Canada 101 for @DavidArchie fans

794175d542e12497d722b0ee8879b3fbAs you probably know, David Archuleta’s next Time Out for Women appearance will be May 6 in Lethbridge, Alberta. David may not be aware of this but that’s actually in Canada.

The Lethbridge organizers shrewdly timed their event to take place after the Orlando and Cincinnati events so that David’s eyes would likely scan over the schedule and maybe not register exactly where Alberta is.

I kid. That part of the country is gorgeous and I’m sure he’s stoked to go somewhere new.

I’ve had a few questions and comments from fans who aren’t quite sure where Lethbridge, or Alberta, is. So, in the spirit of transparency and information sharing, here’s a quick tutorial.

CBCR3_TheCanadianDictionaryFun facts about Canada:

● We have 10 provinces and three territories. Alberta is one of those provinces. I have submitted a proposal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make Utah our 11th province and move it beside Ontario for obvious reasons.

● Canada is huge, bigger than the U.S. even. In fact, our land mass is second only to Russia (China is third and the U.S. is fourth). We have oodles of land but only about 6 people. All of those people are David Archuleta fans.

For some context about our landmass, in order to travel from my home in Toronto, Ontario, to Lethbridge, Alberta, I’d have to either drive across Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan before I got to Alberta, or take the shorter route by driving 32 hours through the U.S. Or I could take a 6 hour flight.


Fans in Calgary, Alberta, (*waves to Awestruck*) are fairly close to Lethbridge (about a 2 hour drive).

Fans in Victoria or Vancouver, B.C. (*waves to peppertara*) can drive to Lethbridge in about 12-13 hours or take an almost 3 hour flight.


Another fun fact, it’s actually a shorter trip from SLC to Lethbridge than from either Vancouver or Toronto.



I did actually check into going to Lethbridge because I thought it would be cool to be there when David tiptoed a tiny way across the border (baby steps, people, baby steps), but that event was already completely sold out! (See David, Canada loves you, dude! Keep exploring!) And it would’ve been nice to travel to see David without having to go through the usual grilling at U.S. Customs & Immigration as to the purpose of my trip. *gulp*

More facts about Canada:

  • Our dollar is super low right now so David should be able to buy 1285983 caps.
  • Snow can attack at any time but so can a heatwave, so you need to have both a parka and camo shorts at your disposal.
  • PoutinePoutine is a Quebec specialty but the whole country has adopted it now and David should try it … while he’s young… and his arteries could probably use some clogging.

Apparently the best place to find poutine in Lethbridge is at Piggy Back Poutinerie. The address is 303 – 6 Street South, and the telephone number is … wait for it … 587-425-CURD (2873). 🙂


Fellow Canucks, did I leave anything out? If so, sorry about that. 🙂

So, anyone going to Lethbridge?? Qui va à Lethbridge?

David homework: Please memorize.

David homework: Please memorize.

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36 Responses to Canada 101 for @DavidArchie fans

  1. TXNancy says:

    Merci, Deb, for all the info…& you still made me laugh, at times! Ever since the Lethbridge date was announced, I had a dream. Our granddaughter began her mission in Dec. in Calgary! Transfers were 2 wks ago….where was she sent? LETHBRIDGE! She said they’re not allowed to go to TOFW. But, perhaps the sisters could help set up? Or maybe David will be asked to speak to the missionaries, as he did in Australia and NZ! BTW, our granddaughter loves David and has seen him/met him a few times. Shall see what happens next week.

    • TOfan says:

      that’s awesome, Nancy! I think I heard that at David’s Denver show, some missionaries got special permission to go, so maybe your granddaughter will too! (sidenote: December in Calgary? yikes, hope she brought wool socks! 🙂 )

  2. dh says:

    David should go to Waterton Lakes National
    Park and see the Prince of Wales Hotel (Unless that’s where he’s staying in th first place :)).

  3. Belle says:

    Tofan love your humorous brief intro of Canada, you’d be great as a chamber of commerce representative! As a kid my family did a road trip along the Canadian Rockies, it was amazing and memorable! David will have a wonderful time performing and meeting Canadian fans, I’m excited for him and all the attendees! 😁

  4. peppertara says:

    Well, this is a pretty wonderful post on Canada…and a lot of laughter too…..yes all 6 people in Canada are DA fans, haha….and yes David should be able to spend his money on umpteen number of caps, no problem, he’ll have a blast. Love the humour!
    Unfortunately I won’t be attending this event but still happy that he gets to step over the border. I hope he has a wonderful time too and a memorable one. Even though he will be in the Province next to mine, he has come closer……to Seattle. Yes, we live in a big beautiful country and there is plenty of room and places for David to visit, II hope this is just one of many visits in our part of the world in future.
    Thanks for all the work you put in to this post TOfan, love it!

