Counting ArchuCalories

Credit: The amazing Frogcooke

I think that most of us, at one time or another, have tried some kind of diet. And whichever regime one follows, it starts, at some point, to resemble a rollercoaster ride.

We stop, we start, we go up, we go down and around and around it goes.

Following Mr. David Archuleta’s career also provides us with this rollercoaster effect of feast or famine.  You know, the feast times at Christmas/Thanksgiving/Hanukkah can be associated with David’s tours – the ascent on the coaster, if you will. While the ride soars up, up, up, we feast on youTube tour videos, devour the news posted on fan websites, and snack on Tweets eagerly texted by excited fans as well as by David himself.

The last few concerts in a tour typically bring about a state of anticipation for the approach of the apex of the ride – the last concert.  Then, wham, we head down the long slope into a terrifying vortex and ask ourselves the proverbial question, “How could I have blown my diet out of the water like that?”  So we try to regain equilibrium by restricting our portions once again.

During this virtual hunger strike there are no more new videos to sample, the fan sites ration out bits and pieces of news like empty calories, and Twitter dries up like the ice cream that hardens in the freezer as we valiantly ignore it.

But, as David has reminded us many times in his interviews and speeches – it’s important to always look for the positive in things.

And the positive here is that, thanks to David’s humanitarian efforts and his recording endeavors in the studio, we can maintain a balanced diet and remain on a more even keel.  We can rejoice in the wonderful wholesome goodness and fulfilling Dr. Seuss moments that David provides for us during our ArchuFast, whether it’s manning the phones and spontaneously singing after the Hope For Haiti telethon, participating in the Somos el Mundo recording and the Jordin Sparks Super Bowl Experience charity event, National Reading Day storytelling, or the surprise after-dinner treat he offered with his performance at (the appropriately named) The Mint.

And, looking back, the past two years have been more feast than famine. Think about it, David will have apportioned three albums in each of the three years following the end of his A.I. run.  According to the CNN “Where Are They Now?” blog, other A.I. alums have provided fans with their debut albums either right away or sometimes a year or two later and second and third albums two to three years apart after that.  So as we prepare for another ride on the coaster, we can definitely drink a toast (with water, of course),  and ask ourselves, “How fortunate are we?”


P.S. Speaking of diets, Archuleta Avenue is still looking for recipes for their Fan Cookbook Project. You can email the recipes to: Click HERE for more details.

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16 Responses to Counting ArchuCalories

  1. Scott says:

    Let’s drink a toast indeed! We really have been so fortunate. We have not truly experienced a “drought” as far as new stuff from David although to us a week seems liek a drought! lol! I am def. on the Archudiet! Great post !

    BTW Sorry to get off subject or if this is not the right place for this but if you could ,please visit our website for the David Archuleta Music Scholarship. Just click on our logo on the sidebar. We have a deadline if April 9th.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Thanks awestruck – what a hilarious analogy and sooo true. On the bright side, if we diet while the rollercoaster is stopped we’ll have so much more energy to hop back on for all those exhilerating cross-border treks when the Archutour resumes.

    Droughts are difficult but in his vlog from yesterday in Nashville I’ve never seem David look so rested and happy. Getting off the roller coaster for a while was the best thing for David.

  3. refnaf says:

    awe…..struck, this a hoot. I have some things I need to share about the feast and famine of the archulife, but need to go to work.. BBL

  4. TOfan says:

    my ArchuDiet usually takes place once news of new songs or the tour leaks out … I somehow get distracted and miss meals entirely, LOL.

    Sunshine, you’re so right, the calm non-rollercoaster vibe of Nashville seems to Work 4 D! 😆

    Thanks for the reminder about the Scholarship, Scott!! What a great idea that is!

  5. betsy says:

    Too true. We are so lucky. We always have been. He was there all along.
    And when the need to hear him/see him sing is overwhelming, we have thousands of videos to help us.
    Last night I had a late night snack of To Be With You Utah – kendra’s concert.
    There is so much beauty to feast on. 🙂

  6. TOfan says:

    Off-topic, some info on the songwriters David tweeted about working with last night:

    The … two veteran songwriters, who have logged 20 1 singles and a Songwriter of the Year award between them, began writing songs they loved but which weren’t great for pitching to artists hunting for commercially-popular material.

