True confession time

They say confession is good for the soul. So here goes….

I’ve tried my best to be a good, loyal David Archuleta fan, but nobody’s perfect, right? (okay, okay, except David)

Here’s where I’ve fallen off the ArchuWagon. I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive me:

Confession #1

On the Idol Tour, when I first saw David standing at the top of the “Apologize” staircase, I had a terrifying “We Can Work It Out” flashback. I thought he might stumble, forget the words, or both.

Maybe HE got over WCWIO, but I didn’t. Those stairs – and that fateful night – continue to haunt me. Every single week after that I feared he’d forget the lyrics again. And when he did, for Think of Me, I placed the blame squarely where it belonged – on Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and his ridiculous open-eyes obsession. He sat there in the audience that night glaring at David, daring him to blink – no wonder he was distracted – his eyes probably felt as dry as Lawrence of Arabia’s in a sandstorm.

Confession #2

At Christmas, when I gifted the CFTH CD to friends and family, I would first tear off the plastic wrap, remove the booklet, flip it open to the picture where he’s draped in Christmas lights and reinsert that one in front. That’s how much I hated the cover.

Confession #3a: I like that he looks worried -- as if he can't decide between the left side or the right.

Confession #3

I have not pre-ordered Chords of Strength. Oh, and I hate the title. I get the pun, but it gives me the heebie jeebies – I mean, why not, “Epiglottis of Glory” or “Tonsils of Steel.” I will buy the book, of course (heck, I even sprung for that Build-A-Bear ditty) but am really hoping for the audio version. And if it’s being marketed to teens and tweens, I suspect another cover intervention may be necessary. Breaking news: We’ve been spared!

Confession #4

I know it’s inevitable, but I don’t want his career to get Taylor-Swift-huge just yet … next year’s fine … or the year after, even.

Confession #5

When Oprah eventually wakes up, smacks her forehead, says “What was I thinking?” and invites David on her show, I secretly hope he snubs her to go visit widows or cut a ribbon on his chain of animal shelters.

(I also secretly hope he’s been watching this crop of Idol wannabes and cackling an evil laugh at their ineptitude as he polishes his ALMA Award … nah, not likely.)

Confession #6

I’ve never voted for him as Twitter King, Teen Choice or any of the online polls. *hides*

And what is wrong with shopping at "Hobos R Us"?

Confession #7

When he dresses “like a hobo” for VIPs, wears his Walmart coat liner to perform (the new Ford Day jacket!) and tweets “Sometimes I wish I could just wear the same thing every day. Cartoons do it. It’d make things a lot easier.” I applaud his disinterest in the slick fashionista ways of the JoBros, et al. and cheer “Hobos of the world unite, you have nothing to gain from designer labels!”

I also applaud the lack of vanity (and Eagle Scout “be prepared” approach) displayed by the stuff he carries in his pockets on stage. What do you think he’s got in there, anyway? Spare keys? Lunch money? The condensed Paul Coelho? A “Bachata for Dummies” DVD?

Confession #8

Not a fan of John Mayer (unless David’s singing his songs). For this, and all else, I am truly sorry, David.

My penance? 10 WCWIOs & 5 Coming to Americas? You tell me!


P.S. Confession #9, I don’t care what Simon says, LOVE With You.

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71 Responses to True confession time

  1. refnaf says:

    bah haah TOfan… Confession #3 “I suspect another cover intervention may be necessary” lol maybe not.

    BBL with my confessions… and your penance

  2. TOfan says:

    From end of last thread, from emmegirl:

    JR is the queen videographer! You can tell she really, really, I mean really, enjoys her job!

    TOfan, that twitvid of the entire Crush is great. Those guys are fangirling big time! Don’t ya just love it!

    Well, the countdown is on till March 1!

  3. Kizzi says:

    OK TOfan, that’ll be 15 Ave Maria’s (David style) on the steps of St Joseph’s Oratory in Mount Royal. 😉

    You didn’t vote for King of the Twitterati? WHOA! Very sUrPrIsEd here!

    And Oprah, meh, she doesn’t always know a good thing when she sees it. I mean she brought us Dr. Phil and well, you know what I mean.

