@DavidArchie’s MKOC Tour: When love came down to the e-e-earth

Photo: @rhiminee.

I had the opportunity to spend 4+ days with TOfan, Refnaf and many other fans experiencing the first four David Archuleta My Kind of Christmas tour shows.

It was a feast for the senses in every facet.  In fact, it took four shows to notice all the various nuances a maturing virtuoso performer has added to his artistic repertoire, of an obviously focused effort of an up-and-coming raconteur — a magical storyteller, a growing ease beyond the singing — balancing song not only with message but also real entertainment, and so much more.

My overarching impression was experiencing the true meaning of Christmas through David Archuleta’s eyes….

… from the VIP where we are told it’s a “Good Place” and to just “Let It Be.”  Brilliant!

… to the soulfulness of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

… and the playfulness of the self-composed “Fa-la-la-la” with a joyful interaction with children in song and dance sharing his family’s Christmas traditions and stories

… the celebration and reminders of various aspects of the Season in the slate of Christmas songs selected

… the pop songs, offering an abundance of fun, light-heartedness, and a touch of angst

… the reminder that giving is what it’s all about in his backing and encouragement of  ChildFund to help children who may not even “make it to tomorrow”

… the vulnerability and beauty of David in his faith through the vivid sharing of his soul in the prayerful meditation tendered in “O Holy Night”

… the encore, “Little Drummer Boy” —  David beating his drum, his gift “…and then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum, Me and my drum.”

As the final song was performed at Stroudsburg, I realized the true meaning of Christmas, through David’s eyes, had been showcased …Soul, Tradition, Family, Play, Celebration, Music, Dancing, Storytelling, Fun, Light, and Giving revolving around the Birth of Jesus and Faith.

Beat that drum David.


Photo: @emily4archie


One of the amazing djbell’s videos! Check out her channel HERE.
Irving Plaza Falala

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30 Responses to @DavidArchie’s MKOC Tour: When love came down to the e-e-earth

  1. abanana77 says:


    Was so awesome seeing you in Verona! <333

    Love what you wrote. He really did showcase the true meaning of Christmas through his concert. It was all kinds of beautiful.

    And that last picture is all kinds of epic.

  2. tawna21 says:

    short, concise, and very, very heart-warming from a heart that loves David… Kizzi, I can’t wait till SLC to experience this for myself… would love to meet you there if you happen to be there. 🙂


    • Kizzi says:

      Tawna – thanks so very much for your comments. I am not going to SLC. I know the show will be extra special. Wish I could meet you then.

  3. Harold Weinstein says:

    I have been to many a David concert in the past but this weekend was one of David’s best. I attended the Wesybury concert and did not know what to expect and was blown away at the maturity and strength in this voice. When he read the poem to the kids on stage I teared up and when he sang oholy night my heart skipped two beats. David gives more to all of us than we can imagine! Thank you for such a warm review! I believe that David is a gift from God to all of us .

  4. Heidijoy says:

    Thanks for sharing gals and guys. Looking forward to SLC and Beaver Creek!! I have black wristbands with Nobody Sings It Better Than David Archuleta in white to hand out thanks to Sandybeaches. I’ll be at both VIP’s.
    I particularly liked what you said about learning something from each concert Kizzi !! So nice to fully experience each one without comparing!! I’m trying to avoid looking at You tubes so I can experience it LIVE first. I did see MKOC,Climb Every Mountain and Little Drummer Boy the first night after Ustream. I told JR, I’m glad she archives them,so I can look later!!

    • Kizzi says:

      Heidijoy – The last concert at Beaver Creek will have all kinds of wonder intertwined throughout. Can’t wait to hear about it!

      • Heidijoy says:

        Ah! yes I’m looking forward to it and will let all of you know. It’s the least I can do for all your contributions!!

  5. Zoe says:

    Still recovering from last night’s concert in Stroudsburg which was SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!

    I’ve been out of the fansite loop for some time, but David and his dear devotees are never far from my thoughts. So it was a real treat to attend the My Kind of Christmas concert and to spend some time before, during and afterwards with the SA and Voice attendees (waves to Archiesfan4life, Tofan, Ref, Kizzi, Angelica, Silverfox, Sandy Beaches, Marsha and that beautiful young Canadian gal who’s family hails from Korea – sorry I forgot your name!) When AF4L comes back down to earth, I’m sure you’ll be hearing about her close encounter with DA. Be prepared to be gobsmacked!!

