Spoiler alert: David Archuleta’s new music-video (not really)

A top-secret source1 just leaked to SnowAngelz the following music-video script for David Archuleta’s new single, Something ‘Bout Love. (We determined the script was legit after the completion of extensive forensic testing2).


As the sun sets over a sleepy subdivision in Everytown, U.S.A., the camera pans along a row of small bungalows, stopping at one with a white picket fence and a bicycle and scooter leaning against the front porch.



We zoom in through a ground-floor window where we find a cute, charming 20something girl sitting on her bed. (The girl has a bit of an edge … we know this because she has a red streak in her otherwise perfectly coiffed hair … and her name is Dangerous, K. Dangerous.)

K. glances at the time on her alarm clock (singed from being thrown in the fireplace), then at the two Demi Lovato concerts tickets in her hand. She shakes her head realizing it’s too late to make the show and crumples up the tickets.

We hear a distinctive morning-voice-ish low register start to sing:

Every night, it’s all the same
You’re frozen by the phone
You wait, something’s changed

You blame yourself every day
You’d do it again
Every night

The cellphone on the night table starts to flash and K.’s face brightens as she grabs it to read the text. Her smile fades as a tear glistens on her ethnically ambiguous cheek. We cut to a close-up of the text, which reads: “Ah, so nice looking at all the little animals in Petco.” K. slams the phone on the bed, pulls on an American Apparel hoodie, and a helmet (she’s not that edgy), runs outside and hops on her scooter.

Mr. Morning Voice clears his throat and belts out:

There’s somethin’ ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh-oh-oh
It sets you free


The camera pulls back to reveal Ricky Archuleta, an ethnically ambiguous young guy in red pants and swanky Desert Boots3 throwing darts at a wall of balloons. On each balloon is a picture of a wild dog gnawing out the eyes of a stuffed Totoro. Ricky fiercely throws each dart, hitting and popping balloons at lightning speed as he starts to sing:

There’s somethin’ ’bout love
That tears you up
Whoa oh-oh-oh
You still believe
When the world falls down like rain
It’ll bring you to your knees
Somethin’ ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh-oh-oh
But don’t give up
There’s somethin’ ’bout love


Dissolve to K. Dangerous on her scooter riding through the rain, tears streaming down her Caucasianish face. The camera pulls back and we see the lights of the amusement park in the distance, the bright ferris wheel slowly spinning against the darkness.

Whoa, there’s that sultry Morning Voice again:

When you were young /Scared in the night
Waiting for love to come along /And make it right
Your day will come, the past is gone /So take your time
Live and let live


K. wheels through the entrance gate then stops to scan the crowd. A skateboarding competition near the entrance catches her eye and she wipes away her tears and breaks out in a big smile as she watches the expert riders doing all the big tricks – 360 kick flips, bonless, Ollie, 6-step with mute grab4.

She watches the gravity-defying competitors flip and fly through the air as the chorus swells:

There’s somethin’ ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh-oh-oh
It sets you free

There’s somethin’ ’bout love
That tears you up
Whoa oh-oh-oh
You still believe

When the world falls down like rain
It’ll bring you to your knees
Somethin’ ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh-oh-oh
But don’t give up
There’s something ’bout love

When one skateboarder takes a bad fall, K. winces, turns her head and spots Ricky Archuleta at the balloon arcade. He’s teaching a frail widow how to throw darts.  Realizing he is not at Petco, her eyes flare, reflecting the fiery lights of the Tilt-A-Whirl. She zooms off on her scooter, races onto the skateboard track and flies down the ramp onto the course, executing a perfect 360 kick flip … with a twizzle5 … hanging in mid-air for what seems like … seconds.

Don’t fight
Don’t hide
Those stars in your eyes
Let ‘em shine tonight
Let ‘em shine tonight

Hang on
Hang in
For the ride of your life
It’s gonna be alright
Hold on tight

There’s somethin’ ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh


At the sound of thunderous cheering and applause, Ricky and the frail widow turn around and see Ms. Dangerous holding a huge trophy and being lifted onto the shoulders of a crew of blond, blue-eyed non-ethnically ambiguous Adonises (Adonisi?). The camera zooms in on Ricky’s distraught expression at the precise moment the groovy blip-bloop arcade noises and key change hit.

Pic cropped to protect the ethnic ambiguity of Edgy Girl.