  5. missbianca says:

    If it weren’t sold out, I would look into taking the train most of the way there. I hear it goes through some amazing scenery. There’s also a nice Seattle to Vancouver BC train, so I bet I could do it.

    Except, of course, for that “sold out” thing. And for needing someone to help me get around. Harvey will be spending the week at TOFWB (Time Out For Wooden Boats).

  6. Grammyj says:

    Thanks for this post with all the information about Canada. I will admit that most was new to me. I like to look into the places David goes, so I have learned about areas I’ve never been which has been fun – part of being an ODD David fan lol.

    • TOfan says:

      so true, David has improved my geography skills considerably, lol… confession: I didn’t know the Sundance Film Festival was in Utah B.D. (Before David) 🙂

  7. erlindita says:

    Hey! Really enjoyed this tour!! I wasn’t familiar with Canada at all! Thanks Debz!!

  8. roxfox says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Learned all kinds of cool stuff. The closest I’ve ever been to Lethbridge was a brief stop in Vancouver to kayak on the way home from Alaska. Let me know how that proposal plays out on the new UT province. I’m for it 👍only if we can bring our climate. .bit milder in the winter I think? Maybe not.

    • missbianca says:

      This made me happy, too. Amber is gorgeous–I’ve never seen a bad pic of her. But I am with David on Miss Congeniality. I was worried that the other girls might be jealous of the “People’s Choice” voters that David could draw in. But this says they rose above that and recognized Amber for who she is.

      So 1400 service hours, or about 100 per contestant. I wonder what Amber did to earn her hours. With mental health issues so much more acknowledged than they were when I was that age, I hope there are great chances to make a difference.

      • TOfan says:

        I was thinking the same about the other contestants being jealous… I mean, kind of an unfair advantage having David Archuleta tweeting out a call for votes for you, lol. But she seems like such a sweetheart, obvs. won everyone over! (much like someone else we know 🙂 )

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sigh. I am a bad fan *hangs head* I am not making the short journey to Lethbridge, but have flown south to his concerts. Does that make sense – NO. As always, however I will be tuned into what ever snippets/YT’s come my way!

  10. Kizzi says:

    Love all things Canada. Can’t wait to hear/see vids and songs. Wish I could make it.

    Besides Poutine hope David gets a cinnamon roll from Tim Hortons and a rotisserie chicken dinner with their delicious gravy at St Hubert’s! Come to think of it he could get poutine there too.

    🍁 + 🎶 = 😍

  11. TOfan says:

    If they had a brother/sister pageant, these 2 would NAIL it!

    So apparently Bri Ray was a contestant on AI15? (acc. to her IG) cool.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. peppertara says:

    Aw, happy for Amber and she looks lovely. Yes, great brother and sister team, couldn’t be a better brother to her, I’m sure. She seems like a sweetheart too. Nice photos!
    Hope David does get to eat some good food in Canada. For me the poutine is about a once every decade experience, lol. But hey, he’s young. Lots of good things to experience though. Lethbridge will be having a very special visitor. 🙂

  14. TOfan says:

    sort of strange that beebs now has shorter hair than David and his dad looks kind of familiar 🙂

    • missbianca says:

      Sort of strange, yeah. But I think it’s one of Biebler’s better looks. Most of them have looked like he’s trying too hard. He’s not trying too hard to look happy in those pics, though. Yeesh.

      And that dad does look familiar. Is he a stage dad? Apparently he does youtube vids.

      • Grammyj says:

        Ha, ha on the look-alike Dad comment. Reminds me of the Soul David website that referred to Jeff as Man In Cap. It’s funny how David almost never wore a cap before his mission, and now has a cap on often, and wears shorts. I think Bieber’s dad likes to party.

        • TOfan says:

          Grammyj, I think you’re probably right about Beebster Senior.

          And did anyone else see a news item about the company that owns American Idol filing for bankruptcy?

  15. TaterZen says:

    It’s not hard to love Canada–you just have to know a few Canadians. How about some video footage of David actually crossing the border into Canada, and then @rhiminee can create a GIF to play here nonstop. I’m all about subtle hints.

    Also eager to see what happens at the TOFW in Sacramento (a non-Canadian village). It includes a TOFG (Time Out for Girls, specifically ages 12-17). That should be interesting. Might send David fleeing to Canada again.

    Kidding, of course. 🙂 #passthepoutine

  16. Thank you SO much for the post! In my blog I will be traveling all across America and Canada and I am so happy you talked about half my trip right here! THANK YOU!

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