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Sorry, David, you got bumped for Dean’s latest FB post, which mentions NEW SETLIST and HIS VOICE SOUNDING “REALLY GREAT” (and which “Hero” song do they mean? Mariah Carey’s? Enrique’s? hmm) Today was our last day in Afghanistan. We started … Continue reading

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Finally got to see @DavidArchie being Called to Serve

Sorry, I know this is old news for you guys but I just got to see the “Called to Serve” documentary. Wow. I thought it really captured what drives him. What a beautiful soul. David is so genuinely called to … Continue reading

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Just when I think I’m Zen about all this, something new curdles my milk

So I just saw on my Twitter feed that a tattooed, shirtless, crotch-grabbing Biebster is on the cover of Rolling Stone with the cover line “Bad Boy: Why JB just won’t behave.” Dear RS, I can answer that question without … Continue reading

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Columbia crew who’s who

Part of me wishes David was in this picture. The other part thinks, “Those folks are just great musicians… David’s my spirit animal.” πŸ™‚ p.s. From the last thread, here are the results of the poll asking “When he gets … Continue reading

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