There’s something ’bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh-oh-oh
It sets you free

There’s something ’bout love
That tears you up
Whoa oh-oh-oh
You still believe

Ricky looks over to the Kiddie Karaoke booth where little Jonah is wowing the crowd with another hunkerdown. Ricky whistles to Jonah, tosses him his armful of Totoro prizes, handing the rest of his darts to the widow (who makes a fist-pump “Yes!” motion). Ricky then runs in flat-footed slow motion toward the skate park.

When the world falls down like rain /It’ll bring you to your knees
Something ’bout love /That breaks your heart
Whoa oh-oh-oh /But don’t give up
There’s something ’bout love

As the music swells to a crescendo, Ricky races to the winner’s circle and takes K.’s hands in his. He motions for her to wait a second. The camera zooms in on his hand pulling a dollar bill from his pocket. His hands whir around the bill in a Superman-ish blur of speed, too fast to follow. They stop, and Ricky opens his hands to K., presenting a perfect origami peac***.

Fireworks explode above the park.

Whoa oh-oh-oh
Sets you free
There’s something ‘bout love
That tears you up
Whoa oh-oh-oh
You still believe


How do you envision the SBL music video?


  1. We don’t have a source, top-secret or otherwise. And definitely not this guy.
  2. Our forensic testing was basically, making sure there was a “g” on “Something.”
  3. 🙂
  4. No idea what these mean.
  5. For all you ice-dance fans out there.
  6. If you believe any of this is true, I’ll come to your house personally and give you a power noogie.

Photo credits:
House pic from HERE; Hoodie pic from HERE; Balloon game pic from HERE; Ferris wheel pic from HERE; Skateboard pic from HERE; Scooter pic from HERE; Red pants pic from HERE; Fireworks pic from HERE.

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185 Responses to Spoiler alert: David Archuleta’s new music-video (not really)

  1. archuletafansgermany says:

    hahahahahaha love it ❤ ROFL

  2. beebee says:

    TOFan, YOU ARE DA BOMB, BABAY!! I luuuuurrrrve this TO PIECES!!!

    Footnotes FTW!

    Fireworks at the end (bwahahaha) FTW!!

    ALL OF IT FTW!!!

    I hope David, K., K. Dangerous and even little Jonah see this! kikiki

    I ACTUALLY hope the real director of the VID see’s this BEFORE he starts shooting! (A few quick change ups at the last minute)

    Did I already say YOU ARE DA BOMB?

    🙂 🙂

  3. Kizzi says:

    Hysterical! Loved it. Betcha had mega fun writing and illustrating this video script. 😀

  4. Taryn says:

    You very funny 🙂

  5. Marylee says:

    one word…HILARIOUS!!!!! 🙂

  6. PrincessArchie says:

    Bravoooo!! Bravisimo!! You get a ROYAL standing O!!! ;)))

  7. beebee says:

    and may I say I RILLY appreciate how you o so clevah-ly snuck in your archu_shoe obsession into the FOOTnotes…bwhahahaha!! {{hugz}}

  8. TOfan says:

    aww, thanks 4 all the kind words, you guys, but please feel free to share your “dream video” ideas!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Kizzi says:

      I think your dream video would be hard to top–lol.

      And, did I see that the lead actress gets $300?

  9. beebee says:

    Now I remember seeing the casting call… and was somehow under the impression a leading lady had been found… but then LATER I saw what seemed to be “fresh” tweets that they were still looking for mz. (ethnically ambiguous) right.

    Could there still be time? Time for K. K. Dangerous??

  10. betsy says:

    I am laughing like a lunatic.
    “6 step with a mute grab, caucasianish face, non-ethnically ambiguous Adonises (Adonisi?), origami pea****.”

    I hope and pray David sees this. He would love it to pieces.

    <333 to the footnotes and tags.

    • TOfan says:

      you know what’s really funny, betsy, I was thinking about that and I bet a million bucks if David did read it, he’d be scratching his head and NOT GET ANY OF IT! LOL ‘Cuz, as YJ says we do sort of speak in ArchuShorthand, don’t we? Secret language FTW!!!! 😆

  11. refnaf says:

    baahaaa…. (((TOfan)))
    LMAO after a long day at work… Perfecto!!!♥

  12. YJfanofdavid says:

    *wipes tears of laughter* That about wraps up the Archu-news for the last 4 days! LOL!! Reading this I feel like we are in a secret society and speak in a secret language. And we even have our own secret comedy club! *standing ovation to Tofan* It is not easy being a David Archuleta fan, but it’s reassuring to know we are crazy together! 🙂

  13. beebee says:

    TOfan, there are seriously so many layers to this hilarious little jewel of an onion. kikiki

    You covered it all… and then some.

