A love letter to @DavidArchie fans


Bear with me, this is going to get soppy, lol.

For me, this has been an emotional and deeply spiritual four days of family time and lots of church stuffs (including the poignant and beautiful (Holy Thursday), emotionally wrenching and beautiful (Good Friday) and joyful and beautiful (Easter vigil)).

And then add two David shows into the mix and I am (to quote Numb) done, done, done… in a good way.

I have found it so special, in fact, that I wanted to send out a special, HUGE thank you to all the fans who share the show with those of us who aren’t able to be there.

The tweeters, IGers, videographers, bloggers, Periscopers… and Abrra 🙂 … WE LOOOOOVE YOU!!!! These fans don’t have to do this. They could very quietly and anonymously enjoy the show on their own. They owe us nothing. But I suspect they’ve been at home, wishing they could be at a show and do feel our pain.

Plus, I suspect that overwhelming love of humanity that comes over you at a David show prompts them to want to share that incredible experience with the whole world.

I know we all appreciate that so much and I hope these lovely peeps all feel that love. Just like I hope David feels our love and support and it buoys him, not overwhelms him.

And I’m fine with peeps sharing audio only or faraway snippets or blurry shots or whatever… in fact, I totally understand David wanting to see people’s faces enjoying the show rather than a sea of heads staring at phones… and I also totally understand people not wanting to shove a camera in David’s face for 90 minutes… I’m greedy but not that greedy, lol.

Also a shout-out to the screamers and clappers and cheerers and dancers who channel all of our collective excitement and rejoicing into those concert halls to send David the message that YES! YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AND WE ARE HERE TO CHEER YOU ON, GOD WILLING!!!!

In other words, thank you. Merci. Gracias. Grazie. All the thank yous.

Because I love p.s.’s.


Must-read story that goes with this picture! (I know I always say that but it is! thanks, @rhiminee for the heads up!)


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23 Responses to A love letter to @DavidArchie fans

  1. Grammyj says:

    Ditto to everything TOfan said in this post. I’m so thankful to the fans that give us periscopes, videos, Instagram pictures, fan recaps, tweets, Facebook posts, etc! David seems to be in a very good place now and his voice is better than ever. I have sung “In Christ Alone” in church many times but David takes it to another level. His deep faith shines through in this song.

  2. marin says:

    Yes, same here! So thankful for everything shared. And for how much of himself David pours into each of these shows. I had a thought that he doesn’t have another show for a while and maybe wants to devote himself to getting his record finished. (Which might be why he can’t make the trip for the Idol finale, I imagine that could be very distracting, not to mention demoralizing, depending on how you’re treated.)

  3. Kizzi says:

    Gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for all the sharing and going the extra distance from fellow fans…a labor of love indeed!!!!…and none more so that Snowangelezz. I do appreciate David’s sense of purpose and faith. I especially appreciate that he is living his passion. Bravissimo!!! Such conviction of principals and beliefs is awe inspiring.

  4. TaterZen says:

    TOfan, your “love letter” deserves its own “Hallelujah,” as you once again find the right words to express what so many of us feel. Adding my thanks to those willing to share David’s musical adventures in a variety of ways when we can’t be there in person, because… Well, because even a lot is never too much.

    It is still true that David’s fans are the best. They not only enjoy him, but they respect him. How lucky were we when David decided there can be harmony between his convictions and his career. Like Kizzi said, “awe inspiring.”

  5. missbianca says:

    Adding my gratitude to all those who share. ❤

    And thank you, Deb, for expressing it so well. These are peeps who go out of their way to record, etc., for us. I've tried that–it's hard to both enjoy the concert and film it (even without camera police). I cherish those who make this sacrifice.

    And you said, " a shout-out to the screamers and clappers and cheerers and dancers." I don't know if you could hear me at our concert together (only 3 people separated TaterZen and TOFan and I was blessed to be one of them) but I'm a whooper and a whoo-hoo'er. And I can't help it!

