David Archuleta in da boof

Be honest. Did this picture make you catch a breath? Turn your knees to tapioca? Did you think if you stared at it long enough you’d actually start to hear him singing?  … No? Okay, just me then, never mind.

I love “Waiting for Yesterday” and by all accounts its creator, Joy Williams, is a nice person, but would someone with one iota of compassion torture us with THAT TwitPic??? We’ve had to suffer through tweet after songwriter tweet about “writing with DavidArchie today” and “smash session with David” and the cruelest one of all, from Joy “Kicks Kittens” Williams:

@davidarchie is in the booth singing our freshly penned ballad. It’s a tear jerker. His voice sounds great on it (as usual). 🙂.

At least Eman had the decency to admit he enjoys torturing us.

When David mentioned in his recent L.A. Times interview that he’d recorded about 30 songs for the first CD (and less than half of those made the cut), you could practically feel our collective hearts stopping at the thought of all those unheard David songs out there somewhere.

Okay, so now we know SNY is one of them – only 29 to go!

Seriously though, David and his peeps have to have noticed that this fanbase wants to hear every note he sings. From hummed intros to random singing during interviews to echo-ey Happy Birthdays, snippet mp3s are created, downloaded and shared faster than you can say “Love Lockdown.”

I’ve mentioned this before, but my sincere wish is that some kind (and wise) soul is keeping a special archive of the demo gems from these sessions and they’ll be made available to us on iTunes eventually (think a weed-less Basement Tapes).

Years ago I picked up Bob Dylan’s (with The Band) Basement Tapes LP (recorded in 1967 but not released till 1975) at a secondhand store. On first listen, I laughed at the unpolished songs, banter and background noise but then I ended up listening to it over and over. It was like being a fly on the wall during the creating and recording process, warts and all. Music magic in all its rough-around-the-edges glory.

Somos screenshot: David Archuleta Fans GermanyIf the picture above didn’t phase you at all, then answer me this:

Is the thought of David singing song after song that we may NEVER HEAR almost too much to bear?

Does part of you wish we had an inside “plumber” at each studio who could pull a Watergate and hook us up with few leaked snippets? (And by “part” I mean “all.”)

Were you against the concept of song leaks until the tune of “She’s Not You” took over your brain like … well, like only David can?

Are you so desperate to hear these new songs that you listen to his collaborators’ other tunes and try to “hear” David singing them?

Aha, gotcha!


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34 Responses to David Archuleta in da boof

  1. Joner says:

    Guilty of all charges *hangs head in shame*.

    When I look at the picture of David in the dark recording studio, I can’t help but believe that this iconic image will be used many years from now when the media is reflecting on the phenomenal career of one Mr. David Archuleta.

  2. kEiGh_mIcH says:

    OMG! You totally got me! I am hoping too that someday those unreleased songs will be out. I know that if SNY was released, IT WILL BE A BIG HIT! But unfortunately the song didn’t make it. I am very very thankful to the one who discovered and well, leaked that song because as what you’ve already said, those unreleased songs are gems. Treasures! how I wish more songs will be available soon. I REALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS ALBUM!!! Gaaaaaaaa! I’m going crazy, head over heels in love with David again! HAIL DAVID ARCHULETA!

  3. djafan says:

    TOfan….when did you crawl into my head? I already share my brain with Angelica…don’t have much left…lol

    Very very correct in all you said…I have stared at that picture for much to long, more than I care to admit.

  4. TOfan says:

    Joner, that’s it! An iconic image! I know it was just a casual TwitPic, but such a powerful one, for me, anyway.

    Welcome kEiGh_mIcH! (Not an easy screen name to retype! :lol:)

    dja, lol, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I think part of what’s so compelling about the image is that you get the sense of being a “fly on the wall” in the studio — a spot I know we’d all love to be in!