    I can’t watch WCWIO either but I love the next week intro for his LAWR AI performance where he says he messed up before millions of people and the look on his face would melt the meanest of hearts. That expression should be a weapon used at the UN and flashed on video screens in Iran and Afghanistan – trucks with big screens on their roofs driving throughout the country with that expression would stop war instantly.

    So your soul must be really GOOOOOOD now, with all those confessions, eh?

    My own confession, I don’t collect YouTubes or pictures. Every now and then I download a mp3 or mp4 but not too much. Don’t care what he wears much either except I always note his shoes.

  4. beebee says:

    lolololol…. {{{TOfan}}} you’re the best! 🙂

    Here’s a confession: I do not particularly like the book cover. *runs and hides*

  5. janey says:

    beebee, do tell us why you don’t care for it..i’m very curious. you have such a great eye for this kind of thing.

    do tell!

  6. conditioner says:

    haha TOfan , too funny,….how long have you been keeping all this bottled up inside??? This must be so cathartic for you……
    I buried my head in my hands and sang ‘lalalalalala’ during WCWIO because I didn’t want to see or hear what happened next, I was so worried for him! haha. and yes, to this day, I still cringe until he is finished when he performs or is interviewed on the tube! His appearance on Idol last year made me REALLY nervous btw! Why is it when the idols go back there they tremble with fear!?!?
    Kizzi, I don’t collect the you tubes either, too many to count now aren’t there!?

    the book cover though, hmmm not bad, though yes the title is a little much.

    Oh, and TOfan, I confess, I have John Mayer and David alternating songs on my ipod, (runs and hides)

    Awaiting my penance,

  7. djafan says:

    TOfan….Great post!

    I also hope he gives Oprah the snub, that’s if she ever invites David to her show. I stopped watching her because of her snub.

    And what does he carry in those pockets?

    Have you served your penance? lol

  8. Lisa says:

    LOL, very good Tofan…that reminds me i need to confess to my girls that David’s valentine message wasn’t JUST for us!!! Hahaha can’t burst their bubble, as they are grade school age and think David called just us and left the message….if only!

  9. TOfan says:

    Lisa, lol, your girls thought David’s message was just for you? Too cute. Wait a minute … it wasn’t just for me? 😆

    beebee!!!!! Janey’s right, spill! Confession time here & we need to hear the deets! (For me, I was sure the book cover was going to be even more cringe-worthy than the CFTH cover so I was pleasantly surprised, but would love to hear your take on it.)

    Kizzi, “15 Ave Maria’s (David style) on the steps of St Joseph’s Oratory” … I don’t think I could do one bar of Ave Maria David style so back to the penance drawing board for me!

    {{{conditioner}}} “Why is it when the idols go back there they tremble with fear!?!?” I know!!! And David’s bound to be invited back this season, so we’d better practice relaxation techniques … or stock up on Prozac!

    dja, no penance yet! Still taking suggestions! 😆

  10. TOfan says:

    David joins We the Kings on stage for Heaven Can Wait!

  11. TOfan says:


    DAVID SONG LEAK! *spazzzzzzzzz*

    [EDIT: Sorry, felt I needed to pull it, folks until further notice … I remembered my motto “When in doubt, don’t.”]

    Confession #geez I’ve lost count: I’m only posting this temporarily until I can find out where it came from … plus, it’s spreading like wildfire!!!! … buzz is good right? I’m conflicted, what do you guys think?

    There’s a rumour it might be a “reject” from 1st album.

  12. beebee says:

    aj;fruqourqpworqj!!! DANG!!!! I was gonna try to explain my book cover comment…but…suprise appearance and SONG LEAKKKKK!!!! =:O aaaauuuggghhhh!!! *spazzzzzzz!*

  13. TOfan says:

    LOLOLOL beebee, we still want to hear your book cover thoughts!!!!

    Peeps on twitter are recommending not downloading this leaked song … I’m truly torn here … part of me thinks it creates great buzz for David’s upcoming album … loyal fans will buy the song anyway & it might attract new fans … but does it support piracy? Gah, don’t know what to think right now.

  14. awestruck says:

    Well TOfan – lots to laugh about and lots to think about.

