The amazing story of Tim Allen: @DavidArchie Super Fan! (ish)

As you can see in this video, comedian Tim Allen was on Jimmy Kimmel last night extolling the virtues of one David James Archuleta. (pronounced “Ark-U-letta,” we have been wrong all this time!)

Tim is a crafty one. He pretended that his five-year-old daughter liked D.’s music.

Ha! Tim, we are ON to you.

Here’s the real scoop unearthed by our crack investigative team here at SAz*.

Exhibit A

Tim not only voted for David on Idol, he also… well, check this out:


Exhibit B

Voice-decoding software** reveals that “He’s got a great voice” is code for “I stream Archie Radio throughout my 6,432 room Hollywood mega-mansion.” Am I right, my friends?

Exhibit C

Photos leaked by Edward Snowdon reveal the following:

Tim’s Tumblr:


The inside of Tim’s Home Improvement Dressing Room:


His favourite T-shirt:


And the cozy room he built just to watch the Glorious video:


Tim, no need to hide behind your daughter. We get you.

Let’s all watch this together again, shall we? *group hug*

This is hiLARous!

My faves:

“The overwhelming urge to put your hand on his mouth and say, “NO DAVID. YOU’RE GLORIOUS.”
Wondering how you can let him know that if he can’t find where he belongs, he can always stay at your place.
Wondering if it’s the Spirit or David that’s causing a swelling in your bosom.
A sudden, unexpected desire to see “Meet the Mormons”. #whut
Feeling certain that the piece David was called to play is the hot piece.”


BREAKING HAIR-PROGRESS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from: Cherri Gressmen: "I am at lunch and I totally ran into David Archuletta and he was gracious enough to let me have a picture with him. I am such a fan and he completely made my day, Thanks David #hugefan #madeafoolofmyself"

from: Cherri Gressmen: “I am at lunch and I totally ran into David Archuletta and he was gracious enough to let me have a picture with him. I am such a fan and he completely made my day, Thanks David #hugefan #madeafoolofmyself”

*basically me and a twisted mind.

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21 Responses to The amazing story of Tim Allen: @DavidArchie Super Fan! (ish)

  1. oliveoil says:

    Oh my, Tofan. I’m having a gigglefest . 🙂

  2. ray says:

    so glad you are back with that twisted mine lo l

  3. collegemom says:

    Love this place!

  4. amb4da says:

    TOfan…hilarious. How many times can I tell you this? Every time. 🙂
    Love what you and your cracker-jack team* (*you and your twisted mind) have uncovered this time.
    Tim…who knew?! Thinly veiled, my man, thinly veiled. You look vaguely like myself, trying to act all nonchalant in front of “non-believing” friends, family or strangers if and when the Archuleta might happen to come up…”ehem, oh who? Oh David Archuleta, (I have to use his last name in those convos, not just act like he’s “my pal David”…”oh yea, he’s got a good voice.” (I don’t CAPITALIZE Voice, in those said “nonchalant” convos.) And ya know what, Tim….I’m just as busted usually…written all over me. Seriously, the fact that he went straight from “how DO you pronounce his name” to quickly defending him…”he’s got a GOOD voice”…busted!

    The only thing that made me sad….that Jimmy went into how “no one knows him” anymore…
    I just always think David deserves so much more respect, whether he cares about HUGE fame or not. It deserves to be known HOW talented, and amazing and unique this REAL singer is in the world of made-up celebs & no-talent “super-stars.” I know I know….I still believe he’ll evolve and gain respect in ways and areas true to himself, and become known in the right circles and keep gaining audience that appreciates him. But I just don’t EVER like to hear him jested about, out to the commercial public, as being irrelevant. He’s so worthy of so much more respect.

    I recall David’s Season 7 year when he was in the audience for some show that Kimmel was a presenter for, and JK made a joke about “someone had to put David Archuleta to bed” due to his young age at the time.

    Anyhoo…thanks for the laugh TOfan. And that other link too with the “20 feelings..” on MM. LOL.
    It’s been Glorious hearing David again. Period.

