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Deep in the heart of @DavidArchie: Texas Concert Recap from Calgary’s Awestruck

(Salsa alert at 1:27 🙂 … thanks Shelley for the ninja vids!!!) *********** F. R. E. E. E. D. O. M. in Midland Texas It all started with the decision to NOT listen to any YouTube videos from post mission concerts … Continue reading

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David Archuleta at Noche de Gala: Another little piece of my heart

Gone – Another little piece of my heart – GONE.  Stolen by a young man with a killer voice… when he … … calmly, yet somewhat bashfully, acknowledges his introduction and then humbly ‘tips his hat’ to the people who … Continue reading

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David Archuleta sent tears to my smile

Entire Ribbon in the Sky (incl. middle section!) from JTTRYON20 (rotated by @MaggieFOD!): Ribbon in the Sky: Parts 1&2 How many times has David Archuleta done this to me? Countless times. And now one more. How about you? — Awestruck … Continue reading

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Dear Diary: My MoTab Miracle

December 21, 2011 During the day of David Archuleta’s Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance, standing in line, then entering the Conference Centre, it is curious that I feel none of the usual butterflies of anticipation to hear David sing nor the … Continue reading

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David Archuleta & MoTab: Surreal magnificence

Date: Friday December 17, 2010 Setting: LDS Conference Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah. A venue that holds 21, 000 people — it is mind blowing to see.  The tiered seats facing an enormous stage – about 3-4 stories high. … Continue reading

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Reflections on management

  The Plea Please don’t shake your head in disgust, suck on a lemon, or throw tomatoes just from reading the title – 😀 The Insight I know virtually nothing about the business side of the music world, but I … Continue reading

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The David Archuleta Galaxy

Many of today’s superstars have risen, exploded onto the scene really, only to burn out like a supernova. Burning with an intensity that is fast, furious, and eventually forgotten – except perhaps for the notoriety surrounding their explosive, destructive and … Continue reading

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David Archuleta: Thinking outside the box

People have tried to put David Archuleta in a box from the start. In Chords of Strength, I remember reading that when David was age 12 or 13, just after Star Search, Jeff Fenster told the Archuletas that his record … Continue reading

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Doing the math: How the TOSOD reviews add up

I have learned that reading David Archuleta album reviews can be bad for my heart. They are sometimes spot on, sometimes brutal, always opinionated, and most definitely more about readership or website “hits” than music appreciation.  Ultimate goal: To rile … Continue reading

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The phenomenon of a hug

Why do we hug? What magic does a hug have? What does it provide us with? Is it contagious? For me a hug represents a unique and special communication between human beings.  Next to music and song, I would put … Continue reading

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