in the gallery gift shop, I will be very disappointed.

Source and source.


I would pay $$$$$$$$$ to see David trying this. 🙂 🙂 🙂




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What a time to be a @DavidArchie fan!



omigosh, you guys. There was so much to be upset and outraged and scared and bewildered by in 2017, but one constant throughout the year that just kept getting better and better was…. well, I’ll let you finish that sentence. Hint: It starts with David and ends with Archuleta.

tumblr_p079j1NtUY1qbjx1wo5_250For highlights of David’s amazing live performances, visit Tina’s roundup of perfection here.

For new music highlights, we have the 16 gems adorning Postcards in the Sky.

For social media highlights we have David’s Insta stories and viral twitter videos and carpool karaoke jamming and scruff pondering … and just when we think we know this guy he surprises us with even deeper thoughts, and growing out facial hair, and eating poutine and helping more kids in need and Showbiz Shelley reunions and onstage Elevator jams with fans and Love Loud shoutouts and DANCING IN A MUSIC VIDEO???!!! (Excuse me, not dancing, “moooovement”)

I think the biggest highlight for me this year was to see David having so much FUN with it all!

UANgif1Owning who he is and what he stands for and being okay with all of us supporting him all these years… not just okay with it but thanking us… I mean, we don’t need thanks, it’s pure joy to be his fan, for me, anyway, but it sure feels lovely to hear that he appreciates and feels encouraged by that support.

VikingGifTo see him get braver and braver and share so much of himself with us, the serious stuff and the goofy, is just such a gift that I hope I never take for granted. Being in the moment is never so joyous as when you’re listening to his music, watching one of his random Insta stories or (blessing of blessings), being at one of his concerts.

I finally got to meet in person even more lovely and amazing David fans this year, and reconnect with treasured long-time fan friends, {{{{{group hug}}}} to one and all.

Now here is what the point of this post was in the first place, hahahaha.

Stop me if you’ve seen these already, but here are some shots from the lovely and amazing Kari’s Flipagram… some we’ve seen already, but does that really matter? 🙂

Can you see this picture too many times??


I thought not.


File under… “band shenanigans”





David shenanigans:





The A Team!









Check out the looks on these faces! *love*



And oh my heart….



And this wasn’t part of the Flipagram but I’m including it anyway because David … leading his sheep. 🙂

What are you guys looking forward to this year??

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Epic 2017 recap vid gets its own post


I believe the red object is the oxygen tank required at any and all David Archuleta performances.



Am I wrong to love vids of huge crowds adoring D’Arch and almost pulling him off the stage?? (don’t answer that)






Even his angry face is adorbs. How is that possible?

(from @rhiminee’s amazingly awesome Tumblr)


Talk amongst yourselves on this one.

Love this! ❤

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.49.57 AM.png

Okay, so what are your highlights from this past year??? SOOOOO many to choose from, right???

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Happy Birthday, @DavidArchie!!!!

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted cabbage patch just beyond the forest to the left of the hickory woods.

Remarkable things were said to grow in this patch.

Eggs without chickens. Bananas without skins. Cellphones with never-ending batteries.

One day, a farmer happened by, looking for some eggs. What he found instead astounded him. It was a boy, a strange enchanted boy. Wrapped in a cabbage leaf.

As the farmer unfurled the cabbage leaf, the boy started to sing. It was the most beautiful sound the farmer had ever heard.

Birds perched around them on nearby branches. Small woodland creatures crept up to their feet. And the rarest of all, the unicorns, came out of hiding and emerged from the forest to come nearer. All to hear this singular voice.

Yes, yes, yes, I know Wikipedia says David Archuleta was born in Miami 27 years ago today.

But sorry, that just seems so… ordinary. I prefer my version.

For Mr. Archuleta is anything but typical. 🙂 🙂 🙂





these are all aMAZing!!!






Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.51.04 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.59.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.59.23 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.59.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.59.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.59.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.50.40 PM.png

these sibs tho’ *SOBS*



awesome gifs are awesome

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A @DavidArchie Christmas story


So, as you may have seen me tweet, earlier today I was in a grocery store and heard David Archuleta’s “Joy to the World” (from his Christmas From the Heart album) start playing over the store sound system.

