A DA#2014 Action Plan

Don't you just love this? 🙂 (photo credit: @rhiminee)

I’ve decided to stay positive and use the next *gulp* 24 months productively, as follows:

✔ Save up for that inevitable Forevermore Manila concert

✔ Learn to speak Tagalog (or at least pronounce it)

✔ Bribe MDW to write a Josh Bradley/Team Chillosh sequel set in Toronto 🙂

✔ Start my own indie record label

✔ Open a mom & pop Thai restaurant in Murray

✔ Do a handstand

✔ Achieve world peace

✔ Move to Batangas and sell seashells by the seashore

✔ Learn to iron

✔ Find myself a Yaya

✔ Open a bell factory (to stock future VIPs)

✔ Channel my energies into something meaningful and life-affirming … like finding a cute bag like Anya’s

Solve some of the mysteries of Nandito Ako, such as:

1. Are Billy and Josh actual bro’s? . .          



hmm, Billy does do the ZG jump





2. Is Holly’s birth mother … Cara Bradley??





3. Are there even more secret siblings???







4. If Anya’s family was so poor, why did they keep a fridge that held n.o.t.h.i.n.g..b.u.t..w.a.t.e.r???


5. Why did Josh keep picking up guitars but NEVER PLAYED ANY???


6. Was Anya trying to hold Josh back from decking Mando? Or acting as a human shield to protect The Archuleta? .

7. How evil was Uncle Steve? Did he steal @JambaJim’s bowtie???









8. Is  Volta’s “correct like a blank check” an actual saying? And if so, what the heck does it mean?? 

People, people, people....

… how about you guys? How are you gonna get through this? 🙂








You can also order Forevermore from:


I’m actually afraid to watch this, lol, but here you go 🙂 :

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39 Responses to A DA#2014 Action Plan

  1. ray says:

    tofan,your the best,,will always be here,love ray

  2. abanana77 says:

    TOfan, you never fail to make me smile 🙂 Thank you <333

    Loved: "Learn to speak Tagalog (or at least pronounce it)" hahahah so true!

    As for me, I plan on spending the next 24 months:
    – watching the Ottawa Senators win the Stanley Cup twice (hahahaha :P)
    – organizing my youtube favourites (you know, now he's gone and I won't be favouriting anything for a while, I actually have a chance at doing this)
    – coming up with epic Pi Day tweets for 2015… the only true Pi Day of our lives (3/14/15)
    … and maybe I should learn to iron also… 😛

  3. dangitdavid says:

    Lmao…sooo good to laugh today instead of feeling sorry for myself (and all of you!). You’re too much….how the heck do you come with this stuff!!! Hahahahahahaa….I love it again. You have a great gift my friend :). As for my list, I’m loving yours and just may “tagalonnggg” with you 😉 <33333

  4. myfav4evr says:

    so dang funny … that ‘come back here, David’ pic cracks me up… we need to photo shop a crowd of David fans running after him…hahah
    thanks so much Deb for keeping us laughing… it’s much appreciated. :)))

  5. nellie83 says:

    Receiving Forevermore and listening to it over and over and over and over again until the US album comes out (maybe singles will be released before the “Fall” rumor of the album release). High probability of me and some other Utah Archies planning a fan reunion here in Utah. Activity suggestions welcome. Hoping for a Nandito Ako DVD to buy. Get both my youngest two kids graduated from High School. Figure out a better job for me to make money for my family. Sing more and possibly be brave enough to go sing at Pat’s BBQ since Richard once encouraged me too but I was too chicken. LOL. Re-watch over and over again videos from David’s concerts and appearances. Invest in Kimberly Clark stock (kleenexes I will use when I cry every day for 2 years.)
    Possibly have a second grandchild…..you never know.
    Lose a lot of weight so I can keep up with my Girl Scouts.
    If I can afford it, buy more David CD’s DVD’s and COS to donate. I like how Karin makes up the baskets for the kids at the Atlanta Children’s hospital. I’ve always wanted to do it here for Primary Children’s. Promote David when, where and how I can. Save for a US tour concert or two when he returns. And I like TOfan’s idea of getting a YaYa. I want a YaYa in my life. Ha!!!

  6. TOfan, I think I’ll spend a good chunk of the next two years admiring your humor!

    Other things:

    1. Add to my “DA concert fund jar” for that first “after” concert.
    2. I tend to listen to any new DA music OBSESSIVELY. As in, stick that CD in my car player, download it to my iPod, and then listen and repeat for MONTHS on car rides and walks and when I’m cooking. I imagine I’ll still be on Forevermore at Christmastime, when I’ll take a break to listen to GCT and CFTH again. The new songs, however they come out, will be cycled into the mix. One thing he’s provided plenty of for the next two years, for me, is music that I love. (Ugh on that grammar. But you know what I mean?)
    3. Check on fan friends as much as possible. Do lunch with those in my driving range as much as possible.
    4. Check the DA site for merch., songs, news, photos, etc.
    5. Try to live in the moment, which is something that David has been trying to teach me to do since I “met” him.

