A little somethin’ somethin’ ’bout love: Part 2

Is this not perfect? *I'm-not-worthy-bow* to beebee

I have this (probably unhealthy) habit of forgetting to breathe when I am really focused or concentrated on something. I get really in the zone of whatever I’m doing and after about 25-30 seconds it occurs to me that I haven’t been breathing and that I probably should.

This happens quite a bit — when I’m watching overtime in a hockey game I care about, when I’m trying to master new dance moves, when I’m trying to run really fast (this causes huge cramps by the way. Always breathe while running), when I’m thinking really hard about a difficult math problem… and apparently when I listen to David Archuleta’s new single for the first time.

I had heard the snippet (of course) but wasn’t completely in love with it after hearing it. I was more excited to hear the rest of the song. Because from the snippet, I felt like the song had huge potential, and I was hoping the rest of the song would live up to it. But I wasn’t completely sold yet. I wanted the full song to go beyond what I’d heard in the snippet… and boy did it ever!

Listening to the full song that first time completely blew me away. There were so many twists and turns that it kept my focus, my attention and my inability to exhale right through to the end. From the intro through the verse and chorus and eventually into the bridge it kept me guessing and wondering what was coming next. How could this song surprise me any more? How could it keep getting better and better?

I think one of the main reasons why I have completely fallen for this song is because of how the song keeps building on itself to get more and more intense as it goes on. I know most songs are supposed to be made like that, but I find this song does an especially good job at keeping you hooked. And I think that kind of mimics David as a live performer.

It is always the last third of the song where he really gets in his element and is completely into the zone of the song, whether it’s a slow emotional song like Prayer of The Children or an upbeat one like Zero Gravity. So with the growing intensity already written into the song, I can not wait to hear this song live! He will rock it!

"To me this song is sort of an incognito-encouraging-song disguised as a classic-love-pop-song. Sneaky. Good work, David." (Photo: djafan/The Voice)

I’m not an expert at key changes, dance beats, popular music or vocal techniques, and I’m not going to pretend to be one. I really don’t know much about any of those things (more than I did a couple years ago before I discovered David, but still not very much). But I know I like this song. I know it keeps me listening. I know some of the lyrics push through the production and speak right to my heart. I know I think it is the perfect song for David’s next single.

It’s catchy and very radio-friendly, and I would love to hear him on the radio again. I was maybe hoping for a more “mature” song from him, but now that I’ve heard Something ‘Bout Love, I am completely sold. I think this song is perfect for the single. The album will hopefully incorporate different types of songs that will show a more “grown-up” side to David (Can’t.Wait.) but as many people have pointed out, he’s still 19. This is exactly the type of song he needed for his single, if you ask me.

And although on the surface it sounds like a standard bubble-gum pop song, I really think David snuck some of his feel-good, optimistic, persevering type themes (that we know he loves) into this song. For example, the lyrics:

Don’t fight
Don’t hide
Those stars in your eyes
Let em’ shine tonight
Let em’ shine tonight

Hang on
Hang in
For the ride of your life
It’s gonna be alright
Hold on tight

To me, here, he’s talking about trying to stay positive and not get discouraged (I know it can be interpreted differently) and about how love is worth it. Am I reading too much into it? And I think he means all types of love, not necessarily just the romantic kind. I love how this song can be used to describe a relationship with anyone in your life that you love — a friend, sibling, parent, boyfriend, spouse, child. Everyone has those experiences so anyone can relate to this song.

To me this song is sort of an incognito-encouraging-song disguised as a classic-love-pop-song. Sneaky. Good work, David, now both you and Jive (and all fans everywhere, as far as I can tell) are happy! πŸ˜€

Basically I can not wait to hear it live. I hope it gets the radio airplay it deserves. And I might need to be put on a respirator when I listen to the album for the first time! πŸ˜›


P.S. Really random, but in the first three seconds of the song I get a flash of “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. I have no idea why. Am I crazy or does anyone else hear that too?

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58 Responses to A little somethin’ somethin’ ’bout love: Part 2

  1. Abrra says:

    When I heard the full song for the first time, I could see in my mind how the Coney island photo shoot made sense. I get a feeling of riding the rides and letting go all inhibitions. It feels like a roller coaster ride!


  2. embe says:

    Listening to SBL for the first time, I needed a cardigan – I got chills all over the place. There’s just something so very magical in the combination of the melody and the lyrics. The words are so simple, but the message goes through your heart regardless. The song makes me smile, cry and jump all at the same time, much like David himself does.

    Oh, very off-topic, but I gotta share this with you ladies. So I just went to catch some rays on my front yard. The minute I took my top off my other neighbour started mowing his lawn and the other one suddenly needed to chop some firewood. Gross!

