The David Archuleta Music Scholarship



Last fall, a group of fans got together trying to come up with alternative gifts to give David for Christmas and his birthday! They wanted to come up with something that may have a lasting impression, and would show David the love that he always shows to his fans. Brainstorming began….

The seed was planted…it has grown, changed and has been nourished by many of David’s fans working together to make this happen. We want this to be a gift from ALL fans around the world. Therefore……….



David has done so much for his fans. We would like to honor him by showing our support for this wonderful cause ….gifting talented students with scholarships to encourage them to keep the music alive.

Each year the music scholarship(s) will be awarded to a senior student(s) from David’s home town high school: Murray High School, in Murray, Utah. These will be given to those who have plans of furthering their education in music.

Please join us and help give back to David by gifting Murray High School Students by donating to:

‘THE DAVID ARCHULETA MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP: Visit our web site at and check out our web page for all the details.

Your donation, large or small, will help fund higher education, keep music alive, and honour David…all at the same time.

You are all invited to participate. All donors names, city and state (or province), will be included in a journal that will be given to David. (The donation amount WILL NOT BE INCLUDED.)

Fans, let’s all put our hearts together and show David our love for music … and for him.

WE “Can’t Let The Music Stop”!

[Note: SnowAngelz is not involved with this program but was asked (along with other fan sites) by the David Archuleta Music Scholarship organizing committee to make this special announcement right away so a student from this year’s graduating class will be able to receive a scholarship.]

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2 Responses to The David Archuleta Music Scholarship

  1. TOfan says:

    dj, it’s tradition, every time you comment, a new post goes up! (maybe an angel also gets its wings, who knows! :lol:)

    From end of previous thread, from djxox:

    ToFan~ Sherpa guides? Not with those eyes guiding us..LOL.. Just bring your Snuggie and dPod in case you want to stop and nestle along the way. 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your poem! You are very clever my friend.

    Kizzi~ love your additions as well…

    “The Snow Angelz had everything
    fans might need.
    And they were all happy.
    Quite happy indeed.”

    You all make me 🙂 {{hugs}}

  2. TOfan says:

    From ArchieFanDoc, re previous post:

    Love this TOfan – hope you don’t mind – reposted it on Fan Scene, more people should get to enjoy this 🙂 !

    Love the scholarship idea!!!

    And here’s a NY story discussing the sad state of this year’s crop of Idols, that includes David’s Imagine vid. *sniff*

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