ODDrought Survival Guide Part 2

"... nothing, not even a @DavidArchie food tweet..."

We’re in the middle of a David drought and since we’re all going a little stir crazy I was thinking, why not turn this into something positive, David would be so proud of us!

I took some time to compile a list of activities to help keep everyone busy during this down time:

1. Alphabetize your YouTube videos of David. WARNING: This can be a very dangerous endeavour. You can easily fall into the DVV (David Video Vortex). I made the mistake of viewing each video before alphabetizing it. Some required (ahem) multiple viewings. I began my “project” on a Friday evening. By Sunday, I had only made it to Barriers. I think you catch my drift. Proceed with caution.

2. Crunch the numbers. Make an appointment with your investment counselor to discuss the financial planning that will be required to fund all the VIP tickets you’ll be purchasing. Rethink your current strategy. Do your kids REALLY need to go to college? Why should YOU have to pay for their wedding? And as far as retirement goes, you could just sell the house and buy a Winnebago. You’ll be on the road “touring,” so you won’t need a house, right?

3. Inspect yer gadgets. Check the status of all the electronic devices that you’ve purchased since becoming a David fan. Cell phones, laptops, iPods, digital cameras, GPS’s and all of the associated batteries, adapters, chargers, power cords and carrying cases. Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Activate Twirl-Cam, stat!!!

    Is your current cellular phone plan, cell phone, battery life and reception adequate for all the texting, tweeting, TwitPicing and cellcasting you’ll be doing?

  • Does your digital camera take really clear pictures and is it capable of capturing Mr. A when he’s running and twirling all over the stage?
  • And that video camera, can it zoom in REALLY close, like enough to see the hair on the back of a gnat? Is it small enough to hide from security?
  • Do you have the most current software on your GPS so you won’t get lost in all of the strange new cities you’ll be traveling to for DA’s concerts?

4. Check your luggage. Does it have wheels? You may also need a larger suitcase to carry all the aforementioned equipment from concert to concert, not to mention extra space for the multiple outfits, shoes and accessories you’ll be bringing when you can’t make up your mind on what to wear for your VIP picture with David.

5. International fan alert. Is your passport up to date? Have you practiced the deep-breathing exercises necessary to maintain composure when being grilled by border patrol? (See previous Border Crossings post for more tips.)

6. Practice your screams. Stamina is the goal.  Endurance is required to be able to scream through David’s entire set.  You can practice by screaming at the dog, your kids, your significant other, your neighbor or complete strangers. Or for inspiration, go bungee jumping or ride the REALLY BIG roller coaster at the amusement park — whatever it takes to get those lungs in shape.

Hopefully, if we follow these simple guidelines, we’ll be ready for David’s next tour!



Contest #2: Enter today!

And the Gold Medal winner of the “If David ran the Olympics” contest is *drum roll*…
Fanis Archangelicus! The contest was a random draw of all entries, but to refresh your memory, Fanis suggested that if David ran the Games: “all cats in the vicinity of the venues would have to be hushed.” 😆 Congrats, Fanis, and thank you to all who contributed such podium-worthy ideas!

Olympic Mittens Contest #2
And the winners are … *drum roll* … djxox and awestruck! Congratulations to you both!


There's a song in my heart :)
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82 Responses to ODDrought Survival Guide Part 2

  1. Jeffr says:

    LOL, can’t remember how many times I’ve heard these concerns over the past 20 months. However, anyone who screams while David is singing or speaking, will get the evil eye from me. I don’t want to hear you, I want to hear him! Feel free to let loose at full volume after the last note though! 🙂

  2. TOfan says:

    I hear you on the screaming! (pun intended!) But I just have to say that it’s something that’s often beyond your control where a David concert is concerned. I remember the first time it happened to me, at the end of My Hands — a primal scream spontaneously erupted from me … had NEVER done that before. Ever. I think I looked around to see who’d done that. lol

    Joner, thanks for this amazing guidebook … so much work to do, so little time! Touring the shows in a Winnebago …ah, would that not be ArchuHeaven? 😆

    • JONER says:

      I’m in my research mode. I just can’t decide which model I’m gonna get yet… http://www.winnebagoind.com


    • Kizzi says:

      LOL Tofan – you reminded me of attending the 1st AI 7 Tour stop at Glendale AZ and having front row, end of the runway seats. I was quite hoarse after the concert and didn’t remember screaming thus wondering about the hoarseness. However, there exists a video on YouTube of the performance where my screams are quite audible and identifiable – what can I say!! *blushes* The spirit moved me–lol.

