From: Daniel N Erica Souza: "Dinner with David Archuleta. What a class act." — at The Roof Restaurant

From: Daniel N Erica Souza: “Dinner with David Archuleta. What a class act.” — at The Roof Restaurant

Sadly, that quote in the caption left out the best part of the story, as unearthed by our intrepid SAz reporters (who interned at TMzed… the Canadian version)… Here’s the rest:

David Archuleta, what a class act.

There was a birthday at his table and as soon as David started to lead the singing of the Happy Birthday song, a hush fell over the room. Eyes glazed over and jello was left jiggling on spoons as his angelic siren song filled the air like a cooling breeze on a blistering day. Spellbound. We were spellbound.

It was so magical, so ethereal that the actual temperature rose in the room. Menus were waved as fans, jackets were peeled off and foreheads were dabbed with lace handkerchiefs. And then another miraculous thing happened.

A sudden eclipse of the sun. Complete darkness for a fraction of a second. Time stood still and everything glided in slow motion as Mr. Archuleta stretched his hand toward his neck. One woman was heard to gasp, “Can this REALLY be happening???” And as God as my witness, yes it was.

His lithe fingers grasped his collar and before gaping mouths and wide eyes he did the impossible. He unclasped his top button.

Was that the MoTab choir I heard singing?

I fought back tears not wanting to miss this momentous occasion.

A thunderous roar erupted in the dining room as people leapt to their feet, cheering and stomping the floor. Tables shook. Glasses tipped over. And yet only the hint of a smile drifted across Mr. Archuleta’s face. His gaze downcast as his famous dimple made the briefest appearance.

A class act, indeed.

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11 Responses to MORE BREAKING @DAVIDARCHIE NEWS!!!!! (really)

  1. roxfox says:

    Aw we just celebrated our 25th anniversary at The Roof. Gorgeous views, as you can see 🙂

  2. missbianca says:

    i have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard and grinning. Ah, your TMzed really knows how to turn a phrase!

  3. Utahmom says:

    Loved the vivid recollections from the reporters! So jealous they were able to witness that miraculous event. We were at The Roof recently and saw an Osmond brother, but he did not unbutton the top of his shirt.

  4. dangitdavid says:

    ROTFL!!! In tears lolol….”a class act indeed”. 😂😂.

  5. archugeezer says:

    Saw that pic and KNEW you would notice, and you did, in a perfectly awesome way. 🙂 You never take the love out of hysterically funny.

    (I just bought “When the Son of Man (Comes Again)” on Amazon, and it stands as proof that his throat should never be throttled.)

    • TOfan says:

      *jellus*!!!!!! Not available in Canada yet!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((

      • archugeezer says:

        Oh, I’m sorry!! I hope you can get it soon. I confess I initially bought out of loyalty, as country music is not my genre of choice. I tend to get over-twanged in a hurry. But David’s voice is still David’s voice, and as the song progressed, here came those delicious nuances and the anticipated buildup, complete with glory notes and some awesome runs. Country soul.

        • TOfan says:

          Oh man, you are KILLING me here, Geez! 😯 😯 😯

          • Grammyj says:

            I love country and Contempory Christian so this one from David is right up my alley. Sorry you can’t get it yet. Love it, but love Glorious more. The views keep rising for Glorious which makes me happy. It’s my ODD showing.

  6. marin says:

    Still chuckling away at this post, came back for another look, thank you, much needed! 🙂

    Wonderful to see the views going up steadily for Glorious and, don’t want to take anything away from David’s achievement but I think it is an indication of what some honest-to-goodness promotion can do.

    This was mentioned on the previous thread and I, too, hope David is taking notes for his own future projects. The whole idea of offering a free download and getting a whole email mailing list and sharing on social media in exchange is an excellent idea. Plus, apparently the video is running as an “ad” for the movie before selected videos across YouTube, and is being promoted a bunch of other places. (And I notice that his ‘Son of Man’ song is the most popular by far of all the songs on the cd, I’m sure that will not go unnoticed by the industry etc.)

    I anxiously await his Spanish song also, that will make David a triple threat in areas we never expected: inspirational pop, country soul, and Latin rhythm. Don’t you love how he’s always full of surprises. 🙂

  7. peppertara says:

    Thanks for sharing this TOfan, it’s wonderful, haha! Loved all of it. Love the enlightening moments of the unclasping of the top bottom, lol.
    Yes, I tried to get “When The Son of Man…” too but to no avail. Ah well, perhaps soon!
    Still loving “Glorious” to pieces, thrilled about the popularity. It has been good promotion for sure and I am waiting in anticipation for that Spanish number!

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