    BTW, Mz. Dangerous tipped her tweet hat to ya! Woot!

    *looks up at ceiling* *waves to Dangerous, K. Dangerous*

  14. --bianca says:

    Can I live here?

  15. --bianca says:

    I mean “May I”?

  16. --bianca says:

    ‘Cause you’re hilarious. I could go back and forth between here and MsMomJulee’s house of happy/sad tears.

    This was sauce for the Awesomesauce, another to for the Totoro, and the best thing I’ve seen in more than 140 characters since the last best thing!

  17. stenocruiser says:


    You must be able to hear all my hearty giggles and loud guffaws coming at you down the QEW!

    Clever, clever TOfan — thank you for the fun! This script is a keeper.

  18. abanana77 says:

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    TOfan – that was one of the funniest things I have ever read. Bahahahahaha you had wayyyyyy too much fun writing that! Ohmygohs I am smiling so huge right now my cousin is looking at me weird.

    And loooooooooove the footnotes! Hahahaha

  19. Zoe says:

    Bwahahaha, TOfan!!

    You are one seriously cracked up cookie. Thanks for the belly laughs and the thrill ride through your wacky imagination!

    It’s gonna be a challenge to watch the actual video with your silly scenario running through my head.

    Great job!!!

  20. pastel says:

    I love EVERYTHING about this!!! This is THE script…I can feel it! And I’m pretty sure its “Adonisi” lol.

    You only forgot the part where K, Ricky, Jonah and the widow shared a beaver tail at the deep fried donut booth. That would add to the whole ethnic ambiguity part (Canadian is an ethnicity, n’est-ce pas?).

    BRAVA!!!! And TWIZZLE for the win!!!

  21. KT says:

    What time should I expect you?

  22. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, hysterical, beginning to end. I spit on my screen more than once. And I love that I am part of the very special group of people that get it, cause if you’re not a diehard fan, this is complete jibberish.

    So, did you get a tweet from Kate Dangerous? She seems to be a sweet, fun girl. Anyone crazy about David is alright in my book!

    I’m with Betsy, I think he would get it and you can just see him throwing his head back and laughing that laugh!

  23. heartsong says:

    Ok, laughed all the way through this….and then I got to the origami peac*** and literally laughed so loud that I scared the cat off of my lap!! I LOVED this…Sam (the cat)….not so much. 😉

  24. angelofdja says:

    LOVE this! I can’t wait to see what the “real” video will be like…
    I can only hope it is as intriguing as yours is! Thanks for the laughs! 😀

  25. silverfox says:


    You crack me up! And just when I needed a good laugh!

    But HOLY GUACAMOLE!! I’m a little concerned about the theme of the SBL video…


    Anyway, thanks a bunch for the very hilarious “script”.

  26. beebee says:

    Pastel ROFL! Yeah, we neeeeed an archu_eating scene. 🙂 (Fooood, glorious FOOOOOOD!)

    Zoe, you speak the cha-RUTH! After this script, hard to imagine anything beddah!

    TOfan, I think you and NewAngel should take on writing music vids for every last song on the upcoming cd (and also, if Parachutes & Airplanes, Not A Very Good Liar, and If I Could Only Be don’t make it to the CD, those, too.) That’s a hefty work load. Split it between the two of you and subcontract FunnyGirl for backup…lol (Nice of me to work all this out for ya, huh? No prob. 🙂 )

    Hm. And I guess you’ll be paid in…uh… nutterbutters. Yeah.

  27. Roberta says:

    I totally believed it ! Lol…

  28. TOfan says:

    KT? SF?? Roberta??????? *rubs eyes* Will have to crack more cookies, as Zoe says, if they’ll bring you guys out of hibernation! wowza 😆

    emme, it is pretty funny this “code” we all speak. I remember being at Ford Day with Refnaf & her daughter and we were trying to figure out where to eat after and someone suggested Thai food and Ref & I burst out laughing and her poor daughter had no idea what was so hilarious.

    beebs, that would officially be too much fun! You would have to join in as artistic director and gah-roov-itude coach! I seriously think NewAngel should have her very own series, David or no David! And FG, well, I’m ROTFLing just thinking about the guffaw potential!


  29. Tawna21 says:

    TOfan!!!! this is beyond hilarious!! Thanks for creating this!