      Geez – I guess a benefit of being this old is I can finally be a groupie and afford it – eh?

      What a great use for a RV – Joner – 🙂

  3. Jeffr says:

    TOfan, lol, ahhh, but you waited until the end of the song, love ya for that. Naturally one would expect more, audience participation, during David’s more rockin’ and athletic songs, totally would expect that. On the flip side, when David sang Ave Maria in Stroudsburg, the audience was reduced to complete silence, the shear beauty of it, no one wanted to miss a note. Sitting in a box seat I had the luxury of observing the entire audience, and David of course. One of the most incredibly emotional experiences ever, and when the song was over I saw the ENTIRE audience bound to their feet in a deafening scream and applause, nearly blowing us out of the box! I can’t tell that story to anyone without choking up. It was so beautiful to see the audience act with such reverence for the song, and respect for David. No matter how you slice it, David’s audience is the best. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      wow, chills over your Stroudsburg Ave Maria description … I was at that show too, you’re right, it was incredible. And, yes, everyone leaping to their feet … pure magic!

  4. Kathy says:

    Oh, how I love this post. I just hope to heck my husband and kids don’t run across it because they might begin to fear that I’m going to give up the house and college accounts. I know you weren’t completely serious, and I know they know I wouldn’t seriously do such things. But the fact that all of this time has passed without any signs of wavering devotion on my part might make all of us wonder a smidge.

    And JeffR, I love your post about Stroudsburg. The great thing, too, about David and concerts, is that, although you never know which song be *that* one for him and the audience, there almost always is a *that* one. Which is why we need to save those pennies and see him at every possible opportunity.

    Ready for the tour. Anyone get wind of one yet?

  5. Fanis Archangelicus says:

    Wow! So suprised. I never win anything. Pumping my red-mittened fist to the sky in triumph! Woot!!!

    By the way, a local (Salt Lake City) news station did a story on the red mittens and how much in demand they are. We take the Olympics seriously here.

    I’m ready for a tour too. I miss David’s tours so much. I was fortunate to be present on the very first night of the Christmas tour. So many moments of chills and thrills and leaky eyes. My daughter (who liked David a lot but was a more casual fan) came out of there wiping her eyes, sighing, and saying, “I think I’m going to start calling him my little angel boy.”

    Wouldn’t it be something if David did a book-signing tour and released a single at the same time?

  6. Fanis Archangelicus says:

    Um…make that surprised. Sheesh!

  7. refnaf says:

    Yay> congrats Fanis!! Woot ! These are lovely warm mitts!

    Joner> bahhhaaa I NEED TOUR NOW *stomps feet*
    “Do your kids REALLY need to go to college? Why should YOU have to pay for their wedding? And as far as retirement goes, you could just sell the house and buy a Winnebago. You’ll be on the road “touring,” so you won’t need a house, right?”
    Sign me up> pleease????

  8. emmegirl says:

    Joner, check, check, check …I am getting there!
    It’s exhausting …and so worth it!

    kizzi, {{hugs}} to you and Mr k.

  9. TOfan says:

    Another pic from the Spanish WATW taping:

    Con el maravilloso David Archuleta on Twitpic

  10. Abrra says:


    I do alphabetize my youtube’s in my files. LOL
    After I download them , I go back and rename them by removing”David Archuleta” from the file name. They instantly “self-alphabetize”. 🙂

    I was there in Stoudsburgh, I think we met. We had the same experience at the end of OHN. I recall everyone standing stunned with a ” did you SEE that and HEAR that?” look. I know I saw an angel that night on stage.


    • Jeffr says:

      Hi Abrra, you gave us the wonderful cd? (thank you again, so much). Yes, it was the same experience after OHN. It was stunning. We all walked out of there with our mouths hanging open, stumbling into the street in a daze. Didn’t want that moment to end. Indeed, “did you SEE that and HEAR that?” You saw what we saw.

  11. TOfan says:

    Great tip, Abrra! Thanks!

    And newsflash! David finally gets some buzz in a Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star (from @John_AF’s tweet):

    “Emilio and Gloria Estefan and other celebrities, including Carlos Santana, Jose Feliciano and American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, gathered to record a Spanish-language version of “We are the World” on Friday to raise money for Haiti earthquake victims.”

    I love that David’s the only other performer mentioned with such legends as Estefan, Santana and Feliciano! Wooooot!

