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@DavidArchie ING music video script leaks (not really)

David Archuleta’s music video for “I’ll Never Go” may appear calm and serene on the surface, but it turns out there was much more drama going on behind the scenes….. . . . . . . . . WHAT?? YOU????? … Continue reading

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Best buzz for David Archuleta’s new ‘I’ll Never Go’ mv

Lots of great buzz building for David Archuleta’s new “I’ll Never Go” music video (it’s up to 17,000 views so far already!), but this is my favourite so far … from The Huffington Post “Latino Voices” site: David Archuleta is … Continue reading

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The face that launched a thousand … downloads

David Archuleta’s “I’ll Never Go” video premieres Sunday, 8 p.m. Manila time (8 a.m. ET). Here’s the teaser vid, along with two behind-the-scenes photos from the lovely @kariontour. (@ohmyjoshashley suggests doing THIS with his suitcase 🙂 ) P.S. I admit … Continue reading

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For this is all I know….

Full disclosure: When I first heard “I’ll Never Go,” the first thought that popped into my head was “LIAR!!!!!!” Now that I’ve had time to accept, well, reality, I’ve come to love the song. And since David said the whole … Continue reading

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