There really is something about SBL

(B&W version of single cover from the lovely @AnnieDAFG.)

Okay, true confession time, guys. When I first heard the snippet for David Archuleta’s Something ‘Bout Love, my heart sank. I did not connect with it at all. It sounded bubble-gummy and generic to my ear. I wanted SO much to like it but it left me cold. And what’s worse, I felt like the worst, most unsupportive fan ever.

I’d been listening to Parachutes & Airplanes and NAVGL on constant repeat and I guess I was hoping for that singer/songwriter vibe or a more soulful WFM feel for the first single.

But I vowed to keep my opinions to myself until I heard the whole song. I also relistened (for the first time in about a year) to Top 40 radio. Wow, what an eye (or ear) opener. Not only did SBL fit right in, but except for a few bright spots, I thought it was light-years beyond most of that repetitive, forgettable stuff.

Confession #2, once I had an mp3 of the whole song on my iPod (now don’t go getting your knickers in a twist, you know I will be buying, ahem, several legit copies), I literally couldn’t stop replaying it. Why?

Because there IS something about love … my love for that voice and soul and message of David’s … there IS something about SBL that breaks your heart, that sets you free … may sound über-cheesy but it’s true. It hooks you and holds you prisoner as much as some of David’s more “serious” material does. How could it, you  ask?

Because there’s one important common denominator: Mr. David Archuleta. Techno-ize and auto-tune him all you like but his raw passion and fire and authenticity blaze through like a blowtorch and next thing you know … you’re toast.

Blogosphere buzz
I thought it might be interesting to take a look around the interweb and check out what peeps without David avis 🙂 were saying about SBL:


trezoc Total earworm…Can’t get this outta my head!! My boyfriend is walkin around humming this LOL and he is not particularly a fan!

c80 Love it!! Perfect summer dance tune. Wouldn’t be a David Archuleta song without a key change, killer bridge and vocal range that eliminates all others. I think the techno/electronica/dance vibe and groove is just throwing people for a loop, those who can’t quite grasp or believe David could pull off a song like this. It is what it is – and it’s darn good.

Nl Wow – this surprised me – in a good way! It got stuck in my head right away so I say great job Archie and I am happy that I read that he co-wrote this!

mikecosentino I agree its not bubble gum or disney, definitely radio friendly

LMG surprisingly, I like this

(Photo: David Archuleta Vietnam)


quietnoise I like it. And I hate that I like it.

bluegenie I HATE him but have to admit the song is good, good being relative to what is on the charts these days, which is mostly all sh***y crap- I think this will do well. It’s not groundbreaking, very cliche but it’s a fun song.

picoharmotimpo I liked it. Whatever you say about Archie, his season on AI actually had a number of talented people who are having some success in the music business. Can’t really see the same happening for most of this season’s crew.

From Jewelry Box: Your popular music review:

Dharma i like this freaking song – played it at a little party with some friends, and we jammed our asses off. i think he’s got a monster waiting to happen. the clubs should pick up on this and spin the shizzzz outta it, gets the crowd jumping. dude can jam – who knew, lol.

From mjsbigblog

inspiredbycook I am a huge David Cook fan (hence the user name) and have been lurking on here since season 7. I had to come on here and just say I am really excited for David Archuleta and his fans. This is such an exciting time! I think this song will definitely be a hit and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

suenigma Another huge Cook fan here, and I freaking love this song! Yeah it is pure, airy pop, but his lovely voice elevates it, IMO. So damn catchy, and perfect for Summer. Someone else aptly called it “hopeful”. Gotta say, I’m all verklempt at the mutual admiration society thing happening here in regards to the Davids. Season 7 for the win!!!

yaminacookie Well, this Huge Cook loves it – dare I say more than Crush. I can’t stop bouncing in my chair. Its got the sound that’s all over Top 40, but stands out from the baby-girl voices. David’s voice is so unique – even with the bells and whistles, its undeniably Archie.

GlowStick photo:

And my personal favourite :) :

ammasta Holy HELLISH 80s, Batman! I hate the 80s in music for the most part (For some reason, whenever I associate 80s with anything, I think of obnoxious electronic music playing with people with mullets, pants up to their ribs dancing, and more faded colors like on 80s TV shows. The horror. SOOO glad I was born at the end of 89 so I didn’t have to live through all that horror.)

It’s strangely cute. Holy hell.

This goes against anything that I believe in. Why the HELL do I like this? It’s a bit too produced for me, usually.

….You know, I’d be kinda excited to hear an acoustic version or something without the drums and slowed down a bit. I dunno, it bears a “quite-vague-but-there” resemblance to Broken Open by Adam Lambert, and that is totally one of my favorite songs on his album.

Alright, bridge? Bring out the damn glowsticks and let’s freaking GO. Eek @ drum part to the “money chorus”, did not like that part so much.

Someone had to compare it to My Life Would Suck Without You, didn’t they? Thanks to you, I need new underwear. Both songs are pretty cool.


P.S. And when David starts doing the rounds of TV and radio appearances (hopefully LOTS … and hopefully on the TCAs or, dare I even hope for it, SYTYCD) and singing this LIVE … watch out world.

How about you? Did SBL grab you right from the first snippet? Or did it grow on you the more you listened? And do you think, in the first chorus, the line is “You still believe” or “You still bleed”?

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145 Responses to There really is something about SBL

  1. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – My reactions to the “T.” And I think the live versions or acoustic versions will always be my preferred performances. But then, I’m spoiled and know it. Glowstick is in it’s holding pattern. 😀

    P.S. I am especially fascinated by the marketing push for this song. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up. haha

  2. abanana77 says:

    TOfan- interesting to read some comments from non-fans. I am sooo stoked for Tuesday! Woot.