    • Jeffr says:

      TOfan, on Saturday, on WABC radio in NY, during a newsbreak they reported on the recording of WATW in spanish, and mentioned 4 “artists” involved in the recording, the third name they mentioned was, David Archuleta! I can’t even remember the other 3 names they mentioned, haha. I heard that report twice on the radio that day.

  12. emmegirl says:

    “I love that David’s the only other performer mentioned with such legends as Estefan, Santana and Feliciano! Wooooot!”

    TOfan, I’ve noticed that in several write-ups too! 🙂

  13. TOfan says:

    And more exciting news via Twitter:

    @DizzyLizzy88 For those of you who follow me but don’t speak Spanish I asked Angelica Vale if David had a solo in Somos El Mundo and she said he DOES

    @DizzyLizzy88 She is a Mexican artist who was part of the project I know we thought & hoped but it’s confirmed 🙂

    *srsly spazzing*

  14. abanana77 says:

    HAHAHAH I put my videos in Chronological order.

    I think I will get through this drought by actually downloading the youtube videos and putting them on my ipod. Which I keep putting it off because it’s tedious. Haha.

    Also if anyone is talented and wants to get through the archu-drought by making fan videos… I will watch them! Hahahaha. I would but I am talentless and don’t know how to work programs.

    Also the red mitts are sooo overhyped but AWESOME! Haha I didn’t have any and all my friends did and I had the whole “those are too overhyped. I don’t want any” attitude. But then my mom bought me some for Valentines Day and I love them! (Haha I fit in with the rest of Canada now!)

  15. TOfan says:

    abanana77, Olympic mitts FTW!!! (I think even Lloyd Robertson has a pair 😆 )

    Here are some shots from the Somos El Mundo studio:

  16. Kizzi says:

    Here is a video from univision.com – all in spanish but shows live videos of singing of “Somos El Mundo” towards the end of the video. David appears around 4.34 mark and a few times thereafter


  17. Angelica says:


    Too much to love about this post. So funny yet there is a ring of truth in it that is oddly disturbing. lol.

    “You can practice by screaming at the dog, your kids, your significant other, your neighbor or complete strangers. Or for inspiration, go bungee jumping or ride the REALLY BIG roller coaster at the amusement park — whatever it takes to get those lungs in shape.”

    LOLOLOL!! Not a bad idea. I came home hoarse for 3 days after a concert last summer. And I have already begun crunching the numbers by opening a David savings account. I also would like to add working on jumping and actually getting my feet to part contact with the floor instead of just bouncing like a kangaroo. I got no lift. I didn’t even know I’d lost it.

  18. TOfan says:

    David tweets “Got to share the stage and sing Crush for the 1st time with the guys who wrote it, Jess Cates, Eman, and Dave Hodges. Had a blast!”

    david archuletta randomly sitting in. on Twitpic

  19. Kizzi says:

    Here is a twitvid of that “Crush” performance TOfan (http://www.twitvid.com/96EDA) and Abrra turned put it on YouTube as a mash up! Apparently someone tweeted who was there that he turned grown men in 14 year old girls – LOLOLOLOL!

  20. TOfan says:

    Angelica, “I got no lift. I didn’t even know I’d lost it.” LOLOLOL I hear ya, sistah! 😆

    Kizzi & Abrra, thanks!!!

    Between those snippets & Canada’s ice dance gold last night, this crush ain’t goin’ away-ay-ay-ay!

    okay, this is technique nerdiness, but I was listening to Crush this morning and noticing how David forms the vowel sound at the end of “away” … instead of focusing on the “y” which would have made that repeat ending really annoying, he actually opens it up and makes it more of a “ya” so we get the open, more pleasing “aaaaa” sound … sheer brilliance, and I only just noticed that. *face palm*

  21. TOfan says:

    An audio youTube from jwipe! Download mp3 HERE (thx. nareejo)

  22. Kizzi says:

    “…I don’t normally look this bad…”

    “…I usually look awesome…”

    “…usually there’s more gel in your hair…”

    “…I don’t have any…”

    “…I love these guys, they are special…”

  23. munkmusic says:

    kizzi, David wasn’t the one who said “I usually look awesome…..it was Hodges or Eman…they were talking back and forth….David said, “I usually look inbetween….”

    What an awesome performance!

  24. Kizzi says:

    thanks munkmusic – “he usually looks inbetween?” LOL

  25. TOfan says:

    “I usually look in between”?????? He is too, too much.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s like a Princess kissed Yoda and out popped David Archuleta!


  26. refnaf says:

    OMgosh> he looks “inbetween” Seriously how does he come up with this stuff.