  30. archugeezer says:

    Hilarious. A “Standing O” from me—significant because it ain’t that easy.

    Still laughing after a second read.

    Pretty sure I don’t qualify for a “power noogie.” However, anything involving that cute Ricky Archuleta and a “mute grab” might get my attention.

  31. VickiFOD says:

    Ohmyheck! This is hysterical! I wish I was this creative! The crazy thing is – we all get it! I have a feeling the casting call for this vid is going to provide lots of fodder for posts and conversations for months to come (‘ethnically ambiguous’, indeed!)

  32. Pattie says:

    TOfan, I left you a tweet, but realized I could comment on here instead. LOVE THIS SCRIPT! So FUNNY and CLEVER! Your casting was perfect. This just made my day. Still Laughing!!!

  33. emilyluvsarchie says:

    TOfan, This…..this is perfect!

  34. Rarchiefan says:

    My sides hurt from laughing so hard. I can hardly type Oh My Goodness. THAT was funny and Brilliant!! Great Job, now that is video I want to see made! HUM Wonder if a certain youngman would be willing to participate in its making? Thank you for this one! Ü

  35. KT says:

    Heck yeah it brought me out of hibernation. Now I’m going to Google the press release I missed that announces that a brilliant Canadian writer joins forces with Declan Whitebloom to create video masterpieces for world renowned David Archuleta. *shakes head at the things one misses while hibernating*

  36. peppertara says:

    OMG…how hilarious! That had me laughing and then some. The ending put me over the top, hahaha!
    TOfan, you really deserve some kind of Archie Award for most original script idea. Quite brilliant, thanks for the incredible humour….and yeah….we all get it, every word and every visual, even the “flat footed slow motion”. Lol.
    As for the real video (too bad this wasn’t it!) guess we will just have to see. Definitely will be youthful with skateboarding tricks and all. Most importantly they just need to portray David (or Ricky) with all of his star quality and his amazing ‘awe’ factor. That shouldn’t be a problem though….it is David after all.

  37. awestruck says:

    TOfan this is TOfunny! And, supremely creative… and yes we ALL ‘speak’ the same coded language!


  38. stenocruiser says:

    SBL can be streamed now on Canadian radio — Much Music


    • refnaf says:

      Thanks steno! Woot!
      I must say I also listened to some of the other stuff, yikes!

    • TOfan says:

      Steno, thank you!!!!!! I’m spazzing out ‘cuz this is HUGE news! Much is a video station & they’re playing his song before there’s even a video!!!! I’ve put a widget in the sidebar so Canadians can click on it to stream SBL (and they even have the new single cover there, way to go Jive!!!!!!!!!!!)

      archugeezer, LOL, & thank you, too, peppertara, Vicki, Tawna, Pattie, Rarchiefan & emilyluvsarchie! ♥♥♥

  39. Amy (in VA) says:

    OMG I am so in awe of people that can write so creatively like this! This is sooooo funny and I’m just amazed that you would sit down and come up with it! haha Great job! Thanks for everything you do! 🙂 I realized it’s a little scary that I actually followed all the little things you wove into that one! Oh well, I’m sunk. I knew that a long time ago! lol

    • awestruck says:

      Amy – I have to agree with this “I realized it’s a little scary that I actually followed all the little things you wove into that one!” It is the little things in life that are important no? BWAHAHAH

  40. peppertara says:

    stenocruiser….I just discovered myself that you can now stream David’s new single on Much Music Canada, thanks. Been waiting to stream the song somewhere! That’s good news.

    Still somewhat in awe of your creativity TOfan….still smiling from your very creative and funny script.

  41. awestruck says:

    stenocruiser – peppertara – I hope this is up for a while? How does MuchMusic First Spin Singles work? I guess we will find out.

  42. awestruck says:

    TOfan, you really did a marvelous job with this!

  43. SweetonDA says:

    TOfan, loved this so much. Couldn’t stop laughing. You hit all the powerpoints, haha.

    Leaving in the morning and heading your way. Will be going to Jasper and Banff for sure. Not so sure of the rest of the trip. Will be gone for 2 weeks. Looking forward to being in Canada again.

  44. betsy says:

    Oh, and another thing! This:
    Teaching a frail widow to throw darts”
    Loling hard here.
    Thanks for unleashing that creative brain on us.
    You rock.
    Thurber would be proud. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      oh geez, Betsy, thank you what a HUGE compliment! I’m afraid I’m not worthy to touch the hem of Thurber’s garment tho’ LOL I have a feeling we laugh at the same peeps at the same time for the same reasons! 😆

  45. lizardj says:

    Made me giggle out loud!! 😀

  46. janey says:

    WELL DONE TOfan, truly hilarious!!!!!

