Finally got to see @DavidArchie being Called to Serve

Thanks for leaving Chile, David, so now it's okay for me to go there without looking like a stalker. Beautiful!

Thanks for leaving Chile, David, so now it’s okay for me to go there without looking like a stalker. Beautiful!

Sorry, I know this is old news for you guys but I just got to see the “Called to Serve” documentary.


I thought it really captured what drives him. What a beautiful soul. David is so genuinely called to serve others every single day, mission or no mission, that (please no one get offended) it reminded me of priests I’ve known… the really special ones who make you cry with their sermons and wear themselves out trying to help others, a true calling — for life. (So I am grateful he’s LDS. 🙂 )

We all already knew these things about David but it really drives it home to see him clomping along dirt roads in those big shoes you could see from space, searching for someone loaded down with shopping bags that he can help carry… and body checking people out of the way to try to get to people he knows … (the image of David Archuleta chasing you down the street… just think about that for a moment) … and the singing. oh my. the singing.

I can’t even talk about the homecoming part. Amid wondering where they stashed all the actual airport people and why he thought he had hair to fix, I held myself together quite well until the Lupe hug. Her face crumpled me.


Who else is impressed he can use a kettle?

But I think the thing that hit me the hardest was when they said he got so emotional after making his Announcement because he thought people were going to boo him… and they did the opposite. I can’t even compute that he was actually afraid in front of his hometown crowd and tons of fans who’ve been freakishly loyal that he thought people would boo, but I guess that’s David.

What sticks with me still is that HE DID IT ANYWAY!!!!!!

He did that whole tour, all those VIPs, shook hands, gave hugs, sang his heart completely out, all the while expecting to share his news at the end and get booed … but he felt that fear and DID IT ANYWAY.

He’s always shown incredible courage, of course, (and fierce focus and stubbornness), but this? Wow. It’ll stay with me always.


Ever get the feeling he was born in the wrong era? 🙂

Looks like he did a lot of visiting in that outfit. 🙂

"It's cool, I walk down the stairs and who's in my living room? That's right, David Archuleta. #coolstorybro" (Instagram)

“It’s cool, I walk down the stairs and who’s in my living room? That’s right, David Archuleta. #coolstorybro” (Instagram)

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13 Responses to Finally got to see @DavidArchie being Called to Serve

  1. dangitdavid says:

    I’ve watched Call to Serve many times and am still amazed at what he did over the two years!! And it rocked me to the core when I heard he thought the crowd would boo him…never in a million yearsll

    And still chuckling over this…”why he thought he had hair to fix” Hahahaha

    Oh and the new pic he tweeted tonight….I can’t even!!! Sigh….

  2. peppertara says:

    Oh I’ve watched the beautiful CTS documentary many times too and it still affects me the same. Love what you wrote TOfan and yes, I’m still amazed at the courage and conviction that David has demonstrated too. Could never imagine him ever being booed on stage, no matter what his announcement may be.
    Chuckled too at fixing the hair comment and his big shoes, ha. All so sweet though and all part of David’s persona. It also warmed my heart so much, that he could share his voice in song with those he met on his journey. I’m sure that was an added blessing for the people there.

    Just love his latest tweet and pic! Think he’s still a sponge for music, including the oldies, love that.
    If I am fortunate enough to ever see him in concert again, I will be the ‘oldie’ jammin’ to HIS music!

  3. oliveoil says:

    Tofan, how much more can we love this guy??

  4. roxfox says:

    That’s why he was born in this era… We need him here in this era! I know, made me feel bad he actually thought about his announcement reaction that way. I never thought about how he got through the whole tour with that in his head.
    Beautiful thoughts D! I loved the chase down scene too.. His giggle:) I’m grateful he’s LDS too. Couldn’t ask for a better ambassador for our faith.

  5. Nan says:

    I’m so glad you’re back Deb. It was wonderful to get your perspective on Called To Serve. He truly is one of the most courageous people I know.

  6. Elaine Nitschke says:

    Beautifully put. :))

  7. MUNK_MA says:

    Thank you! 😀

  8. Angelica says:

    Deb, welcome back and thank you for this. What you said. My sentiments exactly. Those shoes got to me too. I would never have dreamed you would notice such a thing! 😉

  9. Tina says:

    This post is practically perfect in every way. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • missbianca says:

      ^^^^^^ What Tina said. With extra ❤ ❤ <3.

      So glad you are back!

      Pardon me while I go watch a video to check out shoes…

  10. newangel2 says:

    Loved everything you said! And yes, those clodhopper shoes– too funny but I guess they stand up to the wear and tear.

    He is amazing in so many ways. I couldn’t be prouder.

    (For some reason, one part I go back to over and over is him eating hot cereal of some sort w/ his companion. He looks SO happy! And then of course the last couple of minutes. Over and over and over…)

  11. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this post and all those pics at the end. nice to see him hangin’ with his homies 🙂

    and this is sweet too:

  12. refnaf says:

    I was looking forward to your response to the Called to Serve thingy>> and you have a habit of never disappointing with your insight ((((((HUG)))))) Love your take on it

    Lovely to see all the pics of David “hanging”…. he looks pretty relaxed and happy!!!

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