A little too not over Tuacahn, @DavidArchie


oh, and did I mention I got to experience 2 firsts: First time wearing a David shirt in public… and FIRST TIME SEEING THE GRAND CANYON!!!  With these lovelies. Thank you, David!

I honestly don’t know where to Begin. 🙂

What do you do when you’ve been crawling across the desert for years in search of water and a tsunami hits?

Welcome to life as a David Archuleta fan, lol. Not complaining, though, no sirree… I have water wings, so I’m good. 🙂 (And I’m exaggerating… we have had the odd sun shower now and then since 2011.)

Seriously though, when I think back to that first, Thursday night Tuacahn show, when David looked SO nervous, and even forgot lyrics he rarely forgets, and got emotional several times, and then later sat at the piano before performing “I’m Ready” for the FIRST TIME EVER and his hands were shaking… that all seems like a dream now.

(since this is a partial vid, I’ll share… he hadn’t even gotten through the first line and my eyes filled with tears, pierced my heart like a javelin)

After he conquered that first show (and he did) … and the Numb single was released to wild sharing and gifting and buying (and that’s just me 🙂 )… the next night, he was like a different person… confident, putting even more soulful, gahroovitude into WFM, nailing Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground like a ROCK STAR, inventing the concert selfie, bouncing even higher for Don’t You Worry Child.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did! Saturday night, he was off the charts on top of his game. He started off by surprising Gracie during her set for Keep Your Light On. Now, I love Gracie, she’s so talented and very sweet, but I’d heard that song two nights previously and David took it to a whole other level with his harmonies. (‘natch)


And later, he KILLED Numb, charging to the front of the stage, pumping through the chorus with so much passion, best. ever. I’d say. It got one of several standing ovations of the night!

And that swirling IG video during Don’t Worry Child, with everyone up on their feet bouncing, and he looked like he was having a blast with us… pure MAGIC. (Warning, it’s taking all my self control to not do this whole post in ALL CAPS!!!!)

This was SO much fun, I can’t even tell you… how he sang and did this, I have no idea:

photo-6Here you can see the whole crowd!

Look for the bouncing toques of Refnaf and I in Row G!

Sidenote: Before he started the song, he said, “You never know when you’ll need a mic stand,” as he dragged one over, and one of the young fangirls behind me said, “I’ll be your mic stand, David!” hahahaha

Some extremely random thoughts:

–  I was floored when he even felt comfortable enough that he sang the first line of Say Me, stopped and said, “My mind just went completely blank.” And he started over and turned us all into puddles of goo. When he sat at the piano for “My Little Prayer,” there was a fog machine on overload and massive swirling clouds of fog billowed around him, no word of a lie, as if God had exhaled right above him.

It actually reminded me of the very first time I saw him live on stage, when he came up through the floor at the grand piano playing Angels on the Idol Tour. *chills*

-And his stories… he started expanding on the intro to Numb and what he was going through during the post-Idol frenzy and I started to understand even more completely what he must’ve been going through then… and the crowd was soaking up every word, to the point where a man with a deep voice yelled out “keep talking!” And David laughed and said, “Don’t be telling me that, buddy!”

-At one point he had to stop a story to untangle himself from a spiderweb that had somehow come down from I don’t know where… IT’S AN AMPHITHEATRE, THERE IS NO CEILING!!!! All I can say is, this mystery spider clearly had ODD.

-And then, in between, we get the IG stories complete with head banging and tbh, I’ve lost track of it all. And then today, surprising us with the FB Live thingie… It’s too much, it’s just too much.

Except that it’s not. We are totally up for it, just out of practice. 🙂

oh, and that little matter of him strolling into the fan lunch on Saturday.

Not sure I can talk about that coherently. Still not sure it really happened. I was already blown away that Kari took the time to stop by and answer questions. She is seriously THE BEST.

When Kari left, we continued on with lunch and all the fun stuff Kalei and crew planned (and so many fans made the most creative gifts for everyone *cough*Taterzen*cough*) and I was standing there talking to a lovely lady whose name escapes me when I heard a blood curdling scream.

When I saw the cap and that shirt we all know by heart I must’ve looked like a deer caught in a thousand headlights. And then I thought maybe he was just there to take quick picture, which would have been awesome!

But then I saw the band. The band. That means…. HE’S GOING TO SIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!