  3. archiesfan4life says:

    abanana – I don’t think you are reading too much into this song at all – I completely agree that it has an incognito message – a message everyone can relate to. Thanks for a great article!

    I had a nun in high school whose favorite saying was “take this and make it your own” (she taught geometry – never did have a desire to make that subject my own :), but that is what David wants us to do with his messages IMHO.

  4. awestruck says:

    abanana – I think David wants to make people stop and thinks about his songs/lyrics and the more they do the happeir he is. Because anyone can relate is perhaps one reason why his fan base is so diverse in age.

    So, I’ve listened to SBL while keeping in mind what you said about the song building on itself in intensity. I agree and it is one of his abilities as a singer (he can take anyone’s song and do this)and now it is developing in his songwriting.

    – ever thought about becoming a swimmer??? Your practise at holding your breath would come in handy, LOLOLOL

  5. awestruck says:

    please add – Because anyone can relate TO HIS POST IDOL MUSIC is perhaps why AGE DIVERSE FAN BASE CONTINUES ON.

  6. TOfan says:

    {{{abanana}}} great post, esp. loved this:
    “I think one of the main reasons why I have completely fallen for this song is because of how the song keeps building on itself to get more and more intense as it goes on.”

    I think that’s one of the first things I noticed way back at Shop Around, the masterful way David builds the momentum and energy and feeling in a song to a wowza crescendo … LOVE that.

    Did not notice the Celine Dionish flash at the beginning, hmmm, gotta listen again! πŸ˜†

    Off-topic, this random book signing vid has me ROTFLing:

    • embe says:

      Would you look at those eyes?!?!?! The way he looks up… gosh.

      BTW, again, it’s all about the fans. Remember when at a VIP David said “that was the first time I ever met her” when talking about a fan. In this video he says “tell her I’m sorry I missed her”. Not “the first time she met me” or “sorry that she missed my signing”. Oh David.

      • abanana77 says:

        embe – I never noticed that! Interesting how just the changing of the wording makes a difference on how a person thinks about something. But it’s true. It’s never about him.

    • matt says:

      Thanks for the embed.

  7. peppertara says:

    abanana…really enjoyed reading your post this morning.
    “To me this song is sort of an incognito-encouraging-song disguised as a classic-love-pop-song. Sneaky. Good work, David, now both you and Jive (and all fans everywhere, as far as I can tell) are happy! “:D
    I so agree. I think David will always find a way to leave behind a message of inspiration and/or joy and hope in his music. Even in his upbeat techno/dancy tunes! This is one older fan who gets that with this song (I love the lyrics) and can’t help but sing along with it and I’m loving David’s amazing range in the song. I agree, I think this song is what David needs right now, a very radio friendly song to keep him in the public’s eyes and ears as a relevant artist. David has lots of time to develop his own personal style and will always be giving his fans that gorgeous voice (and a nice message or two) in whatever he does. Have a feeling too that some of his personal style will definitely be reflected in his new album. Can’t wait to hear it!

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, caught up late with your comment at the end of the last thread about David’s tweet getting “censored” on his own site. Luckily @omygoshashley screencapped it (click on TwitPic to see full size): πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

      david's tweet gets censored... on his own site. buahahaha on Twitpic

      • abanana77 says:

        I was seriously LOL-ing over the comment being censored too! Bahahahahaha. Actually too funny! (PS how do you make the laughing face?)

  8. abanana77 says:

    awestruck – I actually can hold my breath under water for a pretty long time (I could always beat my brothers when we had competitions). Luckily for me large lungs run in my family (or I might be dead by now, lol) – one time my dad had to have a lung x-ray and they needed to take 2 x-rays, one for each lung! Haha

  9. TOfan says:

    Tejano Music Awards Vlog!!!

    More info:
    In San Antonio for the Tejano Music Awards. I’ll be doing a tribute to Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Really looking forward to getting to do it!

    David Archuleta Tejano Music Awards San Antonio Selena Quintanilla Perez River Walk

    abanana, laughing face is : lol : (remove spaces) πŸ˜†

  10. abanana77 says:

    Dear David – you have not had funny tags since I wrote that post analyzing them. I promise I was not making fun and I love your youtube tags to death ❀ PS I know you secretly creep snowangelz in your spare time πŸ˜›


  11. emmegirl says:

    abanana77, I miss seeing that side of him. To me it seems he is protecting more.

    Understandable, when you give as much as he does you have to save some of yourself for you and yours.