    SweetonDA, you’re headed for 2 of my favorites places in the world!!! Enjoy your trip and give us a full report when you return.

    • SweetonDA says:

      Awww janey, I’ll say hi for you. *waves* It is a beautiful place isn’t it. My sister is going with me and she’s never been there. Should be lots of fun!

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{♥janey}}}} & welcome to the Great White North, SweetonDA!!! & yes, please report back!!! If you get to Calgary, make sure to say hello to Awestruck!

      & thank you & welcome, lizardj!!!

  47. refnaf says:

    I believe a group *** bow*** is in order for TOfan …. this girl can WRITE!!! What a hoot!!!

    It was only on second reading that it hit me how in the “ODD club” we all are!!! What a great place to be♥

  48. emifriend says:

    “Her smile fades as a tear glistens on her ethnically ambiguous cheek.”

    ohhh sooo funneeee that sentence…
    Thank you.. I’ve been needing to read that sentence ever since I sadly realized I do not have an ethically ambiguous face and could not be in David’s video (completely overlooking the fact that I am older’nLupe, of course nor would venture to even STAND on a skateboard)

    This piece is as layered as SBL and I am sure I will be revisiting it in my thoughts. You have done a masterful job at connecting so many of the dots! I know we will be grateful for a long time because it reminds us of so many of the sparkles of this multifaceted diamond we cherish -named David Archuleta.

    • TOfan says:

      “so many of the sparkles of this multifaceted diamond we cherish -named David Archuleta” beautifully put, emi *sniff*

  49. FG says:

    Bwaaahaaaaa! OMG LOL ROTFL!!

  50. TOfan says:

    Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, I have to confess this was a completely selfish exercise as I was having way too much fun “playing” director … and Kizzi, I can’t believe they’re paying the actress $300 … I know there are many “cute, charming” and capable David fans who’d pay HIM just to bring him water and chapstick throughout the shoot!

    New MuchMusic widget: I am spazzing here that Canada’s MuchMusic (our version of MTV) is streaming SBL and I’ve put a widget in the sidebar with the link that Steno posted above. This is so HUGE and bodes really well for possible Canadian tour stops, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *deep breaths*

    And further spazzing since Richie Favalaro at Toronto’s biggest station, Chumfm, just responded to Pastel & CanadianArchie’s tweet about SBL streaming on Much with this:
    @1045CHUMFM: @CanadianArchie @pastelpastel ~ Heard it! Think I might put it on the Countdown this weekend! – Fav

  51. awestruck says:

    David is #1 now on MuchMusic WOOT

  52. awestruck says:

    MJ’s blog just put this up: David confirmed to perform at Skate From the Heart – October 10. His name is now on their website –


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  53. TOfan says:

    How did I miss this Hollywood Outbreak interview? It’s short (1:16 min.) but made me cry, sheesh:

    Former American Idol finalist David Archuleta has such a sunny disposition that is absolutely infectious, and it’s really hard not to like this teenaged boy wonder. There is no doubt that Archuleta is one of American Idol’s strongest singers, but his humble demeanor has definitely won over his share of fans. Several years into his nascent career, Archuleta is still amazed he can actually make a difference.

    Listen HERE.

  54. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, thanks for the interview, sniffing too.

    GO CANADA AND SBL!! You guys are doing an awesome job!

  55. Lorna says:


    Just love your imagination and writing skills…. this had me cracking up!

    I’m sure @katedangerous got a major kick out of this.

  56. abanana77 says:

    Excited about steaming on Much Music! 🙂 Woot. I am streaming it right now! Lalalala

  57. TOfan says:

    Lorna too??? Wow, this is a banner par-tay! Wooot!

    abanana, ROTFLing at your Freudian slip, bahahaha 😉

  58. bridget says:

    LOL!! LUV it!!

  59. embe says:

    You so funny. Me love you long time!

    Such a hilarious post ❤ And props for censoring peac*** 😀

  60. Angelica says:


    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it…you are one of the best writers in all of Archudom. I laughed till the tears rolled down my ethnically not so ambiguous cheeks. Oh my heck, you are one creative, smart, witty, hilarious woman! There is too much fun in here to pick and choose, it’s ALL good! Thanks for sharing your brain with us.

