Come sing our special @davidarchie TikTok song!

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 2.10.13 PM
TikTok Pic

To celebrate the momentous occasion of David Archuleta’s new little blue TikTok checkmark, I invite you all to sing the following, tune to tune of Paralyzed! Or not, up to you, really.

I hold on and I should let go
I wait to think when I really know
I should’ve been TikTok-ed a million years ago
I wake up and I’m gonna slay
Another chance to hashtag a new day
Y’all can find me now, here is why


By the app boss at TikTok who rules all
So that now I can finally go viral
With my voice and my smile at the end
Watch the likes for my vid as they spiral away


It’s so short, this little clip
Is there time for me to do a backflip?
Protect my faaaaaace if I slip

Trying this dance for a challenge I’m doing
My slippery socks bringin’ me down
Trying this dance for a challenge I’m doing
My slippery socks bringin’ me down


By the app boss at TikTok who rules all
So that now I can finally go viral
With my voice and my smile at the end
Watch the likes for my vid as they spiral away


Trying this dance for a challenge I’m doing
My slippery socks bringing me down
Trying this dance for a challenge I’m doing
My slippery socks bringing me down
Trying this dance for a challenge I’m doing
My slippery socks bringing me down
Trying this dance for a challenge I’m doing
My slippery socks bringing me dooooooowwwwwwnnnn
[Sidenote: Try this riff for the #ParalyzedChallenge… good luck with that, everyone! J]


By the app boss at TikTok who rules all
So that now I can finally go viral
With my voice and my smile at the end
Watch the likes for my vid as they spiral away


Check out David’s TikToks HERE to see what you’ve been missing!

In case you need a reminder of how awesome the original is. 🙂

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Actual customer service call to the new David Archuleta Shop (not really)

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.47.12 PM

Hello, is this the new David Archuleta Shop?

Why yes it is, how can we help you?

I’d like to order the item pictured above, please.

The jacket? Sorry, that’s not in our inventory.

No, not just the jacket, everything in the photo.

You’d like to order that particular photo?

No, no, no, no… what’s IN the photo.

I’m not sure I’m understanding you correctly. Mr. David Archuleta is in the photo.

Yes! Thank you! Exactly!!! Can I get express delivery?

We appreciate your call but I don’t think you understand how the shop works. We don’t deliver actual human beings.


Can I help you with anything else? We have hoodies as soft as a baby rabbit’s ears. A cool phone grip to keep your screen steady when you get an alert that Mr. Archuleta has launched an insta live. Tote bags to carry all the tissues you’ll need next time he sings Aiming for Hope. And lots of other great stuff.

Do you do rentals?


Buy on instalments?


What if I can find a Groupon?

You won’t. Look, I suggest you browse through the actual shop items, I’m sure you’ll find an inanimate object you’ll like.

I’ll need to think about it, I really had my heart set. Can you maybe put my name on a waiting list?

*dial tone*

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Find a guy who can do it all

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 3.04.27 PM


Yes, I know I also tweeted this out… but just going to leave it here too… because I can. 🙂 (Happy New Year, btw!!!)

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Top 10 of the David Archuleta ’10s

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.27.57 PM.png

Here we are at the dawning of a new decade *gulp* … and David’s insta live last night reminded me of how awesome the 2010s have been David-wise.

There are too many high points to even summarize, but I have been thinking of some of the surprises and gifts we’ve received, that we couldn’t even have imagined 10 years ago.

Here’s my Top 10 list:

#1) The music, man

When The Other Side of Down came out in 2010, I (of course 🙂 ) listened to it on repeat … esp. my faves, TOSOD, Elevator, Stomping the Roses and Good Place. Not, in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined the incredible music David would go on to release later in the decade.

Postcards? Shine A Light? Winter in the Air? Christmas Every Day? PARALYZED???!!!!

I mean, come on!

I knew he’d just keep getting better and better but these incredible songs blew my mind… in the best way.

#2) Man on a mission

Hey, I confess I was not a happy camper when David announced his mission. I believe I was in the fetal position under my desk for like a month.

But I got over it. Eventually.

And now it’s beautiful to see what an incredible change it made in David’s life. How he blossomed from the experience. How it’s given him renewed purpose and helped him truly find himself.

#3) Social butterfly

Remember David’s classic “Hush cats” tweet? Those were the glory days of David on Twitter. The glory days of Twitter PERIOD.

But now, it’s incredible to see how David’s embraced Instagram, its stories, IGTV, since he’s been back … it’s like they were made for him!