  5. munkmusic says:

    Yes,Yes, Yes and Yes…..yup, got me! The songs I want to hear the most are the ones that David has written. The ones that tell his heart and his story. Since he is writing in Nashville and that pic is him singing a song that he has written (OK with someone else but still….) I look at that pic and wonder what story he is telling, what wisdom he is sharing, what heartfelt experience he is singing…..what lesson he wants to share…..Those are the songs I want to hear. And if they don’t make the cut, then what?! It just kills me to think I might not hear them! …..sorry this is so long…couldn’t help it!

  6. Scott says:

    Man the thought of all the those unreleased songs never being heard by our ears is not a pleasant one! PRAY that someday we’ll get the LOST tapes!
    and that twitpic from Joy is as Joner said Iconic!
    Def. a classic!

  7. refnaf says:

    OMGosh… the idea of him singing songs that we may never hear makes me go slightly (who am I kidding) batty. I must answer yes to your every question TOfan *sticks out tongue* Why must you write what am am thinking for every one to read??? WANT EVERY SONG NOW!!!! Perhaps if I eat healthy I will live to see the release of “basement tapes” complete with “unpolished songs, banter and background noise”
    Something about the pic moves me, the artsy brick wall, the lighting, seeing it in real time and knowing that somewhere in Nashville David was singing, made my heart go boom….

  8. TOfan says:

    munkmusic, don’t be sorry! Loved this: “I look at that pic and wonder what story he is telling, what wisdom he is sharing, what heartfelt experience he is singing…..what lesson he wants to share…..Those are the songs I want to hear.” That’s exactly it!

    And you’re right, Scott, divine intervention is probably needed if we’re ever gonna get to hear ’em! LOL

    Ref, believe it or not I just noticed that those are tambourines on the wall! 😆

  9. munkmusic says:

    Thanks TOfan! I appreciate your comments. I usually just lurk here, but had to say what I was feeling. anyway, have a wonderful night everyone!

  10. awestruck says:

    I have to say that I am with munkmusic… I would really love to hear the songs co-written by David – To measure against what will come. As for the other songs, sure I’d like to hear them… True confessions time? oops, wrong post LOL.

  11. TOfan says:

    Wouldn’t the whole “making of” this CD make a great behind-the-scenes documentary? The different collaborations, cities, ideas, the recording process, brainstorming and, oh yeah, the SINGING!!! Okay, better stop now, way too much to handle this early.

    News flash:
    Here’s a notice from the David Archuleta Music Scholarship peeps:
    Fans, we appreciate your help in helping make this Gift to Honor David a success.

    Today is Four ($4) for Friday !!!

    Donate $4 to The David Archuleta Music Scholarship and help a student’s dream come true!

    I just made my donation! 🙂

  12. TOfan says:

    David and Lupe with Owl City:


  13. Joner says:

    Off topic but I’m getting a kick out the new fan forum on Univision for David. It’s just more evidence that he is definitely on the radar of a lot of Latinos since his participation in the Spanish version of WATW. It will take me a while to decipher what all they’re saying about him, but there are a WHOLE lotta “hearts” in their topic lines so I’m guessing it’s all good. Awww David, you heartthrob you!! 😀


  14. awestruck says:

    Joner – that’s great news, hope somebody can translate and give us a few highlights now and then.

  15. TOfan says:

    Love it, Joner!!! Thanks (or should I say, gracias … keep us posted!


    Hopefully the publishers of Chords of Strength also notice the buzz en espanol and prepare a Spanish version of the book for release!

    Waaaay off-topic, but I stumbled upon a music blog by a university student who lists “Indie, Acoustic, Alternative Punk and Trance” as favourite genres. The blog recommended new music and the last para. read: “The next is a nice pop song from American Idol runner up, David Archuleta. It’s called ‘She’s Not You’ and is a pretty solid R&B pop song. ENJOY!” Just thought it was cool to read that on a non-David blog.

  16. Abrra says:

    You can get a sense of what’s being posted if you paste the text into Google translator:



  17. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Abrra! I just happened upon a ZG vid from last year that had some recent comments from the past week … in Spanish! Don’t think I need the translator though! 😆

    omg que hermosa cancion esta bien linda es una de las mejores ♥zero gravity♥

    oow000….. me encanta David….. es Tan lindo, precioso todo el….

    and just ’cause:

  18. awestruck says:

    thanks Abbra!