    How do I envision the SBL music video? The same way I envisioned the Crush and Altnoy video and any video David is in….with waves crashing on a beach, while just beyond herds of beautiful wild stallions run in a velvety green expanse, and he, a solitary figure on top of a hill, the wind in his hair, stands singing his angsty, yet hopeful heart out. *sniff*

    Your version is much more fun. 😆

  61. TOfan says:

    aww, thanks, bridget, embe & Angelica (mighty high praise coming from a master scribe like you, A.!)

    LOLing at your crashing waves and wild stallions … but who knows, toss in a skateboarder on that green expanse and you could be right! 😆

  62. archiesfan4life says:

    I just got home and read your awesome and hilarious article! You are one very creative writer!

    Thanks for the laughs!


  63. bebereader says:


    You are one hilarious chickee! To take a stab at the SBL video when the entire fandom is chomping at the bit, wondering what it will actually be like is so courageous.

    You ticked all the boxes, my friend, but then, you always do! 😀

  64. vermeer says:

    Oh my heck! beebee told me this morning to RUN over here! As you can see I’m real slow LOL. Ok, TOfan, do you make you husband laugh til he cries every day?? You must. You are one of the funniest Archies in the Archuniverse!!!

  65. TOfan says:

    aww, thanks, bebe & vermeer! *waves* So nice to “see” you guys!!!!

    Vermeer, no, not at all, it’s my hub who cracks ME up constantly. He doesn’t tell jokes or anything but, kinda like David, he’s well … him! LOLOL

    beebee (& others I think) posted this vid on Twitter today, wondering if it was the director working out the kinks of D’s vid! 😆 😆

  66. vermeer says:

    awww TOfan, I love the way you describe your hubby! I’m sure you are quite the comédienne wherever you are haha!

    Twitter is eating up all my time now!! (you know who I got to thank for that?!) I am completely slacking making my usual rounds these days. Why were humans designed to require so many hours of sleep?! We don’t have eat for 8 hours, so why 8 hours just for sleeping? Who would’ve known David alone would gobble up what’s left of our waking moments LOL!!

  67. Abrra says:

    I am soooooooooooooo late to this party! I have been “composing and creating” in another house LOL

    ” On each balloon is a picture of a wild dog gnawing out the eyes of a stuffed Totoro. ”

    “The camera zooms in on his hand pulling a dollar bill from his pocket. His hands whir around the bill in a Superman-ish blur of speed, too fast to follow. They stop, and Ricky opens his hands to K., presenting a perfect origami peac***.”

    Priceless and funny!


  68. SandyBeaches says:

    Her smile fades as a tear glistens on her “ethnically ambiguous” cheek…Now those two words required dictionary.com to help grasp the full meaning and application…

    TOfan…copy it off, put it in an envelope and send it to yourself, not opening it of course……Remember the protection conversation that we had, well this must apply as well!!?….I wouldn’t want to accidentally see a video of this description by any other name!


  69. refnaf says:

    Morning angelz….
    lol vermeer…. I have seriously limited my “rounds” just cause I need sleep too, dang it.

    Angelica> “waves crashing on a beach, while just beyond herds of beautiful wild stallions run in a velvety green expanse, and he, a solitary figure on top of a hill, the wind in his hair, stands singing his angsty, yet hopeful heart out.” perfecto!

    Question> I have been streaming SBL like a mad woman on muchmusic, but I need to know what this does> do they count up the plays to decide if peeps like it?? or what?

    • TOfan says:

      They def. can calculate how many are streaming and how often. And if you do a search for “David Archuleta” on the MuchMusic site, or your local radio station’s site *hints*, that will also turn up in their stats.

      In other words, the more searches David gets, the more the station will notice that he’s driving peeps to their site and the more likely they will be to play his music etc.

      And I posted this ages ago, but just a reminder that many radio stations don’t pay much attention to requests (some say they find them “annoying”) but they do pay attention to the music surveys they email to listeners regularly. So check out the home page for your local station and find out how you can get on that “list.”

      For Toronto’s ChumFM station, you can sign up for the survey HERE.

      I’ve been doing it for a while now so I’m all ready to give SBL a “one of my favourites” rating. (Warning: You’ll have to listen to snippets of a bunch of nasty stuff, good thing is, you’ll have the pleasure of giving it a “don’t like it” or “I’m tired of it” rating! 🙂 )

      • refnaf says:

        Thanks TOfan… I am signed up and ready… did my first survey…meh
        Now I’m off to muchmusic to search …. lol the things we do… did you listen to that ke$ha song?? Songs like that make me wonder if Davids “non-slutty’ lyrics have a chance in this market…..

