Cookie credit: The lovely & amazing @Taterzen.

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  1. TaterZen says:

    I approve this message! 😀

  2. missbianca says:

    Too much time in the tanning bed? 😉

  3. peppertara says:

    LOL…..well hey, he’s never made it to Vancouver, although his cell phone did once,. I remember that. He looks pretty happy in that photo, must say. We know he likes Toronto. 🙂
    p.s. Awesome cookies!

  4. refnaf says:

    Lol!!! Cookie credit FTW!!

  5. Grammyj says:

    Looks like someone needs to take the David cookie to the American Idol finale. I think that’s probably the only way he will be there. Hope he’s too busy to go because he is working on getting his single for his album to be released soon with a music video to go with it. I can dream, right?

  6. TOfan says:

    Periscope from Melinda Doolittle of an Idol Finale rehearsal (David’s not in it 😦 but love her so I’m posting it, lol):


    I support David in whatever he wants to do re Idol but, not gonna lie, seeing tweets like these make me sad he’s not going to be part of the Grand Finale.

    Sometimes a person just needs to let things go.

    I am not that person. 🙂

    • missbianca says:

      Nor am I. *sends hugs*

      PS I have a half-dozen of those cookies since the Harv was at the Meet & Eat with me. I can’t bear to bite into them.

  7. marin says:

    Some fans are very upset at the idea that either Idol didn’t invite David to be on the finale (which seems crazy) or that David decided not to go. It would be wonderful to see David on the finale but I’m much more excited to hear the new music he’s working on. And whether he’s on the finale or not won’t affect me being a fan of his in any way.

    • angelofdja says:

      I only have my opinion…
      Jennifer Lopez loved David’s “Imagine” enough to mention it in public at different times since season seven. It would surprise/almost shock me if TPTB did not invite David to appear for this last season of AI. He, more than likely, turned them down. 😟
      I wish to see him on TV as much as anyone, but only if it Works for Him! 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    marin & angelofdja, well said! I watched Melinda Doolittle’s periscope of the Idol rehearsal and, to be honest, when she showed Nigel Lythgoe there it made my skin crawl, always found him creepy. And seeing all the alums there desperate for some screen time made me think of David’s talks during his shows, where he says he went to LA right after getting back and it freaked him out so much he locked himself in his house for 2 weeks. I, for one, do not want that to happen again.

    Really hoping he pre-recorded something from Nashville (from the studio, heh heh *subtext: I’ve moved on* 🙂 ) only because it’s always such a thrill to see him on my TV … but if he doesn’t show, I’m fine with it. Kind of shocked some fans are throwing a hissy fit over this after all we’ve been thru lol.

  9. Dif. Anon says:

    I’m sorry, but how generally negative of a person, on top of determined to make everything David does an example of how righteous and superior he is to everyone else, do you have to be to call the alums who did choose to go ‘desperate for screen time’ and turn this into something negative for them? I haven’t watched the show in many years now, but since I did love it once upon a time, I am looking forward to the spectacle of the finale, and have been keeping up with all of the BTS videos and pictures and tweets shared by the alum that are there. All I see are incredibly endearing looks at a huge group of people who A, love music, B, are grateful that this show opened a door for them at some point in their careers, and C, know that they all have a special bond because they’ve shared in this unique experience, having a blast together celebrating those things. Nobody seems like they remotely care if they’re just singing backup in one group number, because they’re all just concerned with enjoying this one last week together. It really feels like a family reunion, a celebration of music and friendship, and I do think it’s kind of a shame that David has chosen not to partake. Looking at things like a video of 20 people who never would have met otherwise but are now friends because of this weird little show that changed their lives having an impromptu, joy filled Disney singalong on break from rehearsal, I really feel like he would have had a ton of fun if he’d been willing to come out of his current shell a little and had attended. It’s completely his choice, I wouldn’t want David to go just to please us as fans if his heart wasn’t in it, but it looks like a wonderful experience for everyone else, one I wish he was getting to participate in.

    And I’m not sure what kind of passive aggressive message of how he’s moved on you think a message from the studio would have sent? David hasn’t released an album of new, original material in 6 years, he hasn’t toured outside of this three state LDS region he’s been sticking to lately in 5 years; nobody is going to go ‘Oh, David’s in a recording studio, obviously his career is flourishing way too much to be bothered with Idol anymore, such a pity for them.’ If you read the comments at MJ’s, I suspect a lot of you will be surprised to realize how much general Idol fans who don’t actively keep up with David like us seem to think David has chosen to become just a local religious act these days- nobody is sitting around thinking ‘Wow, David Archuleta must be on to much bigger and better things if he’s choosing to skip this!’ If appearing isn’t beneath huge successes like Kelly, Carrie, Chris Daughtry, if it doesn’t conflict with the strong spiritual beliefs of people like George Huff or Danny Gokey, it’s certainly not beneath David or should be a conflict of interest for him. Again, I don’t care that David chose to decline the invitation if he felt that was right for him, he has to follow his heart- I’m just SO tired of seeing our fanbase largely act like the show is beneath him, and like David is somehow better than other former contestants for choosing to stay home.

  10. TOfan says:

    ROFL, ray.

    My opinion only, but I happen to think the show is beneath David. He still speaks of it fondly, so he probably wouldn’t agree, but I haven’t spoken of it fondly since 2008, lol.

    I don’t think Brooke White has said anything about going either, wonder if she’ll be there? Was hoping they’d get all the S7ers together for a tribute to Michael Johns.

    Looks like Jason won’t be performing but will be in the audience:

  11. peppertara says:

    TOfan, all the Season7ers together with a tribute to Michael Johns would have been wonderful. Doesn’t sound like that is happening but I do hope that they pay some kind of tribute or special mention of Michael, would be shocked if they didn’t.
    As for David appearing on the show, people seem to have all sorts of opinions about David and about his fans. All in all, it really doesn’t matter if he is there or not, would be nice to see him there of course. It is entirely up to David though and that decision, whatever it is, should be respected. I know most (fans) do respect his decisions. We will have to wait and see I guess! I am watching this year since it’s the final season but I find it a little strange, different format, much fewer shows, etc. (among other things). Of course, season 7 was the special season for me. 🙂

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