And not just for news and updates, but for sharing what’s on his mind, covers he’s into, random fun stuff. And it’s helped us see what a deeply thoughtful person David is… a real thinker and ponderer (if that’s a word 🙂 )… I’ve lost count of the nuggets of wisdom he’s shared that I’ve written down on post-it notes, tucked all around my place.

#4) Story time with David

I remember at the first Tuacahn show, David apologizing for talking too much and the audience shouting, “DON’T STOP!” When one guy in the crowd tried to encourage him to keep going with a story, David joked, “That’s the wrong thing to tell me, buddy!” 🙂

Thank goodness, he’s picked up on how much we love hearing what he has to say just as much as we love to hear him sing.

There’s no other artist that I could listen to in concert like that… even if I’ve heard the story before, David is so genuine and real that it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time.

#5) That voice!

David’s voice has always been perfection but there’s something about the way he sings now that’s better than ever. Right?? Not just me??

I don’t know if it’s his greater life experience, or warmups, or climate of Nashville, but I really do think he sounds better than ever.

Maybe he connects even more to the songs he’s been writing this decade, I don’t know. But what I do know is that whether I’m there live, or have my headphones on, it’s like warm lava rivers of joy flowing through me.

#6) Sharing is caring

Chords of Strength was published in 2010. I loved reading every page. And watching the videos from his book tour.

But clearly that book merely scratched the surface of David’s early life.

It’s incredibly inspiring how he’s opened up and shared even more about himself in songs like Upset With Me), instagram posts like this one, on his most recent tours, and interviews like this one:

[Sidenote: When I went to youTube to find the link for this interview, I saw this comment on it from just two weeks ago:

“He carries an innocence and a guilelessness that the world so rarely sees any more. It’s refreshing to know that there are still people in the world like this. So many are posturing, trying to be sophisticates, or to showcase their sarcasm – and here he is being real and transparent and vulnerable. Just “wow!” I have tons of respect and admiration for him.” yes, yes and YES!!!!!]

David’s sharing about how much therapy has helped him is such a great message to help remove the stigma around mental health… for young people and for all of us, really.

Maybe the next decade will bring another book… or podcast… or something new around the corner??

#7) Buh, bye comfort zone!

Although we all fell for the adorkable American Idol David, hesitations, awkward pauses, and all, it’s so cool to see David now so comfortable in his own skin.

Literally! lol

Seriously though, who would’ve pictured David posting this even two years ago??

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, I say… he works hard to stay healthy and fit so sure, why not share the fruits of that labour? You know my motto: “Give the people what they want” 🙂

But over these past 10 years, he’s been pushing himself out of his comfort zone in so many ways… Nandito Ako??? TONS of public speaking??? Coming to Canada??? (kidding!!!! sort of 😉 )

#8) Nashville, y’all

Who could’ve dreamed 10 years ago that David would end up in Nashville?? You did? okay, sure.

Seriously though… now it seems like the perfect place for him! Such a laid back vibe. So much music. Great people and culture.

But 10 years ago, everyone seemed to presume he’d either be in L.A. or back in Utah.

It’s great to see the songwriters he’s been able to work with, how happy he looks there, and those Franklin shows have been super special, each and every one. There’s just something magic in the air there, I swear.

I miss Betty, the Tollbooth Lady, but I’m sure she’s enjoying her privacy again, lol.

#9) Embracing the past

To be honest, I am surprised at how David has embraced all of the “deep cuts” of his career to date… from Idol to Crush … even Hannah Montana!

I used to think maybe he’d want to distance himself from those early years but I am so glad he hasn’t. In fact, he totally has fun with it and celebrates those times, which a lot of fans still hold dear.

I still see tweets saying, “wow, he’s a real person, I thought he was just a character on iCarly” hahahaha.


Ya, so I don’t actually have a number 10, lol, so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

I love the reflective questions David posed in his stories today… “how the past decade shaped you”… and “what do you have envisioned for the next decade”… (and he archived them HERE, yay!!).

This is how he wrapped it up:

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.17.38 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.17.16 PM

As always, he leaves us intrigued, hypnotized and oh so mesmerized!! GO DAVID!!! BRING ON 2020!!!!

How about you guys?? Thoughts???


Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 5.26.00 PM.png

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29 reasons we love birthday boi David Archuleta

SO many reasons we all love David, but here are 29 in honour of his birthday today!


His huge heart. Exhibit A:


His dry wit:






How he, um, feels “one with nature”. 😊



How he surrounds himself with great people!



His amazing fam:



His amazing fans:



The way he helps people by sharing his own struggles:



He is such a good sport:



The way he doesn’t seem to realize that he looks like this. 😳



The way he brings people from different places — different everything — together! ❤️


How he brings us Christmas every day!