    I too do not like John Mayer (I will have to join you in diong penance)… and I too love David’s TOTAL lack of worry about his fashion when doing impromptu sing alongs “Walmart coat liner” indeed LOL. I must admit I do want to thank him for being a little more fashionably inclined when performing his own shows though…

    Yup also to a slower build to his career… though it would be very interesting to see what he would do – likely accept?!? if Oprah were to extend an invite, as it would be a HUGE bit of exposure wouldn’t it.

    I confess to not being able to watch the conversation between Ryan Seacrest and David after he sang Shop Around. For some reason this made me really uncomfortable. But, I’ve gotten over being embarassed (I’m not sure that this is the right word or not for me) for David or worried about what an incident will do to his career/popularity/etc. Thus, I come to #3 – his memoir. David could have said no. He didn’t and seems to be involved in the editing… I think that some people are worried about this doing him negatively image wise, because of his addressing how his faith has supported and guided him. I don’t think everyone who listens to him sing will necessarily read this book. And for those who do – likely his more die hard fans – already appreciate his spiritual side. So if some are turned off by it, well then, they are not open to looking at a different view point in the first place. As for the cover and title, I like both.

    Now onto spazzing – song leak?

  15. awestruck says:

    Where’d the song leak come from TOfan?

  16. awestruck says:

    KDKAL:LJVJKLVJZPOCKVJOLB Wish I would have refreshed BEFORE downloading…

    I would not have done it, hangs head.

  17. awestruck says:

    Just DID NOT THINK – spam spazz, spam spazz

  18. TOfan says:

    LOL, awestruck … I’ve decided I can’t think clearly on the whole topic until I’ve stopped replaying it! lol Can hear him giving it even more soul & edge live with a band! gahhhhhh

    Ultimately, want to do what’s best for David … if he could just tweet & tell us what that is!!! 😆

    In the meantime, a pic of Jorvid from ArchuletaAvenue:

  19. --bianca says:

    That you would even hint that you need to do penance for being a fan in your own style is a reflection of a lemming-like nature of a large connected fan base. Surprise! Not everyone is alike! And I for one refuse to bow to that kind of pressure. I absolutely value this look into a fresh, refreshing, personal, and unique point of view.

    By the way, I would be honored if you would follow me on twitter @missbianca

  20. emmegirl says:

    TOfan – lol! Guilty – as soon as I saw the link I figured it was an intentional leak to create buzz along with the book buzz.

    Jenny from FOD says something tells her it is a demo from awhile back.

    I like it. I think it’s something the teens, younger fans would really like. And yeah TOfan, would love to hear him sing it live!

    (and you can disregard the fact that I am completely, whole-heartedly and unapologetically biased!)

    *Hope we get a better video of the WTK performance!

  21. WG says:

    Chords of stregnth could be translated as Vocal chords are strong.

  22. TOfan says:

    Acc. to mjsbigblog, “She’s Not You” was leaked from a Brazilian site (which also leaked a David Cook song at the same time btw) and it’s rumored to be one that didn’t make the cut for the first CD ( writers: Eman Kiriakou, Jesse Cates and Lindsey Robbins).

    The trouble with David’s label intentionally leaking songs to create buzz is that his fanbase is famous for DISCOURAGING the illegal download of his music so leaks might not spread as far as the label wants them to … ironic, no?

    MissBianca … can’t tell if that’s a compliment or not! LOL Am already following you *runs to check*

  23. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, really hard to create excitement and buzz when if kinda paralyzes the fanbase fearful that it might hurt him! You gotta love how much his fans love him!

    I really like the song. I like the sentiment and there is a message to it. If it’s not on the album, would still like to hear it at a concert!

  24. TOfan says:

    Good point, emme. I like the song too (esp. its acoustic vibe & the way his voice is out front on it) but I’d call it one of those “phonebook” songs, lol.

    Meaning (as Randy always said) David could sing the phonebook & sound incredible, so I’m not sure if that’s why I like it … is it what should be sent out to the world to represent his magic as an artist?, hmmm.

  25. Kizzi says:

    Wow – The twit vid was super fun to watch.

    & really enjoyed hearing “She’s Not You.” Sounds like a younger David. Buzz is good. Leaks to herald a new single is REALLY good! Just good, Good, GOod, GOOd, GOOD!!!