    Kizzi summarized the concert beautifully. Can’t pick out my favorite number, they were all that superb. How is is possible, but I do believe that David’s voice and delivery keep getting better and better. His lower register seems richer and stronger, and those glory notes…well, they’ve always blown me away, but last night they soared to heavenly heights! His voice transports you to a world of peace and happiness. God bless this kid.

    Love, love, love the band! Loved David’s banter with the band. Loved David’s banter with himself, lol. Loved the shy but endearing way he interacts with the crowd, having grown in comfort, confidence and spontaneity. Loved the surprises of youngsters joining David on stage, and Drummer David delivering an impressive beat!! Loved David’s efforts to remind us again and again of the beauty and true meaning of the holiday season and the need to reach out to those less fortunate.

    And, as always, love the way David interprets and caresses each note, the sheer joy and passion he exudes with every delivery, touching our hearts and souls. He truly is a conduit of the spirit!

    One more comment. After David’s performance of one of my all time favorites, Zero Gravity, with the crowd near frenzied hysteria, I’m wondering…isn’t there some way to convince him to officially record this bona fide gem on his next pop album?

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{Zoe}}}} I’m so glad your comment didn’t disappear on you this time! hahaha Loved every word, esp. this: “Loved David’s efforts to remind us again and again of the beauty and true meaning of the holiday season and the need to reach out to those less fortunate”

      And I couldn’t agree more on ZG, the crowd always comes alive for that song, what a missed opportunity by Jive…but hey, I’ve heard of that happening with other artists’ songs that grow so popular live that they get a second chance on the next record. *hopes*

  6. Kizzi says:

    {{{{{Zoe}}}} It was so great to meet you finally. Your comments are beautiful. Hope to see you again at another concert. 😀

  7. awestruck says:

    Thank you for this Kizzi… I’m still hung up on Little Drummer Boy – yes David you played your drum for Him, sang for Him and he heard it ALL.

  8. peppertara says:

    Kizzi, thank you for your wonderful, wonderful post! Loved reading everything. What an absolutely fabulous experience for all of you…four shows, how fantastic that must have been to experience!
    “To dream the impossible dream……this is my quest, to follow that star”! Haha, don’t know if I will ever have the experience of making it to four shows but I am beyond thrilled and excited that I will be seeing David in one concert in L.A. Have only seen him once live and that was back in 2009 so the anticipation for me is great!
    From the videos I have watched I am at a loss for words as to David’s maturity, versatility, phenomenal singing, composure, creativity, heart, spirit and let’s not forget those dance moves!
    I am just thrilled for everyone who got to experience David live, live again and again and again!
    Love your recap Kizzi, so perfectly summarized.
    Absolutely adore the kids on stage scenario, the heartfelt poem and that amazing Fa La La La La!
    Couldn’t stop watching that one! Whoever planned the Little Drummer Boy performance, brilliance in action! Adore it!
    I decided to skip over only one video…..O Holy Night. Even though I have seen many videos in the past of this song with David, I want to experience that one live. It has been my longing to hear David sing that song live (my favorite Christmas hymn) and now I will see it happen. I have a great anticipatory lump in my throat over that!
    Love all the great responses and commentary!!

  9. TOfan says:

    Love love LOVE your post! I think you really nailed it with: “My overarching impression was experiencing the true meaning of Christmas through David Archuleta’s eyes….” So, so true.

    I loved the CFTH tour but this one just seems even more “David” somehow… capturing the sacred, reverent side of Christmas along with the playful “let’s party” side and just pure love of Christmas music played with and funked up to the max.

    His band ROCKS!!!! And it makes so much sense now what he said in that vlog from early last year about experimenting with these musicians who know different musical “languages.” Oui, d’accord, Si, Ya, YES!!!!!!!!!!

    **waves** to fellow Canucks alle3000, canarchaudry and {{{{sunshine}}} from last thread!!!

  10. TOfan says:

    MUST-HAVE mp3s:

    Entire Westbury show HERE
    (thanks to the amazing @starrynites01)

    Entire Irving Plaza show HERE
    (also thx. to @starrynites01)

    Rob and Dez Morning Show interview HERE
    (thanks to Rob and Dez)

    Breaking News!!!!!! Alert the Media!!!!!!
    New @DavidArchie Twitter avi … IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!