His precious fanboy heart!





The way he could OWN Tiktok by doing things like this but he just does them when he feels like it … because David. (And yes, I still go back and watch this … again, because David.)

His dance mooooooves!

How he LIVES his faith… and is so inclusive of others
… it’s beautiful to see and encourages me to live by example.

His very essence.

The way he takes a thoughtful, creative gift from a fan and turns it into a fun, interactive game with fans
on both insta and FB. (The IG Live part is still saved on David’s Instagram!)

How he changes up songs and yet they are still wonderful
. Who DOES that??? David, that’s who!

How creative David fans are
… just a few examples

That laugh, those glasses, and Tina’s Tumblr


That David started using IGTV to give us whole songs and covers
… when he did Paralyzed, I legit felt like that guy in the speaker ad who’s practically blown off his chair by the power, like wow. Here are my faves so far:


View this post on Instagram

A take at #Paralyzed on the Archie piano.

A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

Someone You Loved

I Am Light

How articulate and insightful… and funny!… David is in interviews
… as in this one from Minnesota, where he shares some really interesting thoughts on the American Idol process and being an independent artist:

His awesome band!

This song:

This song:

And this song… always!:

Okay, this may be my favourite moment from the whole tour
… at the early Austin, Texas, show, David noticed that there was a baby in the audience and he asked how old the baby was and the mom said “two months… she was born the day after Paralyzed came out”

… David’s reaction was priceless, you could literally see the wheels turning in his brain

… meanwhile, every single fan there understood immediately that you mark time in terms of David events… “changing jobs? oh, right after the Idol finale… wedding day? oh, right before Spring Tour was announced” bwahahahahaha


HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS???? Anything I’ve left out??!!!


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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays cats and kittens!!!!


Wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a peaceful, joyous, new music-filled New Year!!!! 🙂

Between his incredible shows, interviews, music videos, fun posts, and spring tour announcements, David truly has made this season feel like Christmas Every Day, hasn’t he?

I’ll share more later, once I collect myself, but for now I’m going to just leave these videos here from the lovely and amazing Cheryl and Shelley (from the last two shows) of some of my favourite songs on this tour.


{{{{{{{{{GROUP HUG!!!!}}}}}}}}


Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 10.28.45 AMp.s.



And soooooo many great interviews!!!

and this!!! *sobs*

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Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 11.45.18 PM.png








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Flagstaff @DavidArchie recap from the lovely and amazing Awestruck

Flagstaff Standing 2.

A David Adventure

David Archuleta road trips are always worth it. Even when you’re feeling travel weary and your hair is a mess!

The reason for this was that Mr. Awestruck and I drove to Flagstaff from Las Vegas on the day of the concert.

Our hotel room wasn’t ready when we arrived and we needed to be at the theatre for 4:45 for VIP. Thank goodness the theatre was just down the street.

Fortunately, hubby persuaded the hotel to hurry up with our room, but by then it was 4:15.  You may say, “hey, that’s loads of time” BUT I have an air cast on my foot and I’m not moving that quickly these days.

So instead, I did a few exercises on my yoga mat, which was too funny as David posted his pre show workout on Instagram lol.

I wheeled myself down to the theatre on my knee scooter and we got there at 4:50…  turned out we didn’t have to be there till 5:15 (as my email had said) but I trusted hubby and “didn’t want to miss a thing”… isn’t there a song with those lyrics? 🙂

They let us in so we could wait inside and I’m sitting on my scooter thinking about my hair… I’m just going to meet David what’s the big deal? 🙂

Along came the third person who was coming to the VIP. A young Japanese girl who came from Japan all by herself to see David!  Her first VIP! Minori was so excited and nervous that it actually made me calm!

Kari brought us in for the VIP. David warmed up and then sang a Christmas song not on the set list, don’t ask me which one.

Then we had Q and A.  We offered that Minori should go first, but she was tongue-tied, so I asked him a technical question.

Minori is still too shy to ask a question, so hubby tells David we went to see Paula Abdul in concert the previous night.  David asked where she was playing and they had a bit of a conversation.

Hubby showed David the 2009 Christmas tour T-shirt he was wearing and David said he hadn’t seen that shirt for a while and that it made him feel old!

We turned to Minori but she was still unable to speak. David saved the day and asked her where she was from and asked a few more questions. That helped Minori feel brave enough to ask David what his favourite Christmas song was.  No surprise, he said O Holy Night.  Hubby commented on how his voice had matured and David said he shouldn’t try hitting the high notes when he feels tired and cold.

Then it was picture time and, at Kari’s insistence, I succumbed to getting my picture taken with David. Minori gave David a Christmas present (see below).