    True Confessions – lol TOfan – nice!

    Hi Miss Bianca – Just wanted to say that TOfan’s post is the epitome of tongue-in-cheek. I don’t tweet much but I’ll be sure to follow you now.

    From my time here, SAz is a laid-back, comfy place to come and read, comment and relax. No drama trauma or lemming-like rules and we do disagree. I think we enjoy our differences as much as we do our sameness.

  26. --bianca says:

    TOFan, yes, that was TOTALLY meant as a compliment to you. No you’re not following me (…yet, she says with hopeful eyes).

    Kizzi–does tongue-in-cheek mean that I just fell for 8 confessions that were not true at all and that there are no other fans who, like me, march to their own drummers? Dang!

    Or does it mean that she feels no need to do penance at all which is as it should be. Even the tongue-in-cheek reference to that shows that she is aware of the lemming herders (successful or unsuccessful as they may be). I have run afoul of them and am a bit touchy.

    I have read here a lot. Super-great essays, and I gave you a shout-out for it on my blog! Of course, I’m not Canadian but enjoy a little humour once in a while, eh?

  27. TOfan says:

    missbianca, Thanks for your shout-out & fighting the good fight against all lemming-herd onslaughts! 😆

    You’ll notice my only outright apology was to David himself! 😉 And that’s mostly for the last confession … I know what a big fan of John Mayer’s he is. Mayer writes some killer songs but I only really “hear” them when David’s doing the singing.

    kizzi, I’ve been trying to find out more about this “leak” … it’s looking more and more like an outtake from album #1 rather than new stuff. A few peeps have tweeted Eman about it, maybe he’ll give us more clues.

  28. beebee says:

    Hey, y’all, today ran away with me (outside of archu_world, and even outside earthquake, tsunami & hurricaine world). Wanted to pop back in much earlier but couldn’t.

    I’m really digging the leaked tune. It’s just such a treat to hear him lay that voice on yet another song. (And yeah, would LOVE to see a live performance of it!) Yes, it’s “young” and it’s pure pop… which, as I understand it, David wants to embrace. Works for me! As for the phenomenon of song leaks, I’m somewhat conflicted (or, really, just confused) —they do seem to be all part of the biz. David, gimme a chance to PAY for it… you know I WILL!

    Now, about the book cover…first, lemme just say I’m not all up in arms about it or anything. Not at all. I just find the cyan typography unnecessarily overbearing and jarring and the overall color palette to be too cold. To me, that cyan just outscreams any sublte virtues in the photo and drags it all deeper into the ice box. (NOISY ice box…lol) I look at it and crave some warmth, subtlety and depth. (Lord knows, David is nothing if not warm and deep. lol) To me the flesh tones and texture seem off and the harsh back light, cool palette and screamer cyan only amplify this. But all that said, I’m still just as thrilled as anybody else to see an actual book cover (and one with a more mature looking David on it, no less. Progress!)

    Who knows… could be that seeing a larger, higher-resolution digital image of it—or the actual printed piece (*grabby hands*)—would improve my response. A decent print job on a nice dust jacket could dissipate these complaints altogether. Hard to say. At any rate, I’m certainly not losing sleep over it. It appears the general response to it has been hugely positive, which is FABOO! Yay! \o/

    OK Phew. Confession complete. I’m thinkin’ if I march my bad self straight to the “Reno Works For Me Torture Chamber” for a day, followed by an additional day in the “Bubbly Vortex ‘o’ FLAMING HECK” this should cover my penance. Oui?

  29. Kizzi says:

    Sunday Morning treat:

    David singing with We The Kings at Salt Lake City on Friday night – much, much, much better video and the audio is a little clearer but crackly.

    High energy, uses the stage, happy to be singing…yes, that and so fun to watch and listen to! He should be the spokesman for Life Is Good clothing.

  30. Kizzi says:

    Snarky’s posted “She’s Not You” lyrics (below). I like the song, the lyrics are about youthful relationships (whether youthful in years or in one’s heart 🙂 ) Its fun, fresh, very pop.

    I think it was recorded in 2008 because it sounds to my ear like a younger David. And the music and beat sounds like Top 40 fare of 2 years ago.

