You are beautiful in every single way: David Archuleta at LOVELoud

Hi guys, it’s been a minute, lol. But I wanted to share these links for anyone who missed seeing David at the LoveLoud festival last night. As the lovely and amazing Tina said in her comment, he was “incandescent.”


Here’s video taken by the lovely Melissa from right in the crowd! Those cheers! ❤ (Thank you, Melissa!!!!!)


I’m still feeling overwhelmed from watching the livestream (soooo grateful for that, btw), I can’t imagine how powerful it must’ve been to be there live.

So many feelings came pouring through for me. Everything David said. How emotional he got. That he was speaking — and singing! — publicly for the first time in months! How precious that beautiful voice of his is, how healing it is, and yet he needs to heal. What a risk he was taking testing out his voice in such a huge venue at such a large event because he needed to give a message of love and support to LGBTQIA+ youth. It was just too much, just too much… in a good way, lol.

When David got choked up when he first came on stage … realizing that when he recorded the intro clip a couple of years ago, not only did he still have dark hair but that he was still in the dark about his true self… it took me right back to the night of his mission “Announcement”… in 2011, also in SLC.

I’ve never been able to go back and watch that video and now I think I know why. We know now (from what David’s shared in videos and interviews) that back then, he was in a broken place. (I mean, he even wrote a song not long after called “Broken” 😥 ) He was desperate then to “change” himself, to leave everything behind and try to “fix” himself. It literally pains me to watch that announcement and maybe, even though I didn’t know what was going on with him then, on some level those dark feelings came through? idk, I may be way far off… hindsight is always 20/20, right? lol

But it felt like his tears last night came from a place where he’s been putting those broken pieces back together… finally starting to feel whole… in his words, not being afraid of who he is any longer but seeing the beauty we have always seen and felt in him.

It’s the complete opposite of the announcement vid for me, I could watch this one over & over and cry right with him, clutching my heart the whole time like I was last night, lol and loving the waves of love coming his way from that wonderful cheering crowd.

His words are always so meaningful and authentic and cut right to the heart of things but maybe because we missed hearing them for two long months, they hit home like never before:

“It’s a beautiful thing to be queer.”

“All of me is worth loving and all of you is worth loving.”

We love you, David! ❤


I’ve made a donation and if you’d also like to do so (or to learn more), click: LoveLoud Foundation

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27 Responses to You are beautiful in every single way: David Archuleta at LOVELoud

  1. Pepper says:

    Oh my goodness TOfan, thank you for posting this. I did miss the live stream, so this is so appreciated. From reading your beautiful words and recap to listening to David, truly a message of love. His moving, heartfelt words and his gorgeous Glorious/Say Me was absolutely wonderful. The love from the crowd was perfect, easy to be moved to tears from all of it, just wraps around your heart.
    So much respect for David and will always be a fan of his, personally and professionally. I hope, affirm and pray that one day all people will embrace others for who they are and throw their judgments, indoctrination, biases by the way side and look to their hearts, so David and others won’t have to go through their own personal torment and struggle. David’s words were raw, real, truth, compassion, love, which is what it’s really all about.
    Thanks for the lovely post, your words are spot on and ….”All of me is worth loving and all of you is worth loving”…. yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Much love and respect for David. ❤️

  2. tawna21 says:

    TOfan …
    In looking back at David’s mission announcement, yes, like you, I feel he was struggling with knowing who he was. He was in a dark place, feeling hopeless because he was being pulled in so many different directions – by the industry, by himself, by his family, and by us. But, never ever will I believe that he made a mistake in serving for two years in the mission field of Chile. David was acknowledging his faith in Christ. David knew that serving our Lord and Savior for that time would be a benefit to him – a time to search his soul. Not only did he help others find Christ, but he firmed up his faith. It was on the mission that he ‘found himself’ and was able to admit who he felt he might be. Although he couldn’t accept who he found at that time, and it’s taken these many difficult years for him to get there, I honestly feel that without the strength that he got from serving he just may have decided permanently that life isn’t worth living. Jesus Christ is at the center of David’s being and He has walked with David through a very, very hard time these past few years.

    I’m not writing this as a rebuttal to what you’ve written, please know that. I just want you to know that I am very grateful that David did serve those two years. That he learned that it’s okay to love ourselves for who we are and that God loves us for who we are. David is now passing that message on to the people of this world and he can do it with the honesty, humility, and love that he has learned by passing through the alchemist’s fire and coming out pure gold. David’s message hasn’t changed from when he first appeared on American Idol – we are each a Child of God and that God, our supreme Father, loves us unconditionally. We are all worth loving.

    Thank you for the pictures and videos.

    • TOfan says:

      Tawna, I totally agree… as difficult as some of David’s journey has been for him, I totally believe it’s part of a bigger plan for him. And when God told him “you’ve got to stop asking me this” [to make him straight], David was finally ready to hear it. By speaking now at events like LoveLoud, he’ll help save so many young lives… I so hope it’s helping him heal as well. 🙏🏼❤️

  3. Sheila says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve watched it multiple times and get choked up every time. He is such a sweet gentle person and to know how much he has had to suffer to get to where he is now is heartbreaking.
    I hope he continues to move forward with as he says compassion for himself. He has always had it for others.
    I hope he does find the person he is meant to be with, he deserves to be loved and be happy.

  4. Kizzi says:

    TOfan. Thanks for this post. I don’t have any words to add except “Bravo David.”

  5. TOfan says:

    David being interviewed on the LoveLoud red carpet about homophobia… love his answer (no surprise 🤣)

  6. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the videos & your comments. What an emotional experience it must have been for him to speak at this conference and sing. I didn’t realize how much I missed his beautiful voice.

  7. Janey H. says:

    I can’t imagine anything more David could have said or done than what he did – it was so absolutely perfect in every way – so much so that Dan made mention of it when he took the stage after David. David has a gift unlike no other.

    • Janey H. says:

      ~ or is that “like no other”??? and why did i think of that after i hit enter. help me here dear editor 🙂 loool

      • tawna21 says:

        Janey — LOL!! I go through the same queries when typing. This is what I found through a search engine … “The prefix un- makes a word negative. In English, adding not to a statement that contains an un- word is said to cancel out the un-, resulting in a statement to be taken as a positive.”
        “Like means “having the same characteristics as something else.” Adding the prefix un- to like creates an adjective that means “dissimilar.” Technically, to say that something is “unlike no other,” is to say that it is “like everything else.”
        So … “like no other” is the correct word usage. But hey, whose grading this paper?! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Deb, was just checking in and saw this beautiful article.
    Oh my gosh, I cried through the entire speech and song. A jumble of emotions, ranging from heartbreak to happiness. As my little granddaughter used to say, “my heart juices are pouring out.”

    He has a rare quality that is impossible to describe, but you feel it every time he speaks, every time he sings, every time he smiles, or not. Maybe it is his “heart juices” we are feeling.

    And how we have missed that voice! And missed him. So good to see him smiling, performing and some of that Archuleta sparkle in those eyes.

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