    • TOfan says:

      “Seriously, the fact that he went straight from “how DO you pronounce his name” to quickly defending him…”he’s got a GOOD voice”…busted!” hahahaha YES!!!!


      “It deserves to be known HOW talented, and amazing and unique this REAL singer is in the world of made-up celebs & no-talent “super-stars.”

      AMEN, my friend!

  5. amb4da says:

    Hahaaaa…just saw the “Breaking Hair Progress!!” LOL too funny.

  6. betsy says:

    Deb I can’t take it lol. I cannot.
    Also, Tim called David “Cat”
    I’ll just be over here on the floor laughing for a week. 🙂

  7. peppertara says:

    Yes….seems he is busted alright “He’s got a great voice whoever the cat is” haha. A secret fan, oh yeah he is.
    TOfan, this is hilarious, love your crazy ingenuity and wit! Love the ‘Breaking Hair Progress” too, good hair pic, ha. Oh gee, David will never be forgotten, only by those who limit their awareness of what’s real and good and worthwhile (and limit their knowledge of real music and artists).
    ….and “20 Feelings No One Can Stifle……” LOL
    Another great post, filled with such creativity and great humour. 🙂
    amb4da….love your description of those ‘nonchalant convos’, haha.

  8. peppertara says:

    Just noticed that David’s video has over 200,000 views already….and climbing..,,well that is just Glorious!
    So deserved.

    • TOfan says:

      over 300,000 now, pepp! A lot of peeps seem to be sharing on Google Plus, no idea how that works but yay! 🙂

      And major kudos for the marketing campaign for this movie… hope David’s taking notes for future reference, lol.

  9. betsy says:

    Hi Tim, whoever you are posting as. 🙂
    amb4da you are cracking me up so hard. “Thinly veiled” Dying.

  10. dreamerjulie says:

    You know, I was thinking someone in Tim Allen’s house has to be a fan. His daughter is only 5 so she would not have been old enough to be interested in David before his mission. He’s not played on any radio stations anymore so the only way she would be listening to him is from CDs or digital downloads. Hmmmm, maybe it’s his wife, his older daughter or maybe he really is a secret fan. Maybe we can talk him into somehow getting David onto his Last Man Standing show?? betsy, lol at your comment “Hi Tim, whoever you are posting as”.

  11. oliveoil says:

    Tofan, David says he feels like he’s on candid camera sometimes. Bet you could come up with something really funny. ( no pressure . haha )

  12. LL says:

    Being a little upset with Jimmy Kimmel’s comments, I got on the phone and called ABC-TV and told them that I thought I that Jimmy’s comments were insensitive and rude and that I felt he needed to make it right with our David by inviting him on the show to perform his new single, “Glorious” , thereby letting the people he misinformed know that David “is still around”.
    She told me she would pass that along and I said, yeah, I’m sure no one will pay any attention to it.She said she could definitely tell me that it would be read and, if enough people contacted them, you never know what might be accomplished.
    So, all you Archies, get on the horn, or tweet or do whatever…….let’s get David on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

    • TOfan says:

      Eeeeeeek noooooo!!!!!!!!! Sorry LL but did you watch the video?? Jimmy Kimmel would love nothing more than to get David on the show and mercilessly ridicule him… he did exactly that to our mayor recently (and I don’t even like our mayor and I still felt sorry for him).

      And tbh I’m not a fan in general of fans intervening on David’s behalf… gives me flashbacks of when my mom called the mom of a guy I liked in Grade 8 to get him to ask me to a dance *shudders*… I have no doubt David’s music will get him on all those shows eventually on its own merit. #youmaysayI’madreamerrrr
      But if you feel that strongly about it, then go for it.

  13. missbianca says:

    Ah, Ms TOFan, you are a lovely glass of fine aged port with which to end the evening (not really) (maybe) (it is a metaphor, yes?) (am I arguing with myself?) (shouldn’t there be a period here somewhere?) (I keep forgetting to call my doctor about my adult-onset ADD).

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