The waiting is the hardest part

This is going to sound insane but when the brief earthquake rocked Toronto this afternoon, one of my first thoughts (after “what the heck was that?”) was that if I had to evacuate the building for any length of time, I’d miss the big news Jive promised us last week. Sad, I know.

Yes, they told us about the music store *stifles yawn* but, come on people, is that really it? No way. There are far too many clues to suggest otherwise.

Clues such as: rehearsing a very hush-hush-cats new song in Rexford but not performing it; jetting directly from SLC to LA to NYC; his tweet about patience; his other tweet about the “catchy” commercial — oh yes, that too was code for … okay I haven’t figured that one out yet, but he’s definitely working up to some BIG news.

I guess what I’m really hoping is that once you read this, the “waiting” will be over and we will know:

1) Why David is in New York; [Breaking news: He’s in N.Y. for his album photoshoot, woooot!]

2) The release date for the single; [Breaking news: July 13th on; July 20 on iTunes; Thanks, Zoe & Kizzi!!!!]

3) When and if it will first hit the airwaves on Z100 (the way Crush was);

4) Any crumb of info about the single’s music video (okay, now I’m getting delusional);

5) If there will be other book signings besides Nevada;

6) Whether Ms. Beebee is right and Jive will announce a pre-album mini-tour (oh please let it be so!); and

7) Gee, why does my hair smell terrific?

p.s. Pics from today’s photoshoot … from Jive! (Go figure…)


Fierce "You know what???" David FTW!!!

Get ready for your closeup, D.!

They should so have had a Totoro on that shelf!

Shoes. Must. Be. On. Cover.

I mean, really.

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98 Responses to The waiting is the hardest part

  1. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan, that all sounds so exciting.

    I can not even imagine what the major news could be, but Jive should see that the timing is perfect for a tour of any size. I just know that I will be there. After all I have been comtemplating visiting the White House on July the 4th so I am past ready for a concert!


  2. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, you are not delusional at all. If an earthquake (or a thunder) strikes me now, my thoughts would be if I die I would not be able to attend the pre-album mini-concert Ms. Beebee was talking about. Considering Jive’s track record, now THAT is delusional! 🙂

  3. KathyH says:

    Laugh one: I took the poll and my answer had 100%. Was I the only poll taker or is “you know what?” David everyone’s else’s fave for this shoot, too?

    Laugh two: I go on vacation toward the end of July. My anticipation of a great holiday with two daughters who are close to the age where they’ll fly from the nest is definitely affected by my worry that the single will come out while I am gone.

  4. TOfan says:

    LOL guys, I have a feeling that no matter who this photographer is or where they do the shoot, “Fierce” David is going to strut his way into those pictures!

    … and glad to know I’m not the only one who trembles at wedding invitations & vac. plans that could possibly cramp my ArchuLifestyle!!!!


  5. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – I am seriously LOL-ing at “anything but CFTH – David”. I voted for that one because it was just too awesome.

    Honestly, for this photoshoot, I would enjoy care-free David. Like him in some field with the wind in his hair and his eyes looking skyward and stuff. Buuuuut I feel like that’s pretty unlikely in NYC. So whatever.

    About the big news – I think it’s goign to be single release date. And Jive – I sure am ready.

  6. TOfan says:

    abanana, “care-free”? “wind in his hair”? … looks like you’re getting your wish … here he is at Coney Island for the shoot … looks like we could be getting Endless-Ride David after all!!!!!

  7. TOfan says:

    Red & white … just in time for Canada Day next week!


    Check out some great Rexburg pics, HERE.

  8. bluebar says:

    Great article, TOfan. I voted; then was leisurely reading the comments thinking of a photo-shoot in NYC showing David in fashionable formal wear with sophisticated 5th Avenue skyscrapers in the background.

    But what comes on the screen?
    Casual David – pure as water, wearing white and red, smiling naturally in the Coney Island sun and looking like cinnamon cotton candy! Whoa… that caught me by surprise! But, what a treat!