And he did. Once he inquired about what we’d had for lunch. Specifically what kind of soups. Check it out:

View this post on Instagram

David wants to know what's for lunch 😂

A post shared by rhiminee (@rhiminee) on


I must say, besides the initial screams… because, I mean, COME ON, what else does one do when David Archuleta launches a sneak attack? … after that, I was impressed at how composed we all pretended to be. Giving him his space and feigning a super chill “oh, just another Saturday in the presence of greatness” air.

When it got to group picture time, the funny thing was, Kalei had said earlier there would be two photos… one with everyone that wouldn’t be posted and another with only peeps who were okay with a shot being posted.

Wellllllll, let me tell you. No one opted out of this group picture.


When David dropped down to sit with his band on the linoleum, I heard someone behind me say, “He can’t sit on the floor!” 🙂 But that he did.

As soon as he left the building, a spontaneous chant of OH EM GEE! OH EM GEE! OH EM GEE! erupted and hugs galore because, you know, David.

I honestly can’t think of another artist who would’ve have done this. Can you??

And he was clearly sending out a huge thank you to all of us who have been supporting him from the beginning, not just those of us in that room.

There’s probably more and I will share but I am still in somewhat of a daze.

I will say that, as I mentioned in the last post, that first night reminded me of Idaho Falls, when David was also clearly nervous about performing his first solo show post-mission and as much as I love to be there to hear David sing live, I really feel compelled to just be there to support him. Still do.

To leap to my feet as soon as he comes out (which Refnaf and I made a pact to do in Idaho Falls and continue to do), to scream and applaud till it hurts and to bounce like nobody’s watching.

The fact that you could clearly see he felt the love grow each night, warms my heart to no end.


So what do you guys think????



I’ve seen some fans sharing pics of the set lists on Twitter and feel so fortunate that I got my hands on this one — it seems to be much more detailed. 🙂


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43 Responses to A little too not over Tuacahn, @DavidArchie

  1. tawna21 says:

    What do I think?? Hmmm. I think it is theee most amazing time to be a David Archuleta fan. That long stretch of desert drought has come to an end, and we’d better be finding our water wings to avoid drowning. Not gonna lie. I’d go in over my head, minus water wings, if it needed to be done! lol I’m ready for those floodgates to be opened up! Last weekend seems to have gotten it started!
    Thank you for sharing your experience!! ♥♥

  2. Abrra says:

    Love this post Deb! I miss you guys so much.

    New treat in the Candy Jar. Can you guess what it might be?😉



  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Jenny says:

    Great post Snowangelzz! It was great meeting u! You know I saw David walking to pose for the picture and it didn’t occur to me to move so he can sit in a chair because I was just staring at him!
    I hope he knows I wasn’t rude because my brain was paralyzed.
    I still can’t really properly talk about this! How generous of David and the band! It’s forever etched in my mind.

    • TOfan says:

      I was exactly the same, Jenny! lol … still in shock, tbh, thank goodness for videos to prove it really happened! ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. I wonder if I know how to post a pic… Kalei tweeted another fan pic which does include me (and Lorraine behind me) on the edge. The other one posted on FOD that’s wider angle, he is looking down, this one I’m not even in it :(((. Small matter LOL! I too am still processing it all! I didn’t get to experience seeing him casually strolling into the room and freaking out because I caught sight of him out in the lobby when the band and he walked in. I went into slow motion mode when he looked at me and I him. I calmly said “oh..hi..David..” like my brain was trying to assess if it was really David I was seeing or a mirage! He said hi back and proceeded towards the room. Once I realized he was there for us (not staying at the hotel and passing by), I quickly walked back to the room following the group and imagined what it would be like for those INSIDE the room seeing him walk in totally caught off guard!! Glad the video caught exactly that moment. Deb and Nancy, I see you, that moment of WHAAAAAT???!!!
    Sad to say I didn’t see the last show but beyond happy I was there for the first two. He is worth supporting not only for his talent and artistry but for who he is. It is so exciting and almost overwhelming how much more he is giving of himself lately and this time around we know he is doing it all because he wants to. I am just so happy for him.
    So many things made this trip to St. George THE best fan experience in all of the 8 years of being a fan and definitely hanging out with my buds for 2 1/2 days was a highlight! Wish I could’ve gone to Grand Canyon too!!
    Sorry for the long post but that fb live thingy!! “What are all those angry faces?” and the chuckling/giggling that follows. I just can’t! Love that guy❤️

  6. Anonymous says:

    I felt everything you did Debz!!! What a weekend!! Didn’t want it to end!! Met so many new fans & enjoyed seeing Joanie & Marylou again! By the way, I didn’t know I could still jump!! Thank you for a wonderful post!