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 4.16.10 PM.png

The Concert

I could not tell you the names of all of the songs he sang.  I was so in the moment.

I was bopping to the music at first, then transitioned to being transfixed as he mesmerized me with his emotional, happy, reverent, fierce singing from the heart.

This guy connects deeply with lyrics to the song that he is singing and FEELS the music.  It pours out of him and moves my heart and soul whenever I get the opportunity to see him live.

Flagstaff stool 2.

Highlights for me:

  • How mature he’s become, in looks, voice ( yummmmmy lower register) and stage presence.
  • How he freely moves to the music.
  • How he sings with a smile more so than I’ve ever seen before.
  • Just once did he stray off track when telling us how his mom dressed him and his four siblings up at Christmas time as the Jackson Five complete with dyed clown wigs and sequin-studded outfits that were so shiny… “like my shoes!!!”… so they could go sing Christmas carols to seniors.
  • Paralyzed. That’s exactly what I was as this is the first time I have heard it live! (I must admit I printed off the lyrics).
  • The medley with “You Say” brought me to tears.
  • I encouraged the audience to keep hooting and hollering so he’d come out for his encore!!
  • My Little Prayer, story and song, NEVER gets old. Beautiful.
  • O Holy Night is indescribable.  The place he goes to during that song channels something  special, and magic happens when he sings it.

At the end of the show, when he was done, I went up to the stage with tears in my eyes and an emotion-filled voice, and told him: “always believe in yourself, you were meant to do this.”

~ Awestruck (Calgary, Alberta)

VIP pic.jpg

Can we all just say a collective Christmas Hallelujah for the costume change into those festive green tartan slacks?!? Merry Christmas, Happy #plaidchuleta Days!!!


A few of the amazing interviews etc. we’ve been getting lately!!!

Variety article HERE.

Great interview in Smashing Interviews magazine HERE.

MUST LISTEN “Unknown Gold Podcast” HERE.

Pop Culture interview HERE.

This BTS 4:22 mins of pure joy!!

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Okay, so you guys knew this flailing was coming, right??!



I don’t even know where to begin? David baking cookies??? Twirling in the kitchen with a Michael Jackson head flip??? SINGING INTO A WOODEN SPOON???

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 11.08.46 AM.png.


And then the par-tay! It’s like the most amazingly fun Christmas party you could ever be invited to… with David Archuleta there singing… it IS Christmas heaven!!

And when Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘NSYNC turn up at the door and can’t get in?? Hi-LAR-ious!!! “Is he your dad or uncle or something?” *DEADDDDD* and Lance with the “bye bye… BYE” … GENIUS!!!! And then he ends it all by turning up to carol at OUR door! *SOBS*

Do they give out Academy Awards for music videos but THIS SHOULD WIN ONE!!!! I seriously could watch a whole Hallmark Christmas movie of this!

Here’s the ET Online article about it.

And the 3 new songs on the album… oh sweet peaches…

I had never heard of the carol “Still, Still, Still” and David singing it a cappella is like sitting in the forest on a crisp moonlit night with the snow softly falling… soooo beautiful! … but why is it so short?? I will just need to keep hitting replay, I guess. 🙂

I could’ve sworn David had included The Christmas Song on his first Christmas album but I guess I’m thinking that because he did it in so many of his Christmas shows (and some VIPs)… I like that he didn’t do it the same way he did back then, changed it up, especially at the end. I particularly love that last high note. Gorgeous.



Download and stream Winter In The Air Deluxe Edition HERE.

Get tickets for David Archuleta’s tour HERE.


Awesome interview with David in Utah Valley magazine HERE.

EJSdncFXUAIZTmr.jpegAnd in between doing almost daily insta lives and teasing us with video clips, David also throws this killer cover our way… IT REALLY IS CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY WITH THIS GUY!!!!

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This @DavidArchie interview will knock your socks off

Wow, I just finished watching this hour-long interview with David. It felt like eavesdropping on a therapy session. So raw and honest. And hard to hear that this person who we all think the world of could ever doubt himself.

The interviewer, @BryanElliott, is a really good listener… but what really struck me was how great a listener David is… a few times, his answers took me by surprise when he found even deeper meaning in what Bryan was saying and gave deeper, more thoughtful responses that I ever expected.

So proud of David for continuing to fight the hard fight… for picking himself up off the floor when he least feels like it… and to share those struggles so openly and honestly with us like this. I can sure relate, I’m sure many of you can too.

Sidenote: That Hey Jude??! 


What did you guys think???

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.45.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 7.44.46 PM.png


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