  70. SandyBeaches says:

    refnaf…what a beautiful grandbaby…Just had to say that…After all it is not just ‘all about David’…Did I just say that??? Watch your real mail…


  71. emmegirl says:

    refnaf, he is adorable…what a face! Loving the hat!

  72. TOfan says:

    Another performance announced on Twitter: @NAClassic Season 7 American Idol runner -up David Archuleta to perform @NAClassic – September 26, 2010! His new album 2 B released 9/14!

    It’s a charity equestrian event, details HERE:

    (7-hour drive from T.O. btw :shock:)

  73. TOfan says:

    Geez, ANOTHER Newsflash on DA.com:

    “The good news just keeps on coming people. This morning we are proud to announce the official album title AND release date of David Archuleta’s new album. The album will be called Other Side of Down and it will be available in stores and online on September 14th! What do you think of the title? Discuss amongst yourselves and stay tuned for more great news.”

    LOVE that title, it is sooooo David, isn’t it? Wooot!

    Official Jive Press Release HERE.

    Official site for Jake Chessum, CD cover photographer named in release above:

    • Kizzi says:

      Yo TOfan. High Five. Now that’s a press release!

      And Chessum – edgy, sharp. He gets the subjects “look”. Enjoyed looking at his magazine covers – Oprah, Conan, DeNiro, Hugh Laurie, and, his Will Smith photos under the people tab–gaaaahhh–and more. Very exciting to see this level of photographer used.

      And that’s another High Five to all the SAz’s. 😀

    • Kizzi says:

      Hmmmm….does “more great news” = Tour date announcements?! *fingers crossed* 😀

  74. refnaf says:

    TOfan What’s 7 hours spent with David peeps….??? lol

    So we have a confirmed date for the album!!! yay!
    The title totallly says”David” to me… Love it!!!

    • Kizzi says:

      oooooooo – Zee Bébé!!!!!!! Le bébé est beau.

      And you are so right…. 7 hours goes by like the blink of an eye in David peeps face-to-face time. 😀

  75. refnaf says:

    TOfans genius extends to twitter….

    “Better get back to work before I’m the Other Side of Hired. :)”

    ‘Title ROCKS! Other Side of Meh! :))))”

    You are a comedienne on the side, right??

    • Kizzi says:

      The title does rock, ref. Of course, I’d probably say that if it was “David’s 2nd Album” too. 😉

  76. awestruck says:

    Ok, so, the official Jive Press Release indicates “The “Something ‘Bout Love” digital single will be commercially available on July 20th and the radio impact date is slated for August 2nd.” RADIO IMPACT DATE AUGUST 2, is this a new release date to radio???

    Cool site Jake Chessom has! Can’t wait to see his David pics…

    Last bit of the sentence from the second DA.com ‘newsflash’ – “and stay tuned for more great news.” MORE NEWS???

    LOLOLOL ref ” “Better get back to work before I’m the Other Side of Hired.” A very David sounding title with an explanation coming according to David’s latest tweet –

    @emily4Archie I’ll explain sometime soon haha. There’s a few different reasons for the title 🙂

  77. awestruck says:

    Great interview with Jake Chessum, actually just him talking about he approaches taking pictures


  78. TOfan says:

    I noticed that too, awestruck, not sure why the delay between the single’s release date & radio date, hmmm.

    Also interesting, I’ve seen the name “Jonas Group” rumoured to be David’s new management. From what I can find out, the Jonas Group is a management company formed by the Jonas Brothers’ father, Kevin, and longtime artist manager/ promoter Philip McIntyre.

    They represent the JoBros and also Demi Lovato and Jordin Sparks. This bodes well for a possible Canadian tour stop since all three have toured here several times. 🙂

    ….Aaaand, just stumbled upon this page at the MuchMusic site, they have a bunch of David ringtones for download (no MH???? wha???):

  79. SandyBeaches says:

    Our newest letters to learn with the latest being SBL…we have OSOD !!! Or easier to remember we can say O-SOD…Welcome OSOD to archudictionary.com!

    I am excited about the photographer and possible new management…David has had a good number of meetings in the last while.

    Now let the drums start off in a low roll until we have concert dates…surely there will be concert dates!!!