    And carried over from the last post – awestruck you should get Twitter! Haha I don’t have a cell phone either but twitter is awesome. Lalala.

  3. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, yes the marketing plan this time seems to be smart and strategic, and if they make the preorder avail. to Int’l fans, I’ll really be wowed! 🙂

    awestruck, listen to abanana and get thyself to! *wags finger*

    And just a reminder to anyone who missed SBL on the CHUMfm Countdown yesterday, you can listen again tonight either on radio (104.5 FM) starting at 7 p.m. ET (SBL at approx 7:40) or online HERE.

    • Kizzi says:

      I read TOfan where the latest thing is selling direct to fans even if on a major label – hence, the full song on the OS and ability to buy through the OS – obviously linking to major retailers for download.

      So much smart going on with this. My business self is applauding avidly.

    • awestruck says:

      Um, yes ma’am. Actually I have a twitter account, just never use it, lol

  4. janey says:

    TOfan, you made a brilliant observation. Listening to it in the context of current radio also gave me a whole new appreciation too. I needed to warm up to it a bit, even after hearing early rumblings that dj’s were receptive (I was thrilled!!!) I wanted to like it too, all on it’s own, all by myself.

    WELL, after a few nights of “challenges” I was hooked. S’BL shines like the brightest star in the sky. If anyone isn’t convinced, try a few rounds on HitPredictor, lol.

  5. awestruck says:

    TOfan – love this “Because there’s one important common denominator: Mr. David Archuleta. Techno-ize and auto-tune him all you like but his raw passion and fire and authenticity blaze through like a blowtorch and next thing you know … you’re toast.”

    And those tweets – I couldn’t be happier that non-archies are also loving S’BL!

    I must admit I really liked the beat/melody… from the snippet. It caught me right away. Then when we got the whole song, the lyrics – well – should have known that David had a deeper meaning. Trust the Archuleta

    On another note – will us Canucks be able to pre-order the special Fan Version (or whatever it’s called on Tuesday??? There was nothing on iTunes Canada…

  6. awestruck says:

    Kizzi, I am also loving all the promo David’s single and new CD are getting. They did a good job with COS too.

    I wonder if someone, maybe David, put the reins on his debut album and that was why there was not the promo for it. Look how well it did too, btw!

    • TOfan says:

      just curious, why would David have put the reins on his debut album?

      • Kizzi says:

        Awestruck & TOfan – This is pure speculation but from a business perspective I am thinking Crush and the debut album were marketed off the momentum of American Idol and the AI Tour. There was some marketing & push but not what we are seeing now.

        In my mind, the success and outcome of Crush, the debut album and concert tours fueled what would happen for the 2nd album and the 1st single off of the album.

        I also speculate, as have others, that there are different “experts” in David’s advisory group now. I think there has been some solidification of direction and demographic niche(s) that David’s artistry has strong buyer appeal. We are seeing the outcome of certain changes certainly in management, marketing, public relations & media communications and acknowledgement of David’s talent and the public’s response.

      • awestruck says:

        I’ve thought many times that David or his advisors didn’t want to push a product that David wasn’t completely behind (wasn’t made up of his own songs, didn’t necessarily feel that it really represented him, didn’t feel most comfortable with it?!? maybe…) this even though he always said it was the best it could be given all the time constraints, etc.

        As KIZZI mentioned they let the AI momentum do most of the work for promotion of his debut CD. I so agree with your last paragraph KIZZI especially this “that David’s artistry has strong buyer appeal.” this CD is more David and more of what he wants to promote from and of himself.

        Short answer… busy day for me doing our company books as Blair takes the computer to work with him now (sold the company and is at a different location), so the only time I get a chance is the weekend to try to catch up and close off.

  7. peppertara says:

    TOfan….well written, I agree that the one thing about this song that really stands out is the artist himself. I totally agree with this:
    “Because there’s one important common denominator: Mr. David Archuleta. Techno-ize and auto-tune him all you like but his raw passion and fire and authenticity blaze through like a blowtorch and next thing you know … you’re toast.”
    The song, at first took me a little by surprise but have to say I still liked it because I could hear that David passion in the song and now…well I love it, techo jazz and all.
    The lyrics are definitely heartfelt and there is just no denying David’s “all” in the song. Radio friendly? Definitely and head and shoulders above everything else it seems out there on top 40.
    Heck, I have come to the conclusion that David could sing “Home On The Range” and give it a passion and drive like we have never heard before.
    I love all the comments out there too and especially from the non-fans. Maybe this is just what David needs right now to show his versatility to the ‘non-believers’.
    Here is another comment (part of the comment) from someone who wasn’t a big fan, It’s all props within the slang:

    “dude, this song is hot – david is looking to snatch a few wigs this time around with this catchy, very dance/electronica joint. and dude can blow. his vocals are s i c k. this guy is the real deal – a pop singer who can effing sing. this joint feels like a smash waiting to blow up. ”

    Haha, that comment caught my eye. There’s the defining factor….his vocals are s i c k and he is definitely the real deal! Ha.
    By the way….I always thought that David sings “when you believe” not “bleed” in the chorus. Could be wrong though but that’s the way I sing it!