    St. Lola in the Fields was born to give those songs a stage. In late 2007 Cindy Brouwer [nee Morgan] and Jeremy Bose, who have been writing together for nearly nine years, started work on their EP Little Breaks/Little Bends and began performing live as St. Lola when schedules allowed. Brouwer spends half the year in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, courtesy of her Canadian husband.

    The rest of the year she’s in Nashville where Bose plies his songwriting and producing trade year-round….Though Brouwer has also had a long career as a performing artist, including six globe-spanning tours, performing St. Lola’s songs provides a full circle … As suggested by this line-up, the result isn’t your usual pop sound. Instead, quirky is the word that comes to mind. St. Lola’s music is infused by the story and lyric elements of folk, but also draws inspiration from both classical and electronic music. Bose and Brouwer’s songs have appeared on MTV’s Real World, Everwood, and even on Days of Our Lives!

    Two of St. Lola’s songs have already been selected for an episode of One Tree Hill. “Songs often shed a light on how you wish things were,” says Brouwer, “but our songs are about how things really are.” Many of the songs are also ironic with sweet, beautiful music paired with darker lyrics. You can read more HERE. Or listen here:

  7. TOfan says:


    Did this moment in David’s last vlog remind anyone else of a scene from the movie Stuart Little? 😆

    nashville vlog

  8. awestruck says:

    Scott thanks for your comments – also, it continues to amaze me the extent to which David’s fans reach out to help people. Keep up the good work!

    Sunshine – I agree that David needed some ‘down time’ from touring and he has certainly indicated that he loves the pace in Nashville. In his vlog he looked happy even for him! I’m letting my imagination run away with me, but seeing him in that hat makes me wonder if, by growing out his hair, he is going to re-invent his image. And, my oh my but I am afraid – very afraid – for my sanity. I’d love to see him with a stylish, longer haircut.

    TOfan – missing meals is not good for you or your diet, no, no, no it’s not, lol! I love how you always look for a Canadian connection too! Red Deer, not too far from home for me.

    refnaf – darn work anyway…

    Betsy – in archu-droughts I also love to go back to certain videos – amazing what to see what I miss sometimes. With TBWY, Kendra’s Utah concert he really emoted and changed it up a bit, imo.

  9. djafan says:

    Hi awestruck! Loving your words!

    Funny thing is that I was mentally preparing myself for this so called archudrought and on most days I’m actually archudrowning…lol

    David has delivered consistently since the end of idol, whether it be singing, talking, tweeting, blogging, vlogging, interviewing, impromptu appearances during the expected dry times…I wonder if he realizes when we’re thirsty?

  10. awestruck says:

    dja – it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if subconciously David did know enough to slack our thirst! LOL

  11. refnaf says:

    Cheers, snowangelz! Here is the dealio for me. I figure that this arhudrought is good for me. I have become an expert at stretching every tidbit, Charity events, are like the nice healthy salad, the daily tweets are the main course and keep me going , day in day out (except sundays, of course) and song leaks are the dessert, satisfying, but leaves me feeling guilty.
    I have prepared for the next time of feasting….family knows that I will go pretty much anywhere to see David and my fanfriends. I fear planning any other vacations or family events until I know what David’s summer schedule will be…tell me I am not the only one..

    TOfan> good research on the songwriters. What I would not pay to see vids of the process, a glimpse of how David’s mind works during the process.

  12. janey says:

    refnaf. you’re not the only one. lol.

  13. awestruck says:

    refnaf – “…and song leaks are the dessert, satisfying, but leaves me feeling guilty.” Yeah, I know all about guilt when it comes to cheating on my diet…

    As for planning vacations around David’s tours and wishing I could catch a glimpse of David’s creative process DITTO

  14. refnaf says:

    lol, janey (((thank you)))

    (((ditto))) awestruck

  15. TOfan says:

    Ref, “song leaks are the dessert, satisfying, but leaves me feeling guilty.” hahahah, so true!

    “Last night I had a late night snack of To Be With You Utah – kendra’s concert.” ah, that is one of those snacks where you can’t stop at just one! 😆

    (And fyi, Archuleta Ave. is still collecting recipes for their Fan Cookbook project, check end of Awestruck’s post above for details.)

  16. TOfan says:

    From the amazing beebee:

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