    BTW…take the girl out of the picture, and you do get “Fierce and on fire, David!”

  9. sweetonDA says:

    What the heck are they waiting for. Don’t they know we are going crazy wanting this suggested news already? I feel like putting my hands around someones neck squeeeeeezzzzing….

    Oops, lost a bit of control there for a minute. But really, they are just toying with us aren’t they.

    Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Las Vegas to get my books signed. Can’t wait to see David again. I wonder what he sing for us 😉

    TOfan, “Red & white … just in time for Canada Day next week!” GO Canada!

  10. archiesfan4life says:

    I am not sure how to post links to videos so I hope this works – I just found this posted on one of the comments at FOD – it is beautiful!

  11. archiesfan4life says:

    oops – I only typed the link – how did the video get posted???

  12. Zoe says:

    Here ya go, peeps!

    News Release just in from a Jive tweet:

    David’s new single will be released July 13th exlusively on !!!

    So excited!! Breathe out, breathe in. Just 18 days away!!!!!

  13. Kizzi says:

    LOL Deb. You are tooooooo funny. I love your “utter nonsense” tag.

    So the BIG news just hit:

    David’s Announces New Single
    Category: Music
    David’s Announces New Single

    David’s new single from his upcoming album will be available exclusively on on July 13th! It will then be made available on iTunes on July 20th! Stay tuned for more David information!

    Guess Jive wasn’t giving us “jive talk” after all, eh?

  14. abanana77 says:

    YAY, we have a date!!! I love having something to countdown to… I hate having to wait indefinitely 😀

    I kinda wish they had given us the title though… I have a feeling it’s not going to be one of the songs we’ve heard already.

  15. TOfan says:

    Yayyyyy!!!!! We have a single date!!! (Thanks, Zoe & Kizzi!)

    I will try to find out if Canadians can buy songs from the site. *hopes*

    abanana, I’m wondering if the title of the single AND the CD will be “Endless Ride” (which was a Twitter rumour we’re not supposed to talk about but, hey, the title “Crush” got leaked in advance too so I don’t think a little title speculation ever hurt anyone).

    It would tie into the whole “Coney Island” photo shoot theme.

    Speaking of which, I’ve posted some of the pics Jive tweeted about at the end of the post … check out those shoes!!!!

    (“jive talk” lol, Kizzi)

  16. Zoe says:

    TOFan, you crack me up! Shoes on the cover FTW!! Someday you’ll have to share with us how you came to be fixated on that subject! 😉

    I couldn’t figure out how the heck I missed those great shots of David at the photo shoot when I first read your article. Now I see that you added them, you clever girl!

    And I agree that “Endless Ride” makes a lot of sense and would be a terrific title!

  17. Zoe says:

    Just wanted to give a shout out to my buddy, Archiesfan4life!

    Congratz on posting your first video, and an AWESOME one at that!! That’s one heckuva performance from David.

    And that closeup……WOWZA!! 🙂

    • archiesfan4life says:

      Thanks – I had no idea how I did that – haha! BTW – I just sent you an email.

  18. TOfan says:

    So Matt Clayton (who took all those amazing Square Magazine shots) just posted that he’s having Thai dinner with David tonight … oh please let him be the photographer for the album shoot!!!!

    Remember these? 🙂 🙂 :
    Clayton shot

    and THESE

  19. janey says:

    TOFan, i believe Matt had dinner with David last night..the fine print says 18 hours ago…but still!

  20. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Janey (note to self: get new glasses! LOL)

    you’re right … still!!!!

  21. janey says:

    i know!!!

    (i’m going to CAP this, watch out)


  22. TOfan says:

    MIX 96.1 FM interview from this morning (thanks, Archiedorable & Janey!):

  23. jackryan4DA says:

    So are we all clam and composed, now that we have a release date for the single? (Notwithstanding THOSE SHOES! Liking them 🙂 ) I think the girl is actually asking David “A little higher, David. A bit more…”

    Anw, how about some CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS from BYU? You could here snippets of ZG & YEDL!