    • TOfan says:

      “snatch a few wigs” LOLOLOL … k, this whole comment is my new favourite, peppertara! hahaha

      And I only hear “bleed” in the 1st chorus (& maybe the 2nd), then I hear “believe” in the rest, which would make sense with the theme of the song. hmmm

  8. TOfan says:


    In about 20 min. (about 7:40 p.m. ET) you can listen to SBL on Toronto’s 104.5 CHUMfm radio HERE =>

  9. stenocruiser says:

    Really does sound great! Playing now.

  10. TOfan says:

    A twitpic from @kimak!!! (click to enlarge)

    @DavidArchie's SBL on @1045CHUMFM on Twitpic

    and one from @pixie4chic from MuchMusic:

    MuchMusicCanada First Spins #1 track! I�Something 'Bout Lov... on Twitpic

  11. Zoe says:

    Hey TOfan,

    Here’s my 2 cents worth for first impressions of SBL – it totally grabbed me from the get go.

    Heard that snippet of the chorus and I was on board for the partay – couldn’t stop tapping my toes and boppin along to the tune and tempo. David’s vocals were spot on, as always. Just kept my fingers crossed that the finished product would bring out a driving beat which I couldn’t pick up from the snippet. No disappointments there!!

    When I heard the complete version with that KILLER BRIDGE and the surprising key change on the final chorus – WOWZA! I was totally blown away!

    I love so many genres of music, but usually tune in to Top 40 on my way to work. Lately I’ve been listening with a more critical ear in anticipation of the SBL premiere. I can’t think of a single song being played these days that tops SBL (and I’m not prejudiced, lol). Certainly no one has the vocal chops that come close to David’s. I think the whole production is first-rate, totally radio friendly and will broaden David’s fanbase. So pleased about the marketing push. Here’s hoping lots of radio peeps agree that SBL IS A WINNER!!

    As for the rest of the album, I think there will be lots of variety that will more than satisfy the acoustic and ballad lovers amongst us.

    Loved the comments from non fans, including the one that Peppertara posted which totally cracked me up!

    By the way, gave a careful listen to that line in the chorus and IMO there’s no question folks – it’s
    “You still believe”. I’m hearing that “V” pronunciation loud and clear!

  12. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, greaaat thread! At first listen of the little snippet, I really liked it. And yes, I was surprised at the techno feel, and maybe a little disappointed thinking it was going to be a little less substance and alot more fluff.

    But then, when I heard the entire song, especially the version on his website, I LOVED it! Everything about it! I love how it makes you feel kinda sad and wistful but and hopeful and inspired all at the same time! It really is a great song. And so happy that he had the opportunity to work with such an array of talented people on this album.

    You know, the album all came together much faster than I ever anticipated. He had very little time to work on it at the end of last year, so he basically did this in what, 5 months? I tell you, he never ceases to amaze me!

    • TOfan says:

      “I love how it makes you feel kinda sad and wistful but and hopeful and inspired all at the same time!” Perfect description? How DOES he do that? lol

  13. emmegirl says:

    Oh and TOfan, just had to say, loved this:

    “Because there’s one important common denominator: Mr. David Archuleta. Techno-ize and auto-tune him all you like but his raw passion and fire and authenticity blaze through like a blowtorch and next thing you know … you’re toast.”

  14. refnaf says:

    TOfan!!! Great read!! My love for SBL grew at a slow steady pace. I liked it from the beginning, but loved it more and more upon repeat listenings…I have been streaming on Muchmusic and listened to a few other songs and agree that it is “light-years beyond most of that repetitive, forgettable stuff”
    I think the lyrics are great, but wonder if the target market will. We take the time to really uinderstand what the song is about and it is “wistful and hopeful and inspired” as emmegirl says (On my very first listen I thought “cheese” though) Many of the songs I hear on the top 40 are empty clubbing and drinking and getting it on songs…perhaps thats what young kids want to hear. SBL sure can’t compete with all the empty lyrics out there. Not very edgy may=bubble gum in their minds. But the vibe and beat ought to get peeps dancing and the words maybe just sink in!! David’s is doing what he said he would… getting positive hopeful messages out there.

    I definately hear “You still believe!!:)

    Adore all the non David fan comments! lol and hahaha

    What exciting news tha SBL was played on CHUM!!! eeeeeeeeep
    Will they do it again today??? Wish I had been home to hear it:(

  15. pastel says:

    Hey TOFan…

    I loved the song from the start but I am a Top 40 girl. No denying it. A pop princess. I’m still getting used to David’s ‘other’ side lol!

    The song sounded wonderful on ChumFM Saturday morning. I think Richie Favalaro is a huge fan. Canadian fans need to help push this…Much and Chum are huge influences. Shame your other radio stations. We can capitalize on that for awhile….then, the listeners will take over and this is gonna go viral. I know it!

    Great, honest post! As always!

  16. Trish says:

    TOfan !!!! 🙂

    I really liked Something ‘Bout Love when I first heard it … but fully appreciated it and fell in love with it the next day after listening to it again … and again and again …. LOLOL It just keeps getting better and better !!!

    And thanks for the Blogosphere buzz!! 🙂 Since I really don’t get to any sites … that was very interesting !!

    • TOfan says:

      {{{Trish}}} It does keep getting better & better!

      And excited to see the two additional songs registered at ASCAP (list HERE) for David as writer AND performer, “Parachutes” (co-written by David, Lindy Robbins and Matt Squire) and Look Around (co-written by David, Victoria Horn and Matt Squire)! 🙂

  17. djafan says:

    I fell in love at first listen…that tone in his voice when he sings “blame” just caught me off guard. Upon hearing the entire song I wondered how does he sing an uptempo song making me want to dance while at the same time making me cry, feeling the hope in love he sings about. David Archuleta is a genius.

