Nature Boy

When I saw David’s hiking pics, my plan was to post this song with them as sort of a joke… well, joke’s on me. I started listening to it and now I’m sitting here weeping. I haven’t heard it in years and forgot how exquisitely beautiful it is. Wow. Don’t say you weren’t warned, my friends.

Back to nature now….


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3 Responses to Nature Boy

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just love David singing Nature Boy. I sometimes think David was born in the wrong era. Today you don’t need to be able to sing to be a star. You just need autotune. There are not many singers out there who can sing with an orchestra, a band, accompanied by one guitar or a capella, with a full choir or doing a duet and do a stellar job in every style. But it’s not just singing a song. It’s that he is able to convey the emotion in the song. David lives the song, he doesn’t just sing the words. The tone and textures of his voice are just beautiful. I just can’t wait for him to release his new music. And can I say I just love how close David is to his family and how he is not afraid to show it. That’s my definition of being cool.

  2. moelita says:

    Anonymous is Moelita.

    • TOfan says:

      “David lives the song, he doesn’t just sing the words.” so true, moelita. I was watching the video from Idaho Falls, SOWK, and one of the comments said, “His hands are singing.” I thought that was perfect… he really is living the story as he’s singing it. I think that’s what sets him apart and why we feel so much when he sings. And I like your definition of cool! 🙂

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