Go, Amber!

You heard the man, go vote for this beauty (both inside and out)! (And not just because I share a birthday with the lovely Amber. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Here’s her link.

And her blog that David mentions is very touching to read. It’s here.

What a brave young woman speaking out about anxiety and depression, so many people of all ages can relate and will, no doubt, feel less alone.

I’m especially touched by the sister support… one of my own sisters is going through a tough time right now, my sister-in-law is in hospital for surgery and a good friend and her sisters are taking care of their dad in his last days.

Sisters are indeed special… sometimes infuriating ๐Ÿ™‚ but often a real life line.

Okay, getting emotional now, lol… sending out lavabombs of love to all you sisters and sisterly peeps out there!

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3 Responses to Go, Amber!

  1. roxfox says:

    Amen as to the strength of sisters! I only have one biological sis who is a strength to me. But I have many others I consider sisters who influence and inspire me, including you. โค I hope things look up soon for yours.

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{โ™ฅroxโ™ฅ}}}} So true! Sistahhood FTW!!!

      also, apparently David & Nathan Pacheco will be doing a Christmas concert together:


      Nov. 25-26, 7:30 pm
      de Jong Concert Hall

  2. missbianca says:

    Very touching post Deb. David’s relationships with his sisters are just so sweet. โค

    I don't have any bio-sisters but I have 3 sisters-in-law who are so awesome that I can't believe my brothers got that lucky.

    I voted for beautiful Amber (and her cause, which is very near to my heart) but I hope she'd win even without the legion of fans David has to call on. I went to the pageant page and the judging is 40% based on interviews and 60% beauty, fashion sense, poise, etc.

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