    • emmegirl says:

      djafan, the “blame” got me right of the bat too. And yes ma’am to everything else you said!

  18. stenocruiser says:

    TOfan –
    I loved the song when I first heard just the snippet; then came the whole song and David sang “when you were young and scared in the night”, the poignancy brought me to tears – oh, David. I thought of my four-year-old great-grandson who sometimes has nightmares and phones his granny (my daughter) every night at his bedtime so she can tell him some ‘happy thoughts’ to keep the nightmares away – “you waited for love to come along and make it right”. The lyrics in SBL are just that personal. Truly, David is a genius.

    • TOfan says:

      dja & steno, “genius” is right! & Steno, your story about your g-g-son tugged at my heart & I think it will stick with me every time I listen to SBL. ♥

  19. TOfan says:

    A veeeeery dark pic from the set of the SBL vid shoot (from Facebook via @OhSweetRain on Twitter):

    SBL vid shoot

    Original from HERE.

  20. TOfan says:

    Trending Party Alert!

    For those of you on Twitter, there’s a fan Trending Party scheduled for midnight tonight (or technically tomorrow July 20th at 12 a.m.) EST

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Add this to each of your tweets:

    2. Put David Archuleta in your tweets (no hashtag)

    If enough people tweet David’s name and #somethingboutlove, it’ll show up on the Trending Topic list and curious folks will click on it to find out why it’s trending and … voilà … more buzz for SBL!

    So, let’s party like it’s, well, 2010!!!! Wooooot!

    (and I’m @snowangelzz on Twitter, in case you didn’t know! 😆 )

  21. refnaf says:

    Hey all…. so what is the scoop?? Will SBL be on Can. itunes right away? or do we get it at the oc???
    Not sure I can stay up till the twitter party yikes… I’m already tired.

    • TOfan says:

      We probs won’t get access to the OS, but fingers crossed that Canadian iTunes will have it come midnight (they did with Crush, Pastel just reminded me).


  22. emmegirl says:

    refnaf, just saw this on another site:


    International Fans: SBL is available at for download tomorrow!
    half a minute ago via web


    Re: SBL sales from OS. M of DBB talked directly to JIVE; these sales WILL COUNT towards sales charts.
    2 minutes ago via web

    • awestruck says:

      So emmegirl, do downloads also count towards sales charts???
      Thanks for the info…

      • emmegirl says:

        This is not my research, just forwarding it here:

        SOUNDSCAN info:

        -Soundscan is an information system that tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. Sales data from point-of-sale cash registers is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.) outlets. Weekly data is compiled and made available every Wednesday. Nielsen SoundScan is the sales source for the Billboard music charts. (Canada counts!!!! I’m so happy now)

        -All the big chains report their sales to Soundscan, including Tower, Virgin, Sam Goody, Wal-Mart, as well as the major online retailers such as CDNow, and Additionally, many of the good sized independent record stores also report.

        Hope this helps guys! And you’re welcome!

      • awestruck says:

        yeah Canada COUNTS…

  23. refnaf says:

    awesome!!! thanks emmegirl!!!

  24. TOfan says:

    Yay, thanks, emme!!!!

    This fan video for SBL is hiLARious! Too cute for words:

  25. awestruck says:

    OK, BIIIIG favor to ask – can some lovely from the States order me two copies of the special fan version from the Official Site for me tomorrow (since we likely won’t be able to order from it from Canada? I will gladly send the $ right away to you…

    • emmegirl says:

      I’d be happy to help you out with that if you want to go that route. If TOfan can send you my email so we can work out the details that would be great!

      • awestruck says:

        Aw THANK YOU emmegirl… I wonder if it would be easier to request from DBB (I forgot about that TOfan, thanks for the reminder). I will try it now emmegirl and let you know if I am successful. If I am not, then I will contact you later.

  26. TOfan says:

    Wow, emme, thank you! That is great to know!!!

    awestruck, you can also request to be gifted from David Beyond Borders and then make a donation to them for the same amount. (I did that with Team Archie for the first CD, which didn’t get Works for Me on our Wall-Mart version, as you’ll recall … grrrr).

    • awestruck says:

      OK, so after visiting the DBB site, techno challenged me thinks it will NOW be easier to ask emmegirl for help. TOfan, please send me her e-mail address – I would be much appreciative.

  27. peppertara says:

    Thanks for all the info posted. If I can’t order SBL from Itunes tomorrow I will go to Amazon (or buy from both)! I was thinking of going to DBB for the fan edition too if we can’t get it from Canada. I also did that with the first album to get WFM and just gave the donation, they kindly oblige.
    Do we know what the special fan edition contains or have they not revealed that yet? I’m assuming extra songs….I hope that will be the case! Is pre-ordering the album from the OS for download only (or physical CDS) and can that be done for Canadian fans (downloads), anyone know? Sorry for all the questions. Either way I am so looking forward to David’s new music.
    TOfan…that is an awfully cute SBL video!

    • awestruck says:

      peppertara – I can have emmegirl send me an extra copy and then I can forward it on to you… if you want. Let me know ASAP.

  28. TOfan says:


  29. refnaf says:

    EEEEE got mine!!! Love the different ending…

    We don’t know what the “extras” on the cd are yet, do we…. please, extra songs, please….

    I am going to order more tomorrow!!

    • emmegirl says:

      refnaf, I hope that’s what the “extras” are too! I think a double album still would not satisfy us!