  12. TOfan says:

    abanana, I noticed that too, and I was thinking his tweets were becoming more “business-like” (and as emme says, perhaps protecting more) … then he tweeted about the peac*** 😯 and I was happy to see he was back to his random self. So I’m sure his David-ish tags will come back… esp. when he reads your Dear David comment. πŸ˜†

    I thought it was very sweet that he used Selena’s full name in the vlog AND the more info AND the tags! I’ve mostly heard her called only “Selena” … one name, like “Madonna.”

  13. TOfan says:

    Whoa, NEWSFLASH!

    David does wear sunglasses! πŸ˜†

    From @amjebm26’s Twitpic:

  14. awestruck says:

    abanana – I had the time to re-read your post. And after listening to SBL pretty much on repeat yesterday this really strikes home.

    “I know I like this song. I know it keeps me listening. I know some of the lyrics push through the production and speak right to my heart.”

    All I have to do is hear the first few notes/chords and I am bopping in my seat! People look at me funny when I am in the car and mouthing the words…

    (Sorry, I did try to recognize My Heart Willl Go On, but it didn’t really click, lol)

  15. embe says:

    abanana: I forgot to say that I do get the Titanic reference you speak of πŸ˜€ It’s those high “a-aa-aa-aa-aa-aah”s before he says “something ’bout love, o-oh” in the intro, right?

    • abanana77 says:

      YES! I am glad somebody else gets what I am saying. Haha. I truly am not crazy (well, a little bit).

  16. embe says:


    Is that David in the 7th photo in the second row?? I can’t get it to show up for me :/ Looks like he’s wearing a floral shirt!

  17. awestruck says:

    embe – that may well be him! Wow, kind of a coral/cream floral? When you are over the pic with your cursor try clicking the right mouse button and click on zoom in – it gets a bit bigger.

  18. TOfan says:

    Just got in and saw this on Twitter (from @ambykins), I think it’s David waiting to go on at the Tejano Awards:


  19. awestruck says:

    TOfan – Apparently David sang two songs – Me Qeuda Mas and Como La Flor… and got a standing O

    Kizzi – I think David made some more connections – contacts tonight

  20. TOfan says:

    According to tweeters at the Tejano awards, David sang No Me Queda Mas with a mariachi band behind him & got a standing O and then sang Como La Flor with Pete Astudillo who wrote the song and used to perform with Selena. And Lupe is sitting with Selena’s family. Wow, what an amazing night for David, cannot wait for vids. *hopes*

    David Archuletta doing a Selena tribute with Mariachi's ..  NICE !!!!   Best show by far !!!

  21. TOfan says:

    LOL, jinx, awestruck!! πŸ˜†

  22. peppertara says:

    Ahh….David looks so handsome in his vest and tie. Apparently he killed it at soundcheck, can imagine his live performance. Hope there is a video before too long! They say he also sat with some of Selena’s family during the show, what a special event for David.

  23. peppertara says:

    Two songs….that’s fabulous! Had to be a fantastic evening!

  24. TOfan says:

    My three fave tweets of the night:

    @Jen99nm David Archuleta kicked ass and Paul Rodriguez is funny as all hell. The TTMA’s are freaken awesome!!!

    @janey79 Just read comments on the Selena chat, @DavidArchie has a few new fans tonight :))))

    @LizzyDizzy88 A standing O with a tejano crowd for singing Selena songs is a HUGE thing!!!!

  25. TOfan says:

    Added these to the “must see” vids in the sidebar too. *tears*

    Love the Standing O above. Not an easy crowd to win over either … Selena’s family and some of her most ardent fans & Tejano music aficionados would have been in that audience. What a triumph for David.

  26. Marylee says:

    Abanana ~ On the subject of “holding one’s breath”..that’s exactly what I’ve done both times I met David and, the first time, I lost the ability to put a sentence together..lol I suppose I’m not alone in that feeling while being in his presence. I share your thoughts of ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ ..another great “message song” from David even though it may not seem like one at first listen. So dang proud of David, I could burst! …and last night’s performances had the same effect on me! Way to go, David!

  27. refnaf says:

    (((Abanana))) TY for the post… what a great review….

    “To me this song is sort of an incognito-encouraging-song disguised as a classic-love-pop-song. Sneaky. Good work, David, now both you and Jive (and all fans everywhere, as far as I can tell) are happy!” That sums it up for me…
    I tend to also hold my breath…. without realizing I am doing so…David especially has me do this.. even waiting for these new Spanish songs to load on my very old computer… gah.
    First I am going to go listen for the Titanic….