  24. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, delightful nonsense!

    Looks like James Dean aka David wins in a landslide!

  25. embe says:

    Apparently Jive said something like “here’s a photo that David wanted you to see” when they posted the photo where David is lifting.his.shirt.up.and.showing.his.tummy (I need CPR).

    So David must be aware of the fans pleading for him to get his kit off and decided to throw us – I mean THEM – a bone…

  26. jackryan4DA says:

    And its calm not clam;
    Hear, not here

    re my post at 12.41

    mea culpa.

    I was typing that while trying to see a bit of skinny on something something

  27. awestruck says:

    JR ummm were/are you a little flustered girl??? I see ‘clam/calm’ but not ‘here/hear’ in your 12:41 post.

    embe – you too??? flustered I mean?

  28. Abanana77 says:

    LOL I am laughing at your calm/clam and here/hear! Hahahaha. No worries, the mistakes are completely understandable given the circumstances 😉

    And I have to say … Love the shoes in that pic! Actually, love the whole pic 😉

  29. TOfan says:

    ROTFLMBO … you guys are srsly cracking me up … I think the somethin’ somethin’ he “wanted us to see” was his … belt! LOLOLOL … and he is SO staring at those amazing shoes/boots. 😆

    Just noticed that the annalisasinger PandA youTube has racked up 11,457 views already! (along with 4,121 for starryNites01 vid & more than 8,000 for the other vids!)

    … and 8throwcenter’s vid for NAVGL has 15,602 views (with 2,255 for annalisa’s and more than 5,000 for the rest!) Wooooot!

  30. Josie says:

    Oh good heavens, I think my haid’s gonna fall off. Where is that gorilla glue???

    spazzing albeit, a day late.

  31. Abanana77 says:

    I had also heard the “endless ride” rumours and that title does make sense with the carnival themed photoshoot… Heard the new “something ’bout love rumours too. Don’t know what to believe anymore. Hahaha oh, I love speculation 🙂

  32. emmegirl says:

    Josie, LOL!!

  33. TOfan says:

    {{{Josie}}} hahaha, you have SO much spazzing to catch up on! Better get that glue, stat! 😆

    abanana, I hope it’s Endless Ride if only because Somethin’ ’bout Love sounds a little too much like that Build-A-Bear song “Let’s Talk About Love” … yikes

    And in all the excitement about the new songs & BSMS at Rexburg, I completely missed this Imagine video … best part? … at the very beginning some crazy Canucks yell out “Come to Canada, David!” lolol & his reaction is priceless. Whoever you guys are … good work!!! *high five*

  34. Abanana77 says:

    TOfan, I totally thought of the build-a-bear song too when I heard that title! Haha. I kinda like the endless ride title… But I don’t care too much about the title… I am anxious to hear the song!!

  35. awestruck says:

    OK so this from MJbigblog – she seems to have fairly accurate info and she does a good job posting David’s activities… even his tweets.

    “I’m hearing from a good source that the name of David Archuleta’s new single is “Something ‘Bout Love”. ”

  36. embe says:

    Sooo. I’m finally home at 0.30am. It’s Midsummer day today, and everyone in Finland is celebrating. There’s this huge festival in Jämsä, where I live, and I was working there the whole day.

    After standing around in the heat for eight hours and being the object of about 237 pick-up lines (where is David asking me if I like water when I need him, eh?!?!?!), we wrapped things up at the festival area in the pouring rain (yes, it is so very typical for Midsummer’s day to be hot and sunny and then all of a sudden it starts raining men, dogs, geese, you name it!), and I drove soaking wet to our summer cabin and headed straight to the sauna ❤

    Happy Midsummer everyone! Love you all.

    • TOfan says:

      Happy Midsummer’s Day, Embe!!! Wow, it sounds like soooo much fun!!!