  27. djxox says:

    Surviving the Archudrought..part duex…hmmm..

    Planning ahead for the Canadian tour~ I am having my passport pic taken wearing a David Archuleta t shirt (closeup of the ArchuGaze eyes of course) just to stop the interrogation of the border patrol in their tracks. Hypnotized, mesmerized…..another one bites the dust…. NEXT!!…. 🙂

    As far as scream endurance, first I must figure out how to BREATHE when he sings… me>>> 😯

    Now off to master tweeting..twitvid..twitpic’ing…

  28. djxox says:

    TOfan~ “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s like a Princess kissed Yoda and out popped David Archuleta!” LOL

  29. TOfan says:

    {{{dj}}} I love that you’re planning to come up for the Canadian tour! Wooot! (or that you even used the words “Canadian tour” 🙂 )

    But, wearing an “I ♥ David” T-shirt for your passport pic is a brilliant strategy! ROTFLMAO … Why did I never think of that?

    Goodness knows, your French is already merveilleuse! 😆

  30. Angelica says:

    oh I didn’t see that quote by David before I posted.

    “I usually look inbetween.”

    Yeah, inbetween awesome and bad. 😛

  31. awestruck says:

    djxox – “As far as scream endurance, first I must figure out how to BREATHE when he sings… ” LOL

  32. awestruck says:

    Angelica – that vid is a HOOT! Oprah indeed

  33. jackryan4DA says:

    Hi everyone 🙂

    In case anyone is interested with the all-spanish vids of univision, I uploaded them in YT, here is the latest that I could have access to:

    Another peek at the Somos El Mundo gathering

    David comes in at 2:58

    This was not available yesterday, in my sphere. So I snapped it up as soon as I saw it earlier. There are two more vids (..a todo pulmon & detras de …) which hopefully will come live for me tonight, then I can capture them 🙂

    For Somos-El-Mundo related vids & pix — you can find them here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=b168764a61c78fdf67cd7f7bd65f7eefc4482e19df1254ead6f20ee4ff677d52

  34. jackryan4DA says:

    Oh-oh, my comment is in moderation LOL

  35. awestruck says:

    Hey JR, what would you like while you are in wordpress jail? Chicken soup or chocolate cake?

  36. refnaf says:

    Morning JR!!! Sorry about that> too many links I guess, but we thank you for them!
    djx> Canadian tour…. I get shaky just thinking about it… How about a southern Ontario Tour??? (me being greedy)

  37. emmegirl says:

    Apologies for this being way off topic, but with AI in full swing (I am not a viewer, just read some of the scuttlebutt), it reminds me of this wonderful interview of David’s, one of my favorites. Know you have all seen it, but thought I would dust it off one more time.

    • munkmusic says:

      Thanks so much for posting this video! I had never seen it before. You look at David at the beginning of Idol and then this interview and there is great growth. Now look at what he has acccomplished and continues to accomplish. It is really great. So thank you so much!

  38. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl – this is one of my favorites too. He just seemed so happy to be in that moment and had some great things to say.

  39. TOfan says:

    Thanks, JR! Sorry you ended up in comment jail!

    Thanks, emme! (off-topic??? David is THE topic! LOL) I remember canceling my subscription to Entertainment Weekly magazine around that time. I couldn’t believe they could watch an interview like this and judge his humility to be an act. Bozos.

    “Hopefully I’ll do my best and it’ll be enough for them.” *sniff*

  40. jackryan4DA says:

    AWESTRUCK – although I have a sweet tooth, I’d still take the chicken soup, jail or no jail

  41. awestruck says:

    JR – homemade chicken soup on the simmering on the stove and coming up LOL

  42. TOfan says:

    David’s new vlog … an instant classic:
    “Should I listen to my mom and wait for a haircut? Or no? ha..”
    Category: People & Blogs
    Tags: David Archuleta Duke Haircut beach

  43. emmegirl says:

    Wait… you can always cut it later. David with locks, probably worth waiting for!

  44. TOfan says:

    emme, LOL. I just love how he randomly asks us all what he should do about his hair then spontaneously posts a video blog so we can give fully informed advice.

    bahahahahahahaha 😆

  45. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, can you imagine his twitter!

    I would love to see him grow it out some, whether he keeps it or not, just want to see what he looks like!

    This seems like the perfect time for him to experiment before he starts promoting his new single.

    The longer hair when he was younger really accents those g-g-gorgeous eyes.