  7. TOfan says:

    Loving hearing your lists, guys! 🙂 … And here’s a blog from someone who attended David’s farewell this past weekend: http://michellechidester.blogspot.ca/2012/03/what-i-learned-today.html

  8. archiesfan4life says:

    TOfan – you are too much! How we need some laughs this week – thank you so much!

  9. jeaniut says:

    TOfan– Once again hilarious. What a bright spot in our day.

  10. Kizzi says:

    I like how you think….definitely a handstand, and maybe world peace 😉

    and the “hair cut” vid is too much…expect the unexpected with D except I just keep getting surprised in the funny bone. That’s probably what I’ll miss most, those funny, hilarious surprises from D. Yep, that and a concert or two…sigh…off to practice handstands now

  11. Funny Tofan!!
    Bought a new camera today. Plan to learn to take good pictures and learn how to tag, create, post etc.
    Joining the Optimist Club to help Youth
    Listen to David’s music
    Promote David
    Get Together with David fans from Iowa and hopefully elsewhere
    Evaluate my own life
    Become more Computer Saavy
    Learn to make Greeting Cards and Do It
    Startin Thursday, count down the days until David returns-It will officially be less than Two Years then
    Visit here for a Laugh and support
    Offer Support

  12. supergrandjudie=judie miller says:

    Thanks again for making my day. My spirits were lifted. You’ve made it a little easier to accept the inevitable. David is one of The Wonders Of The World. Going to miss him terribly and knowing he will be happy makes it bearable.

  13. emmegirl14 says:

    Love the top pic tofan, lol! (It’s actually a great representation of my vulnerability about this whole thing.) And the bunny wave and it’s caption..poifect! I vote for keeping it until he’s home. 🙂

    will not be ironing
    will be loitering on fan sites
    will not be doing handstands
    will be listening to his music everyday
    will not be playing guitar either (although I’ve always wanted to)
    will be maybe taking guitar lessons
    will not forget the lessons this very young man taught this very old dog
    will be keeping busy – hoping the busier I am, the faster it will go
    (maybe I can almost makeup for the last 4 yrs)

  14. TOfan says:

    awesome lists, guys! keep ’em coming! 😆

    Kurt Bestor just posted this Twitvid (I guess from late last night), outside the recording studio:

  15. emmegirl14 says:

    Thanks for Bestor’s twitvid tofan…..makes me sappy (a combination of sad and happy.)

    (Bestor is a nut, I might add. Lol!)

  16. peppertara says:

    Aw, that twit vid was so sweet. Good to hear David say again that he plans to do more music when he gets back, I just love hearing those words! David’s little ‘hair’ vlog was so cute, haha. The after picture is very nice, he still looks like wonderful David (just with short hair, lol).
    Love this entire post! Thanks for the big smile. Love your list so much, haha….and love the pic up top!
    In addition to listening to David’s wonderful music he is leaving us with…. if Nandito Ako becomes available on DVD will probably watch that about 600 times over the next two years.
    Will also (among other things) be paying attention to other areas of my life that have been somewhat neglected and will definitely be keeping David in my thoughts and prayers.

    Oh…and I love Yaya! I could be someone’s Yaya. 🙂

  17. archiesfan4life says:

    Bringing this over from Soul David posted by Desertrat sent to her by jonerz – this says it all:

  18. TOfan says:

    Major Twitter trending tonight for David, worldwide and across Canada… I posted some of the Canadian TT’s in the sidebar! *sniff*

  19. cb says:

    I will be:
    Saving money for???? (I like that Manilla concert idea) (or Canada?) 😉
    reading “Spanish for Dummies”(Yes, I really bought it)
    investing in canadian indie record label
    eating thai food
    trying to achieve family peace
    avoiding any ironing
    turning into yaya
    memorizing all the words to Forevermore cd
    Re-watching NA episodes when having vlog withdrawal
    Missing that smile

    mysteries that NEED solving: ( MyDearWriter has sum splainin to do)
    WHO was Holly’s Mom?
    Who was Aladin’s Dad?
    ( I was so sure SOMEONE was going to be related.)
    Did David add the line about Uncle Steve is family? (Sooo David)
    Does Josh (David) really know how to play that dang guitar. (I have been patiently waiting)
    What exactly did David get for agreeing to do “THE THING?”