  6. Abrra says:

    The Candy Jar has new treats. I have been working on Queens Creek concerts for a few days and I think I am done.


    I love all the David fans too!!

    Deb, at first I thought you were posting the video clip I gave you of you and Nancy in Manchester. You gave him a Canadian flag.


  7. tawna21 says:

    A very warm ‘Thank You’ to the fans who make these events so much fun and help to create and preserve the memories that are made!

  8. TOfan says:

    Speaking of convictions of beliefs, Chris Pratt also had a special message (and project) for Easter — erecting a giant cross and documenting it on IG:


    I’ve been a fan of his since the TV series Everwood, but didn’t know anything about his personal life.

    … and turns out Jason Castro is going to the AI finale but he wasn’t initially on the confirmed list, hmmm.


  9. peppertara says:

    What a very lovely post TOfan. I also am so very grateful to all the wonderful fans who share with us from the concerts they attend. Such a huge gift for the rest of the fans! Merci, many times over.
    Love all that’s in this post and interesting that Jason Castro is headed out for the finale. Wonder if we will hear of anyone else? Maybe not but who the heck knows.

  10. oliveoil says:

    It occurred to me that Jennifer Hudson, Philip Philips, Adam, and David, were not listed on the AI guest list, but each one of them is a perfect fit for one of the four finalists . Could it be that they will be surprise guests? Trying not to get my hopes up. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      I know what you mean, oliveoil, every time I get my hopes up with that show, it lets me down! Nice thought though. 🙂

  11. refnaf says:

    This post!! I am so with you in thanks giving to all the wonderful peeps who bring David to us when we can’t be there! Don’t want to mention names but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND SO DO I!! ((((hug)))) I am one of those background people that keeps a cool outer layer, but inside I don’t have the capacity to even get my camera out let alone film something! I am so hyper at concerts! I appreciate you all so much!
    I adore all the fan friends David has brought into my life…especially my number one TOfan!! Eeeeeeeeeeee for the next concert!!
    Have to mention the man himself… Gods light truly shines through him.. What a blessing


  12. TOfan says:

    The full DRA from the Friday night AZ show, awesome audio! This song just keeps getting better and better… who knew? 🙂

  13. TOfan says:


    Could this mean…..????


    And even if he is there, they’ll probably hide him in the very back row of a group number with 343242 other alums. Can you tell I’m still bitter? 🙂

  14. peppertara says:

    “they’ll probably hide him in the very back row of a group number with 343242 other alums.” Haha, you’re probably right TOfan, if he does make an appearance that is. Maybe we will all be surprised, who knows. Even though I’m sure that the A.I. part of David’s life is fully behind him now and he is an amazing respected artist in his own right, can’t help but think that It would be great to see David sing on the show and blow people away. May not happen but he’ll blow people away without the appearance too…..and he does. 🙂

  15. TOfan says:

    he certainly does, pepp! 🙂
    And the guy with the deep voice calling out “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!” had me howling during the Periscope but I couldn’t make out David’s expression, so thank you, Tina!!! … priceless:

  16. TOfan says:

    Well, knock me over with a feather, Rolling Stone … THE Rolling Stone… actually included David as #6 out of 16 Best of the Non-Idol Winners list:


    They even included his video of Imagine:
    How Far Did He Go: Runner-up

    Most Memorable Performance: John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which he reprised in the finale (and left out the line about “no religion”).

    Biggest Hit: “Crush,” his debut single, sold two million copies worldwide.

    Career: Idol’s clean-cut, Mormon teen dream, he started his run at 17, as a budding pop star in the age of purity rings. Plus, he was part of the epic David vs. David showdown finale. Archuleta was the lesser of the Davids, according to voters, but has had a fine career nonetheless. Even a two-year hiatus in 2012 to serve as a Mormon missionary didn’t slow down his fanbase, and he returned to release two more albums in the U.S., and an additional album of Filipino covers, Forevermore.

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