    This is great. We are looking through dozens of videos and pics at his request, just trying to help the cause!

  46. TOfan says:

    I’m liking the fact that he’s asking fans for input … today, haircut … tomorrow, songs or CD covers?

    A girl can dream! LOL

  47. refnaf says:

    Haha TOfan!! Input on the next cd cover!! It CANNOT be worse than what we got last time….
    His blogs are so endearing, the facial expression, OMG! And Yes David grow it out a bit!!!

    So after a very exciting Olympic hockey game (yay Canada) I tuned in to the last few minutes of AI and it was confirmed for me why I cannot bother watching… meh.

    emmegirl, wow I forget some of the interviews he has done, that one was great, such sweet sincerity. Thanks!

  48. TOfan says:

    Refnaf, I’ve only watched bits and pieces of this season of A.I. I tuned in for a bit last night to see how Ellen was doing as a judge. I love her show and was expecting more insights from her but guess she doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet. Actually made me miss Paula! LOL

    I hope more vids of The Mint Crush surface … love the way he changed it up. I thought it sounded a bit low at the beginning then when he sang “this is low” ROTFL … worked for me! 😆

  49. SandyBeaches says:

    Joner…you couldn’t be anymore ‘right on’ with all of your suggestions and actual facts that help us fill in the time to wait for another set of concerts…but when might that be??

    Hey all Canadians…feeling proud today? A good exercise in patriotism…and all that red out there!!! Just why don’t the British like us anymore? Hey, we share the same queen! Could it be that we have snow and mountains and share the Rockies with our friendly neighbours to the south and we have the Winter Olympics…naw, that can’t be the reason at all!


  50. awestruck says:

    Wow I’m a winner! Lovely RED (my favorite color) mittens!

    Ref – TOfan I recorded AI – and really struggled to get through both the girls and guys. Nothing stood out for me.

    “I hope more vids of The Mint Crush surface … love the way he changed it up. I thought it sounded a bit low at the beginning then when he sang “this is low” ROTFL … worked for me!”

    Did he really sing “this is low” darn -LOL, now I have to go back and listen AGAIN to hear this for myself.

  51. awestruck says:

    HAHAHA he did sing it! I actually love the timber of his voice when he sings LOW.

  52. djxox says:

    Mittens! Mittens! I won some awesome red mittens!! Now I have the perfect fashion accessory for that passport pic….LOL…Thanks SnowAngelz…YOU ROCK!.

    A red thumbs up to Canada for an Olympics full of all sorts of AWESOMAGE!!!

  53. emmegirl says:

    awestruck, hadn’t noticed that either!

    I love that version of Crush. Masterclass Lady said his voice will continue to get lower and deepen until the early 30’s. Can we even imagine?

    TOfan, the CD cover! Oh my…it would be chaos!!
    Proofing the photoshoot pics!

    refnaf, your avi is the cutest thing! Congratulations on that grandbaby!

    Between the newest Crush and the vlog, just a little excited tonight. Must calm down.

  54. Fanis Archangelicus says:

    Congrats to djxox and awestruck! Waving my own red-mittened hands at you!

    SnowAngelz are pretty cool peeps for having nice warm mittens for prizes. Well, they’re pretty cool anyway you look at it.

  55. TOfan says:

    SB, a proud day indeed, instead of an ArchuHangover I think I have an Olympic hangover! lol

    Congrats, Awestruck & djxox!!! & aww, thanks, Fanis!!! ♥♥♥

    emme & awestruck, I love his lower register too! Impressive that he was still note perfect all the way through. Still LOLing over that vlog … Snarkies did some screen caps & this is my fave (maybe it reminds me of that classic Canadian from Wayne’s World! 😆 )


  56. refnaf says:

    ((SB))) Yes I am feeling proud to be Canadian… Olympic hockey can be so stressful for me, but I love it. Hubby and 2 grown sons get a kick out of watching me getting into a game, cause the entire NHL season I barely pay attention…but these games are wild! I hear ya on the Olympic hang over TOfan, too many late nights..

    Congrats djx and awestruck!! (and Fanis♥) I have a pair and they are very cozy!

    Emmegirl! Thank you! We are enjoying him so much! Crazy how quickly he is growing.

    So David says “this is low” in the Mint Crush? (love that title) I have only had a chance to hear it once (bad fan) and heard him say something but did not make it out> must download it today.

    Have a good one snowangelz.

  57. munkmusic says:

    Awestruck, I think it was David Hodges that sang “This is love” as a counterpart to David’s part. It was like an echo….