    • TOfan says:

      hahaha, awesome list, cb!!! “trying to achieve family peace” LOL

      Saw somewhere that David asked that fans make up the audience for the NA concert scene in exchange for doing The Thing but maybe JR can shed some light on that! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. jackryan4da says:


    JUST GOT A TEXT FROM IVORY – CONFIRMED: #Forevermore ALBUM WILL BE AVAILABLE from MyMusicStore effective tomorrow, 28 MARCH Manila Time

    You know what that means, right?!


    • TOfan says:

      eeek, sorry JR, I don’t know what that means! LOL *clueless*

      • jackryan4da says:

        It means that digital copy of the album is available for purchase & download, starting tomorrow

        For those who have not pre-ordered or cannot pre-order earlier and/or are interested to listen to a clear copy of the album or cannot wait for their physical album to come (LOL), this is their chance.

        Archuleta Philippines will resume the Gifting Campaign, this time for the album, until funds last.

  21. refnaf says:

    TOfan your list rocks!!!!! This is my plan:
    For the next few months I will listen to Forevermore on Repeat…. that will take me till at least June… then I am going to go back and rewatch every vlog in order and iinterviews too…….. that should take me till Christmas when I should be able to finally re live The MKOCT concert vids…. I will need to take a break to listen to the new US album which will come out in the fall?? Then I will be occupeid with the release of the Hobbitt!!!! It will be almost spring and there will only be a year left!!! Going to rewatch all of AI7 EVEN THE FINALE, so I can have a real good cry….it will be the 5th anniversary off finding David for the first time….. .That will bring me To summer and I will rewatch all the AI tour and bus meetings vids waaaaa… Then in Sept I think we need a Ford day 5 year anniversay reunion………. with any other fans who wants to join us. Then Christamas and it will be a do over of GCT on repeat and then January I will start thinking about the Welcome home David trends and vids etc. that will need to planned! Some where in there we need to plan the flash mob for David’s first concert…. which I will be at because I am saving money in the next two years…..

    • TOfan says:

      love that this is an actual practical list … esp. the flash mob, yes!!!! (I vote for the song Rainbow, my current addiction!)

  22. refnaf says:

    You all are so fun….. (((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))) We will get through this!!!!

  23. Flash mob! Some dancer fan should choreograph a routine and put it up for fans everywhere to practice. LOL.

  24. emmegirl14 says:

    Flash mob, love it ref! Count me in!

  25. abanana77 says:

    Yes, flash mob NEEDS to happen. If there is some David fan out there who actually has the skills to choreograph something that would be amazing. Hahahahaha

  26. jackryan4da says:

    Can you do a flash mob of the dance moves from WTBT?

    LMAO, I cannot believe am missing the live translation bit

  27. greatbrit says:

    The flash mob needs to happen!! Can you just imagine David’s face, it will be priceless!

    Like most of you, gonna be saving up for that first concert, wherever it is! Want to be part of that epic event!

    Once the initial sadness has worn off, think I’m gonna start at the beginning of the past four years and re-live it bit by bit and look forward to all the new stuff in between. Have a feeling he’s left us more than we might think and plenty for two years.

    We are truly a spoiled bunch!

  28. greatbrit says:

    Don’t know why my RamblingDA/Lorna didn’t show up, but greatbrit is another alias lol!

  29. louvilla says:

    Tofan, you’re so hilarious! You never cease to amaze me, how do you come up with these stuff? Thank you so much…. ^,^

    I got my FOREVERMORE album today.. My hubby gave it to me as a gift for our 15th Anniversary. He’s soooo sweet! He knew how much I love David’s music (as he does), so he went out and bought me one (we’re from Cebu, Philippines, so Astrovision is just a jeepney away). My hubby and I know all the OPM songs by memory and heart (so we didn’t really need the songbook much but the pictures, OMG!) All I can say is David’s versions of the songs are simply breathtaking!

  30. TOfan says:

    louvilla, that is awesome! And Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Kari & DeseretBook just tweeted pics of David back in the studio… he’ll probably be there till the 11th hour recording for us right up until he goes… he really is too much! <33333333333333

    David Studio

    We are live with @DavidArchie for one last jam! (for 2 yrs) A... on Twitpic


  31. peppertara says:

    JR, thank you for that info on Forevermore! I can’t wait for my albums to arrive in the mail, lol, so if it will be available for purchase and download from Ivory…..fabulous! I definintely want to take advantage of that! Will look for some info tomorrow. So excited and thankful for all this wonderful music David is leaving us with. It will help us all take a big gulp to ease that lump in our throats.
    David just never ceases to amaze me….working right up until he practically steps out the door, to leave as much as he can. ❤ {{{{{{{((((((((((((((((((((((2 yr hug}}}}}}}}}))))))))))))))))))))

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