This was nothing less than a Christmas miracle.

I almost never hear David’s songs in stores. Every time I see someone’s tweet about hearing Crush in a Home Depot or ALTNOY in a Bed, Bath & Beyond, I am consumed by raging fires of jealousy. Okay, maybe slightly glowing embers of jealousy. I’m not a monster.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 11.19.00 PM.pngSo today, to shop for Christmas Day, I visited my favourite grocery store — a holiday tradition. It’s a giant place called Highland Farms that caters to Italian-Canadians (my mom’s Italian) and carries so many of my favourite things… the best cannoli, the best smoked caciocavallo cheese, Brioschi… and their produce section is to die for. Today, I even Instagrammed the beauty of its carrots, peppers, apples and neatly arranged asparagus.

You get the picture, it’s a great place.

And there honestly was something magical about being there today. It can be fierce lining up for their bakery section or olive bar at the best of times, and the meat counter, whoah, weeks of training are needed. And holidays are usually the absolute craziest time to be there. Santa would break down in tears.

But not today. First of all, it was snowing the most beautiful big fluffy snowflakes that were swirling around the trees and houses like we were all in a giant snowglobe.

Inside, in line for my cannoli, people were chatting, laughing, friendly. I saw hugs happening between staff and longtime customers.

And then I went to find some marinated artichokes.

Aurora-Marinated-Artichoke-Hearts-340mL.jpgWho knew that would be the moment that changed everything. After searching the aisles, I finally found just what I was looking for. A jar that was just the right size, at just the right price. Then I heard the opening strains of a familiar song.

No. No way. Couldn’t be.

Those tinkly notes though… like a kid plunking out the Christmas carol on a toy piano.

It must be another version of the song. Or an instrumental. Wait, no, it’s exactly like David’s.

I literally froze. My hand up on the shelf clutching the artichokes.

If a security camera had been watching me, it probably looked like I was having a stroke.

I held my breath and listened harder than I’d ever listened before. That humming we all know so well. And then “Joy to the World!” in that Voice!

It was filling up all the airspace in every aisle of that store and oh sweet cranberry sauce it sounded incredible. Joyous. Glorious. Like angels blessing us all with Christmas goodness.

I let go of the artichokes and clutched my chest.

It took every ounce of self-control not to grab the lady pushing her cart past me and scream, “Listen! You’re missing this incredible moment!”

I wanted to run around the whole store and point to the speakers and scream, “Stop squeezing the bread and just LISTEN!!!!!!”

Why was everyone just shopping like there wasn’t something incredible going on??

But then the song was over and the next song wasn’t even a Christmas song, so they weren’t just playing some random Christmas playlist. These songs were chosen by someone. That thought made me very happy. A kindred spirit was at the controls somewhere in Highland Farms store-music central.

It was very strange having this intense, out-of-body experience in a grocery store amid normal, every day, Christmas shoppers just trying to get everything on their list.

But it really happened, I wasn’t dreaming. Although it did take me a moment to come back down to earth. And to remember why I was standing in that aisle in the first place. I almost walked away without the artichokes.

The whole thing made me stop and think, why did I react so viscerally, so emotionally, when I heard that song out in the real world… not just in the cocoon of my iPod?

I’m not sure. That’s why I’m writing this all down. To try and figure it out. I do know it made me really happy. And it also makes me very happy to know that I can share this with you guys and you totally get it. Getting choked up just thinking about that.

How blessed I feel to not only have David’s music in my life, and the quirky and fun stuff he does, and the beautiful messages he shares, but to have all of you to share this adventure with.

Sending out a huge Christmas hug and much love to each and every one of you. ❤️


Along with this:



In case you were wondering, I did buy the artichokes… along with some extra items to contribute to the Food Bank bin at the front of the store… giving back in a small way, I guess. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noël, everyone!


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Calgary recap from Calgarian Awestruck

frontProgram.jpgA Magical Holiday Night in Calgary

‘First Solo Show in Canada!’ … D A V I D at the JACK SINGER CONCERT HALL, oh my heck.

My home town did me proud, I must say!

When TOfan sent me the news that David was coming to Calgary to do a Christmas concert I shook my head in disbelief.