  30. peppertara says:

    awestruck….that is very kind of you to offer to send a copy to me via very kind emmegirl but no need to go to all that trouble. I think I will just go through DBB for the fan edition, that should work okay. Thank you though for offering.

    Yay…just bought the single through Itunes! It feels good to be able to support David with his new music. Will order again tomorrow, will check out Amazon too, good times!

    • awestruck says:

      S’BL on the front page of iTunes Canada woot, woot… wish I knew how to screen cap, lol.

      refnaf – neat ending huh?

  31. emmegirl says:

    Just have to say so proud of Canadian Archies!


    Canada Pop Itunes #89 Something bout love
    less than a minute ago via web

    Keep it going!

  32. embe says:

    So excited about the single release and album pre-sale thingy!

    Can anyone tell me how I could order the album? I want it as soon as possible – I’ve been patient long enough David!! lol. But in all seriousness, can you help?

  33. Zoe says:


    Just read the iTunes charts and SBL is movin up FAST!!!

    Update 3 (by Zoe):
    7/20, 8:00 a.m. ET
    Overall iTunes: 106
    Pop iTunes: 47

    Update 2 (by Snarkies):
    7/20, 2:40 a.m. ET
    Overall iTunes: 175
    Pop iTunes: 63

    Update 1 (by Snarkies): 7/20, 1:40 a.m. ET
    Overall iTunes: 207
    Pop iTunes: 70

    There’s gonna be celebrating all over Archuland today!!! 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Now it’s at 41 (Pop iTunes) and 93 (Overall iTunes)… with a bullet!!!

      And on iTunes Canada, the single’s now at #58! wooooot!

      And yes, that ending ROCKS! 🙂

      Embe, is SBL on Finnish iTunes yet?

      • embe says:

        I don’t think there is such a thing as Finnish iTunes!

      • TOfan says:

        I only ask ‘cuz I saw a tweet from @HanneDenmark that she spotted it on Danish iTunes! So I thought maybe Finland had its own iTunes too!

        So check it out!!! 🙂

  34. Zoe says:

    P.S. As I’m listening to my new download from iTunes, is it my imagination or did they tweek the ending just a lil bit??

    I likey!!!

  35. refnaf says:

    Zoe!! They sure did, like it better than the fade out!
    I stayed up last night and got my copy, but now I want to gift peeps I know but itunes is giving me probs, bah. not sure how to fix, is anyone else having trouble??
    Now I just need to do the DBB gifting.. woot, off I go:)
    This is so exciting…. !!!!
    Go David
    Go SB
    ((hugs)) snowanglezz

    • archiesfan4life says:

      ref – I had some problems too – tried my patience! I was finally able to buy SBL – which I LOVE!!!!

  36. TOfan says:

    Saw this on Snarkies, LOVE it! 😆

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010
    On this day in history…
    1810: Colombia declares independence from Spain.
    1858: The first fee charged to see a baseball game.
    1871: British Columbia becomes part of the Confederation of Canada as the sixth province.
    1903: Ford Motor Company ships its first car.
    1921: Air mail service begins between between New York and San Francisco.
    1940: Billboard publishes its first singles record chart.
    1960: Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) elects Sirimavo Bandaranaike Prime Minister, the world’s first elected female head of government.
    1968: Special Olympics founded.
    1969: After Apollo 11’s lunar landing, the first men on the moon are Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.
    1976: Hank Aaron hits the 755th and final home run of his baseball career.
    1978: Elliott Yamin (of American Idol) is born.
    2010: David Archuleta’s single “Something ‘Bout Love” is offically released. Many fans lose sleep (and sanity, some say) trying to get #somethingboutlove to trend on Twitter.

  37. Zoe says:


    Wish I could be part of that Twitter trend party instead of slaving away at my day job! 😉

    • archiesfan4life says:

      Zoe, we do need these day jobs – we have road trips coming up:)

      • Zoe says:

        Hey AF4L!

        Yessireee we do need to keep focused and earning the bucks!! Here’s to our upcoming road trips!!!!


  38. Zoe says:

    Hey all!

    As of about 2 p.m., SBL is now #20 (Pop iTunes) and 42 (Overall iTunes)!!

    Whoa Oh Oh Oh!!!! Ain’t life grand today in Archuletaville!! 🙂

    So much for me getting anything else done…I can’t stay away from the charts! Keep climbing up that ladder, David! 🙂

    • awestruck says:

      Amazing isn’t it. No radio play yet either. Go S’BL Go.

      Yeah about not getting anything done, lol

  39. awestruck says:

    OK, I’m not sure which chart TOfan was looking at earlier (9:03 am with S’BL at #58 on Canadian iTunes), but I’ve been tracking it on iTunes Canada – I’m thinking the Overall iTunes chart??? – and it has gone from #140 at 6:45 am MST to #54 at 12:15 pm MST…

    • TOfan says:

      Awestruck, at 2:35 p.m. SBL is at #54 on the overall iTunes Canada chart and #28 on the Pop chart! Woooooot!

      🙂 🙂

      • awestruck says:

        So, I’ve yet to FIND the Pop Chart, sigh 😦

      • TOfan says:

        The “Music” menu along the top of the main iTunes page drops down with all the diff. music categories in alpha order, so you can scroll down to “Pop” then when that page comes up, click on Top Charts / Songs on the right side. 🙂

      • awestruck says:

        Wierd – when I scroll over the Music Tab I get a down arrow showing up beside ‘Music’, but no menu rolls down. Clicking on it only takes you to the main Music page…

      • TOfan says:

        Right beside the “Music” Tab should be a tiny triangle, click or hover on that to see the drop down. *fingers crossed*

      • awestruck says:

        DUHHHH It is not an automatic drop down… you actually have to click on the triangle/down arrow. Thanks for holding my hand through this TOfan 😉

  40. TOfan says:

    Here’s David’s Mobile phone message from today.

