Me if @DavidArchie ever makes it to T.O….

…. or even close… like same time zone … or if he releases new music… or gives us a hint about what he’s working on… or just says “Hey guys, it’s David here…” … or does keep us posted about that new language thing… or even just shares the super-secret information about what that language is… I’m thinking Klingon… or maybe there’s a Pokemon language?… anywayyyysss, if any of those things come about, this will be me:
Actually, if he ever did actually come here I’d probably spontaneously combust, but I couldn’t find a gif of that.

How about you guys, what’s on your minds lately? 🙂




It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog.

I have to admit, it has felt kind of nice.  Not because I don’t like connecting with all of you.  But more to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.  I haven’t posted as often on Instagram and Twitter as I would before, but that has also felt really nice as well.  Not because I don’t like sharing, but it’s because I have a tendency to get caught up in what everyone thinks about what I’m doing.  I’ve learned to enjoy the moment and the people that I’m with, rather than think “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be showing everyone my life and how great it is.” and “I’d get more followers if I post more of this.” Or “The more of my face in the photo the more likes it’ll get.”

I don’t intend on giving up.  I’m trying to find the balance of living a life that’s meaningful to me both personally (in my quiet and simple world) and career-wise (as a performer and musician.)  Each aspect involves 2 principles: (1) loving people and (2) keeping that spiritual connection with God.

Read the rest HERE. And leave a comment for this rare butterfly of a fellow.


Okay, I think I’m psychic… I put up this post this afternoon while David was likely spell checking his blog and looking for pictures of himself on Google images (I’m sorry but the way he illustrated his blog with those carefully placed photos and yin yan icons makes my heart melt into a puddle of bubbling goo).

This blog could not have come at a better time. His silence coupled with Kari’s was seriously messing with my mind. Did he call Gina back and say he changed his mind AGAIN about wanting to do this?? Was he working furiously on his new music?? Or training to become a professional snowboarder?? I may be psychic but my powers have limits.

What do you guys think?? My favourite part is bolded and underlined in the excerpt above… what was yours?

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23 Responses to Me if @DavidArchie ever makes it to T.O….

  1. ray says:

    omg you did it again,busted a gut here lol

  2. peppertara says:

    Yes TOfan, I think you “tuned in”! A very thoughtful heartfelt blog from David. I think he will find that balance, especially as he gets older. Just needs to find ways that are comfortable to him to keep that music going! So glad he says he is not giving up.
    Your post is incredibly funny! This…. “Actually, if he ever did actually come here I’d probably spontaneously combust, but I couldn’t find a gif of that.” LOL. Thanks for sharing the humour!
    So nice that David shared his thoughts and feelings about things. If he would like to sing to millions without being on stage, recording music would do that possibly and maybe doing smaller venues with smaller crowds and not feeling so overwhelmed? Not sure. As you get older you usually do adjust to different situations and your ‘comfort zones’ tend to expand somewhat with life experiences. It did for me at least, even though I am not in the limelight. I think I can understand David’s feelings, like he says it is a challenge…..maybe one that he is meant to meet, at least to some degree? The right people around him could make a big difference too (both personally and in his career). He will find his own answers and balances, I’m sure. Wish him the best whatever his choices may be and will always support his music.
    A little cheer of support here…..go David! 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      pepp, can I just say how much I LOVE the comment you wrote to David on the mothership, YES!!!

      • peppertara says:

        Oh gosh, after I posted realized how much I rambled! Hope the ‘ramblin man’ understands (if he sees it) haha, but thanks TOfan. Thought all the comments have been great and pretty supportive.

  3. marin says:

    TOfan I have to agree with peppertara, I think you did “tune in” LOL very funny stuff!

    I don’t have anything insightful to say but I thought if you take the trouble to entertain us with these posts the least I can do is say thank you! 🙂 My favorite part of David’s blog is that he wrote one at all, still processing it all. Much food for thought.

  4. roxfox says:

    I just know he will make it to Toronto, I’m psychic that way 😉 because from what I’ve personally heard from present and former Torontonians is that it is the coolest city in the world. And I will pay big money to see those gymnastic moves from you. *another clink to my penny jar*

  5. refnaf says:

    “The more of my face in the photo the more likes it’ll get.” Bahahahaha

    Great to read this blog… He is such a thinker and I like that!
    What a guy to be a fan of…..always keeps it interesting !

    TOfan you are psychic!!!! And your underlining rocks!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    my favorite part is that he used the word “amusing”-what 25yr old says that? who is he? lol

  7. TOfan says:

    This is pretty darn cool! (In Denver.)

  8. cc halo says:

    My favorite part is where he told us how he shared with the Chilean people. I’m sure that with their rich cultural heritage and religious traditions, they just love it when 18-22 year-old American kids come to tell them how “to become their best selves.” :\ (sarcasm)

    • Anonymous says:

      I think everyone has something to share, no matter what their age or heritage or religion. I learn things from young people all the time, just as they learn from me. Knowledge does not flow in one direction only.

      From David’s description of his time there and all he has said about the people of Chile, I think he has shown that he learned plenty from them.

      • cc halo says:

        He was a proselytizing missionary–his goal was to convert them. Not a chance in a million that he would have been open to being converted to their religion He’s already trying to pretty it up by talking about influencing them to be better rather than saying outright that he was there to teach them the one true religion. I wish he had said how much he learned from them, which I. too, assume that he would have done, but he didn’t.

  9. TOfan says:

    Sarcasm? Never would’ve guessed. 😉 …hey, if he stopped me in the street to sing to me, I can’t imagine complaining…hyperventilating maybe, lol

    • cc halo says:

      Lol. I think that even if Celine Dion were to stop me in the street to sing to me, it would feel super awkward. Maybe if they had a violin case for you to toss money in, it would seem more normal.

  10. TOfan says:

    He’s on a roll with these things, love it!

    And gotta say, tuned into American Idol for a bit tonight and was very underwhelmed, but then again I have pretty high standards when it comes to singers. 😉

  11. oliveoil says:

    Tofan, don’t you just love his little promos ? Have you noticed that his hands always move along with his talking or singing ? So cute !! Anyway, what I am praying for is that David will make enough money to have a show once in a while in other parts of the U.S.

    • TOfan says:

      I am loving that he is being FORCED to do promos, hahaha… I’m sure he’s trying to organize shows all over, at least I hope so… he may not want to nail down too many until he’s sure he’ll have his new music ready? Just a thought.

      New post btw! 🙂

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