    Ah, Contigo…

  19. beebee says:

    kEiGh_mIcH – jez so’s y’know… I am FEELING yo *SPAZZZ* 🙂 🙂

    … I would LOVE to PAY for SNY. Since it’s already leaked, would love to compensate David and Eman at least SOME. (Don’t they know that if they would only release it… WE WOULD PAY?) But I guess if David doesn’t feel it represents him…it would be wrong to ask him to release it. Totally understandable. NEVERMIND. lol

    Awestruck, just read your post (last thread). LOVE IT. I’m with those who don’t feel especially deprived just because of all the archu_goodies that keep surfacing. (And, CRIPES, those last two vlogs are messin’ wiv mah haid.) And, MAN… I say this all the time, but it is RIDICULOUS how much incredible video GOLD we have “in the vault.” PHEW! Between allllll of that (treacherously hazmatty) material… and just the immediacy of the tweets, keeping us up to date practically real-time by the MAN himself… I’m good (er, well… bad… good…lol uh, BASKET CASE.)

    TOfan, Yes, that photo…*chills*… OH, how I would LOOOOOOVE a big ole compilation of “Archuleta: Fly On The Wall” recordings. (It could kill me. And videos could kill me even mo’.)

    How have I never heard that Dylan/The Band Basement thing? Would LOVE to. I do have the Elvis way early “Sun Sessions”— it’s very fly-on-the-wallish and is actually my very favorite Elvis music.

    As for the “never to be heard” songs…I was thinking and wondering… I don’t know how the rights for each of these written-recorded-(demo at least, i guess [?])-not-released songs are structured, but I would imagine that David and/or his co-writers are relatively free to, at some time in the future, USE them. What I’m trying to say is I could imagine David plucking from the growing bank of “un chosen” songs to put on other albums in the unspecified future IF he is so inspired. But I don’t really know how all of that works, like I said. (Ahhh, ignorance… makes it so easy to see things MY way…lol)

    Before I *poof*… hafta say… (in a totally off-topic kinda way) LOVE that LA Times article. LOVE him makin’ evvvverybody u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d (1) Precisely WHY he decided to do the book and (2) that he “hates auto-tune” … yessss! (David’s voice ain’t broke and needs no stinkin’ FIXIN’) 🙂 Great interview.

    (Apologies for the long blithery, somewhat off-topic-y comment)

    (TOfan… *wags finger* Don’t you know that slinging Contigo around like that with no warning is very irresponsible, young lady???… people could get hurt. :p *THUD!*)

  20. awestruck says:

    off topic – David tweeted about an interview… I think it might have been with Brian Mansfield.

    “Nashville’s been crawling with former Idols this week, and, while Alexis Grace and I never got together after a brief game of phone tag, I did get to sit down with David Archuleta for a few minutes Friday. If you haven’t read jdesab’s “Risk” thread in the Forum, you’ll want to do that before I post the interview this weekend: There, I wrote about why I considered David’s Imagine a good example of risk-taking by an Idol contestant, and, during our interview, David went into some detail about that performance and why he chose to sing it the way he did.”

    Check it out: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/idolchatter/post/2010/03/your-random-weekend-memo-1-2-3-4-5-6/1#uslPageReturn

  21. awestruck says:

    beebee thanks! and may I join you in that basket? Twitter is awesome, real time for sure. Now, maybe another leaked song or two just for good measure?!?