    He is REALLY not into self-promotion … good thing he has us! LOL

  41. TOfan says:


    Okay folks, is open for pre-orders … and I just ordered mine so it works for Canada! Wooot! (And there was a drop down on the payment page for other countries too!).

    And this is the “Not Final Art” cover they’re using … in my experience, that usually just means that it’s not the final quality of image (i.e. colour tinkering etc.) but that the pose etc. will be the same … I can’t possibly focus on this picture at all ‘cuz I am so hypnotized and mesmerized by those the famous DESERT BOOTS! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    cover art

    Here’s what you get for US$30.99:

    Exclusive offer includes:

    * The Other Side Of Down CD Album
    * Bonus DVD
    * Deluxe 7”x7” memory box packaging
    * 4″x6″ picture window for your memorable photos!
    * Four (4) high quality David Archuleta 4″x6″ pictures (2 double-sided cards). One picture hand initialed by David.
    * One (1) rubber Other Side Of Down friendship bracelet.
    * Instant MP3 download of “Something ‘Bout Love”.
    * Entry to win a HD Flip Video camera filled with a week’s worth of video memories shot by David himself.

    *artwork not final

    That has got to be the BEST. PRIZE. EVER. Can you even begin to imagine the random amazingness of that video? That is probs what he’s been up to all day.


    • awestruck says:

      TOfan, the picture is lovely so try to have a look, LOL (I noticed the boots and thought of you right away!!!)

  42. TOfan says:

    Betsy brought this to my attention, in the Contest rules:

    Any potential winner who resides in Canada will first be required to correctly answer a skill-testing (arithmetical) question as a condition of winning.

    Is “arithmetical” even a word? LOL

  43. refnaf says:

    lol,,,, I am squeeing big time!! A DVD!!!!!
    and that camera, would be so cool…
    Can’t get my order in right now though… maybe it is too busy?? I have no idea how it works, but It keeps saying ERROR. I have this terrible pit in my stomach as if I was buying tour tics, lol. Why am I so worried??? I am sure they will have lots… right???


  44. refnaf says:

    arithmetical??? hmmmm

  45. abanana77 says:

    I am having issues pre-ordering. I think I am just being dumb though… I have “added it to my cart” but I don’t know where to click next so that I can pay for it. Hahaha help anyone?

    Also I was reading the contest rules (I know, that is super lame) for the HD Flip Video camera and it is open for people in the United States, Columbia and Canada! YAY! But not in the province of Quebec 😦 (if there is any Quebec-ers out there?). Also, the prize is “One (1) Flip Video® Camcorder preloaded with David Archuleta’s memories from the week of release of his album Other Side Of Down” sweeeeeeet.

    • awestruck says:

      “preloaded with David Archuleta’s memories from the week of release of his album Other Side Of Down”

      How cool would THAT be to win… do you enter after your order goes through or do you go somewhere else to enter?

  46. stenocruiser says:

    Hi everyone — well, isn’t this great? We can order from the DA site. Must be overloaded right now though because I keep getting error message saying to try again later, WHICH I WILL !!!! lol
    This is more than I expected so it’s happy time right now — will be even happier when my order goes through of course!! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful package — can’t wait!

  47. abanana77 says:

    LOL I am a math major and I have no idea if arithmetical is a word…

  48. abanana77 says:

    OK I seriously still need help if anyone wants to help me find my way to the checkout. Hahaha *is the worst shopper ever*

  49. TOfan says:

    Yes, the checkout tab worked for me, then I just kept clicking “Buy” or whatever.

    There was a point where I had to “Change Country” and a pop-up list of tons of countries appeared and I scrolled up to the “Cs” to find Canada. I think that was at the very last step where you finally pay … I was so nervous at that point that it would cut me off that my hands were shaking, yikes.

    Sheesh, you’d think I was defusing a bomb or something, not buying a CD and *&%@#^@*! friendship bracelet!!!!

  50. awestruck says:

    I’m STILL getting an error message… try back later GRRRR

    My hands shake everytime I try it TOfan… and I am also so thrilled that S’BL is doing so well that maybe that is why I am shaking too!

  51. TOfan says:

    And I’ve posted the video that David did to introduce the fan pack up in the “Must See” vids in the sidebar!!!


    And I think you only get the instant mp3 download if you’re in the U.S. oh well

  52. TOfan says:

    LOL, YJfan just pointed out that @JiveMusic RT’d my tweet:

    RT @snowangelzz: @JiveMusic Rumour has it The @OldSpice Guy just downloaded #somethingboutlove by @DavidArchie!!! 😉

    LOLOL 😆

  53. emmegirl says:

    TOfan – “Sheesh, you’d think I was defusing a bomb or something, not buying a CD and *&%@#^@*! friendship bracelet!!!!”

    lol!!! Keep trying awestruck! I’m gonna wait just a little while and then I’m going in! Friendship bracelet FTW!

  54. TOfan says:

    Must read!

    @therealnewangel kindly gave me permission to reprint her hilarious version of “liner notes” that she Tweeted this aft:

    I’m doing my own liner note thank you’s. Thank you, David’s dentist and orthodontist….

    Wait, backing up… First, thanks to The Man Upstairs for the whole caboodle.