    I don’t think it is a Top 40 hit single although I am always glad to hear anything David sings, even snippets, poor video/bad audio fan videos 😀

    I’ve been reading comments from fans about the song and some don’t think the song fits David because of the lyric about kissing. LOL. And some are saying its too shallow and hmmmm…lots of interesting observations.

    Oh, and lots of positive comments too. How much fun to get a leaked song during the ArchuDrought – which doesn’t seem like much of a drought except no tour – we’ve been spoon fed something every week – I’m thinking his Azoff & his PR people do know what they are doing. Guess I need to take a page from David’s tweet yesterday about being grateful for what you have.


    See how shes looking in my eyes and any guy would kill for that
    shes a beautiful girl, and shes into me, but I’m to busy still looking back.
    Now I’m walking her to the door trying to kiss her goodnight
    but something inside just don’t feel right
    my friends tell me tell me give it up so I’ve been tryin move on (some think the 2nd “tell me” in this verse is really “dummy”)
    but my hearts still caught and my heads not clear of the pictures from before you were gone
    and I never wanna hurt no one try to forget your name
    something inside just don’t feel the same

    No, she’s not you and I don’t know what to say, but I’ll say it anyway
    no matter what I do, I can’t believe the lie and I just can’t see it through
    no she’s not you.

    I woke up in the middle of the night
    started reaching for the phone
    had to take a breath and remind myself that you said you needed time alone
    didn’t know what I wanted then, and I know I let you down
    baby I know what I gotta do now, oh

    She’s not you, and I don’t know what to say, but I’ll say it anyway
    no matter what I do, I can’t believe the lie and I just can’t see it through

    She’s not you when she smiles,
    not you when she wakes,
    you when she crys,
    not you when she breaks,
    and I dont wanna hurt her,
    but I know that it’s true,
    she’s not you,
    not you.

    No, she’s, she’s not you. I don’t know what to say, but I’ll say it anyway
    no matter what I do, I can’t believe the lie, and I just can’t see it through
    she’s not you

  31. SandyBeaches says:

    In the middle of this “True Confession Time” I must ask all Canucks…Do you Believe yet??? What a fabulous kitchen party…that is what we call the best of the best parties in Atlantic Canada. They sing it 200 ways! I have been watching until my eyes can hardly open. This afternoon will break all records of Canadian TV viewing…believe me! It will be 35,000,000 strong. Get the babies out of their cribs mothers.

    Now following this brief interruption, I will take you back to the ‘fabulous and funny’…”True Confession Time”…


  32. awestruck says:

    Oh Yes SB I believe! Maybe, just maybe we will, after the hockey game, we will have set a new record of 14 Gold medals for one country at a winter Olympics. But, if we don’t, it will still be an absoulutely wonderful ‘Own the Podium’ result. It will certainly be a big adjustment for me time wise -maybe I will actually be able to get some work done!

    beebee – Great insight on the book cover, and yes to more warmth would be something I’d like to see, but am wondering if they are trying to “fit” it to the title. Gray/black = steel = strength??? Your penance? Sounds like heaven to me lol

    Kizzi – after my over the top reaction yesterday – smacks oneselfe upside the head – and multiple listens to She’s Not You, I’d agree it is a younger sounding David. And, I will buy the tune if given the opportunity – I am a loyal fan, haha. You keep things grounded Kizzi!

  33. TOfan says:

    SB, LOL, definitely Believe … and what I now love about that VANOC Olympic catchphrase is that it came to mean something completely separate from winning medals — that we believe in the Canadian spirit, the “kitchen party” joy and togetherness that bubbles up and keeps us warm through these long winters! Will be sad when they’re over. 😦

    I showed the cover to Mr. TOfan (he’s in print production) and the 1st thing he said was “don’t like the cyan” LOL. You’re right, it has an overall “coolness” rather than warmth … reminds me of ALTNOY-vid David. I’m just so relieved that he looks his age here (unlike the CFTH cover) and that his name is bigger than the title I confessed to getting creeped out by above.

    I meant to thank you earlier for your comment, but I think that translation is what makes me most uncomfortable about the title.