  22. cb says:

    This is a great article TOFAN and something I have often thought about.
    I know David mentioned Eman’s hard work on SNY and that he didn’t get paid for a leaked song. Well how can we pay for SNY? I love the song and would love to pay both David and Eman. I wish they would release it to I tunes, or, just give me addresses and I will pay! I don’t know all of the legal problems involved. I wish I did. I love that David’s fans are such honorable people and really WANT to pay for anything we are lucky enough to get to hear. That goes for Contigo too. I wish that was released to Itunes. I would love to give back to David for the joy that song has given me.
    The mere thought of a cd of David’s unreleased songs does all kinds of things to my heart. It kills me to think of recordings of songs David has sung sitting on shelves and in computers and even just getting lost forever. What a tragedy! Yes TOFAN, it is too much to bear. Please Jive, I beg you, do not destroy those recordings.
    The thought of songs David has co-written (and sung!) that tell about things that he feels? Oh goodness, I can’t even begin to say how bad I feel that we will never get a chance to hear all of those.
    My dream job, is being the person that works for jive who gets to listen to all of David Archuleta’s songs! Oh man, I would so be secretly recording those songs and taking them home for my own private listening pleasure! Wouldn’t you? lol
    TOFAN, please send your article to jive immediately and please let that “kind and wise soul keeping an archive” be real.

  23. TOfan says:

    awestruck, thanks! oooo, great news, can’t wait for that interview! You can read what he said about the “Risk” of David singing Imagine HERE (scroll to last para. of Brian Mansfield’s comments).

    {{{beebee}}} no need to apologiiiiiiiiiize! Always love to hear everything you, our Hazmat Team leader, has to say! 😆

    As far as rights to demos, you’re right, David as a cowriter would def. own the copyright to all of his songs & could “bank” them for future use *hopes*. In fact, Jordin Sparks tweeted to her fans recently, asking them to listen to a song that never made it on her 1st album & to tell her what they thought of it.

    Maybe she liked the song but the label vetoed it and now that she’s better known, she’s trying to get some fan support behind it to release in future?

    Trouble with David (NEVER thought I’d be typing those words, lol) is that he’s such a perfectionist when it comes to his music that his wish to only release what he deems to be his “best” might outweigh our overwhelming desire to hear IT ALL!!!!

    oh my heck, “My dream job, is being the person that works for jive who gets to listen to all of David Archuleta’s songs!” aaaaaaaggghhhhh, can you Imagine????

    Somos item on E! love that they included a couple of David’s parts!!! (and I’d been wondering who that killer guitar player was … turns out it’s Gloria & Emilio’s teenage daughter, Emily!)

  24. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, you did it again! You have tapped into our innermost deepest thoughts and desires. THAT is quite a skill!

    Do they not realize we would buy every single solitary peep that has come out of that mouth since day one… no matter when it was, where it was or what it was! I try not to think about what we may never hear, it makes me craaazy!!

    **I try not to post my vanilla-flavored comments immediately after beebee cause she belts out the most delicious, ain’t-he-sumthin’, hallelujah-thankya-Jesus-for-David gospel I have ever heard!

  25. emmegirl says:

    And then there is this:

    @nateyetton: Listening to a fresh guitar hook, track & melody in the other room. @JoyWilliams @DavidArchie @CaryBarlowe & @telemitry are on to something!

    Are they really going to let him show his incredible diversity on this CD? He is working with such a wide range of writers – R&B to power pop to techno to country to acoustic w/guitar? and heaven knows what else… imaginations are running wild!

    Can’t wait for this album…it feels like time is standing still!

  26. skiffrower says:

    TOfan on your earlier post “Hopefully the publishers of Chords of Strength also notice the buzz en espanol and prepare a Spanish version of the book for release!” here’s a brief description of his publisher…the goal of the [Celebra] is to publish books for mainstream readers that will also resonate with the vast population of Hispanics in the United States…Other authors for the line include Gloria and Emilio Estefan” It’s possible the publishers will be doing just what you suggest.

  27. TOfan says:

    emmegirl, hearing the session from the next room??? More torture! lol Yes, the range of collaborators is so interesting … wonder if Jive (or David himself) is looking for that “Dream Team” that really clicks, or if they’re finally appreciating the depth of talent they have on their hands and are investing this time and resources into mentoring David as an artist and carefully crafting the album to get it right. I hope it’s both!

    I’m torn between wanting him to take all the time he needs and needing to hear it NOWWWW!!!! 😆

    skiffrower (cool screen name, btw),
    wow, happy to hear that! And his path crosses again with the Estefans, nice!!!

