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There's a song in my heart :)

Let’s do the time warp, agaaaaaain… plus Broken vlog!

A recipe to rationalize why David isn’t really gone that long at all. 🙂 BAM! —Jonerz P.S. (From TOfan): ASDLFKAJLFKJALFKJLKDFJLSDFJLSAKFJLSDFJLASJFLASJDFLASDJ I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT FANCY SHIRT WOULD MAKE IT INTO A VIDEOOO!!! …Kids who may be going unnoticed … Continue reading

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Message in a bottle: Jonerz’ @DavidArchie story

I have a lovely business associate who has become a dear friend of mine. She remembers David from Idol and knows that I’m a fan.  She has marveled at all of the new friends I’ve made because of him and … Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations of the remote fan: Jonerz’ story

I don’t know who this Gladys person is but if I met her in person right now I would glomp onto her and give her the biggest “Archu-Squishes” imaginable. Look out Gladys … I’m coming for you!!! I was in … Continue reading

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ODDrought Survival Guide Part 2

We’re in the middle of a David drought and since we’re all going a little stir crazy I was thinking, why not turn this into something positive, David would be so proud of us! I took some time to compile … Continue reading

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