    • awestruck says:

      embe – how hot is hot? sounds like a fun day!

      • embe says:

        “Hot” is up to 86 Fahrenheit degrees. Now, it is hot for me, but I do understand it may not be hot for those of you living in California or Florida 😛

        Oh, and the pick-up lines ALL came from drunken guys. Midsummer day is a great excuse to drink your brains out – not for me, though, since I don’t drink. But unfortunately Finns tend to abuse alcohol 😦 That’s the downside here.


  37. TOfan says:

    Breaking News!!!!! … ish

    These tweets just in from @missbianca:

    A little birdie just told me

    A hard-sell radio person who has heard the new single has said that it’s better than Crush and PandA and NAVGL COMBINED. Great radio song!!!

    Can’t say who of course, but this is good info, guys, this song is not Build-a-Bear in the least!

    This is someone who has heard all 3 new songs, too, yes yes *does the happy dance*

  38. abanana77 says:

    OK well good to know someone addressed the build-a-bear similarities. LOL

  39. peppertara says:

    Wow….there is just so much to take in these days, have been neglecting tasks, outings, etc. to get on top of it all, ha. Worth every neglect though!
    I am very excited about the sneak info tweets about the new single. Supposed to be quite reliable apparently, sounds wonderful! I adore the photoshoot pics and TOfan…I’m loving the shoes too, hope to see them in a picture!
    Great video of Imagine with the fans yelling “come to Canada”. Guess I missed that too. I say keep yelling and before we know it he’ll be here.
    Embe…happy Midsummer to you. Sounds like quite a festival.

  40. awestruck says:

    embe – I didn’t see a reply button to your comment at 1:51… 86 degrees F. is about what we reach on a hot day here in this part of Cananda too! (Calgary, Alberta). ps. unfortunate about the alcohol abuse…

    I am loving that behind the photo shoot scenes pic, though couldn’t care less about seeing any tummy (maybe my age is dictating that LOL), but overall it has a catchy effect to it – can’t find the right words to describe it.

  41. TOfan says:

    “compelling” WFM, awestruck! 🙂

    More single buzz from Ace Showbiz:

    I confess Miss Bianca’s tweets about put me over the edge for single excitement … back when David sang IICOB at the Elevate party and said it might not make it onto the album, I immediately thought “What??? This song’s on the “B” List??? … The “A” List must be [insert superlative here]!!!”

    I just hope fans outside the U.S. can buy the single on July 13th … I tried to buy the “Four for the Fans” pack from the music store as a test for Canada (using PayPal) but it wouldn’t work … has anyone else tried?

  42. Abanana77 says:

    I don’t really like this July 13th only at thing, not just because if the only in the US thing. I would prefer it released on iTunes first so it can skyrocket to the top of the iTunes charts and other people will see it and hopefully check it out. Because only (US) fans are going to go to to download it. I guess they’re trying to actually get people to go over to the official site??

    • awestruck says:

      You are right abanana! But, maybe they want to see his ‘worth’ in the States only first???

  43. Kizzi says:

    Just saw this was up. Fun stuff!

  44. TOfan says:

    abanana, I read somewhere that the sales will still “count”!!! I was wondering about that too!

    Vlog More info:
    Photo shoot was so awesome! Just letting you know what’s coming up in the next week, and sorry that I’m a little loopy from lack of sleep. My cheek’s a little puffy too so if you were wondering why my face seemed swollen that’s why haha.

    * David
    * Archuleta
    * Chords
    * of
    * Strength
    * book
    * signings
    * Washington
    * DC
    * Capitol
    * Fourth
    * Photoshoot
    * Utah


  45. Abanana77 says:

    Lol-ing over his more info! Haha. And look at all his cspitalized tags 😛

  46. awestruck says:


    MJ’s got David’s vlog posted on her blog and this is how she starts her description. “David Archuleta embraces his inner goofball at his NYC photo shoot.” His INNER GOOFBALL – love it. She was not on board with David at the start so it is good to see her doing so now.