    Kizzi, yes, probs from the 1st CD. Wouldn’t it be great if he’d put all his “rejects/outtakes” on CD for fans only… like Dylan’s basement tapes! 😆

  34. TOfan says:

    awestruck, simultaneous comments FTW!!! (yes, I think beebee’s penance is needed now! 🙂 )

  35. Abrra says:


    My confession is I have to “fix” some videos. LOL I did a mash up today of that We The Kings video.

    I watched it with no sound and Elvis spoke to me. He was All Shook Up:


  36. beebee says:

    lol, TOFan, I decided to withhold the full blown print production version of my… analysis. But… yeah. Pure cyan sets off all kinds of print production bells and alarms for me…lol

    Awestruck, hi! I don’t need to make a big deal of it all. I just have my own take on it. There are ways to get the warmth (or at least let it in the door) and still convey the steel/strength. But… hey, not gonna lose sleep over it. 🙂 RUH ROH… more penance! (Oh, hurt me! kikiki)

    BTW, “She’s Not You” is overtaking my brain… LOL. Hearing that voice on a new poppy tune just…gah!… it’s such a treat! And speaking of treats, what a joy the We The Kings vid is! BRANG IT, DAVID! Wooot!

  37. TOfan says:

    {{{Abrra}}}} You leave us all shook up! 😆

    I can’t get enough of “Minty fresh” Crush … from the crescendo to the end, wowzaaa!

    Download the mp3 here:

    (beebee, SNY sort of reminds me of Elliott Yamin’s 1st album (the only other Idol CD I’ve ever bought … eek, another confession!))

  38. emmegirl says:

    saw these at FOD, thought I’d share:

    @ericnicks: Everyone follow my new incredible producer @Justa_beast he just produced a smash for @DavidArchie

    @augustrigo: Mixing @davidarchie record. Sounds pretty damn great. This guy can REALLY SING!!!

    @augustrigo: Shout out to @stereotypestv on the track for @davidarchie song. CRAZY!!!

    @Justa_Beast: Just finished a smash with @davidarchie and @augustrigo, Good looking out to my manager @ericnicks


  39. --bianca says:

    Ahhh, La Belle Beebee and another astute technical analysis. You know how I admire your eye. Thought I’d give my graphics geek an outing for the cover.

    First, I loved it and I continue to love it. The entire cover exists to focus me on that face, that expression, those shoulders…the David. I like the cold lighting, reminds me of the ALTNOY vid, which I also liked. This may be a personal preference.

    The typography? I had 3 simultaneous thoughts: color, isn’t that the “color of the year” from Pantone? (Color, yeah…goes back and looks at eyes.) Font: boring (goes back and looks at slight smile). Grunge: tacky, unnecessary (goes back and admires the play of light and shadow on the photo). Yeah, not memorable. Didn’t assault my sensibilities, just kept bouncing my eyes back to the photo.

  40. --bianca says:

    Abrra, I adore your mashup! Elvis was really somethin’. David’s a little somethin’ somehin’ himself.

  41. emmegirl says:

    Congratulations Canada on your hockey win and to hosting an incredible Olympic games! Yours is a beautiful and warm country!

  42. refnaf says:


  43. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl thanks!

    ditto refnaf!

  44. TOfan says:

    Thanks, emmegirl! Hope we get to par-tay like this with you all when David comes up to tour! Wooooot!

    {{{refnaf & awestruck}}}}

    Just saw this on Twitter … can you imagine???
    @trentcruz In church this guy behind me is belting out the hymns like he’s auditioning for American Idol. Then I turn around, it’s David Archuleta.


  45. SandyBeaches says:

    Tofan, refnaf, awestruck and everyone under the red Maple Leaf! BRAVO! Phew…I am thrilled for all the medalists and for the boy down the street. Sidney Crosby will go down in the history books because hockey in Canada makes history. What a fabulous closing concert it should be tonight. Enjoy…


  46. awestruck says:

    TOfan – wouldn’t that be something. Obviously not a die hard fan though – had to turn around and see him to recognize him. I’m thinking that we all would have known it was him from the very first note, lol.

