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.@DavidArchie’s other new book (not really)

Okay, so we all know David Archuleta is releasing a children’s book called My Little Prayer soon (woooot!!!) … [note: if you’ve fallen, got trapped under something heavy and haven’t ordered it yet, do so HERE.] But did you know … Continue reading

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Here’s a riddle for ya….

Here’s part of an awesome interview with John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting), who has a new album called “Bookmarks.” Very interesting to hear what he has to say about the music industry: Mike Ragogna: …given the state of the music … Continue reading

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If you asked me, I could write a book ….

For some reason, felt like revisiting David Archuleta’s Chords of Strength today. Not the whole thing quite yet, but snippets here and there that wonderful tumblr peeps kindly posted. I find it interesting which passages struck home with different people. … Continue reading

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David Archuleta on songwriting: “The music’s still after me”

David Archuleta the singer is like an elite athlete — consistently performing at a master’s level of excellence. Not too many challenges are left for him as an interpreter of songs alone. As a songwriter though, David is a work … Continue reading

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An objective review of Richard Rushfield’s ‘American Idol: The Untold Story’… okay, not so objective

When the lovely Pastel gave me a copy of Richard Rushfield’s book, American Idol: The Untold Story, I admit I was tempted to look up “David Archuleta” in the index and read only those pages* … that’s likely why Rushfield … Continue reading

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Chords of Strength: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

David Archuleta has said in a couple of interviews that one of the target audiences for his book is “kids his own age.” Well, here I am. And although, I don’t consider myself a “kid” anymore, I am about his … Continue reading

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