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MKOCT full concert, thanks to @0o0bluedots0o0!!!

ohmyheck this is aMAZing! Incredible videographer Marcella (OoObluedotsOoO) has put together this video compilation of the entire MKOC Tour!!! I had mentioned to a few people that I wished someone would put together all the best bits of David with … Continue reading

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For everyone who wants a MKOCT do-over….

Love this … Christmas in August, why not? More info: This is my Archie bud, Carissa, and I’s super experience on the MKoC Tour in Club Nokia, Los Angeles, December 14, 2011. We raised money at school selling keychains at … Continue reading

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Archugeezer’s This Christmas tour: Shake-a-hand, shake a haaaaand

Between the time an LDS missionary gets his official call and is asked to report, there is a space of time to prepare. This prep period may include things like buying that last conservative tie, going to that last movie … Continue reading

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@DavidArchie’s MKOC Tour: When love came down to the e-e-earth

I had the opportunity to spend 4+ days with TOfan, Refnaf and many other fans experiencing the first four David Archuleta My Kind of Christmas tour shows. It was a feast for the senses in every facet.ย  In fact, it … Continue reading

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My Kind of Christmas Tour: It’s really here!!!!!

Guyssssss, THIS is the time we have all been waiting for! Touuurrrr!!!!!!!!!! So watch this space for updates or feel free to post them in the comments. Like David’s quote above says, let’s enjoy this aMAZing journey! And in the … Continue reading

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Tour-re-lu-re-louuuuuuuuur!!!!! Part deux

This is my favourite part of any tour. Yes, yes, yes, I know it hasn’t started yet. That’s my whole point! It’s like an Archu-Advent Calendar… except instead of chocolates every day we get closer and closer to the tour … Continue reading

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