No way, she is teasing me, I thought. Facts came to light and I quickly put on my thinking cap to figure out how I could promote The Concert. I bought Postcard in the Sky CDs thinking I would hand them out to the local radio stations etc…

Well, tickets sold very quickly in the lower front sections and even the front of the side balconies. The remainder of the Jack Singer sold steadily over the following three weeks. I would say that, while it was not a sellout, it was close. I, therefore, had nothing to do – lol – and have since gifted the CD’s I purchased!

7B52FE2A-AB1B-493C-9C53-EB42615B02E5Highlights of the Concert

David sang 20 songs. Who on earth sings 20 songs at a concert? David of course!

From the very first song, when he hunkered down during Mary’s Boy Child with his fist punching in the air for the chorus — ‘Hark, now hear the angels sing, a king was born today’ — I knew we were in for a great concert but I wondered how in heaven’s name could he keep up the energy??? I should have known better, lol.

Here are my point-form thoughts about the other songs:

– Jazzy, jazzy White Christmas – AWESOME

– Invincible – what can I say, it hits home for me

– Reverent Mary Did You Know

– Of course he would find a Canadian written song (Gordon Lightfoot) to sing – Song for a Winter’s Night. Despite the nervous errors it was beautiful!

– It was so obvious in David’s face how disappointed he was in himself after forgetting some of the words in Song for a Winter’s Night. My heart ached for him and I wish I’d of had the presence of mind to stand up and call out to him ‘thank you David for introducing me to a beautiful song I have never heard before’.

– Beating his chest with a super intense expression on his face while performing “He Lives in You” brought tears to my eyes

– Singing Postcards in the Sky with such FREEDOM

– My son – his arm around my shoulders – swaying with me with David singing This Christmas

– The hush of the crowd right after he finished My Little Prayer was eerie. Then, the eruption of applause. Chilling. Such emotion in his voice. More tears – my son reached for my hand and held it tight during this one

– O HOLY NIGHT – Sublime. David reached right into my soul. The entire audience rose to its feet to show their love.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.27.13 PMThe White Hat Presentation

– David is an honourary Calgarian now!

– The audience remained on their feet during the entire presentation.

– You all must know that this is NOT something done for just anyone. The group of people that lobbied for David to sing here in Calgary also requested Tourism Calgary to present the White Hat to him. They could easily have denied them their request.

– I was thrilled when they told David that “we had high expectations, but you exceeded them!”

Family and Friends’ Reaction

Here are some of the post-show reactions from my friends and family who were there:

– “Great performer – commands the stage” … this from my son who told me that he wasn’t a fan but would come to the concert to watch my reaction. Said he ‘had fun’ and ended up downloading Postcards in the Sky!

– “He has a BEAUTIFUL voice – innocent,” said one family member.

– “Great voice – pitch perfect, but a bit rambly,” said another.

– As she was walking out of the theatre after the concert, I heard one young woman (an accomplished singer in her own right) say she was ‘blown away’ and then she ran to the merchandise table to buy a t-shirt and CD for her mom for Christmas

– My husband said it was the best concert of David’s he has ever seen

– “Wonderful concert – has the most soothing voice I’ve ever heard” said another friend.

– It was the first time that one of my friends had seen David live – and she told me, “He was soul-touching, exhilarating. He doesn’t even know me and he gave me faith in myself and validated my worth. Truly an inspirational young man.”

Final Thoughts

I must say that it was very special to have my kids at the concert. They have supported me in my David Journey with some bewilderment, but supported none the less.

Deb.jpgDavid concerts have become a wonderful experience sharing with old friends (thanks TOfan and Refnaf), renewing acquaintances (Pastel and her lovely friend and new fan Peggy) and meeting online fans (the most gracious Pepper) for the first time face to face!

It is a night I will never forget.

~ Awestruck


TOfan EDIT: The snowflake-y picture up top was handed out by the ushers and this was printed on the back (I’ve underlined my fave bits… that just seem so Canadian to me, idk 🙂 ):

okay, so this is a ghetto video clip of someone else’s private video clip so please don’t share, I just wanted y’all to see a bit of the soulful deliciousness of Someone to Love from Calgary… still praying someone foiled the super-stringent camera cops and got more video:

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