  47. embe says:

    That vlog… Holy LOL.

    By the way, I witnessed something beautiful today. I was driving home as the sun was going down. I of course had David’s music playing in my stereo.

    It was a really gorgeous day and evening, and the nature looked so heavenly – like a paradise. At one point I looked to my left, and saw sunbeams shine their way through the softest, white clouds and just then “Angels” came on. The thing is, whenever I see that, I always think it’s my mom up there, opening up the sky for the light to caress the ground. I literally felt my angel, mom, guiding and supporting me.

    It was something so divine I find it hard to put into words. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense to you lol.

  48. abanana77 says:

    {{{{embe}}}} that sounds wonderful <3333 Experiences like that only come once every so often so try hard to hold onto the feeling.

    Random, but (the start of embe's story made me think of this) I find myself in nature now all the time thinking "how is it possible anything could be so beautiful?" (a quote from COS) Maybe it's just living in the country for the summer, but I'm really appreciating nature a lot more this year…

  49. TOfan says:

    *sniff* {{{embe & abanana}}} look what you made me do!

    Haven’t had a chance to watch the vlog yet but just saw David’s Canada tweet … I hope it was to a certain Erika in London!!!

    Am sneaking onto my dad’s computer in Cambridge to type this … everything is HUUUUGE to make it easier to see … even D’s pics LOLOLOL

    oops, better go, as beebee says *poof*

  50. awestruck says:


  51. TOfan says:

    Abrra, I ❤ you … that is all.

  52. Kizzi says:

    Just had to share this:

    The 4 granddaughters and I were coloring yesterday. The youngest one just turned 5 and had received coloring books and the 150-count Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower which contains 118 Regular Crayons, 16 Metallic FX Crayons, and 16 Glitter Crayons…such advancement in crayon technology – lol.

    As we were coloring our chosen pictures there was a spirited discussion about keeping within the lines and coloring all the spaces versus just leaving parts blank.

    One granddaughter had her iPod playing with ear buds in, a frequent state of being, and she suddenly pops her iPod into the iPod player and over the speakers…yes, you know what’s coming…is “Parachutes and Airplanes.”

    At the end of the song that we are all sang along to as we colored, the granddaughter sighs and says, “David’s music Grandma…he fills the empty spaces.”

    I learn so much from these amazing young ladies. “…fills the empty spaces…” indeed.

    • embe says:

      How old is the granddaughter who said that? She is very wise 🙂

      • Kizzi says:

        She’s 12. She is in the 3rd picture here —>

        BTW, your article was simply fantastic. And, you thoughts about your Mom and sunshine is so poignant. My Dad passed away 11 years ago and I live on a road that is canopied in Live Oaks. When I drive that road and the sun breaks though the canopy I always know my Dad is looking down on me.

        Family is Forever and so is SAz! Happy Sunday all.

      • embe says:

        Thank you ❤ Your words mean a lot to me.

        Unfortunately that picture link doesn't work 😦 I get the 404 error message, darn it.

    • archiesfan4life says:

      Kizzi – how insightful your granddaughter is! And you coloring with your granddaughters – that is priceless – what a blessing!

    • refnaf says:

      Love this story…. thanks for sharing…. can’t wait till my grandbabies are a wee bit bigger!!!!

  53. TOfan says:

    “…fills the empty spaces…” LOVE that! Does he ever. what wise younguns you have there, Kiz!

  54. KathyH says:

    Kizzi! Thanks for sharing the story of your very attuned young granddaughter! Love it!

  55. TOfan says:

    How did I miss this interview?? (Thanks, jackryan4DA!)

    David Archuleta being interviewed by Mike Terry of Deseret News, while preparing for his performance for Rio Tinto Stadium.

    In this interview, David was asked about his own plans for serving an LDS mission, “Archuleta, who doesn’t turn 19 until December, said he feels as if he’s already on one.