  7. djafan says:

    Deb, it was great seeing you and refnaf again!!! And everyone else! Work was waiting for me so I’m still trying to digest all that happened. I hope we can do this every year. St. George is beautiful and with David concerts even moreso 🙂

    Love your post and nice you had time to site see afterward.

  8. TaterZen says:

    Loved this post, Deb. I also love that it is here for re-reading and reliving those 3 days at Tuacahn.
    Whew! I keep remembering little things that still make me smile or laugh or even weep–something in the music, something a fan said, impromptu gushing, David being so comfortable in his own skin, the surprise set lists, the urge to jump when I really can’t. It goes on and on, which is fine with me.

    As often as I have heard some of David’s stories, they seemed to take on more significance at Tuacahn. At the very least, I had a more insight into parts of his journey to the here and now. Did anyone else sense that? David knows he’s a talker, but for me, it’s a necessary component of his charm. I lost it laughing when after a fairly long spiel, he said he needed to stop talking and sing. He did so, but not before he muttered that his friends tell him if they ever have trouble getting their kids to sleep, they’ll just invite him over to talk. Bwah!

    The luncheon! Kari is awesome, by the way. We spent lunchtime talking about her fun visit; and then later David comes moseying in, hat on head and with that smile on his face, followed by his entire band like it was it was all in a day’s work, and casually asks “how is everybody doin’?” How were we doing? Frozen in place, that’s how, with our mouths agape and wondering if this was really happening. After David was gone, we lingered in a state of incredulousness, asking each other that very question.

    Sorry for the wordiness, something I have in common with David. Apparently I’m a little too not over Tuacahn too. Did you catch the hint that Tuacahn may become an annual stop for David? Works for me.

  9. Bridget says:

    Love all your posts! Thanks for sharing your love and perspectives!

  10. missbianca says:

    It’s a wonderful time.
    And I’m close to despondent that I wasn’t there.

  11. Kizzi says:

    Great recap. Thanks everyone for sharing Tuacahn memories. Next best thing to being there.

  12. refnaf says:

    (((((((This post))))))))
    TOfan there is no better re-capper than YOU!!!
    What a mountain top experience!!!
    David concert, David drop in and singing at the fan gathering, seeming tons of fan friends AND the Grand Canyon! More wonderful experiences than I can comprehend!
    It is a joy to see David happy and really in a “good place”
    Good things do come to those who wait!

  13. Jani says:

    I keep coming back and reading this. Thank you for a perfect recap for that magical weekend! I could almost swear I was there. 😉 Thanks Deb!

  14. TOfan says:

    Still remembering bits and pieces of what Kari told us at the luncheon… she said that David was so nervous on the Thursday night because working on the new music and getting Numb ready and all was like giving birth, hahaha, but now that the “baby” had been delivered, he’d be super relaxed and raring to go on Friday night, which he was.

    She also said that pre-mission, he’d been offered Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat but felt he wasn’t ready yet, but would be ready now… especially since Joseph now wears a shirt, hahahaha

    Someone asked about a tour and she said David prefers smaller, more intimate venues but some they’d been offered are GA and David knows his fans like to have seats, LOL. (I hope he doesn’t stick 100% to that… there are some nice GA venues that have some seats… and we’ve lined up before and would do it again in a heartbeat… I thought the Irving Plaza in NYC was great, and having everyone on their feet (with seats upstairs), gave the show a really fun vibe… booking smaller places could allow him to perform in more places… you know, like Toronto. 🙂 )

    And the lovely Dayzee, at The Voice, refreshed my memory with these tidbits:

    We asked Kari why David had changed the playlist between the Thursday and Friday concerts. She told us David did that because he knew there were people like us who were going to all three nights and he didn’t want us to get bored. At the time we had no idea what was coming on Saturday night, when he sang with Gracie, came up with songs we had never heard him sing and out pops James the Mormon. None of us were bored, so he was successful with that goal.

    We asked where David was at the moment she came to see us. She told us he was rehearsing for his Christmas shows with the band. What? He’s in the middle of performing and already preparing for the next go round.

    Kari told us David had been very nervous Friday night, it being the first night but mostly because of Numb coming out along with 2 new songs at the concert. She felt he was much more relaxed on Friday. His nervousness was obvious to all of us on Thursday night both times he went to the piano to play his new music. His hands were visibly shaking. We could tell these new songs were important to him. Kari said he had other new music almost ready to debut. She said she had a favorite that we are still waiting to hear. Eeek! Something she likes better than what we have heard? Bring it!

