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1st Annual @DavidArchie Pillow Ranking

Does anything capture the mood of this pandemic more than hiding under the covers surrounded by pillows?? Just me? mkay. On David Archuleta’s birthday today, what could be a better time to rank our King’s preference for fluffy, cottony cushions? … Continue reading

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David Archuleta #NanditoAko script leaks! (not really)

You thought David Archuleta’s TV5 miniseries was about love triangles, family roots, testing friendships and rose-petal dinners-for-two? Think again! Watch the real drama unfold below! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading

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What’s your favourite scene from NA?

There have been rumours floating around on Twitter for a while that David has a possible movie deal lined up in the Philippines for when he gets back. No idea if that’s true or not but it got me thinking … Continue reading

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40 Days of Awwwesome: Badly Drawn Nandito Ako

Handstand scene: Josh banging on door scene: Josh demanding proof from Uncle Steve that his mom’s dead: Brilliant, brilliant stuff, I miss it so. 😦 Source.

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Nandito Ako umiibig sa iyoooo

aww, Anya (aka Jasmine) included an NA snippet in her video (thx. katrinaalexa!): Which the amazing @SamLouiseG turned into these!

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David Archuleta: I’ll make you see how beautiful life is for you and meeee

adflaskfjsdkfsladkfsldfjlsdkfjsdfjlsdkfjsdfjsfdstheartistatwork<3sdjfsdjfdjflsaasforishe napping?sfksdjfksdjflRainbow????aksdjfsldfjdskfjdsfaAfewversionsrecorded???? adkfsdajfkasdjflaskdflksjdfldjs*flails*asdlfkdsjfdkskfjsdlkfsdkfNeedtohearthemALLL asdflksddfsdkfjksdfsdkfksdjfsgreedyfana;lsdkfdasldkfsklkkfaskjdfkfThere’sarainbow alwaysaftertheraiiiiiIiIiIiIiIiInnnnnas;dfkdjfkdsfjkdsjfsakfdksdfksdfkdsa;sldkfsjdfk P.S.  Quotable quote in wardrobe room: “Clothes!” 😆 😆 😆 More info: Here is a “backstage tour” onset at one of the many locations where Nandito Ako was filmed. I hope you enjoy it. Tags: … Continue reading

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A DA#2014 Action Plan

I’ve decided to stay positive and use the next *gulp* 24 months productively, as follows: ✔ Save up for that inevitable Forevermore Manila concert ✔ Learn to speak Tagalog (or at least pronounce it) ✔ Bribe MDW to write a Josh Bradley/Team Chillosh … Continue reading

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Part 7: @DavidArchie Nandito Ako script leaks (not really)

The drama, the intrigue, the edge-of-your-seat suspense of Nandito Ako isn’t restricted to what we see on TV … another angst-filled story has also been taking place behind the scenes… starting from Day 1…. . And then a very distressing … Continue reading

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Nandito Ako lyric leaks (not really)

Apparently the “harana” is a traditional element of courtship in Filipino culture. But in this series, before Josh serenaded Anya with “Nandito Ako,” he warmed up with an improv’d song all his own (sung to the tune of “Smelly Cat“) … Continue reading

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Jealous Josh: The face that launched a thousand ‘ships’

Yesterday’s episode of Nandito Ako was full of intense emotion … on Josh’s face alone … if you wondered what was going through his mind during the Mando scene, I happen to have a transcript (not really): . . . … Continue reading

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