  58. refnaf says:

    Okay munk, *waves* now I really must go listen!!!

  59. munkmusic says:

    I just wanted to say that I have been lurking here for quite awhile and this is a very happy, positive place. You guys are really nice …..I don’t know you very well…..but thanks for being so friendly.

  60. TOfan says:


    gee, made me go back & listen again! LOL It’s def. David at 1:37 (he takes a big breath right after) and it sounds like “this is low” to me, but I could be wrong (not the 1st time! 😆 ).

    Refnaf, Mr. TOfan was laughing at me each time I screamed and my arms flew up in the air when Canada scored, he actually said, “Who is this person?” LOL I’m not sure if it was Olympic fever or all that David Tour cheering practice! 😆

  61. SandyBeaches says:

    munkmusic…they are really nice people and funny and talented and did I say how much fun it is to be on tour with them? Refnaf is better than any GPS in finding our way and I always joke that she is a good Canadian girl as well as SnowAngelz TOfan…TOfan never lets a moment be dull wherever you are…and that’s the truth, haha.


  62. awestruck says:

    munkmusic – isn’t it interesting how we can hear things differently? Do I remember correctly – do you have some kind of background in music? If so, please give us more insight when you can.


  63. munkmusic says:

    Hi Awestruck, yeah, I was a music major. I have listened to this recording several times…..It is the way it is phrase and the tembre of the voices….It still sounds to me like someone else is singing “This is love” Whoever it is matches David pretty well. It is like they were going to sing with him and then they let him take off! but ya know….it really doesn’t matter. David’s performance is outstanding. He is so great at improvisation. I think he kinda blew Hodges away. He has probably never seen David perform this live. He keeps saying, “unbelievable” at the end. It is awesome. I hope I didn’t say too much or anything. sorry if I did……cuz it really doesn’t matter

  64. Abrra says:

    OK , I HAD to do one more David and gang at the MINT! After jwipes audio surfaced, I knew I could do something with the itsbanabee’s twitvids and make it seem REAL. Here is the link.

    This is what the drought does to me. I make videos of videos LOL


  65. TOfan says:

    munkmusic, no worries! I love hearing what others hear, LOL, and yes, it was just so cool after the many renditions of Crush that we know by heart to get a completely new take on it. How DOES he keep doing that???

    You angel, you! Thank you so much!!!

  66. awestruck says:

    munkmusic, I agree with TOfan I too love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Amazing the improv skills David has, love the change ups – inherent musical genius TOfan.

    OK, now I have to listen to the “unbelievable” at the end LOL – after I check out Abrra’s latest…

  67. stenocruiser says:


    Wow! Drought time so well spent. That is a simply amazing job — a work of art, the ultimate Mint Crush. Congratulations to you and thanks also to jwipe and itsbanabee.

  68. jackryan4DA says:

    It seems YT cut the 1st 15-30 secs of the vid I uploaded on Somos El Mundo – a sneak peek. I fixed it so here is the more complete vid:

    Then I captured David’s segment from the Sneak Peek video I uploaded 2 days ago (received requests to do so LOL), so here you go!

    And since am in the mood for it and have the time (!), I screencapped David’s segment 2nd vid – check ‘em out in my folder and look for the files with filenames “Somos El Mundo Red Carpet Screen Caps…”

    Just look at that face, those eyes…

    LOL, I think I may have to write Dr. FF. Help!

  69. refnaf says:

    Abrra, great mash up!! big sis!! Videos of videos, why not??

    Munk, i need more listens but I like to think it is David’s voice saying “this is low” but it really is difficult to tell, such hard work this is, lol

    ((JR)) thank you for being the link and vid Queen *bows* .Sceencaps capture his expressions and I can’t get enough. I really should learn how to do that, but then again you do a fine job !! No Dr. needed,…

    So March 01 is when WATW comes out? Will it be available here? It has been confirmed he has a solo, right? So many questions…

  70. TOfan says:

    Vids from The Mint (but you need updated Flash to view 1st one):



  71. awestruck says:

    Ref, I agree that JR does a fine job screencapping, but maybe she needs a Dr.’s help to control her flayling (is this a word?) emotions after looking at that face and eyes?!? LOL

  72. emmegirl says:

    JR is the queen videographer! You can tell she really, really, I mean really, enjoys her job!

    TOfan, that twitvid of the entire Crush is great. Those guys are fangirling big time! Don’t ya just love it!

    Well, the countdown is on till March 1!

  73. TOfan says:

    New post!


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