  28. refnaf says:

    So, sorry abanana, but I don’t hear “my heart will go on”, but my ablility to pick things out of a song is not that great. I have been listening to SBL alot and like it more and more, and live it will be a show stopper!!!
    What is it about David singing Spanish?? I have never cared for Spanish music before> but his voice is made for those songs and even without understanding the lyrics they feeel good. I really hope he never does any country songs, cause there is no way I can handle listening to that…. πŸ™‚

    • awestruck says:

      I’m with you refnaf – NO NO NO to country music (definitely NOT the older stuff, though the newer stuff, well maybe, sometimes during Stampede time, if I have to LOL)

      Now for Spanish David – all I can say is he has the voice for it, makes me melt.

  29. TOfan says:

    refnaf, LOL, too late! I think David has already made you like a country song *cough*GodBlessTheBrokenRoad*cough*

    Here’s a cool slide show from the TMA, he looks so youthfully swanky:


    This pic in particular is srsly cracking me up:

    Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

  30. refnaf says:

    hahhaa TOfan
    David uncountryfied it for me… truth> I had never heard that song before he saaang it!!!

    Nice pic… he looks happy and it is contagious… Thanks for the smiles David!!
    FYI I kinda am lovin’ the hair.

  31. TOfan says:

    HOLY----- O_O AHHHHHHH OMG!!! :"> on Twitpic

    (click pic to enlarge) Ref, LOL. @pastelpastel tweeted that one commentor said of the pic above: “It’s like hair from God”.

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    And fasten your seatbelts for album release rumoured for September 14th!

  32. jackryan4DA says:

    Not a rumor anymore TOFan. Received confirmation hours ago from Sony BMG Phils that worldwide album release is indeed the 14th.

    In our parts at least, we are assured of the physical CD to hit the stores by the same date.

    Whoa-oh-oh-oh πŸ™‚

  33. peppertara says:

    Marylee….I know exactly what you mean:
    “On the subject of β€œholding one’s breath”..that’s exactly what I’ve done both times I met David and, the first time, I lost the ability to put a sentence together..lol”
    I was the same way when I met David and apparently it has nothing to do with age, haha.

    Album release date sounds great!
    I am just loving David’s performances at the TMA. He brings such heart and passion into his Spanish music. A great honor for David to sing at this event and to receive standing O’s and cheers, fantastic! Personally I can’t wait for his Spanish album, even though I only understand a few words of Spanish I feel it all when it comes to David. At times there even seems to be a little “sob” in his singing…such heart and conviction. He is such a versatile, multi-gifted artist. He really is incomparable.
    Love all the great photos of David,must have been a great time for him and glad his Mom got to share it with him.

  34. abanana77 says:

    Excited about the release date! Except I was kinda hoping for September 28th. I know I am crazy but that is the day after my birthday and how awesome would that be? But I guess I wouldn’t die if it came out 2 weeks earlier πŸ˜‰

  35. refnaf says:

    It’s great to have a tentative Album release date!!!
    So will tour be in Oct-Nov>??? Or would he wait till Jan>??? Would he be invited to Jingle things again?? Another Christmas tour??? Enquiring minds need to know!

  36. awestruck says:

    refnaf – you would think that plans would have to be made soon… to book venues for tours, though I wonder if he isn’t going to wait till spring? Would that be wise music biz wise? J

    Jingle things, lol, would already be booking don’t you think.

  37. abanana77 says:

    Refnaf – I’m seriously hoping for an October/November tour. I feel like it would be since it’s been sooooo long since the last tour (or it feels like it anyways). Plus September 14th is pretty early in the fall – it leaves enough time for a fall tour.

  38. TOfan says:

    jackryan4DA just posted this exciting news at the end of the last thread:

    Look what I found in my inbox πŸ™‚ NEW ENTRIES FOR ASCAP UNDER DAVID’S NAME!

    Works written by: ARCHULETA DAVID Society: ASCAP IPI No. 562.68.52.27
    1 . A LITTLE TOO NOT OVER YOU (Work ID: 313395912)
    2 . ALL THE TIME (Work ID: 881590527)
    3 . BEAUTIFUL DISTRACTION (Work ID: 881590531)
    4 . DON’T LET GO (Work ID: 343226477)
    5 . FALL DOWN (Work ID: 881590537)
    6 . FALLING (Work ID: 362787719)
    7 . LAST THING (IF ONLY), THE (Work ID: 881590528)
    8 . NORTHERN LIGHTS (Work ID: 881590603)
    9 . SOMEBODY OUT THERE (Work ID: 496312693)
    10 . ZERO GRAVITY (Work ID: 560286993)

    Folks, 5 new songs! Woo-hoo!!!

  39. TOfan says:

    New post up!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  40. Lang says:

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