    Thank you to David’s parents for not dropping him on his head when he was a baby…

    #sweetmotherofdavidarchuleta thank you for your DNA. It looks good in blazers and boots…

    Thank you to the Thai restaurants of the greater Salt Lake area and LA for feeding him. Thank you also to the Cheesecake Factory.

    Thank you to the creators of P90X. Not gonna elaborate there…

    Thank you to David’s stylist. Sometimes I have no idea what you’re thinking or if you’re MIA, but this time, you nailed it.

    Thank U black & white for putting aside your egos to make gray. Team players. This is the 2nd time you’ve rocked it for a David photo, gray

    Thank you creator of the flatiron.

    Thank you U.S. Immigration for letting Lupe and family in way back when. Thank you Honduras for producing such good lookin’ peeps.

    Thank you Dean Kaelin for not dropping your most famous client when he never even mentioned your name in his book…

    Thank you Dove soap and water. You’re doing a great job.

    Thank you, Abuleita. I don’t know what you do, but evidently it’s important to David. I bet you’re a good hugger.

    Thank you Delta airlines and the redheaded flight attendant in the video. Thank you pure orange juice. You keep David flyin’ high.

    And finally, thank you David’s fans. Without you, there would be no album sales, cherry pitters, avocado slicers, Murray drive-by stalkers..

    😆 😆 😆

    • rox says:

      and thank-you David for not running over the paparazzi photoshooter with your car in your moment of awkwardness… you just don’t seem like the Jailhouse Rock kind of crooner

      These liner notes are hilarious!!

  55. peppertara says:

    Wow…so much excitement in one day! Was thrilled when I discovered we could order from Canada. I’m having the same problem, getting an error message too. Hoping that means the site is so congested with orders pouring in! I will keep at it until I get my order through. Persistence just has to pay off eventually! Have this deep down feeling they will sell out before I get my order in, ha. Unlikely though.
    Love the photos of David, album cover art…that would be wonderful. Quite the fan package, whoo hoo! I feel like a teenager, lol.
    So happy SBL is rising steadily in sales, hope it shoots up the to the sky when it hits the airwaves everywhere.
    Loved the “liner notes”.. Haha, how creative and sweet and funny.
    Nice RT from Jive TOfan, like that, ha!
    Oh and arithmetical is a legitimate word (I had to look it up).

  56. embe says:

    I don’t know whether to be excited or disappointed. I’m really happy for David, of course, but once again the thousand miles between my location and the US are prohibiting me from ordering David’s album. I’d like to buy the middle one (cd/dvd), but I get an error message as do many others apparently, but I’m afraid once I get to the actual buying process they’ll ask my location and well… that’s that.

    Luckily Abrra (that I asked to marry me – she offered to adopt me instead but my dad talked her out of it) gifted SBL for me ❤ I'm soooo gonna roll down my car windows and drive around the town blasting the whoa-oh-oh-oh's.

  57. stenocruiser says:

    TOfan, awestruck, abanana77, refnaf, peppertara — good morning!

    Have you been able to complete your order for the fan package? I still get the error/try again message. I used the contact e-mail to enquire what my problem might be. Received a reply telling me to use a different browser, paypal (instead of visa I guess), or a different computer. Well, I don’t have another computer but I changed from firefox to IE and from Visa to my paypal account. Still doesn’t work for me. How about you guys?

  58. refnaf says:

    Morning… Going to work today,,, just tried to get my fanpack but I still am not able 😦
    embe I feel your pain….I can not order the cd/dvd at all and can go through all the motions for the fanpack, until the end when they say Sorry, blah blah.

    peppertara> “Have this deep down feeling they will sell out before I get my order in, ha. Unlikely though.” My thought too…. lol!

    TOfan, thanks for newangel’s tweets! That girl is a hoot!

    Have a great day!!

  59. Zoe says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry to hear about your purchasing issues. I had no problems with mine. Can I help out by ordering for you??

    Can’t have our beloved SAz spazzing out over this!

  60. TOfan says:

    I just emailed the site also & gave them my order number from yesterday to prove that the site was working yesterday afternoon (for a while, anyway). (I tried today from the same computer/browser/Paypal that worked yesterday but also got the error msg.) 😯

    But I noticed the time on my confirmation email was 10 p.m.!!! So my guess is that they were overwhelmed by the AVALANCHE of demand for new things David!

    Hang in there, guys! (And thank you, Zoe!!!)

    And it is CONFIRMED that David will be the concert headliner at the New Albany Classic event on Sept. 26, 2010, in New Albany, Ohio!
    Deets here:

  61. SandyBeaches says:

    Besides TOfan…who must be ‘special’, several SAz are having the same trouble buying the fan package. I have tried buying it and doing changes like TOfan suggested…change of country and everything but no luck yet. My husband said around 6:30 am that maybe the lines would be untangled but that didn’t work either…

    There should be lots of time to buy…

    This is another scorcher of a day…I love the last two weeks of August on, especially fall! Ahhh, the feel of fall in the air, can’t wait…



  62. SandyBeaches says:

    There I go again…I don’t really love my initials …that much!!

  63. awestruck says:

    Same trouble here guys… was even up at 3 am (my time) and it was just faster in giving me the error message, try back later thingie. I will keep trying.

  64. emmegirl says:

    If you guys can’t get your orders through on OS, I would be happy to order them for you. We can work out details when need be, but just wanted you to know.

    That Exclusive Fan Edition is hard to resist. Hoping he gets a bigger piece of the pie on that one too!

  65. abanana77 says:

    Hahaha every is still getting farther than me. Still can’t find the checkout. Lol.