  80. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, thanks for the info on possible new management. Have been wondering about that.
    Whomever it is, so far so good I think.

  81. peppertara says:

    Gee….I really like the album title and I agree, it is very David. Sept 14 will be an exciting day! I imagine David will discuss the album title in one of his blogs or vlogs in his sweet, wonderful way.
    Yes, thanks for the info re: David’s new management (or possible management) TOfan. I was wondering about that too.

  82. TOfan says:

    Have we seen these before? Pics of David on that helicopter ride in LV for Make a Wish (which we did not hear from him, of course, sigh):


  83. TOfan says:

    I need some help guys. Which God Bless the Broken Road vid would you recommend sending to a potential new fan?

    I’m thinking, great audio, minimal intro?

    Guess I’ll just have to watch again & decide! 😆

  84. abanana77 says:

    I would say the one with great audio. That’s the one I keep relistening to.

  85. awestruck says:

    TOfan – this is the one I have bookmarked…

  86. stenocruiser says:

    CHUM played it! Something ’bout Love! This morning around 9:48 — sounded so good!

  87. TOfan says:

    I just heard it Steno, didn’t it sound amazing on the radio?!?!?!

    Love that the DJ called it an “Up and Comer” and also gave the date when it’ll be available for download! … can’t believe that’s TUESDAY, wooooot!!!!!!!

    and speaking of Canadian content, how did I miss this tweet?
    @ETCanada David Archuleta is set to release his sophomore effort Other Side of Down on September 14th

    Cdn buzz FTW!!!

  88. Kizzi says:

    Hey Steno & TOfan:

    I’ve heard it two days running on a local (mostly college age listeners) radio station. It does sound amazing on the radio. 🙂

    Tuesday should be a really epically fun day in David Land.

    • TOfan says:

      Two days running? That’s awesome!!!!

      Tuesday should be insane, yikes, batten down those hatches! 😆

      • Kizzi says:

        LOL – Jeeezz TOfan, I just had a mental image of running full steam ahead with my hatches wide open – whoa, now that’s how to live dangerously hahaha 🙂

    • stenocruiser says:

      TOfan – I didn’t hear Richie’s intro to SBL but wish I had. I was on the phone with my daughter who had just returned from up North and was regaling me with talk of traffic, mosquitoes, fishing, boating, etc., etc. when all of a sudden I heard David on the radio and had to listen to daughter with one ear and David with the other. Daughter must have wondered why I gave her short shrift and said good-bye so that I could hear how wonderful David sounded. No sense trying to explain to her — both my daughters are more into the oldies. In fact, the highlight of their year will be when we head for TO next week to see Jersey Boys. Anyway, I did get to hear the rest of the song and David did indeed sound amazing. This is all so exciting and I’m ready for iTunes Tuesday!

  89. awestruck says:

    Steno – TOfan… Jersey Boys were amazing, saw them in Vegas.

    Oldies ftw Steno, David is the only cureent pop I listen to, lol.

    Yeah for Canadian promo, MuchMusic and ETcanada tweet and CHUM radio!!!

  90. abanana77 says:

    Woah! July 30th is Tuesday???? I sooo did not realize that!

    This month has been going by wayyyyyyyyy too quickly…

  91. TOfan says:

    Here’s a site that lists all Top 40 radio stations in U.S. & Canada if you want to find out if your local station is streaming or debuting SBL:


    Hot AC stations are here:

    And just saw this on the CHUMfm.com message board:
    “Loved the new David Archuleta song played by Richie this morning! Can we hear it again??”

    and no, was not from me! lol

  92. peppertara says:

    Thanks for the updates re : SBL…lots of Canadian buzz, wonderful! Must have been exciting, hearing David’s song for the first time on local radio. July 20th is drawing near. Now I just need to hear it out here in the west on local radio, soon I hope! They are still playing Crush almost every day here. SBL just may be taking over!
    Thanks for the links TOfan.

  93. awestruck says:

    Just e-mailed 3 stations here asking if they are or were going to stream S’BL. Wish I would have seen this sooner… someone in Vancouver did the same, but addes that CHUM in Toronto has already done and got positive feedback – or I would have added that to my message/question.

    • TOfan says:

      If those stations are on Twitter you could tweet them that MuchMusic is streaming it & CHUM has played it. (I think when CHUM found out MUCH sorta scooped them, that helped big time!)

  94. TOfan says:

    awestruck, I only tweet from the computer, lol.

    http://www.twitter.com 🙂

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