It’s not Christmas until @DavidArchie sings

Confession: I’m sad this Christmas. A lot of personal and family challenges going on, and it’s the first David Archuleta Christmas tour I’ve had to miss. 😦

But what keeps me doing? You guessed it! David’s incredible music and very essence.

Here’s a tribute to Christmas tours gone by, highlighting my faves from each tour. Please share yours in the comments!

And I wish each and every one of you reading this a blessed, peaceful holiday season and the very best wishes for the New Year!! ❤ ❤ ❤

2009 Christmas From the Heart Tour

Who could forget this epic moment during HYAMLC in Westbury (last show of the tour) when Ray surprised David by joining in for a duet. David: “You know a lot about olden days, right?” bahahaha solid *BURNNN*!!!!


Bonus feature:

2009 Larry King Live

I know we’ve all heard Pat-a-Pan a bunch, but never quite like this. The change ups David does at the end ON LIVE TV!!! blew me away then and still do now. Amazing.


2010 MoTab

This was the year David sent all of us into a ticket-request mail-in panic! But boy, was it all worth it. An epic series of shows in SLC followed by a PBS special (DVD etc.) the following year. The whole experience was once-in-a-lifetime but the Cat & the Mouse carol still has my heart. He made you feel like you were right there in the manger with them.


2011 My Kinda Christmas Tour

Hands down, my fave from that tour was This Christmas. Here it is in Verona, which was a crazy, awesome show with a crazy, awesome crowd as you can hear! The band was on FIYAH, as was David!! Enjoy!!


[inter MISSION … get it?? mwahaha, sorry, couldn’t resist]

2014 Celebration of Christ

This was David’s first public performance after returning from his mission in Chile and this song just blew me away, especially the big finish! Hauntingly beautiful, and Pentatonix’s Kevin Olusola was incredible on the cello!


2015 Christmas shows

There wasn’t a 2015 Christmas tour per se, but a few special Christmas shows, including this one in Layton. Fun fact: A total last minute thing, I flew from the end of my vacation in Florida to meet up with Refnaf in Layton for these 3 shows… I had no winter coat with me, bahahaha. WORTH IT!!!!

Loved this All I Want for Christmas/Last Christmas/Jingle Bell Rock medley… so much fun!!!


2016 Christmas Tour with Nathan Pacheco

I bet you thought I was going to post The Prayer! lol *plot twist* This is my sketchy long-distance video from the Indy show that year. The whole show was amazing but this duet of Little Drummer Boy blew me away!! Love the arrangement and the harmonies, incredible!


Bonus feature:

When David blew us away with an off-the-cuff Ave Maria during VIP, I cried buckets of tears and have still not fully recovered. Just wow.


2017 Calgary

Woooot!!! David’s first ever concert in Canada!!! It was a Christmas miracle!! It was near impossible to take any videos, they were super strict, but I did manage to get audio of my fave number… you guessed it, This Christmas! The change-ups he does throughout and at the end are inCREDible!!

Bonus feature:

This hat ceremony was so awesome!!


2018 Winter in the Air tour

So many favourites from this tour but if I had to pick one, I’d say Winter in the Air. Just magical… even though it makes me cry like a baby. Every. Single. Time.


Bonus feature:

Love the whole Navidad album, have been listening to it a lot lately. And we got this gem in 2018.

2019 Christmas Tour

Did this tour have a name? eek, I can’t remember, lol. Anyways… this entire show was my favourite because it’s the last time I’ve gotten to see David perform live. *SOBS*

From dancing like a fool to Christmas Every Day and MCHH… to weeping to Winter in the Air and MLP, this show had EVERYTHING. If I had to pick just one, I’ll pick this mashup:


Bonus feature:

This video for The Christmas… and not just because Ref & I are in it making… wait for it… SNOW ANGELS!!!!


2020 What a Wonderful Way to End a Crazy Year

Love this song so much!! Who knew it would still be so relevant today? {{{{group hug}}}}


2021 David Archuleta Christmas Tour

Sad to have to sit this one out, from from the clips I’ve seen, these are my faves. O Holy Night is always a fave but this clip had me crying from the get-go… as did MLP.



And this special performance of Silent Night with the Turtle Creek Chorale is deeply moving.





David’s live performance this a.m. on Good Morning America!!!

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10 Responses to It’s not Christmas until @DavidArchie sings

  1. angelofdja says:

    Thank you sooooo much for putting this together! Great choice of videos too! Especially loved the Cat and Mouse Carol from MOTAB! I was blessed beyond measure to be there in Salt Lake City for this magical concert! I listen to it every Christmas since 2010! (Well…maybe I listen throughout the year too!)
    Merry Christmas to you TOfan! To all David fans across the world Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁🤶🏻🎅🏻☃️

  2. Janey H. says:

    Thanks Deb! I know how much work a post like this can take and it is very much appreciated. We have 13yrs of wonderful memories! I’m not very good at remembering specifics about the actual shows (except for MKoC Santa Rosa when David asks the kids if he can tell about his kind of Christmas and one shakes her head “no”, LOL, go hometown show) but I can vividly recall how a specific trip or particular show made me feel and yes, it is bittersweet knowing those memories may not be available to make for a very long time. Much thanks to all the folks who share their concert experiences, they have no idea how much it means.

    • TOfan says:

      haha, I totally remember that, J.!! For sure, I’m really appreciating this year all those who share! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Janey H. says:

        It just occurred to me, my local MKoC show was the last time my mom, my son, my granddaughter, son’s in-laws, my brother-in-law, niece, naree from the Philippines and her sister and niece, and numerous co-workers were all at the same show. Also in attendance was the family of a friend who had recently passed away. They knew how much she loved David and were there to honor her and David knowing how much joy his music gave her in her final days.

  3. refnaf says:

    This is fabulous TOfan! Thanks for putting this together.
    What memories!
    So many special times, I am so sad to miss out this year….. but spring tour is coming… praying we can be there

  4. missbianca says:

    This is a beautiful, moving post, Deb and part of another crazy year in the world. BTW, you made me cry. Again. You and David and his beautiful voice and his most memorable shows. This Christmas tour is the first one I’ve missed, too, but the lights on our tree still glow with hope.

    Thank you for the work you’ve put in this year. It’s not easy to make a “holiday highlights since 2008” post and you’ve done it beautifully here. Sending you best wishes that next year is better in every way than this one. Big hugs from me!

  5. Pepper says:

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute to David’s wonderful Christmas music and tours. Grateful I got to attend a few of his shows at Christmas time and have been listening to his music throughout the holidays. So many lovely, incredible songs.
    Wishing you and everyone a happy, peaceful, joyful Christmas day, whatever you do. Christmas blessings to all. ❤️🎄

  6. TaterZen says:

    Christmas morning and this calls for yet another run through. Thank you so much for this post! David’s voice and artistry is part of the magic of Christmas for me, and to see how he has excelled at it year after year after year… Well, what else is there to say? He is simply incredible.

  7. I must remain Anonymous says:

    I’ve been to four Christmas concerts, two of which you posted. Unfortunately David wasn’t in my neck of the woods this year, so thanks so much for the recap and the memories.

    Maybe next year.

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