    Ooooh nevermind I am on my ipod now and see it, but I’ll have to buy it later, when I am home. My aunt/uncles computer got cut off on the sides and that’s why I couldn’t see it. Haha good luck to everyone else!

  66. awestruck says:


  67. stenocruiser says:

    ME TOO !!! O happy day !! Successfully ordered that amazing fanpac finally !! Hurry September 14th !!

    (Thanks anyway Zoe and emmegirl for your kind offers. So sweet!)

  68. TOfan says:

    Yay!!!! So glad it worked for you guys, finally!

    Hot tip of the day: Check out beebee’s awesome SBL post over at … a Must Read!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  69. TOfan says:

    And the buzz goes on!

    A quick article from MTV Musica HERE.

    This quote puzzles me:
    “Something ‘Bout Love” feels more grown up than the tracks on his last CD.

    Really? Do not get that. (Beebee mentions that on The Planet too.) Did anyone else think SBL sounded more grown up than the 1st CD?

  70. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan…couldn’t be much more grown up than on his first CD…I could list them but it would be all of them in the end…No way…they are very mature…

    Also Tofan…what can you tell us about the ‘boots’? Like what they are called perhaps or who makes them? I may have missed any talk on them…They are beautiful boots!!

  71. peppertara says:

    Good morning all (well, it is morning my time). I am quite happy this morning…I tried my work computer and voila! I was able to order the ‘fanpac’ successfully. Maybe it doesn’t like my Mac at home. The only thing I couldn’t do was download SBL which they offered (would need permission for that, didn’t feel like going there). Doesn’t matter though, have already bought a few copies.
    Hope anyone who is still having trouble ordereing from the site will have success soon.

    SBL more grown up than his first CD? Don’t know about that. We know that David is ‘more grown up’ now in a wonderful way, maybe people are hearing that, not sure.

  72. abanana77 says:

    Ummm it might be more grown up than crush. But not too sure about the rest. To me it doesn’t seem more or less, but kinda the same.

  73. awestruck says:

    This from Snarky’s

    Something ‘Bout Love is now on AllAccess

    Here is what that means, as explained by my friend:

    AllAccess is the definitive site for radio adds, etc. It’s powered by Play MPE, which is the digital distribution for songs to stations. Up until now, it’s not been on AllAccess, which most likely means that none of the stations had it digitally delivered yet, which helps to explain why they haven’t been playing it. It had been sent by Jive to some stations on a promo disc, so stations that played it had to rip a copy. Now they have digital copies.

    Check it out here – they are alphabetically listed and SBL is in the Top 40/Cool New Music section.

    All Access site –

    Scroll down to the D’s

  74. TOfan says:

    A Toronto fan just tweeted that Virgin Radio will play SBL soon!

    You can listen online here:


    (not sure how Virgin Radio works, their website has a sep. link for diff. Canadian cities … don’t know if they all play the same songs at the same time, so I’m listening to the Toronto link know, will keep you posted!)

  75. TOfan says:

    …I’ve heard only one song I’ve liked so far … David please save me!


  76. stenocruiser says:

    My gosh, this stuff is headache-inducing — and people listen to this all day? Well, hanging in to hear David anyway. Hurry David!

  77. embe says:

    Yay! Angel-Abrra to the rescue (again) ❤

    Thank you guys for your kind offers to help me. You have made my life as a Finnish Archie so much easier – I don't feel so left out anymore 🙂 AND, I'm anticipating the day when David finally announces his tour, because that's when I'll be online booking flights to USA! So many archangels have already offered to take me in, I don't know which location I'll end up to 😛 I don't know if it's possible to love someone who you've never spoken to, but I do feel love towards all of you. Minä rakastan teitä ❤

    See, David makes me so emotional. "Look what you made me do"!

  78. TOfan says:

    I gave up on VirginRadio … yikes.

    Here’s a great review of SBL that Kizzi passed along:

    • awestruck says:

      Very cool review, yes the sophomore (pop) album is the true test… lol’ing about the date though, tis not yet July 24.

  79. awestruck says:

    TOfan – steno… love your commitment!

  80. awestruck says:

    Oops, should just be STENO… TOfan gave up, lol.

  81. stenocruiser says:

    awestruck — thanks but I had to give up too — it was so much better to just go to my iTunes and listen to SBL while I could still hear.

  82. abanana77 says:

    YAY I have now ordered mine too. 🙂

  83. TOfan says:

    Yay Team Canada!!! 😆 So glad all your orders went through!

    steno, I know, it was painful over there … I’m now streaming SBL from Much as an antidote! lol

  84. awestruck says:

    Bit of a different write-up on The Other Side Of Down by Mark Franklin of Idol Chatter

    You have to scroll down a bit

  85. emmegirl says:

    awestruck, thanks for the link. Sounds like this blogger likes David and is anxious to hear his new stuff. I left a comment. I always try to leave one on the sites where you can just do a quick comment without a whole signup process.

    Oh, so glad you got your order through! WOOT!

    Think I’ll mosey on over to Itunes for one more download, what’s another buck!

  86. TOfan says:

    Thanks for that link, awestruck!

    & emme, speaking of iTunes, nice to see SBL at #24 on Cdn iTunes pop chart (& #49 overall), with TWO pics of the cover on the main page (click Twitpic to enlarge):

    So nice to see @DavidArchie's SBL at #24 on iTunes Canada Pop... on Twitpic

  87. refnaf says:

    Heeeey, I got my order in tooo!!! Glad !! Have not read up on the reviews… but I will…tomorrow, nite peeps!

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