    “There is so much that I want to give back to the One who has blessed me with this gift,” he said about his singing abilities. “I feel that there must be a reason why I’m here, doing what I’m doing. And I want to make sure that I do what is expected of me before it all ends.

    “I don’t know when this all will end, and I want to make sure I do all that I’m supposed to before that happens. I have this opportunity and want to make the best of it.”

  56. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan…That was a super interview with David. He is emotionally intelligent beyond his years. Does that make any sense?? Productive is an important word for him and yes his lips must have been very dry!

    I loved your story Kizzi and David fills so many spaces…what a wonderful thought.


  57. TOfan says:

    Breaking news!

    David is not only nominated for two Teen Choice Awards (Most Fanatic Fans (sorry, do not want him to win this one) … and Choice American Idol Alum (this would be a good one to win, imo)) … he will also appear during the program on Monday, August 9th … hope he sings his new single!!!

    Love that his fellow nominees for the Choice American Idol Alum are Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson & Carrie Underwood … excellent company to be in!

    Link to AI Now story and voting link HERE.

  58. abanana77 says:

    Hahaha he has no chance is the fanatic fans category (which I am also OK with). I mean, why don’t they just give Justin Bieber that award right now? haha.

  59. refnaf says:

    Jive just tweeted this!!!!!!!

    “@JiveMusic: What up, tweeps!? We’re only hours away from previewing @DavidArchie’s new single! Stay tuned for updates. #MusicMonday”

    Waiting may be OVER!!!!!

  60. refnaf says:

    And I was blessed with a new granddaughter this weekend!!!!!!!

  61. TOfan says:

    hahahahahaha, Ref, love the order of priority! 😆 😆

  62. refnaf says:

    hahah… TOfan I got it right….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  63. TOfan says:

    I think I got the title of this post right too!


  64. TOfan says:

    Breaking news!!!!

    Snippet of David’s new single on YouTube:

  65. Zoe says:

    First off – Congrats, Refnaf, on the birth of another grandbaby! A precious new life to celebrate and be thankful for, to shower with love, even as you mourn the loss of your brother.

    Makes me think of the words from “The Lion King”:

    It’s the Circle of Life
    And it moves us all
    Through despair and hope
    Through faith and love…

    Which of course leads me to thoughts of David. Wouldn’t he do a great job with that song!

    Now on to the NEW song that he moz def does a great job with!!! From what I can gather from the first few stanzas, it sounds very poppy and radio friendly.

    Thanks for the Breaking News, TOfan! I am LIKIN IT A WHOLE LOT!!! And I’m thinking David may have another BIG HIT with this one!!! 🙂

  66. refnaf says:

    Rock on David!! woot. I’m likin’ the beat, very dancey…. it WFM!

  67. refnaf says:

    Thanks (((Zoe)))

  68. Zoe says:

    Here’s a number you can call to hear the song with crystal clarity: 801-386-8196.

    Hope that doesn’t mean it’s an international call for all our Canadian brethren!!

  69. emmegirl says:

    refnaf, congratulations on the birth of granddaughter, what a sweet blessing.

    It’s not always easy to get a feel for these songs with those little snippets, but this one grabs you right away. I love it, think it will appeal to a wide variety of ages! Sounds like the fortunate few who have heard the entire song are looooving it!

  70. refnaf says:

    k, I have listen over and over to the snippet and I love it a lot….

  71. TOfan says:

    New thread & Somethin’ About Love poll!


  72. emmegirl says:

    refnaf, we just found out we are expecting our first grandchild from our only child… cannot wait to feel that kind of love.

    The snippet, I love it too. By all accounts, the album is going to be really, really good!


    @jennyG_PA Yes it is my buddy Chris______ who co wrote it with david & someone else.Good song. Heard it last week. SO many good songs comin’
    3 minutes ago via web in reply to jennyG_PA

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