    When the fans told her how much they liked the apparel he wore on stage at Tuacahn Kari told us he had chosen that outfit himself. She said they had someone there to dress him and he brought out his own selection and said, “How about this?” As SB said, a beautiful jacket. Someone asked when he might wear his pre-mission pants. Kari said those pants no longer fit. LOL

    • Martha says:

      Thank you so much for this, TOfan! Lots of interesting tidbits from Kari! Now I am really excited for the new album! How kind of him to change things up for people attending all 3 nights! I loved his outfit!
      Feel free if you remember anything else to mention it. 🙂

  15. TOfan says:



    We hope that you did not forget about the mega talented David Archuleta!

    After taking a break from music, he just dropped the sweetest track called “Numb.” We are not kidding when we say that Archie’s new song is uplifting and powerful. You can count on it to lift your spirit when you’re feeling down! Welcome back David, we can’t wait to hear more new music!

    And love this comment on the Numb lyric video:
    “I didn’t realise how much i missed you until I heard this!! ❤”

    I think there’s going to be a lot of that. 🙂

  16. ray says:

    what can I say glad you ladies are still breathing, and still upright after all those goodies this last week, just love this site and all you fans

  17. peppertara says:

    Thought I had commented on this fabulous post but guess not, too busy lately! TOfan, thanks for your wonderful, superb, exciting recap! So happy for you (and others) who were there and experienced so much, jam packed in to an unforgettable experience. David was amazing, from the gems that were shared with us…..so on point after a few nerves and incredibly amazing. So looking forward to more new music, from what I’ve heard, we are in for such a treat.
    I’m sure after those experiences, you will never be the same. What a guy. 🙂

  18. TOfan says:


  19. missbianca says:

    I forgot to say “Thank you” for this terrific, crackerjac, keen, super-duper, tremendous, wonderful, first-rate, fab post. I could use the entire thesaurus and it still would not express my gratitude to you.

    My heart still delights that you and so many others I cherish were there at Tuacahn. No longer despondent, just a bit bummed. There are bigger things to be despondent about–and I’m over that depth of emotion about them, too.

    Ooobladee, ooobladah, life goes on…

  20. TOfan says:

    {{{{{❤Ms B❤}}}}}

    MUST SEE VID!!! Just beautiful, thanks, Dhia!!!

    And this is Dhia’s story (bringing over from a comment from Dayzee at The Voice, hope you don’t mind Dayzee!)
    I would like to tell you about a girl I met in St. George. It was after the second performance on Friday night. Several of us met at the Black Bear Cafe. We were swimming in the River Euphoria, having seen David 2 nights and still looking forward to another. At the table with me were Marciami, my daughter who had seen her first David concert the night before, and a girl who grew up in a tiny village in Indonesia.

    When she was 13 she saw a 30 second snippet of David from AI. She was gobsmacked. The next day she traveled to a larger village where they had TV and happened to see a newscast announcing David Cook’s win over David Archuleta. She was surprised to realize this was the same fellow and very excited to have his name. She saved her money until she had earned $2. This was equal to 3 meals. She spent the money for internet time available in the larger village. She was devastated to find that all information was written in English. She obtained a language dictionary, saved another $2 and returned, translating as best she could. She was now determined to learn English. She continued to keep track of David. One time she was on a scholarship in Europe (I am thinking France, but not sure). David was in the same city, but she had to perform at the same time as David’s show or she would lose her scholarship. Again, she was on a mission exchange program in Chicago and narrowly missed seeing David. She is now 21 years old and lives in Abu Dhabi. She spent 20 hours on a plane from Dubai to Las Vegas and arrived in St. George to finally see David. She was not disappointed.

  21. TOfan says:

    Another must-see vid… just of David talking, hahahaha

    Liz-Mag managed to record some epic moments… a guy with a deep baritone yelling out “I LOVE YOU, DAVID! (about 3:40) … David imitating Chris Brown moves ( at about 5:45) and David getting caught in the ODD spider’s web (11:12)… CLASSIC!

    oh, and it’s not in this video but I just remembered the big applause & cheering David got when he mentioned the TOSOD album (in his intro to MKOP) and he sat back and smiled and said something like, “aww, you remember that one” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. TOfan says:

    #teasechuleta 🙂

  23. TOfan says:

    ‘DIS GUY… WHAT EVEN??!! lol



  24. TOfan says:

    Wait, wut??

  25. TOfan says:



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