  47. awestruck says:

    from HEARING the very first note…

  48. refnaf says:

    Busy, exciting, fun weekend!! I confess to being very proud as a Canadian this morning, but that hockey game just about did me in!!!

    “She’s not You” very catchy, having a new song on the dpod is good for me, sorry I was not here to *spazz* when it first leaked. We are a devoted and loving fanbase that is for sure…the idea of peeps thinking David and the kissing line don’t jive makes me LMAO. He can emote on all kinds of songs, I’m sure that that line poses no probs for him, lol.

    I like the coolness of the book cover, the serious contemplative look on his face… like he knows something importatnt and he is going to share it in this book. It will probably relate more to younger people, but I am still looking forward to it… (good fan)

    My confessions:
    I don’t want David to ever get “Taylor Swift” big> I want him to have a slow quiet ride to legend status, without all the “flavour of the month” hoopla

    I have never bought him any gifts beyond a chapstick…

    I like him to keep wearing Walmart clothes.

    awstruck.. This “I confess to not being able to watch the conversation between Ryan Seacrest and David after he sang Shop Around. For some reason this made me really uncomfortable.” lol, my confession is the opposite, I watched it over and over, and I did want to adopt him!!!

    Love seeing new peeps here and I need to say > what a lovely bunch of snowangelz!

  49. refnaf says:

    TOfan … forgot to say your penance is going on a David tour with me…

    Yes awestruck… David sitting behind you in church!!! that would be a spiritual high!!

  50. archiesfan4life says:

    I have been MIA for a few weeks – between those dang real life issues and watching the Olympics:)

    I just wanted to say thank you to your beautiful country for 16 days of joy, heart-touching moments, and some nail-biting moments too:).

    Congrats on winning the hockey game!

  51. betsy says:

    Tofan – you make me smile.
    I have a few confessions of my own.
    1) I don’t like being told to go vote. Reminded is a different matter. 🙂
    2) I cannot ever watch the post idol TMH performance. From last year. I get nervous thinking about it.
    3) While I love that he bought a Walmart coat & gets alot of use out of it, I secretly wish he would’ve spent a little more and bought a Columbia. They are warmer. (I’ve had the same one for 8 years) I feel I am in the minority on this one.
    4) I never pre-ordered the first album – just picked it up at the store. I did pre-order the 2nd one. (bad, bad fan)

  52. betsy says:

    One more thing – offtopic. Joel McHale (The Soup) did a bit about the red Olympic mittens & Oprah. It was hilarious.
    p.s. I hope he never goes on Oprah.

  53. Utahmom says:

    Coming out of lurkdom cuz I LOVED your article, TOfan! Although, I’m a little freaked out because somehow you knew exactly what I was thinking…Oh, and as a Canadian living in the US, it has been so fun to have Canada in the spotlight!
    PS I hope he never goes on Oprah either…

  54. TOfan says:

    Utahmom!!! Welcome!!!
    How cool, a Canadian in David’s home state, please de-lurk more often!!!

    ref & awestruck, I confess to watching that post-Shop Around exchange w/Ryan over & over too (and also wanting to adopt him, lol).

    archiesfan4life! *waves* Thanks so much, both hockey teams were so evenly matched I really wished they could’ve handed out 2 gold medals. SB, how cool that Hfx hero Sid the Kid scored that big goal!!!

    Betsy, LOL, I have a Columbia jacket too! Another confession, unlike David, I avoid Walmart at all costs … last time I was there was to buy his 1st CD, and when I found out the Cdn versions didn’t come with Works for Me I renewed my vow to never return.

    Re SNY, I liked it at first, then the boy-bandy chorus started to bug me so I didn’t listen to it at all yesterday … but this morning, I woke up with the tune stuck in my head (still there) … guess I’m a little too not over it. 😆

  55. awestruck says:

    OK link no longer has the song …

  56. stenocruiser says:

    All is well — Abrra found it:

    [EDIT: Don’t hate me guys but especially since this single is for charity, I humbly request that you don’t post the mp3 link here. If anyone can’t access or afford the iTunes version, email me at and I’m happy to gift it to you! –TOfan 🙂 ]

    So good!