    Like the “Songwriters Circle” logo behind him!

  28. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, aaahh, I never thought about the “dream team” thing. Kinda like trying on a hundred pairs of jeans until you find the perfect fit. 😉

    I loved seeing that logo behind him too!

    There were other artists there that sang as well, but I loved that they saved him for last!

  29. refnaf says:

    It is a lovely wet springish day here and I cannot think spring without thinking NEW SINGLE! Since only ever anticipating new music from David (no other artist has ever had my attention like this) I am finding the process bitter sweet. I agree TOfan in being torn… want it now, but want him to have the time he needs….

    Seeing David getting all the love from new Latino fans is a thrill…. makes me happy when others hear what I hear in David’s voice.

    This cb> “I love that David’s fans are such honorable people and really WANT to pay for anything we are lucky enough to get to hear. That goes for Contigo too. I wish that was released to Itunes. I would love to give back to David for the joy that song has given me.” I am dreaming of “basement tapes” > Perhaps we as fans need to make it known that we will gladly pay tor “every single solitary peep that has come out of that mouth since day one” as emmegirl says.

  30. cb says:

    I am thinking about my “dream job” working at Jive and listening to David’s music. Sure, I would try to be professional and intelligent and try to evaluate which songs to use, but in the end, I would inevitably get fired. I am absolutely certain I could find a reason to argue the merits of every single song, because how could they possibly eliminate a song that David sings let alone half of them or two-thirds of them? NOT POSSIBLE PEOPLE! I am horrified at the thought. Really, what is wrong with a three disc cd anyway? LOL

  31. TOfan says:

    cb, LOL, I think I’d get fired from that job too! But it would be fun while it lasted. Three disc CD FTW!!! 😆

    The much-anticipated Idol Chatter interview was just posted HERE.

    Fave parts:

    David and [Joy] Williams brought a variety of other writers into last week’s collaborations, among them Cary Barlowe (co-writer of Lady Antebellum’s latest country hit, American Honey), Hillary Lindsey (Carrie Underwood’s Jesus, Take the Wheel), Danny Orton (Josh Gracin and Tim McGraw’s Telluride), Jenn Schott and Jamie Kenney.

    “Jamie’s just such a sensitive person,” says the 19-year-old singer. “Even the melodies, and the way he plays the piano are so sensitive and emotional. When he was playing the piano part on the track, he paid so much attention to the way he played, how it emoted and what was trying to be said and felt in the song. I loved that. I’ve never seen anybody pay that much attention to those kinds of details, which I loved.”

    On Tuesday, for instance, David, Williams, Kenney and Jesse Frasure wrote a song called Nervous. “It’s about going ahead and doing it, even if you’re scared,” David says. “The main thing is, ‘So what if I’m nervous?’ Sometimes you have to take those risks, and sometimes you’ll be nervous, but why should that be an excuse? Some things, you need to do that way. And sometimes those are the most fulfilling things in life.

    Monday brought a love song with Jeremy Bowes and Cindy Morgan (“It wasn’t about anyone specifically; it was about wondering who that person might be in the future”). Wednesday yielded a ballad with Kenney and Schott (“It was an honest song, about admitting that you’re not perfect … It’s just about letting the inside out”).

    Good news is, there’s more! Brian Mansfield will be posting his thoughts on David’s risk-taking “Imagine” in a separate post Woooot!

  32. TOfan says:

    I just reread the whole interview and this part made me bawl my eyes out:

    “Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the knowledge it takes to be in this position. I don’t know if I deserve this. But God has different plans for me, and I trust him.”

    Who the heck is this person????? And what did we ever do to deserve him?????

    And why do I picture David as a tree???? A big old, craggy oak with deep gnarly roots?

    He really is too, too much.

  33. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, don’t you start bawling yet… you haven’t read part 2:


    …okay, go ahead.

  34. TOfan says:

    Thanks, emme, I am speechless over these and so I put them into a new post (together) … still speechless.

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