  11. I’m having to sit out this tour but am thankful every day for the time and opportunity to watch vids and read shared accountings of the experience. Thanks so much Kizzi. Your post made me tear up, you described it so well. I think you’re right. He is hitting on all aspects of his kind of Christmas and sharing some of what he loves with his fans.

    Man, I feel lucky to:

    1. Be his fan.
    2. Have access to the thoughts and impressions of many of my fellow fans.

  12. bluebar says:

    Hi Kizzi –
    I was at the Verona and Stroudsburg shows, too
    I’m stunned… again!

    David once told us he was “just gonna get into that song and tell it…”
    Well, for “My Kind of Christmas,” he truly stays on message!
    We saw it, heard it, felt it… loved it.
    Yes, David, you tell it to us, and we do understand!
    This is the most amazing concert. Every song is “Heaven!”!

  13. Lorna says:

    Sending big hugs to TOfan, Refnaf & Kizzi. It was so wonderful to be able to share this incredible experience with you guys. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can do this again!

    By the time he perfects Good Place/Let It Be, he’s gonna kill us all off! His voice at the end was just chilling!!

    Can’t wait to see what the new era David has in store for us!

  14. TOfan says:

    {{{{Lorna}}} new era is right … just saw this on twitter about the Verona show and am spazzzzzzzzzzing!

    @AndreaFOD please let this be the concert that Jeff told us in PHX that a LIVE DVD was coming soon !! Praying this is the ONE !!!

    @muldur: @AndreaFOD security guy in Verona told me they were filming. And that if they saw us filming they would remove us.

    oh, and this:
    @LisaMurray @CandyFOD @dapotorimiro @davidarchie: David recorded a song for Dapo’s xmas project, “Dapo & Friends Christmas” coming next week! 🙂

    Ho! Ho! Ho!!!!!!

    UPDATE! Just added one of djbell’s amazing vids from Irving Plaza (Falala) to the end of the post above! Check out her channel HERE.

  15. SandyBeaches says:

    Hello to everyone, it seems like yesterday that I saw all of you. (maybe it was, oh so tired!)

    Kizzi…I read your writing before I knew who wrote it and I thought, that sounds like {{{Kizzi}}}…

    Thank you for putting together the thoughts that have been swirling through our heads. I love it and have few words more. Where did all the words go?

    He represents to everyone the old fashioned Christmas. Well, he is an old soul who we all know.

    It is so snowy here on the site and it is falling sometimes as I write.. how great is that? I am caught in the Verona vortex…


  16. refnaf says:

    peeps I am so gobsmacked> the last few days have been SO beautiful. Kizzi thanks for your words, you have such a way with them….
    real life is going crazy for me, so I may not be around much but I must say this IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT GOING TO A SHOW , DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO ANY THING YOU CAN TO GET THERE
    that is all

  17. TOfan says:

    Can’t believe he found time to do a vlog … “amazingly awesome” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Best. Backdrop. Ever.

    More info:
    Reportin’ to you from Shoshone Falls in Southern Idaho! We had a day pretty much off and decided to do some exploring. Shows this week are Boise Thursday, Blackfoot Friday, and Cedar City Saturday before heading to California next week. The My Kind of Christmas Tour has been awesome so far!! Hopefully we’ll see you guys at the upcoming shows!

    Shoshone Falls Twin Idaho Boise Blackfoot Cedar City My Kind of Christmas Tour Concert

  18. Zoe says:

    Wow! Was not familiar with Shoshone Falls. Happy that David’s getting to do some sightseeing in his free time. Gorgeous scenery to behold, for sure, but watch out for those cold elevations, David, and wear your hat! Gotta keep the vocal chords happy for the upcoming shows! 😉

  19. Kizzi says:

    Just checking in quickly. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Waves to all.


  20. janey says:

    Best and most accurate blog post title!

  21. betsy says:

    Lovely recap, Kizzi.
    So nice to meet you in Verona. So nice to meet so many others as well.
    ToFan, Refnaf – loved meeting up with you guys again. 🙂
    This tour was meant to be. It really feels that way. The road to getting there was filled with potholes and hills and lots of scary things, but everything fell into place last minute. (for me) (and a couple of others)
    It was the best time I ever had.

  22. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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