  57. TOfan says:

    A breakdown of who sings what on Somos el Mundo (link thanks to @frogcooke):

  58. comolaflor says:

    This version is VERY WELL DONE! There are some beautiful voices on this version and, of course, loved DAVID! on this. Can’t wait to see it all tonight.

    David sings, “somos amor, somos el mundo” in one part and “llenos de esperanza” in another and the other I haven’t figured out yet.

    Way, way excited for tonight. 🙂

  59. Abrra says:

    Yes I searched SomoElMundo and it wasn’t hard to locate a file. I shared it , knowing we fans are gong to purchase the iTunes version and support the cause.

    I also KNOW we want the mp3 NOW! :))

    I made a ring tone for iPhone (m4r format) of the 9 sec middle part David sings. You can download it here:


  60. TOfan says:

    Can’t wait to see the actual video, but in the meantime, (from snarkies) David comes in at 2:10, 4:20 & 6:20!!!

  61. beebee says:

    watching “the actual video”….*spazz*spazz*spazz*

  62. TOfan says:

    Great news, Cdn iTunes has it up!!!


  63. TOfan says:

    Can watch Univision’s feed HERE (click play on gray box).

    Download Abrra’s mashup of David’s solos HERE.

    Back to *spazzzzzzz*
    (Andy Garcia on bongos? :lol:)

    And full Somos El Mundo artist list HERE.

  64. refnaf says:

    Missed last night’s spazz fest, **spazz now**

  65. TOfan says:

    Although I do love watching the whole thing … that white-haired guy near the beginning ROCKS! … and Jon Secada & Gloria Estefan? wowza!!! But, ay carumba, fasten your seatbelts for Angelica’s vid mashup of David’s solos:

  66. djxox says:

    😯 😯 😯 😯

    ¡David BUENO justo no juega limpio a veces y esto (SEM) es prueba! ¿Cómo puede hacer él esto a nosotros? ¿Y ahora él está apagado leer al alumnos del cuarto grado? El es justo demasiado. ¡Qué un tipo! ¡El Dr Suess FTW!! ¡Las marcas que mí quiero tener Huevos y Jamón Verdes!

    Yes TOfan~ The white hair guy in the beginning..def ROCKS!! as do so many others. I am enjoying this performance waaayy too much…lol… So there ya go, I have confessed.. and that’s all I’ll say… 😉

    As far as the book cover~ I love it.. It is like a mountain climb…or should I say volcano?? Start at the bottom at the cool blue title and climb up over his name grab onto onto the man hand and leap onto the OTHER man hand…*tread lightly here*…. and leap onto that chin and work your way to those eyes and………*POOF* your gone over the edge into the molten hot lava pit of THOSE eyes……and good luck trying to get out!! Yeah, I guess you could say I am liking the cover. 🙂

    Does that count for 2 confessons?? 😉

  67. TOfan says:

    {{{{{dj}}}} you’re trilingual, French, English & Spanish!!!!! No idea what you said in para. 1 but love your book cover Mt. Everest expedition! LOL

    And now without further ado, David’s latest TwitPic:

    cat in hat

    I don’t even know where to begin with this … I am completely undone … my two worlds collide: David + reading = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ … then throw in fourth graders and a Cat in the Hat hat and I seriously need to lie down.

    I truly can’t take much more of this folks. I remember at an early gathering of SnowAngelz, talking about how David always manages to pull something magical out of his hat. Oh. My. Gosh. He is officially too, too much.

    places you go

  68. Kizzi says:

    dj – What visual – the Mt Everest expeditionary force on a climb ascending from cold to warmth – LOL’ing here.

    TOfan – Thanks for the pictures and for…

    “I am completely undone … my two worlds collide: David + reading = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ … then throw in fourth graders and a Cat in the Hat hat and I seriously need to lie down.”

    Seriously GOOD people do seriously GOOD things.

    And these twitpics are SERIOUSLY GOOD!

    BTW Today is National Read Across America Day an observance held on Dr. Seuss’ (aka Theordore Seuss Geisel) birthday

  69. Yan says:

    the funniest bit for me is this:

    (I also secretly hope he’s been watching this crop of Idol wannabes and cackling an evil laugh at their ineptitude as he polishes his ALMA Award … nah, not likely.)

    Try to imagine David doing that. LOL.

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